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ottawa senators fan account @RileyMiner Unceded Tsleil-Waututh Land

tries hard, loves the game (sometimes) DMs -always- open. they/them - - wholesome, but talk shit get shit - - land back.

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the reframing of folklore, mythology and polytheistic art as being equivalent to the military-funded monoculture of…
Retweeted by ottawa senators fan accountnot even gonna touch the joke, it's just sad how normalized getting COVID is in the NHL right now. if it were my wo…
Retweeted by ottawa senators fan accountMondelez International is currently being sued for child slavery
Retweeted by ottawa senators fan accountwow this is a great question
Retweeted by ottawa senators fan account @funnierhandle tbh* @funnierhandle honestly if these results are anything to go by, it's not the UK that's lost to reaction, it's the l… @brittanywoutanE gamers b essential @OverlordRisa yeah honestly I use caps if I'm using the left buttons @brittanywoutanE how is it even open?? @Rad_Nikkiyvr @ADTate39 @QuadreIli @CodySevertson ehhh what's the deal heuh @brockscrocs i tried deciphering this multiple times @CodySevertson @Rad_Nikkiyvr contain your inner italian cody jeez @katimcf literally GORGEOUS @jasjaskd @erikssonsburner gangNobody likes a show off
Retweeted by ottawa senators fan account @ErikssonEkSelke you were assigned ayn rand at school? lmfaosorry
Retweeted by ottawa senators fan accountpls I feel like we as canucks fans need an exorcism
Retweeted by ottawa senators fan accountoh my god they got shut out i'd just hide in my room for a month @brittanywoutanE STOOOOOP LMAO @sappysapphic @dislikehockey I fell off my chair holy fuck
Retweeted by ottawa senators fan accountthis is the greatest game ever made
Retweeted by ottawa senators fan accountfor posterity, since uhhh - wow the minimum wage to $15/hour is very popular, with 59% supporting. It'd make a huge difference to millions…
Retweeted by ottawa senators fan accountholy shit no way what the fuck
Retweeted by ottawa senators fan account @katimcf LITERALLY-the venn diagram of men who say this and will also complain endlessly about cancel culture and facing social backla… @OverlordRisa I mean he didn't say something dumb I feel like he was being the team messenger as usuallol imac basically putting a nix on the Canucks selling at the trade deadline KILL MEEEEEEEEMaybe if you were paying for sex workers you wouldn’t be down so bad, babe.
Retweeted by ottawa senators fan accountif the Canucks lose back to back to Mike Smith like,,,, they should give up, that's just humiliatinghöglander plays like no one told him you're supposed to be a boring cookie cutter player @quinnsedgework wow that combination of hashtags sent me on a fuckin trip
that's just rude, -rob- @wayne_chow @GregBalloch hate it when that happens @goblinparties it's like,,, a regular occurrence where I'll log into an mmo (wow, tor, whatever) and look at trade… @erikssonsburner oh no imagine being a hockey mom and going online every day to people being horny for your son and… right wing culture sucks dude @slowestdive ASH,,, @quinnsedgework easy bc he's literally the least existing person in existence until an oilers game is on @GregBalloch if i was your teammate watching that on the bench i'd be a lil scared for the game ngl @HaidaHockey hellllll yeah
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Retweeted by ottawa senators fan account @guyinahumansuit @BlackGirlHockey @mikepfeil_ @CraigSMorgan you know what a journalist does when they exhaust all o… @girlpecker holy fucking fuckEXCUSE ME?!??????!!???!!!??!!??!! @aGirlCalledChar I know it's hard to reach out (esp when u need to) but at the very least I'm here reading your str… @aGirlCalledChar I know, I don't either which makes it feel shallow, but. I really do mean that if you ever just wa… @aGirlCalledChar I'm glad, if u ever need someone to lean on u know I'm here @aGirlCalledChar ❤️❤️ are y'all holding up OK? @JHamilton_87 @ButYouAreVast hell yeah I'll dm u tomorrow it's bed time for me @quinnsedgework *waggles finger*
Retweeted by ottawa senators fan account @storylinefever aw man u missed the day the MAS got elected again, it was dunk on justin dayAgainst nature.
Retweeted by ottawa senators fan account @tyelland @vyassaran @DanBoeckner @andraydomise @robrousseau @CANADALAND @TheGrayzoneNews I was thinking like the r… @JHamilton_87 @ButYouAreVast client deets? @JHamilton_87 @ButYouAreVast I knowwww I'm thinking because the second hand market is crazy rn I'll land a 3070 at… @ButYouAreVast DLSS low key might be better than ray tracing, being able to play an entire resolution down with bas… @ButYouAreVast it'd be cool to go full AMD with my new fuckin sweet ass ryzen 5900x but DLSS and Ray Tracing are just so, so, so good @ButYouAreVast no joke it's actually incredible. the new gen of amd is super trash at it (but at least it can do it…, selling my 2070 super to go back to my 1060: 🥺 goodbye sweet ray tracingHELLLLLLP
Retweeted by ottawa senators fan accountHow do y’all be having both Obama & Fred Hampton as your heroes? Whats not clicking?
Retweeted by ottawa senators fan accountActually talking to trans woc sex workers from the 60s-80s, it’s stunning how effortlessly they refute every swerf…
Retweeted by ottawa senators fan account @jasjaskd @erikssonsburner just imagine his himbo expression when someone comments like "uhh shoutout?" and then he… @jasjaskd @erikssonsburner WHAT EXCUSE ME?!??!?! @erikssonsburner wait lmao what happenedhello???????? Tanden fans are taking the news well
Retweeted by ottawa senators fan accountlate game goals to break a shutout are what you call an 'uncool gamer move'what's going on in the flames-leafs game'd no one TELL me short king anton got a shutout?!!?!? @roxyfever think about it: most prestigious sports franchise in canada, a unifying symbol between anglo and francop… @roxyfever on the contrary, I think this strengthens our chances vyas @ThomasHopkins01 @ggreenwald A whiny terf, too. That's why I love that picture, it's just her posting her L. @cytosine_37 OK good I'm like,, ready to feel old in the sense of like the cultural stuff my 7yo brother grows up w… @cytosine_37 tumblr is not that old stop 😭Glenn Greenwald 2013: the Obama administration is increasing its surveillance of Americans and those abroad for no…
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This tweet is why we wrote our book.
Retweeted by ottawa senators fan account @jasjaskd how do u never missmust i explain the thought process behind this one
Retweeted by ottawa senators fan accountEveryone who called Michael Che an anti semite for saying this should turn in their blue checks
Retweeted by ottawa senators fan account“what’s your favorite film ending in history?”
Retweeted by ottawa senators fan accountI mean a high school teacher shouldn't be getting uncomfortable over anything a kid's wearing as long as it isn't a fucking brownshirtif a male teacher is getting uncomfortable over this I'm genuinely concerned @christapeterso since 2013? I WAS HAVING DYSPHORIA BEFORE BEING A TERF WAS A BEE IN HER FUCKIN BONNET @vyassaran @roxyfever filipovic on the pdocast to his producer:we can't talk about the jets, they're really far man @lesbijans 🥰 yours is even more wonderful bestie @lesbijans ah yes my brain is normal and functioning well thank you @lesbijans fluffy ending?? is this like a death thing or a kink thing @dylanfremlin listen,, many sons are way better than their abusive dads @babybindi helllll yeah!! @myra_mc @roxyfever @vyassaran vyas is my favourite person on earth nglme and the gang after getting the vaccine