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To save society from this virus, we need to focus on daily fast #COVID19 tests. These are more critical now than ev…
Retweeted by I still have Sprint 🧢I wish I could have a medical genie
The DENNIS system is horrifying
If folks knew what USPS has been put thru, you'd be shocked that they're still standing. Billionaires have been try…
Retweeted by I still have Sprint 🧢 @jocretella I was homeless when I graduated college. America! @amandalitman @jocretella Lol you think theres gonna be a 'lection @d4nkb0t Lol can I post a video from last weekMy soul mate probably listening to bad bunny rn, let me get in the car stupid
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@_gissell_v Si quiere tirarle a algiuen, tirenme a miYES finally stopped targeting 917, 646, and 347 numbers about their car warranty. You wanted so much money, b… me lifelong goal is a harem, @NIAIDNews, does this mean you're not paying participants? #COVID19 #coronavirus #CovidVaccineRace Maybe we should talk about boundaries Sagittarius: Honestly I’m too checked out to even know other people are there
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13/Thank you, @WillLexHam, @SteveForNewYork, and all other #yanggang 💯💃12/if white people and black people and Latinos all stopped clowning Asian people, youd reap the incredible reward… are so many "unknowns" to nonAsians abt Asian ppl, for a variety of "reasons," but they span the absurd.…'re still the butt of the joke in a lot of black comedy. Last group you're allowed to be prejudiced against.… it's yet another reason I was so happy for @AndrewYang to be our president. "Normalize [x]" is a meme, bu… is wild bc you have to ask others if you were harassed bc of institutionalized behavior. Another Asian frie… was usually men who would outright harass her & white men & women who made snide remarks. She never trusted…, shamefully, almost wrote, "She got me into trouble so many times, but I don't regret it," before realizing,… was surprised by the casual prejudice from both white and black people, but felt saddest that she literally nev… was surprised how many times I had to step in over people fetishizing one of my friends in college.3/I was always surprised when they'd tell me I was the first non-Asian person they'd share this stuff with. A 14-… felt the need to be very protective when I saw Asian people get picked on bc they didnt fight back...bc they we… Seeing Asian people protesting makes me happy in a DEEP way. Probably weird to hear from a person who looks like… your bigotry keeps you from hairline greatness #theycantburnusall need it from the top!Dave Chappelle has a remarkably high number of transportation-based jokes @SteveForNewYork Your accent >>>>>Proud to share that my research on @AndrewYang’s historic campaign, AAPI identity, and relationship with the media…
Retweeted by I still have Sprint 🧢I've never witnessed Asians protest anything in my lifetime. Wished for 1,000, would've been ecstatic with 500, and…
Retweeted by I still have Sprint 🧢 @WillLexHam @RodCovington This is powerful. (\🧢/)    ⠀  (•ㅅ•) your mask  _ノ ヽ ノ\ __ / `/ ⌒Y⌒ Y ヽ (  (三ヽ人  /   | | ノ⌒\  ̄ ̄ヽ  ノ    ヽ___>、___/…
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Retweeted by I still have Sprint 🧢Unconditional basic income would help women in abusive relationships. #UBI would ensure no one is ever dependent on…
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Is this irony actually made me feel calm @sarahcpr I just spoke to the president about this.
Retweeted by I still have Sprint 🧢 @JamesLuzbetak LolGamblers, listen up: your hands aren't itchy bc you're about to get money. They're itchy bc money is disgusting and… Biden has never looked sleepy to meTrump became a legal resident of Florida and we are surprised he's going Florida man on all of us?Just Own It @Bomani_Granger it was a joke lol
#real estate people, maybe even in #yanggang: when and how frequently is the market value of an apartment determined? #rent @Bomani_Granger lol bc you said daughters @ashlandseltzer why can you spell the word correctly in your handle but not in tweets?"Only the elderly and immunocompromised/those with comorbidities" Sorry to hear :( state Covid-19 testing sites shut down until next week. This is crazy to shut them down now. No test=no positives!
Retweeted by I still have Sprint 🧢omg it's a double; this is vicious😂😂😂 @jondubbyu depends on what kind of filter is on that bad boy @ya_maJESSty so he took her last name? @SagittarianMind @Hark_itsHannah @chaedria this is the dude, yo...Don’t be an ass. Put on your mask.
Retweeted by I still have Sprint 🧢 @jamiewolfcomedy Shoulda bought a Totes, the strongest, gayest umbrellaAstrology fam: How do house systems not matter? I've been told this by a couple astrologers and it makes no sense t…
@the3jsmom @SagittarianMind Lmao same. I feel like this is giving out Jason secrets 😂😂The next person who tells me they have my money sOmEwHeRe is getting called Nas Escrowbar, no exceptions @Liza_Rodriquez That's why the cheating amendment goes in the prenup @kavithadavidson Just wait till it's shootouts! @Bomani_Granger That was fastPlanet's almost over! @ya_maJESSty His last name is what @ya_maJESSty Nope, I dont believe it. AI is gonna rise up and we have to hope cucking is a watch fetish @ashlandseltzer Ok it's tweets like this that have me wondering what you mean by parody account @PDotEsco Lmaooo @you_mountebank @PDotEsco 😂😂😂 they both live in florida now, tooNew York, New York, if you can get kidnapped by unmarked vans here, you can get kidnapped by unmarked vans anywhere
Retweeted by I still have Sprint 🧢I feel like all vans should be marked.
Retweeted by I still have Sprint 🧢The extra $600 a week that Congress gave to the millions of Americans who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pa…
Retweeted by I still have Sprint 🧢🚨I wrote about outdoor school! It might be the answer to our school-reopening problems, so why isn't it happening o…
Retweeted by I still have Sprint 🧢Here are some of former presidential candidate Andrew Yang's biggest takeaways from today's tech antitrust hearing…
Retweeted by I still have Sprint 🧢 @caias @chaedria HubblesPost your #WorstGroupProject stories. Planet project almost broke me. Insp by @PDotEsco @caias @chaedria My bubbles are trash, but I can also send them to there. Which are yours
.@ddpforall @AndrewYang I think this would qualify as worthy of investigation, no? // Type In A Name And Search To… Bezos's ex-wife MacKenzie Scott donated millions to HBCUs including Howard University, Xavier University of Lo…
Retweeted by I still have Sprint 🧢As Both @general_ben and I have both said many times, this is a very bad strategic move for the US. Pulling troops…
Retweeted by I still have Sprint 🧢Bombshell decision by @POTUS to move US troops, fighter squadron, @US_ECOM headquarters out of #Germany:
Retweeted by I still have Sprint 🧢We’ve just received confirmation that Nikki has been released. Thank you to all the advocates who have been bringin…
Retweeted by I still have Sprint 🧢NYC is taking after Portland - a trans femme protestor was pulled into an unmarked van at the Abolition Park protes…
Retweeted by I still have Sprint 🧢Daily contacts feel like luxuryAfrican-American men share the experience of racism in Vietnam in the 1970s.
Retweeted by I still have Sprint 🧢Nah why do men- Why do they do
Retweeted by I still have Sprint 🧢The Irish delegation would like to choose Colin Farrell after 3 Guinness @HEDGEDWITCH Scorpio rising, what does this mean? @Taurus_A7 @aspiring_nobody Let us try, damnLove me in public. Love me in private. & I'll love y'errr in New York pirate
@DrippingEther @23andMe Lol so far, not even that much, but in bang with grape leaves heavy 🤗 @ilike2Mudit @jondubbyu @TheHFWarrior @d4nkb0t @mang_spider @DHotwheelz @GIFShin0bi @AndrewYang @lmcgrew all your phones. Carry portable chargers with you. #dc #Baltimore #la #nyc #portland #atlanta #minnesota
It appears that federal officers, during dispersal, pepper sprayed the medical supplies in the tents
Retweeted by I still have Sprint 🧢 @DrippingEther @23andMe Lol whatI'm the most tan I've been in years. I look like I sweat spinach pie rn, you dont even ξέρω. Brought to you by…