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Comedian. Stuy/CTY/med nerd. @mcsweeneys|@pitchjokes| @funnyordie|@Gomerblog|@voteashcraft| #bodegahive #yanggang

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It’s happening! Come by and say hi! #YangGang @AndrewYang
Retweeted by En Serio?, MS 🧢If ure a dude who claims to champion women's rights, u know the rules: u can't decide which women can be harrassed…
@soledadobrien @KENNYBOO93 WowI want y’all to see “the trick” the media always does to @HillaryClinton. She was asked if she’d commit to Sanders…
Retweeted by En Serio?, MS 🧢 @iandiflaka Rotta di Wila, Huskiccini, and Pugliare @ArturoForNH @AndrewYang Can u explain what this means @LostGains r u on citizen?
Excited for this tomorrow
Retweeted by En Serio?, MS 🧢 @mikemcgowow It's part of the code he dropped out of the 2020 race, @CoryBooker answered the @nytimes editorial board’s question: Who has broke…
Retweeted by En Serio?, MS 🧢The Freedom Dividend could prevent things EXACTLY LIKE THIS #YangGang @Steven_Mstrs @DavidJinSooKim @krystalball Follow @ComedyYang @JohnDelaney Peep the dates, bruh. We need a tech-forward candidate who can do a simple Internet search #YangGang @BlazeMancillas The Felix the Cat wormhole will give you a good 2 hours of internet
Hey, #yanggang, you know what time it is. A Philly comedian needs help getting a kidney transplant. Please put… releases new a new album *every white dudes drywall*
Retweeted by En Serio?, MS 🧢thinking about the tortured relationship between ketchup and the potato french fries + ketchup = normal, fine bak…
Retweeted by En Serio?, MS 🧢Lmaoooooooo @Bomani_Granger as a gay kid when they asked if I had a girlfriend
Retweeted by En Serio?, MS 🧢 @AarikaSamone #yanggang will see people support other candidates and be like, "I see you...I really do think you'd… key difference between @AndrewYang and @BernieSanders is eschatological. I’ll explain. #YangGang #NotMeUs (thread)
Retweeted by En Serio?, MS 🧢 @KeepItFiveStar @BlazeMancillas @kingkhristen @FatAlladdin @JhanelleDennis @linpalladino @Jakemadams can be a dangerous comfort in predictability.
My B&E skills are really on point. If you're ever locked out of your apt, I gotchu. Special price for u, my friend.… @phil_kim @psantora @BestKenEver Oh shit! What's good, Phil? Didn't realize it was you!!! @HadahiiliYazhi @felon_fred Omg this is so good!I added drums to that cat playing a drum solo in its sleep.
Retweeted by En Serio?, MS 🧢My cat is a UNIT
Retweeted by En Serio?, MS 🧢Thank G-d for pharma advertising or I might've lived a peaceful life where no one played up head-to-head trials wit…
What's the craic, sis @kavithadavidson I thought he was reformed? @jquadddddd @kavithadavidson Lmaoooo and i thought #yanggang memes were OD 😂😂😂 @phil_kim @psantora Were you the induction of LLRT @BestKenEverShoutout to everyone who values my opinion. Always a nice reminder in contrast to some baseless jabs at shitWomanism will be in the White House with Evelyn Yang and @AndrewYang. As will a couple who know what that means <3Expensive liquor stores w/bad attitudes & no bulletproof glass are the Steve Irwins of the hood. You'll get got by a Sting Wray'n Nephew. @psantora @RLady9875 @nycyanggang @AndrewYang @KimberlyThinks Possible. Wondering where evelyn went
From the Fed Journalism Fund to Ranked-Choice Voting, @AndrewYang's policies will make a 3rd party viable. We can… @votolatino @AndrewYang brought up PR and the Latino community before anyone in the first debate. Please check him… @RLady9875 @nycyanggang @AndrewYang Omg!!! @psantora @KimberlyThinksOops, someone put the bathroom monologue generator chip instead of the war monologue generator chip someone like you should do something about it.
Retweeted by En Serio?, MS 🧢 @phil_kim @psantora Lol i went to Lancaster too. I had the same SAT score, but it's all been downhill since CTY 😂😂😂
Is Putin sick? Fuck is this? @GoshCarter @ComedyYang Lmaoooo my first thought was like yeah pero Kristaps tho. Then I remembered the globe, and.… @psantora @phil_kim He didnt go to stuy 😮 @jalexa1218 @shaunking @BernieSanders Pulling receipts of times he has encouraged women leaves a bad taste in my mo… tell @AndrewYang to hit us up this morning since we did not get to hear from him last night!…
Retweeted by En Serio?, MS 🧢#YangGang #DemocraticDebate @psantora @phil_kim What inspired u(PT 3)(PT 2)Hey, #yanggang, #bernie2020 #khive, #betoforever, #booker2020, #warren2020... What do you think Trump is gonna nickname #buttigieg? (PT1)Did #repete really just plagiarize @Eminem right now? #DemocraticDebate #AmericaNeedsYang #yanggangAndrew Yang is not in the debate? He is the only candidate addressing problems of the future, such as the increasin…
Retweeted by En Serio?, MS 🧢 @MyKidsMomBB8 @GaryGrumbach @JesseRodriguez @AndrewYang Why should he drop out? We can all support each other nowSteyer sounding like he works at the DMV with Selma Simpson #DemocraticDebate #DemDebate #WhereIsAndrewYang #AmericaNeedsYang#AmericaNeedsYang to move this stage into 2020
@spaekman @AndrewYang @DantePowell is that u @KatlToaster @ZachandMattShow @AndrewYang Donated!
@AndrewYang At the very bottom of this page they ask who you would endorse for president. Type in Andrew Yang to sh…
Retweeted by En Serio?, MS 🧢 @NkosiDwight He is literally the joke playing itself out, thinking he can keep driving, when America is out here li… Booker has dropped out of the presidential race, he will have disappointed supporters today. #YangGang remembe…
Retweeted by En Serio?, MS 🧢I don't think it works like that
Retweeted by En Serio?, MS 🧢 @RobertShortSr What segue is this lmao @JPHills2 @JPHills2 They got sweatpants now?!?!?!Oh. My. G-d. #yanggang!!!! @iandiflaka I feel u tho @Bomani_Granger @Bomani_Granger Delaware Maryland VA, dumdum pop @iamcardib Go for it.
@xKidKidx Actually, I was @BlackSuprt Keep fighting. We are making more in-person progress @xKidKidx It's just another branch of govt, tbh. He's a millionaire who could prioritize this w/his own money (if h… @xKidKidx Then when will they support it? I'm concerned if he hasn't been able to get this done from the inside this whole time.But...can't he do Couldn't and shouldn't he have done this since he made it a point in 2016? I know he… harassing audience members! @BrendanSagalow @scottabledoo This isone of my intros to my tooth fairy bit lolWearers of fanny packs, thank you for your service. You're selflessly putting yourselves on the robbery front lines… @Bomani_Granger<3!☂️#YangGang, Should I organize live protests outside the January debates? Who’ll join me? If this gets 400 RTs, I’…
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@LeMaireLee @ChristianJMango Literally had to water boil empanadas and cook them into an omelette this week. Adobo is magic.🆘#YangGang I need your help.🆘 My family says power and water are temporary/intermittent and only in the city. I cr…
Retweeted by En Serio?, MS 🧢Starting in late January, low-income New York City residents who are at or below the federal poverty level may qual…
Retweeted by En Serio?, MS 🧢What do you think Jesus' most awkward moment would had to have been? @BWangkeo @ChrisMoyerNH @nowhannahwon The media repeated this with BetoIran specifically said they are not planning to attack US civilians. This is a fucking lie and @CNN is purposefully…
Retweeted by En Serio?, MS 🧢Bruh, your cat looks like Harvey Weinstein about to harangue you on how he pioneered the female protagonist got a targeted ad for a sweater that makes white women hit the BlocBoy JB. This sweater is hideous, but their… @DavidCo91327046 @gang4610 I'm an insomniac and sometimes I'll watch a @AndrewYang video and it actually helps me p… @silksnare His win is not the cause of our current challenge. Abundance mindset. <3Did they buy any water ice? Shootouts gotta be tiring. Should be rewarded with a crisp, refreshing treat. novel about the @AndrewYang campaign is the code of conduct #yanggang is given. Even when things get heat…😭😫 this breaks my heart #HumanityFirst
Retweeted by En Serio?, MS 🧢You vs. the guy she tells you not to worry about #YangGang
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@esaagar @ComedyYang @ay4prez2020 @wowbender @esaagar This