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@thenoelmiller how did you get cristiano ronaldo starring in it @cloakzy @TwistedTea W KING @Hiko good luck brother🥳
@ssyke__ don’t even try @ioanstephens pic in the right is so heavy edited too DFKM @JayzusVal he didn’t u sillywatching the final episode of the walking dead, why did i spend my time to watch all 10 seasons jesus christ such a disappointmentwoke up again @HKane @theweeknd @G_Harris1 taste, king @thenoelmiller why u eating literally air on that plate tho @notcloakzy1 wrong acc? @T0mer_ @Svenosss good ? @Svenosss AND they also decided to taste it @_Danaldinho noti @ssyke__ i want to hug her @BlGHINK HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSTIN❤️ @j4zzyko nah don’t care about this one ^ @JTayy_ nah it’s really good, u tried the bad one @JTayy_ have u tried coffee w coconut milk? omgggg @Mynoss1 @TheAntt_ 🤢morning friends and people who drink cow milk
@thfcAlex14 yes @CodsDesigns delete @CodsDesigns wheres “Left FaZe..” twitlonger? disappointed @MoneyBroYou ? dick hours like if you’re up @pikaboowow @stergey u guys look like u own a couple of dota teams @shaggyPTt you’re adorable !yeah i’m 5’5 but it doesn’t mean i can’t beat ur ass @JTayy_ @CodsDesigns @shaggyPTt thank god im 5’5. gl to cuds and shaggy tho @thfcAlex14
@spaceboyTin @GloriousPCGR ок отправь ее мне тогда @spaceboyTin отправь ее мне тогда @Criovv just don’t sleep @reaIlyfunny SLEEEEEP @reaIlyfunny hello darling i’m great how are u @reaIlyfunny hi @JTayy_ and why u thinking about herMORNING 🥳🤩
@JTayy_ if my ghost writer says delete i deletewhen i opened my eyes for the first time and realized i was born in russia @JTayy_ why @TheAntt_ wait fr...? @lazytafa like 2 hours but @TheAntt_ stay mad @BlGHINK FINALLY BRO EVERYONE ELSE SAID NO i’m back anyone missed me @stergey break the streak w rina @Envy @mummAyTV happy birthdayyyy 🥳👏🏼 @ELProfessorVic @cloakzy @notcloakzy1 perfect
@reaIlyfunny thank you @notcloakzy1 classic one @Criovv cap @JTayy_ i mean not without me 😏 @JTayy_ NO @wdooor ich liebe dich!! @JTayy_ BRO I SWEAR TO GOD IF TOMORROW AGAIN @reaIlyfunny @j4zzyko i stanmy mom was carrying me in a womb for 9 months for me to be born in russia i think that’s really rude and disrespectful of her @hoodienergy noooo ur a beauty !! @shaggyPTt LOL @woIfiestyIes 💗💗💗 @vimtereum aawww i’m just drawing a corner one 🥺i’m so bad at make upWOKE UP AGAIN
@BlGHINK @JTayy_ maybe i’m joking 😔 @JTayy_ @BlGHINK he’s lying if someone is REALLY thinking jesus christ @BlGHINK who said that i am 😎 @hawyXXIX thanks ! that’s cloakzy merch, you can order the new collection really soon 🥰stay tuned👆🏻 @cloakzy u got a good aim @DarrelHendrick5 @JannerDanniel7 with discord tho?! @DarrelHendrick5 @JannerDanniel7 ? u guys tryna play ?morning @notcloakzy1 less caffeine and more sleep and you’re good, trust @shaggyPTt ❤️❤️
@spaceboyTin fairaight i’m serious who up @JTayy_ W @ssyke__ BABY @_haug_ hahahahaha @moi2kay why not @JTayy_ @thfcAlex14 LMFAAAAAOOO @goisyy LMFAAAOOOO
2020 this thing on @cloakzy u know tims 4k damage is just fall damageGOOD MORNING RISE AND SHINE @egirlcaroline i make them do it the first day they talk to me @j4zzyko shut your dumb ass upi hope no one ever on internet got offended by me saying anything, i’m always just trolling or joking and i’m actua… @sixgodwow bc in russia i cant earn enough money to move out and get a visa anywhere else 👍🏻it’s so fucking insane that with my masters degree in russia i cant get more than 4$ an hour lol and u guys get 15…
@TheAntt_ @_Danaldinho noti @JTayy_ i hate you so much @_Danaldinho banger