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5 MINUTES IN AND I'M A WHOLE WATERFALL OF TEARS. WHY. @itybityspicygal Why did you make 50+ cupcakes thoughI feel like I've never resonated with a video as much as I do this one, I'm absolutely in love. This is it, this i…'ve made 78 Sugar Cookies, I feel so lost right now. @Tia_Arias But I love you though. Tough love is best 💘 @Tia_Arias Mom's a bully 😭 @itybityspicygal Alright I will have to DM you shortly so we can discuss what to do 👀I'm over here crying cause of @LottieSpaceBuns THIS PRECIOUS ALIEN RIGHT HERE THAT I ADORE. HOW IS IT THAT I GO IN… @HaileyMoon16 I told you before that you don't have to apologize for that~ If life gets in the way, you gotta clear… MAMA IS BULLYING ME RIGHT NOW MY CHEEK HURTS, OUCHIE @itybityspicygal I think I'm free mostly any day next week except for Wednesday & Friday~ We can chat in DMs about… celebrate such a great milestone, I will be holding an art raffle with up to 40 slots open! So if you want to ta…
Retweeted by Rina Hoshinari 🌠 Let's catch the smile! @LazuliVT Bet @itybityspicygal I'd be down to plan for it 😄I feel that would be so entertaining. A food talk is always really nice~ @Sayo_Nyara I hate Drakengard but I love it. I felt like I was in an abusive relationship with Yoko Taro honestly. @itybityspicygal I wouldn't mind that at all, that'd be an interesting cooking collab or... maybe a like just chatt… @itybityspicygal I think every time we have a conversation so far at least from what I've noticed, we happen to bot… @itybityspicygal I'll give you food in return ✨ @OokamiyaLobo If everyday someone smiles, then those smile will be spread to others after all~ so I'm glad you like…
@OokamiyaLobo Goodnight Lobo! I hope you sleep well and have sweet dreams! I can't wait to see the interview ☺️ @JohnLovesAnime @CriticalReikan Call me a gremlin again. @CriticalReikan @JohnLovesAnime Imagine loving anime but not reviewing it or singing high praises to the heavens like it's Neo Yokio @OokamiyaLobo Of course I'm always here with you! I adore you Lobo~ You're absolutely wonderful and I hope that eve… @JohnLovesAnime Oh I wouldn't really know about your old anime youtuber days, I'm fairly new in following you cause… @JohnLovesAnime Review it John 👀 @JohnLovesAnime Well, I was gonna watch it yesterday cause it just released, but I need to check out Ousama Ranking… @JohnLovesAnime I'm currently experiencing a migraine and playing Dragon Quest Builders 2. Half tempted to watch some anime right now though @KetouYufou When we collab. @Sayo_Nyara FORGOT WHATI'm chugging that whole bag of Pepsi. @BadDecisionsGo I wonder if Wishlings, Wishes, or well, I won't say the last one, but I wonder if that'd be good.. @GruntledS3raph I see, well hm.. that's something to consider then probably.⭐️ANNIVERSARY ANNOUNCEMENT⭐️ WHEN: OCTOBER 30TH 12PM EST! WHERE: COME HANG OUT AND CELEBRAT…
Retweeted by Rina Hoshinari 🌠 Let's catch the smile! @OokamiyaLobo Lobo you make me so happy whenever you speak, thanks for this, I always find statements like these to… I have something important to tell you??? Keep loving yourself like I love all of you ❤️
Retweeted by Rina Hoshinari 🌠 Let's catch the smile!I'm watching Ketou's debut stream right now and damn there are some things I straight didn't think of. What to cal… @OokamiyaLobo I wanna play all those, I'd be so down~which is impressive- but I feel like I had to notice things about her that Joel noticed about her, the things he li… Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I know I saw it earlier on this year, but this movie was even bett… 🪞 (og in the comments!)
Retweeted by Rina Hoshinari 🌠 Let's catch the smile!I miss Drakengard 3 and I hate that I do. The hellish week I spent on Drakengard 1, 2, & 3 in its entirety actuall… am I watching Speed Dating on Twitch. This is actually kind of entertaining, but wow.Doing just chatting streams is so nice, I could probably do those for days and just not even be tired lolTHIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL MAMA YOU KEEP IMPROVING AT AN ALARMING RATE. WHAT THE HECK.
@GruntledS3raph It's okay if you distracted me lol I like talking way more than playing games~ @itybityspicygal I think that'd be interesting to see 👀I would like that @belphelina Oh.. ☺️💞I like this.. @safimio_ @ChiffonKnight Oh I get it, so you aren't in full bloom right now.. you're budding and we've overwatered… @OokamiyaLobo Do the best that you can whenever you feel like you want to. I don't mind a quiet stream, especially… @safimio_ You're already so perfect then, why wait for 1k to do a reveal? Just come out with it now! Show the peopl… @OokamiyaLobo I'm curious 🥺 @safimio_ Wait so you're telling me this isn't your face on Google images? @belphelina Nobody has ever asked for a do-over before! I'm in a crisis, how does one magical girl?! D: @belphelina I don't know how to refund this sort of thing, I'll have to start looking into wish refunds 👀 @belphelina Well you already have cuties that wish to share everything with you, so I'd say you're in luck, that wi… @belphelina Happy Birthday, Belphie! I hope if you make any wishes that I'm capable of granting them! 😄Also thanks for the raid @NaokoAkiChan ! I really appreciate that a lot 😄💞Thanks for everyone who came by my stream! I know I didn't play games for long and it turned into just chatting alm… @OokamiyaLobo Lobo you don't have to worry, sometimes it takes a little push, but if you feel like you can't become… Hey there I am just chatting now~ talking about anime actually! Thought I'd be playing Bioshock but setting it up was a hassle, so let's play CrossCode instead! @GruntledS3raph My PC just turned back on, so yeah, I think I should be able to in a few minutes, maybe 10 minutes.… @YamatoIbukii You're shopping the streets of Tokyo, I'm taking a hike to my kitchen @YamatoIbukii Too much work to get under. I gotta take a walk @YamatoIbukii Well where's the ass thoughCooking dinner took forever. Bioshock took forever to download. Now I'm taking forever. WHY DID MY PC HAVE A WIND… @StarryYozzy Let's- @StarryYozzy HIIIII THERE YOZZY. DO YOU WANNA TALK ABOUT AESTHETIC COOKING VIDEOSIT TOOK FOREVER TO DOWNLOAD BIOSHOCK BECAUSE I FORGOT I UNINSTALLED IT BEFORE CAUSE MY SAVE FILE GLITCHED WHEN I WA… @StarryYozzy I'm here 👀I sometimes just don't know what to talk about at times, but if you'd like, we can talk abou…
Yeah you know what, I'll stream after dinner because I'm pretty hungry, but what to play I wonder... I feel like p… can borrow my hoodie if you're cold🧡
Retweeted by Rina Hoshinari 🌠 Let's catch the smile! @irukun00 Congrats on the 1k followers Iru! YOU"VE DESERVED THIS SINCE DAY ONE! KEEP IT UP @HitsujiVt IT JUST CAME OUT TODAY, IT'S OKAY. @CriticalReikan God no, I'm gonna pause the movie lots you know this. @CriticalReikan Literally how, I don't even have my own Discord @kiukuma This looks awesome just from the visual aloneI DO HAVE PLANS ON STREAMING TODAY RIGHT, BUT LIKE, THE VIOLET EVERGARDEN MOVIE IS OUT ON NETFLIX NOW AND I"M WONDE… stream I did last night was honestly pretty fun. I like just chatting with people, it's really enjoyable for me… @keydget Well I'm here to interact because I saw the cute cat on my feed, then I saw the gif.Send tweet done >:3 used dragon maid as the base for the animation n then just animated ontoppppp but this was a super fun…
Retweeted by Rina Hoshinari 🌠 Let's catch the smile!Gonna do a just chatting stream right now~ Sorry for it being so sudden, just thought I would ~ @GruntledS3raph Tonight and I'll stream tomorrow too. For now I might do a simple just chatting stream, I'm kinda t… @GruntledS3raph I'm gonna stream! I just needed to update some things like my OBS and GeForce driversI don't exactly have any plans for tomorrow. Izumi was taking a week off from streaming, so I won't be streaming Ha… days, I wonder what I should do. I've been hesitant to stream all day cause it was honestly sorta hot, so I w… repeat this every time that Mint Chocolate Ice Cream is the best. @Sayo_Nyara Don't just be tempted... just do it Sayo, what have you got to lose right? Other than brain cells over… @Sayo_Nyara Time to play .Hack//G.U on Stream is what you're saying 👀 @Sayo_Nyara READING SOMETHING SO GOATED.
@AsheraCynthila I'm here sweetie @CriticalReikan @DIYDavindra I'm an entertainer. @CriticalReikan @DIYDavindra Okay I'll make sure to crash into your stream again. @safimio_ Well... maybe we can add them both together and get 575% adorable! @OokamiyaLobo Oh boy I wonder who it is! I'm actually curious o: @izumyou I wouldn't doubt if that's what Ketou was going for, this guy's humor is amazing. @BadDecisionsGo The late-night adventures usually lead me to some weird experiences.5am and I feel like I'm going on an adventure.LET'S FUCKING GOOOOO THIS IS MY BOY KETOU LET"S GOOOOOOOO