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I may have made too much for 2 ppl... THE @ NAME gas lines rn. Please just let me pump."Violence from both sides"
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 AndreinaRVD CBD is the best CBD cream that I’ve tried yet. It relieves aching pains from your muscles and joints. Order you…
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 Andreina @Justininoo @jffxogs Bro... LMFJAOAHS @xMegami @goretones @cuteccumberr Omg stunningi ate this garnet cosplay up..
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 Andreina @captinburrito I've only tried that one and it was phenomenal @captinburrito Jake.... It's so good .....Please if you ever come across this. Purchase it. and @thatnerdleslie are free agents dawg YES
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 AndreinaNot my dog packing my suitcase! He sick of me fr 😔
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 AndreinaTHIS is creating the gas shortage. Stop it.
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She make v hot wing.. ur wallet in a studio apartment is so embarrassing. just looked under my bed then took 3 steps to check the kitchen
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 AndreinaWe're shipping two separate updates to @playapex today to address bugs and balance some weapons. Later today these…
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 AndreinaHold up, bang and loba are a thing?I SWOON... changes: - Bullet Damage reduced: 19>18 - Purple/Gold mag: 55>50
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 Andreina @JayCasbon @VinkolaJokic @312DARIUS__ That's what I do lmfao Paul said I'm so mean @VinkolaJokic @312DARIUS__ As a player for who plays defensively bunker plays I like it a lot but I'm a sucker for… @VinkolaJokic @312DARIUS__ I think 35 would render it useless. No need to have one when the g7 exists. Also the 303… @VinkolaJokic @312DARIUS__ I think the 70 to the body has to be nerfed to 55 @312DARIUS__ LMFAOOO!!!! OMG I WAS SO SHOCKED. The bow don't work for me like that it's gotta be nerfed @312DARIUS__ You're nuts!!!! That's on MNK too??? 😳 You're scary with the bow.A super rare genetic "mutation" they got basically bred out in the 17? Century sins of the father
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 Andreinaヴァルキリー #ApexLegends
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 AndreinaRespawn have confirmed a Bow nerf is "coming soon."
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 AndreinaI did it
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 AndreinaNeed Italian turano bread so I can make Paul this brunch I just imagined but it's 3am...Hes talking about tv shows .... Ya can stop now @Iam_EcoBlitz Ur mean 2 me @BadGalGaming SHAY DONT DO THIS TO ME RIGHT NOW. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE YOU SAID THISTell me this isn't beautiful💚💚💚💚🙂Go collect @ASAPBlacky420
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You can tell which one is Lil Wayne’s & which one is Nipsey’s 😂
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 AndreinaWILLOW'S NEW SINGLE IS SO GOOD WOW @timboNASTY If that's what you need take the time to do it but just don't take too much time 😌 - advice from someone mentally illToo lazy too fully take off my mask but I feel cute today
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 AndreinaHey timeline. He snif u ok?
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 Andreina @RinaWildflowerr we couldve had it [choked sob] AAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 Andreina deserves head pats
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 Andreina😭😭😭
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 AndreinaHey timeline. He snif u ok? @latinKatt Wow
@mattsm00th She always was!QUE ME AHOGO
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 AndreinaHi from me and my sister Angie lazy too fully take off my mask but I feel cute today
@F6DonMelo Okay... You're firedtwitter crop is gone now we’re “very close friends” in full size
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 Andreinastocks guy astrology girl 🤝 The Moon
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 AndreinaThis kinda opposite for me are my girlies. And I love them so much. These are my besties and I they make me happy. These are my babies.… @F6DonMelo I hate u rn @F6DonMelo I dead ass would've bought a coffee maker @F6DonMelo Literally disgusting
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 AndreinaI really am feeling a Nana rewatch the remaster couldn't come any fasterNANA HD REMASTER COME OUT ALREADY SO I CAN ACTUALLY FUCKING PUSH MY AGENDA SJSKSKDJDJD
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 AndreinaHarley n Ivy full otp
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 Andreinai got carried a whole ranked game by my girlies @xMegami @thatnerdleslie - @ouverture_v3 Tadaaa! ✨ another Mona cosplay!!💜💜 Who is your fav girl from Genshin? #cosplay…
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 AndreinaSecured a captain spot in LuLu’s 100k Throwdown. Thank you so much for inviting me beautiful @LuluLuvely Running…
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@xoLadyArchangel Sure! I'll add it!!I read 36 books last year and wanted to read 37 this year.... It's may and I haven't read a single one. Just bought… toxic trait is saying “long story short” and then telling the full length unabridged Snyder cut story anyways
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 Andreinatheres still crops on desktop for me but... #NoCropArt 🐯🌿
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 AndreinaCubans cubana
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 AndreinaThe girl squad @xMegami @thatnerdleslie 🥰🥰🥰no crop is best crop, have a repost
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 Andreinashow your love, leave a tip now testing Tip Jar, a new way to give and receive money on Twitter 💸 more coming s…
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 AndreinaThis was so good 🥺 artists who get reposted a lot .... this might help you !!!
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 Andreina @IGNxLOL This looks so yummy!!!No crop huehuehuehuehue
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 Andreina @its0kimhere Thank you!! I used to eat this so much as a kid dude whenever I'm kinda down I make it and its so fire @YaBoySuar lookCubans cubana
@McNuguid I'm literally in love with herBistec time 🥺 @AceDoloX1 Omg lmfao @McNuguid Karen?On the hood of my 69 Mustang in the parking lot of Winnetka movie theater in the valley. Or in the library stacks…
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 Andreina @RinaWildflowerr In my car in a church parking lot. ☠️
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 Andreina @RinaWildflowerr Either a public dressing room that was full of people. Or at a public lake in the gazebo
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 Andreina @RinaWildflowerr Glow in the dark mini golf course
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 Andreina @RinaWildflowerr I’m the lake while a lot of ppl was still around 😅
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 AndreinaIn my head cause I’m a virgin 🥲
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 AndreinaNot too crazy but my ex’s moms bed 🥴
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 Andreina @SmurFysLife Kmart ... Mine is in a movie theater seat during the movieIncoming Prime skins
Retweeted by Rina 🌿 AndreinaThey appear to be doing a set of (free?) community loadscreens.
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