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Erika S. @rinkrebel Chicago (DC at heart)

2018 Stanley Cup Champs Caps fan/blogger. @Protocol136Pod co-host (coming soon). Sports & politics yeller. GIFs. Opinions=mine. she/her #FlyTheW #BLM🌹

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You guys are getting like 17x the Austin content with this new house and I’m not sorry heart was full coming back to my new home from work today and after locking my car looking in the top window to…
Good morning! Austin has a 2nd floor to look out of on the world below! @SJankowski11 Yep! Back and side-ish yard!Presenting without comment: Austin’s very first time in his new first-ever fenced yard (no leashes = no problems) moved into the house and Austin will not stop practicing going up and down stairs. He’d never lived in a private…
@Esbee92 We were supposed to be closing today but didn’t happen, def closing tomorrow 😓 @Esbee92 We don’t have a place right now technically. Closing on the house tomorrow. We’re at my mom’s house til then.My mom fell asleep on the couch snuggling Austin and I must refrain from posting photos @suesswassersee L hahahahaha @wyshynski Ah yes the classic “white immigrants aren’t really immigrants” story, a racist’s best defense.
Austin has discovered sun spots. which is literally what prejudice means @emilydawnlove I just snorted @hi_im_shan I say yes. I think that is a distinct possibility esp since another Thor movie is coming. @ItsAFez66 Yep we’re all here. Moved out today. @nuclearcarly He’s like THIS IS THE BIGGEST COUCH IN THE WORLD THIS IS GREATOh he is out. appears to be enjoying Grandma’s house
@JeremiahinbigAK “you people that come here” yeah that was definitely directed at immigrants @JeremiahinbigAK He went on an extensive anti-immigrant rant the other night and it was (15 years too late) the last straw. @JeremiahinbigAK @JenksNBCS @Capitals @ovi8 Also he hated immigrants and non-Canadians and non-white folks which I… @JenksNBCS Bye bitch @SuicidePass I would be so down. @JeremiahinbigAK You’d think. But no. This is Chicago. @AngryBlackLady 🤦🏻‍♀️ oh boy my favorite @JulieDiCaro I’m moving right now. This is a joy /sarcasmHaving doubly the panic attack because now I not only have to move and there’s still stuff everywhere but now I hav… @inaneenglish I was legit crying at that episode
12yo: “After you’re done packing, you should really take a shower.” Me: this is really bad timing to be out of like all of my medsWHY IS EVERYTHING GLASSCue panic attack because there’s STILL TOO MUCH I CAN’T @Eden_Eats @theactivestick Once on a match date the guy clearly was expecting me to be thinner or something. 20 min… @VHSch I mean we’re doing ok but I just hate itRomo calls it or I riot @Renoe Ah yes local would be helpful but 🤷🏻‍♀️ @AlisonL @NicoleHaase I’m assuming absolutely nothing. 😒 @billrad @thechrisbarron I just started CACKLING 💯💯 @Renoe ThirdLove, sis @bruce_arthur Oh good @PoPville Someone was doing this to people’s car door handles in Chicago recently! The surveillance video was wild. @iancmclaren THEY apologize for the remarks. But does he? Or Ron for just sitting there and nodding? Doubtful. @KenTremendous “Well you can’t impeach him because he does it all the time.” problem with Canada isn’t that we’re a country of Don Cherries - we’re not - it’s that we’re a country of Ron M…
Retweeted by Erika S. @BeachTooSandy ohhh nooooo @Schreids Would follow to the ends of the earthSome further info on the horrible AJ Freund case. This one still really gets to me. @ChiBDM I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about
@ChiBDM Ugh thank you. And every time I turn around it feels like there’s just more and I’m very upset and overwhelmedThiiiiis please kill me @ChiBDM I’m dyinggggggWho invented packing to move I hate thisHave y’all been following what’s happening with Instacart this week? The company is retaliating against workers, a…
Retweeted by Erika S. @rmiriam I mean we’re gonna shop much more Costco with the new house since we’ll be able to store more, it’s an exciting time @keribo1 Yep lol it’s on the list!
@rmiriam Well that’s the beauty of bulk, you only have to go there like every 6 weeks. @Toews2Kaner1983 Exactly. @2tallmountains IT JUST CAME OUT THIS WEEKI’m failing at this analogy but just like imagine any other profession “objecting to” doing their job.OK like if it were a world where police weren’t corrupt, imagine police not responding to a call because they objec… @_MelissaBurgess @rasmusdahlin00 I mean let’s be real who wouldn’t look at Lidstrom that wayRT if you’ve gotten more radical as you’ve gotten older trying to destroy a right wing talking point
Retweeted by Erika S.Did Bob toss a chair on his way down the tunnel?Well. That got resolved quickly. I don’t know how that stayed out of Holtby’s net, man.Why is this camera so low?Yikes
I know I’m just a dinosaur, but I’ve never said, “gee, I sure hope I don’t learn anything today.”
Retweeted by Erika S.If a trans person tells you something about their experience that conflicts your previously held beliefs, feel free…
Retweeted by Erika S. @_MelissaBurgess @GriffsHockey Oh fun, congrats!!! @kerrence I mean it’s like borderline stalking? How creepy @kerrence What the FUCK @elizabethaustin @Potbelly And I stood there waiting for this (even though it was an online order pickup) for like… Hope the other Erika enjoys my turkey @Potbelly because I am not eating this 😭 @meijer I miss the Berwyn and Melrose Park stores 😩 you’re so much cheaper than JewelYeah I miss you too @meijer (so so much) but you closed the only two locations that were super close to me (which I… @OhMeatball Oh no no no I just now saw this. Oh the best dog. ❤️❤️❤️ @NiseiLounge @RepTimButler #TeamOxfordComma @_Quintilian was in a shelter for 3 years. I adopted him when he was 3.5 and he’s now just turned 8. He’s such a wonderfu… is trash @GW_MBB @notthefakeSVP Oh man, this was my junior year. Had a couple classes with @Pops too. Congrats, man!It’s upsetting when you learn that Rufio in Hook was 15 when this movie was filmed and he was one of your early sex… @jocelynaspa I agree @jocelynaspa Yeah Netflix cut it :( @jocelynaspa God I fucking love Scrubs
@sarahmaclean Omg I LOVE the “Read Romance. Fight Patriarchy.” tagline that is wonderful @suzjdean Ohhhhh needMeanwhile this asshole is... dog is weird. Lived here for almost 7 years. Packing it up feels rill weird. @IwriteOK I am DYINGGG
@TheDazzlingOne I know man @inaneenglish This is literally just 2e folks with ADHD lolWent a little overboard on the cheekbones. @scottywazz Oh man miss those silky silky mittsYELLING #HisDarkMaterials
Ya girl got a promotion @eveewing She’s the goddamn best. @NicoleHaase Lol it's Doolittle and a puppy HOW COULD YOU HATE ITOh nooooooooooo