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Erika S. @ 🏠 @rinkrebel Chicago (DC at heart)

‘18 Stanley Cup Champs Caps fan/ex-writer. @Protocol136Pod co-host (coming soon). Sports & politics & yelling. GIFs. Opinions=mine. she/her. #BlackLivesMatter🌹

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@nasboat5000 Oh yeah I mean I found out she was a TERF at minimum 3 years ago @HellblazerVice NEED VIDEO continues on. @curlyfro Ooh that glass is fancy
@suesswassersee @GeekMisconduct Oh god wtf @VHSch @iGrowChi Thanks Mom! @rmiriam @iGrowChi Thanks Rachel! @alixiswright37 @ItsAFez66 @iGrowChi Aw thanks! @NBCSCapitals @Capitals Any way for out of towners to see it? @nuclearcarly @iGrowChi Thank you! @ItsAFez66 @iGrowChi YAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY @CaptainPuckPain Thank you! @RunBklyn Thanks Vin! @HellblazerVice @iGrowChi Thank you! @schatzipage Wheeee thank you! @EddiePasa Thank you! @echarlu @iGrowChi Thanks Estelle! @jenbees27 @iGrowChi Thanks much! @lisamcgrath Thanks Lisa! @pengvinvsed Thank you! @KyleWIIM @iGrowChi Thank you! @TheHornGuy @leapb4look @WesJohnsonVoice Aw thanks so much Sam, that’s so sweet 😊 @KyleWIIM @iGrowChi Yay thanks!If we’re not fb friends donate anyway.So it’s now officially my birthday. Quite honestly I don’t want anything but for people to donate to programs that… a gorgeous image (aside from that alm in the background) @AshAgony @haistanapa And like, normal household items. 🤷🏻‍♀️ @fabbrilous My ancestor did come over on the Mayflower. I fully acknowledge that my ancestor was an asshole (he ins…’m so so sorry that I’m laughing at how comically tall he is compared to regular people but this is great still what are you even are 60 damn years old assaulting a bunch of not-even-20-year-olds. God it’s like the 61yo man at my Jewel assau… @SteveCassidy19 @renato_mariotti Last I saw from them the suspect is a former Metro Washington Airport Authority employee. @Yotesgurl YAAAAAAASSSSSS
@_craigtweets @Kaepernick7 Well yes. But I would just want them to say it and apologize for it. @cuddlesandcoke @JeffVeillette I never forgot about this case. It’s so horrific. @_craigtweets @Kaepernick7 I would say also an acknowledgement that there was a purposeful conspiracy among NFL GMs… @AnaheimDucks Adam Henrique (Go Spits!) @JoeYerdon @TheAthleticBUF Ugh I’m so sorry Joe. ❤️Here's why you don't kneel with cops. Yesterday. Today.
Retweeted by Erika S. @ 🏠It’s my personal mission that white Minnesotans and Americans never forget that this woman did nothing to stop kill…
Retweeted by Erika S. @ 🏠 @ReinaDeLaIsla I tuned into Ru’s podcast a while ago and after a couple episodes I was like Ok I can’t listen to th… @CloudSkillet My empathy is just destroying me right now. ❤️ @rosecorpsmusic A lot of people on the thread were like 100% this guy's a cop, he carries himself like a cop.Today she would have turned 27. Today we honor and fight for justice for her. #BreonnaTaylor #SayHerName
Retweeted by Erika S. @ 🏠 @linzsports Men are gross. @msconduct10 @aggedy_ann @BReynoldsMN ☹️❤️❤️❤️ @ReinaDeLaIsla The Buffalo one? Damn @theactivestick You want the sad truth? Alcohol.GW alum here. Good, bye bitch. @thriftpunk @J_ManPrime21 I’m sorry I’m not in NY I just saw his speeches @HockeenightsCT @haistanapa @_Quintilian @HockeenightsCT @haistanapa @_Quintilian He is the biggest goof. @HockeenightsCT @haistanapa Case in point, @_Quintilian is playing a video game (with me spectating) in the little… @_MelissaBurgess HE WAS 75 AND BLEEDING PROFUSELY FROM THE HEAD @haistanapa @HockeenightsCT Kicker is as soon as partner and I are “off” for the day, he deeply sleeps until the mo… @haistanapa @HockeenightsCT He’s going to lose his mind when both of us are eventually back at the office fulltime. @HockeenightsCT @haistanapa Mine’s “I’m awake and crying” schedule has been so indiscriminate. It’s impossible to t… @haistanapa @HockeenightsCT He has been trying to eat every bug that flies remotely close to him outside. I love hi… @haistanapa @HockeenightsCT If Iearned anything from quarantine it’s that dogs are basically children without the e… Fire and prosecute them. They shoved a SEVENTY-FIVE YEAR OLD MAN to make him fall backward and slam his… work for a nonpartisan org and I was always told “never talk politics at work” (which I mean racism should not be… my boss’s boss’s boss was on the call. But I’m glad I did because more than anything I wanted the Black peo… are plenty of lists of books and films out there that are great for education, look for those. And I told the… on a call with my work team, the question came up of basically how are you doing. I waited until everyone els… @DavidJCervi @adashelbys I thought he went to help first time I watched it. Second time, it almost went like he was… @Ryan_Deem @rwcaps @glitter4goals In college I dreamed of getting married at St. John’s (I grew up Episcopalian) and having the recept… @BReynoldsMN @msconduct10 Oh if you find out how to make it induce sleep instead of keep you up all night pls let me know. @GoAngelo @ParkerMolloy He wouldn’t have tripped and fallen if Buffalo police hadn’t visibly shoved him. @feriadelaluna He’s wanted for assault. @glitter4goals @realDonaldTrump You may know it then, the Decatur House. Beautiful old little house on the corner o… @glitter4goals @realDonaldTrump I made a blue circle where the museum is. Great. @glitter4goals @realDonaldTrump Hoo boy my freshman dorm is like 3 blocks away and a museum gift shop I worked at i…’re hearing consistent bangs outside tonight very very close and I just keep hoping it’s fireworks. @clmazin Jesus Christ, little on the nose there, GOP. @megfeds_ He only tweeted that like an hour ago so still in progress. @megfeds_ Someone potentially ID’d him vis Strava and is in contact with the appropriate attorneys’ offices.… @PersonontheDL @suesswassersee @BvrlyTweetmaker this is the Jewel I go to.... @dee4077 @PersonontheDL Yep he cites Strava. Eeee I hope they got his ass. @dee4077 @PersonontheDL Yessss. They did say like he looks hardcore enough to potentially be tracking on Strava, Ga…
@SheRatesDogs This is the best explanation I’ve seen of ACAB @renato_mariotti @renato_mariotti Park Police is seeking his identity on assault charges. @Yotesgurl @PersonontheDL When he laid his hands on that child my heart seized. That is so scary for her. I mean that was not a small dude. @dee4077 I know, I saw the Park Police notice. @AngryBlackLady Gahhhhh he’s so cute @furbyrose @sarah_connors This is brilliant thank you. I’ve hesitated to use it because a good friend of mine’s hus… the FUCK @JulieDiCaro Oooo want @_Jeff_Hicks_ @torqpenderloin Oh he’s dead. Unless there’s another sex offender from the show.My favorite is that the white woman’s husband, as soon as she flipped out on this Black woman for no reason, just w… @EddiePasa I just haven’t heard quite the level of outrage with this one, for whatever reason.I feel like haven’t heard as much about this as Amy Cooper. Woman called 911 MULTIPLE TIMES on a Black woman sittin… @JayZawaski670 @GregBoysen Jinx @GregBoysen According to the president, that’s good for ya! Clears out that corona. @queeneulalia I’m sorry ❤️❤️COP DIDN’T EVEN EXIT THE CAR