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Rin ✊❤ @RinTheYordle Washington, USA

Freelance Artist and Social Coordinator! || Twitch, Discord, LoL & GW2 Partner || GAMES AND ART HYPE! || Nice to meet you! || Inquiry: rinidinger@gmail

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@Rocket_GSK it definitely deserves more love than it gets. I also know why FFXIV is so good. The technical battles… of old stuff, look what graves my timeline once again... 20-fucking-12. CITIZENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! about a tweet I saw the other day that said "being happy for other people is free"
Retweeted by Rin ✊❤LOOK AT HIM., listening to my old music from years ago, I know why I saved it. It not only sounded amazing, it held a deep s… @pequodthesleek THANK U @CholeraNinja LOL @katemiterko ...Kate im so sorry... @NeburaART QQ thank you @ffSade sade I love drawing her stupid face so much and making it look decent ttttttttttttttttttttttttttHEY U gud job, proud of u
Retweeted by Rin ✊❤ @CholeraNinja BlellowSiiiiiiiiggghhhhhhhh..... Sorrynotsorry #yuke #ffcc #oc #doodles #myart I just want to design my weird lengthy suit…
@tokimonster LMAO @SalemIzmir Damn @Mhofoo I just bought the FFXIV remix CD Q_Q;;;;;;;and then if I find different music like this I really love it? There's a kick ass DnB mix of this but the raw vocal… me, I think my weird songs are probably more leaning towards: Mindless Self Indulgence (though thats just weird… @robertschueller Oh come on this is a classic @OhHelloKero Ahahahah @KekemuiWawamui I dig this @OhHelloKero oof that start was hard for me ahahahaha @EventHorizonUwU Ooo nice funky drops @Hedrick_art WHAT LOL @Quenk Im crying laughing @Jazzmaster_J Ahhh here we go, completely falling apart music. Makes some damn good sound effects tho. Reminds me of MissingNo PKMN @Brisolyn My fiance brings up some of their songs sometimes for fun and we laugh every time. @AnnaJean_N "WHO HAS DRIVEN THROUGH ONTARIO?" "WOOO!" "STOP CHEERING!!!!!!!!!!" @Mhofoo old.... LOL OR I DONT THINK IT IS @EncasedShadow I think you sent this to me once and I cant help but giggle at it @ThisIsYuhn Yuhn oh m y g o d @ben_burnes AHAHHAAHAHHA @CharGwyl Splatoon is legit @SalemIzmir oh my god this is kind of funny lmao @Jawsh_O Yo this is kind of legit tho damn @tokimonster HERE YOU GO I WARNED YOU <3 @tokimonster nah, Ive been listening to a track for a while called "The Fuckdest Jams" and its I believe a furry ra… @Brisolyn On THESE GUYS are great tho LMAOWhats the WEIRDEST music/song that you like? Or you feel its weird because of how very different it is from your normal likes/personality?and not every part of it is great mind, its like a 2 hour mix that's extremely fucked up and weird, but parts of it…*rolls on the floor* I shouldn't like this music at all, but I do? Because of how chaotic it is? I wish I understoo… isn't a knock, but im highly amused at how magically one day I went from.. all of the places I hang out, I'm t… @Tealfuleyes *STARES* IF YOU NEED HELP......... LMKKKKKKKK @Landylachs OOF no I can't do that LOL. I have so much damn hair, and I do not trust myself
@grantwall ooo delightful! @_SilentRaven_ because I'm getting a whole pizza. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGETITimnotfunny… are ordering mod pizza for lunch My special instructions for them is to please have a lovely awesome day. @NuclearGhoul Mine is just breaking a lot and needs trimmed bad. My stray hair is EVERYWHERE and I keep eating it on accidentI hate doing this but im legit gonna just go get my hair done. I was hoping to wait until the pandemic was over but…<insert big sigh here>
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Didn't realize how tired I was. Came up stairs and promptly fell asleep for like a quick nap lol. @EvangeIos @AskJoshy @TheMikeRobles @mini_squish @Plus2Joe @robo_boro_ @ZeroEmpires THIS! Details on that, they wou… am so glad I'm awake enough to realize I almost posted to the wrong instagram account.......................................GOOD MORNING!!! TODAY. WE ARE STREAMING PLAYING FFXIV! Back from hiatus to go stomp the patch I never played :D l… rights are Human rights 🏳️‍⚧️ <3 <3 <3 @Spikepk I had animation for college and worked a lot in clay as a kid, so it makes sense in my mind/how art works… @JasmineZellmer Dibs on the blue one @TBSkyen I mean... isn't he proving how he sleeps like that in itself? He sleeps like that... like that! *gestures*closing these at 10 (pacific) tonight! thats about one and a half hours left. I'll be closing the rest of my store…
Retweeted by Rin ✊❤The long wait is finally over! Mike drew his raptor today with sleepy Rin, as requested! It’s just as cute as it sh… @MisterMarnel IT WOULDNT BE SLANDER IF IT WASNT TRUE. BUT IT IS. IMPOSTER OWL!!!!!!!! @MisterMarnel THE OWL ALMOST ALWAYS IS @TBSkyen Sends hugs @MisterMarnel Flips you out the windowStill grading these. Takes 2 hours for a bag of 100 (roughly)... but I love how the pearl dust sparkles! :D #GW2
Retweeted by Rin ✊❤ @GW2Collective ....need @MisterMarnel Cries
Help this lovely person out??? <3<3<3 @Dj_Jadenchu Ahahahahaha @lluis_2904 Vomit noises @Anlysia ITS NOT EVE GW2I know yall gonna hate me and waiting for more yordle or league content PLEASE JUST LET ME EXCITED IM SORRYFound a low poly follow along, and instead of a human model I used my Yuke (OF COURSE I DID) hoping to learn how to… @Mitsuma EXCITING @Greydiance currently searching now for a poly modeling guide as I feel that's most comfortable for me/will teach m… @Greydiance I started with this fellow, he's teaching a lot super basics of all the layouts, both 3D sculpting, mat… Blender is actually EXTREMELY good for me and Im really glad Im picking it up. I'm not only excited about… note to myself for when I’m discouraged: there is artistry in photography. Don’t let other creatives discourage y…
Retweeted by Rin ✊❤Would there be an interest if I did a stream about fun, quick ways to develop quirky, interesting characters, speci…
Retweeted by Rin ✊❤ @ffSade NICE @CptGoodtimes Nah I'm good LOL @fey_pasteltears Thank u for coming to my timeline @SamMcowan @vaughnpinpin YESFriend of a friend! Good luck to you and your move. @Bobbyfly3 @Lutyo FUCK I JUST SAW MY TYOO AHAHAHAHA @GlaziolArt I'm so sorry lmao @appleofidunn N OI'm crying laughing and yall get to suffer with me @SlyTheFox SLY WHY IS THAT PENIS SO EXPONSIVE @SlyTheFox SLY WHAT THE HELL @SlyTheFox IM FUCKING CRYING WHATTTT????? @SlyTheFox @SlyTheFox NBDHFHDHFHFHFJFJG @SlyTheFox SLY PLS EXPLAIN @XXDOD456 Persona 5 monster. @GrumpyNeru Definitely made that joke @AveryBrown187 Ya we found the one in front of the will seed, im sure ill see more and cry LMAO @KikaDraws Ahahaha @Bobbyfly3 @Lutyo Pls no wiggly duck chariot @Bobbyfly3 @Lutyo It evolves into that chariot dick doesn't it. I don't need to see it wiggle. Please God no. Not in HD like this