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Machine Gun Kelly @RiotBallerina Los Angeles, California

talent management @riotgames ✨ vandal gamer 🔫 @dog2mf 🐶 she/her ♡

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@RiotMungBeanie felt this on a spiritual levelrejected by: blizzard bungie 2K games microsoft riot :) thankful for all of the rejections — I wouldn’t be here w… @JonahP_ RELAXXXXX
@AriasOscar wait i love this comparison lolol @DaveyKVA FACTS to the point that I use some streams to fall asleep lolol @USCTroJhin same!!! 100% comes from being as quiet and lowkey as possible so my brother wouldn't kick me out of his… really really really love watching people play video games @SxssyPants 😘😘😘😘😘 @AerolithXP it’s fading a bit! much more so than my other tattoos but it’s been holding on stronger than I thought! @juruken @MonsterChels @karagii dsjkhfjklas ADORE YOU @alexismarieNY 😍🥰 I AM NOT WORTHY @joellenagy ✂️🤍✂️deep breaths, everyone — your hearts are pounding @Huston_TV 😂😂 @JimmyJamTV @Swadear15 @Merkx_ me > boom bot 😤😤😤I hear the strat is to just tank the mf boom bot ft. @Swadear15 @Merkx_
@delameyart sometimes I cry over this all over again @Immortals @genghsta @ToyotaSoCal @ocfair YES @JonahP_ @InveEnvy OH MY @stardustxos LOL YOU ARE SUCH AN ANGELtwo (2) official days into vacation and I’m already fully committed to the degen schedule @G_u_s_i I am fucking crying at this retweet thank you so much @RiotAshekandiI don’t need a man I need consistent aim sis @xKitzi sending love @delameyart 🤍🤍🤍 love u both @SmolBoricua HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEAUTIFUL!!!💕
@Sp2ink1es stunning, Eric!! excited for you @npcSara my dad and I used to pick wild blackberries together all the time in northern california— one of my favori… @sailorcmoon @stardustxos you @Guiiimond cannot believe you stole my can openerI never forgive you for leaving just fyi @Guiiimond @swampyhag omg stop amelia that is so cute @joellenagy 😭😭😭“what do your tattoos mean” they mean I’m sexy
@Guiiimond @HUYNH_CS *facetime ringing* “yoooo gui!”😂😂😂gaming is magical @gracetwong @RiotXylese @JonahP_ @Guiiimond @MkaeLcs 💕✨ @gracetwong MY BABY YOU ARE SO FREAKING STUNNING I CANNOT DEAL😭😭😭 @alexismarieNY omg you are flawless😍meeting one of my absolute best friends tonight and my heart is full @gracetwong 🥺🥺🥺 @afterskies_ I’m in love with you
mac miller kinda day @sfX_x1 🥺 you would’ve too I know it🥺😍🥰 @joellenagy HAHAHHA this gif Joelle lmfao yes twitch chat is literally 11 years old and if you cheer for an individ… @FionnOnFire I know I’m biased but just saying gMd has a pretty amazing story🥺 @Missyeru Have so much fun and be safe!!! @Naaomixx_ttv happy birthday Naomi!!!💕 @Guiiimond @TheRiseNation 🤍I love Gen.G VALORANTall made exponentially more difficult by the casters continually pronouncing anthony’s last name wrong instead of j…
this person just @'d me in the nerdstreet chat telling me to die and I go to his twitch and he streams and part of… #GenGWIN #GenGWIN @Cel3ryStalk sending you love, stel🤍 @_steve_mack stoked for you, friend!!!🤍 @joellenagy @PlayVALORANT @CylleneTv @mcskiddlyboop @delameyart @Sissycortina @MellinaKong I LOVE YOU JOELLE!!! ser… @MkaeLcs @version1gg @TSM ggs!!!🤍I ♡ Gen.G VALORANT
@Guiiimond @TSM i believe in you forever @SmolBoricua every picture of you and I am blown away ty for blessing us😌🥰🤩 @Upmind_ @SullyCasts I really can’t overstate it enough, the perfect valorant esports experience is not complete wi… vs @tsm for #VCT RN #GenGWIN
Retweeted by Machine Gun KellyI love so many talents within the Val esports scene but watching a collection of hype clips really proves to me tha… @karagii @GenG @U315A @honeyg1ow I literally cried when I first saw it @GenG @U315A @honeyg1ow what if it was my favorite raze in the world👉👈 @Guiiimond @honeyg1ow @GenG @U315A I LOVE YOU SO MUCH @VeckzGG @HitBox_Hiros @GenG @U315A @honeyg1ow it's me as raze............................................ @NathanStanz the trevor project! @Guiiimond @GenG @U315A @honeyg1ow ☺️☺️☺️ @Guiiimond @GenG @U315A @honeyg1ow big day for my best friend :)good morning today is about @GenG valorant #NewProfilePic art by @U315A from my baby @honeyg1ow 🥺🥰💛 @PlayVALORANT @Guiiimondthe rhetoric of “if you knew him you’d know he’s a nice guy” after harassment claims drop is so incredibly damaging… @ClawdiaFox just a crumb, ma'am @TFT the bold dango of kindness🥺 @KOLER1337 @TwitchSupport HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA tbnk @KOLER1337 @TwitchSupport this happened to me and it legit took them months to ever get back to me, I had to make a… @Guiiimond @FionnOnFire HAHAHAHAHAH you're so dumb @FionnOnFire @Guiiimond @RiotRaienHime love you girl, let's connect over break and play games or something i miss u🤍 @ClBEAST7 🤍🤍🤍
I am ✨emotionally exhausted✨ @kelsey_akiko 🥺😭 love you kelsey that is so sweet of you to say!!! so thankful for the wonderful family I've met th… @MatthewCElmore would just like to point out that I voted nick and that solidifies my place as Gen.G mom tysmit’s crazy how much having good people around you can start to heal wounds you didn’t even know you had. feels wild… @Koalifier was so awesome watching you frag!! you’re insane! @QuachWatch YES PLEASE I NEED YOU TO I won’t let you down😭okay. next year. Riot Rumble. valorant. NO BEING SCARED😤 here
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@giraffley omg congrats, Ashley!!! you’re incredible!! @SmolBoricua WE DON’T KNOW HER GINA😭😭😭 @raegarooni @ui_zero2 APPARENTLY THE COLON WITH AN ASTERISKS NEXT TO IT TURNS INTO THE KISS EMOJI I DIDN'T KNOW😭😭😭the girl who just accidently sent a kiss face emoji to a new hire on slack while she was trying to edit a typo? :* DON'T KNOW HERfriend soulmates really bring so much love into ur life
Retweeted by Machine Gun Kelly @Guiiimond ahhhh now I see why you’re too busy to come over @Guiiimond 🥺🥺🥺 if I ever hit it you have to duo w me on main!! @emma2k_ @PlayVALORANT babyyy🥺 you deserve better!! LOLCAN SHE GET TO DIAMOND IN VALORANT DURING SUMMER BREAK? we’ll see😈 @PlayVALORANT @Guiiimond