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3D Environment Artist @RiotGames Working on the maps for VALORANT. Formerly @Amazon / @DSVolition IG:

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@Tofu_Crisp XS by Rina is an absolute banger @jingofalltrades @rycoux buff my simp heal pls
@leena_xu what if we made out in oribos 😳
Retweeted by LYDIA ZANOTTI // PHRISK @omBubbles that bullet came straight outta narnia @_________Tyler LMAO ILY 😈 @gabrielromeiroo Dear Jett, pls stop boosting in places you shouldn’t beDear Omen, pls stop teleporting in places you shouldn't be. @infamousbtw sometimes i think, and then i thought. @JoeySimas oh fugg this map looks HOT @pr0phie @Tofu_Crisp @threezy @npcSara KJ turrets wacky af
@boxrTailored @EmyyCSGO @jarrettgoldberg @Hiko yeh these goobers are having pathing issues lately. I'll look into this today. @seangares SGARES POG @liitt_art nice lil chippies 👻
@Average_Jonas @PlayVALORANT @riotgames I’ll take a look at this first thing tomorrow 👊 @Yehty_ You'll have to do some observing on the other maps now and find more VIP bear lounges
@RiotForge BRAUM IS DADDY @careyfrozt nothin like old keygen music 🤘 @_________Tyler between you and me.... i laughed at this @nowackdesign @Haen ayyy you’re gonna kill it :) @TSM @reltuC hamppy bormfday retlucs
Hey everyone! As a celebration for taking first in the UMG closed qualifier and making it to First Strike, Logitech…
chall can stop makin fun of my detroit accent now TO ANNOUNCE THAT YOUR BOY PKLE HAS JOINED THE @GFuelEnergy FAMILY. 🥳🥳🥳 USE CODE PKLE 🥒 OR CLICK THE LINK B…
@spookiebb little details into the maps/assets is my favorite part about my job. Here's the step-by-step process of the…
@Dronecsgo @Immortals @RiotPHRISK An old boss of mine said something important to me once: "It's not my job to save money, it's my job to…
Retweeted by LYDIA ZANOTTI // PHRISK @MorelloNMST i wish comp convos weren’t so awkward with managers... and it’s usually not awkward on my end @LilPKLE LMAO HOW ORIGINALBind will always be a special map to me because of all the changes we went through together... @PlayVALORANT
Retweeted by LYDIA ZANOTTI // PHRISK @Mixwell @Asunaa unlucky @Dronecsgo @MoonRaccoonsgg
i n e e d a 3 0 8 0's shoutout goes to: the VALORANT maps team 🖤 With guest of honor @RiotNu 😈 @careertwitch @flyuhcs gimme dat list i'm bout to fight them all i swear @902Creed well at least find someone who won’t forget that the shadow exists 🤕i'm feeling a lil lucky today. maybe get another knife? @LilPKLE yes? @ArnarHrafn @seangares @ArnarHrafn @seangares I'll fight you @RaySoyama Essentially, yeah they are giant hand-placed blocking volumes @RaySoyama We don't design anything in the maps to support things like Sova arrows. We do have to change the maps i… @ArnarHrafn @seangares I came here to give a shout out to MAIN CHICK
@OhDrewzy mfw i see that wall 3D Environment Artist @RiotPHRISK breaks open how VALORANT maps are built from the inside out. Read all about i…
Retweeted by LYDIA ZANOTTI // PHRISK @boxrTailored @_Bjak @sanrixian PEOPLE RIG IN MAX!?! @boxrTailored invite me, i can help you eat dat @sanrixian @_Bjak i need to know what y’all are doin in Max to make him crash. Maya is supposed to be the stinker of the 3D family, not Max. @nlbil if I hit radiant will I get a bf?Today's shoutout goes to: the idiot that doesn't know how to paint a wall @_Bjak I can’t even remember the last time 3ds Max crashed on me... @nlbil @careertwitch he doesn't meet the height requirements to get banned
@n0thing VALORANT? @riotdsan @SNazerine @evera I WILL MAKE SURE ALL MILK REQUESTS ARE MET @RiotPHRISK @kabooseCS Can confirm that four lokos were definitely not involved in the making of my menu
Retweeted by LYDIA ZANOTTI // PHRISK @evera oh uhhhhhhhhhhhh next patch @GregoFPS wtf is sleepToday's shoutout goes to: diet milk I added diet milk into the recent patch after realizing that I had been negle… @GregoFPS sadge 🥺 @fieryspy64 True, the Nepal maps in Overwatch are some of my favorites @fieryspy64 I don't get to decide map locations, but that doesn't mean I don't necessarily have a voice in those de… @evera
@PWYFF @Improbableio @PlayVALORANT @riotgames It really has been a HOOT having you on the team. Good luck at the ne… @riotdsan @Erick1FF more penguins, noted ✅ @iamlickx @boxrTailored @kabooseCS @JackBox yooooo I just ate there for the first time yesterday. whoever made the menu was drunk on four loko @TheWrightStep I'm tryina get Prop_6_BananaMarried.fbx @Twilight_Bittex On the floor under the lifted crate in Icebox, there lies a single banana 😍 @hamidzizo1 i like bananaToday's shoutout goes to: Prop_6_BananaSingleA.fbx Nothing else needs to be said here. Great job, banana. @realrussianspy @kten_sean @TCh0s3n0ne @ParrotLF4Crew The first pic is the greybox layout that the Level Designers make. The second pic is eve… @ShifallyR i wanted to buy one when i recently discovered you can make hash brown patties in them 😩
@Mendo @Dronecsgo @Mendo a stupendously poggers idea, mendokusai @LilPKLE HYPEEEEE @ParrotLF4Crew We have a small weapons team that specializes in the guns/skins/buddies. I am too busy focusing on m… @FrankThaliath damn that's pretty good for not having played the game when you made it 🖤 @copterAZ Hey Copter :) I learned most of what I do for my job on online. I think the BEST starting point is to do… @StephanFrost On this map it didn't, and I was able to just go ham on making it as-is. The only things that seemed… @MJDoroszuk @JumaraloHexCore it's never too late 🙃 @OhDeezey The locations are decided (usually) before I start getting my hands on the greybox, and terrain/assets ou… they give me -VS- What I do with it at work shared this today and I just
Retweeted by LYDIA ZANOTTI // PHRISK @kabooseCS
@JoshueUwu @PlayVALORANT yes pweez @rycoux you're one of MY faves on the team 🖤 @HarryAlisavakis I feel like only Cryengine/Lumberyard people are the only ones writing shaders by hand anymoreHey! I did a lil write-up on how the maps in VALORANT are made. Check it out ❤️ @MacabreMonster HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Pouring out Malort in your honor 🤘 @PlayGodfall featured a lot of waterfalls so we created a tool to be able to set dress the environments and create…
Retweeted by LYDIA ZANOTTI // PHRISKWhat video game sound effect is etched into your mind forever? I immediately thought of this one
@nowackdesign I rest on Saturday and grind the other 6 days 🥴