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Mannnnnnn 😂
Sup with the bar anybody but a dead body, it’s on meThis is what co parenting looks like ❤️ @PussyPleaseHER Pipe down 😴No matter how old I get you’ll always be my #1, I love you ma ❤️ person followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by
I told my son, never let another man tell you what you can’t do 💯Them talking ain’t never stop no money so what they say don’t affect usScared man a dead man, can’t live your life in fearI know a nigga will cross you to winTF is a migo at when you need them, I need some damn flowers 😂I know they mad but they’ll never admit itHappy mother’s day to all the beautiful mothersI need another vacation alreadyMan I don’t feel like going back to work today
I’m trying live life, man fuck you
9 times out of 10 your biggest hater be your own friend @DaReasonYouEnvy That shit easier said then done but naa ain’t nothing out on the block or fucking with these hoes,…’m trying be a family man and take trips with the gang, I’m too old to be fucking with these hoes and hanging out on the block all day @ShantezSinthya Metro back hiring2 people followed me // automatically checked by know I’m not the only one who ever wanted somebody bad as shit and when you finally get them, it’s like idek why I wanted thisI may be a lot of things but a dead beat father damn sure ain’t one of themI really don’t get how nigga’s could nut in a bitch and flip on the girl, she ain’t get pregnant on her own TAKE CA… @Jenineee_ You meant to say me, I’m the therapist 😂A man takes care of his family, no excusesGotta think before you act, you ain’t no good to your family locked up or dead
@LickThisMAC We definitely the same age swyd 😂 @LickThisMAC More than you youngin
I should go to Old DominionIt’s Cinco De Mayo, just another reason for me to get drunk today
2 people followed me // automatically checked by hit Houston then maybe Seattle or something idk, a nigga just trying travelWhat’s there to do in Houston, TX?Just got back home from ATL, I’m trying hit Houston next
She don’t want no boyfriend she want a sponsorA man stands up for what he believes in and accepts whatever consequences come behind that
one person followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by @Jenineee_ All this sentimental bullshit @Jenineee_ You be blowing me son @Jenineee_ Nigga whattttt your heart? 🤦🏽‍♂️
The headache I just got on this plane, mannnnnnnnn WTF👨‍👦💙 memories with the person who means the most to me 💙
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I couldn’t picture life without you 👨‍👦💙’s be hoes gotta mind my business, fuck with me and mine you’ll pop up missing 💯Why am I hanging around you if I ain’t learning nothing from you, I’m grown as shit out here.. I’m trying get me so… think it’s beneficial to hang around somebody doing better than you, use that shit as motivation to want better f…’s just so much I want out of life, I be feeling like at times I ain’t got enough time to accomplish it all but still imma give it my allY’all ever been just sitting back thinking like damn all this work I’m doing going pay off soon and I can’t wait to…
@Jenineee_ Here we go again 🤦🏽‍♂️2 people followed me // automatically checked by
Had to hit my knees and thank God for the blessings I’ve been havingI need some all whitesDon’t come round me with that fake love, show me the real youThey keep both of their hands out but don’t be here to hold me upAt this point in my life I ain’t going lie to no bitch, this me bitch deal with itFuck her she talking slutty, I left it in her when I nuttedJust make sure you mean it before you say them 4 letters, feel like this could last foreverMy opps ain’t worth killing but that don’t change the fact they need to die
Thought you was solid, shit hurt me when I seen you bendHope for the best, prepare for the worst, however it go I’m readyIf I gotta coach a nigga on how to be real, I don’t need him round meThis ain’t no playground love, we grownCall myself cutting you off then I pop back up like peek a booKnow I like her head, when I got in the car she told me lay backYou can’t say you smoking your opp if you wasn’t responsible for itIf I got paid for what they think about me I’ll probably lose the countI tell everyone I’m good because what you going do if I’m notCertain scars never healTold her come and eat me like you starvingI won’t cross nobody I love, fuck everybody else @Jenineee_ Nigga you don’t even take your own adviceStop trying impress these hoes, nigga do what best fit you
It gets worse before it gets better2 people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by cause y’all related don’t mean nothingStay in your lane, stay out my businessI’ll never make a hoe feel like I can’t do better then herWhy a motherfucka want you to be loyal to them and they ain’t loyal to you? I don’t get thatNigga’s be cool not straightNever needed nobody but it feels good to have somebodyFuck me like you miss me it’s been a whole weekHead and something to eat, that’s all a thug nigga needI got my times where I go ghost but she mineI recommend you keep her from round me for I fuck up your homeI ain’t acting like nothing that I ain’tThe streets ain’t for everybody that’s why they made the curbBullets don’t discriminate just had to remind youDon’t show me that fake love, show me the real youGot a bitch I won’t play about but I hate when she act childish
Pain is weakness if you allow it, pain is a strength if you use it correctlyIf she say you the only one thats fucking, she a liarLoyalty over loveWithout y’all I wouldn’t be shit, hope you haters hear me loud and clearTrying find my answers in this cup but ain’t no truth in thatSay she done but this bitch toxic, she going make her way backNigga’s watch my every move if you want to be me just say thatI’m not acting like nothing I ain’t