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Amateur Metalhead/artist/absolute mad lad. I'm #ActuallyAutistic if that helps. Just trying to get by life and follow my dreams at the same time.

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@Toonforbrains Steven taught us an important lesson. Don't skinny dip in hydrochloric acid! @DeputyRust That's it. That's the intro that's gets you all hyped up to watch it. THIS is the stuff I've been wanti… homie @SkumbleBee wanted me to draw his avatar in Animal Crossing, so I did just that! I think he's pretty neat! @DeputyRust The Torture Dance song is getting stuck in my head, but my heart will still love Battle Tendancy's soundtrack. @NewWyatt Here's Quasar, an alien warrior hungry for battle on the quest for the sword that is tied with the wielde… @DeputyRust I don't think you're a wuss. You know how many people look up to you? You're a Chad in the biggest of t… @SkumbleBee :D I'm glad you like it! @SkumbleBee How you like this one? @ShinDaimosZ Oh, ok. I was actually really concerned for a second. Still am, don't get the wrong message. Just hold… @ShinDaimosZ No California. Why do you ask? @StomachToon It's been a while. What's happening? @ShinDaimosZ I'm hoping it stays til the 30th. I was actually supposed to start work a few weeks ago. @ShinDaimosZ In my state, it lasts till the 30th. Hold on for a little more, dude. We'll be laughing at this ten years from now @SkumbleBee Yeah that would be great @Rider_Nexus Happy birthday!
@SkumbleBee I can just draw it for you if you want. Unfortunately, I only have a pencil and pad at the moment, so t…! Retweet if you agree~
Retweeted by SouthPaw(still Ryan Leatigaga) @scienceshitpost Our goals in life @Slim_DaddE We believe in you dude! @PrincessTekki It's so tiny @cannedtins @CarlsAmateurHr What is this, 2009? @Slim_DaddE The Quickest Spray in The West @DeputyRust Only with her teeth? I'd hate to see what his pet goldfish does to you... @DankKnightDas Well I got classes four days of the week, and the rest of the time I'm just chilling at home, or wor… @cloudytheweeb I feel like I'm the only person I know in my age group with a sleep schedule lol. My bedtime is alwa… @Hussbrando Reminds me of this old show on Nick called House of Anubis where that's exactly what happened @TheVibingShizzy Bigweld store, yeah baby @DeputyRust Cute kid. I like the idea of a big brutish warrior type holding the hand of a little kid, like a dad ta… @Pixtony2 -Really blocky robots -Random monsters -My profile pic @Pixtony2 I already answered that question. Not to be rude, but would you mind asking me another one? @YoDuppio Is he not around anymore? @Babyl0n96 This is one day after my birthday and I don't know how to feel about that @Kw1pyeet You good? @DeputyRust I don't trust humans. The pigeons outside are my only friends. @ShyingMell I like it! I can get a good hint on who you are based off of those two alone! @Pixtony2 Thank you!The big boys at @youtooz said if i get 4.2k retweets I can have a gingerpale
Retweeted by SouthPaw(still Ryan Leatigaga) @KingFahad360 Thanks dude! @TheVibingShizzy Venom 2 Featuring Danny Devito as Toxin @PrimeJacob Exactly dude!Why didn't Ada go with a skort? You'd think with all the times she grappling hooks upwards she'd need it lol @BovineBonita Marco SLAYS women across the multiverse @Hussbrando Only if you want toYo it's the Omnitrix! @MrVertigo21 I was 9. Stop making me feel old lol @just_olivia_uwu @TheVibingShizzy The last two episodes are a ride and a half, you're gonna love those @MatthewPicon Bravely Default Sonny 2(old Flash game) Slay The Spire @DeputyRust The worst thing I hate about having stubble is that it gets caught everywhere and it hurts. @MatthewPicon @Sakura97449168 @balls_blueberry @peeftube @Jeffreyb224 @JasonFury7 It's beautiful! Thank you so much! @380kmh NOOO YOU CAN'T JUST PLAY WITH MY EMOTIONS WITH A MEME!!! haha beepy machine go beeeeep @dochikou @TheVibingShizzy I can agree, unfortunately @ChikoritaCheez Happy birthday homeboy! @jedfarcry223 I don't think so. Just don't say how much you hate SU on SU content and you're good. I stopped watchi… @SkumbleBee Bro I get my milk straight from the cow's teat @mopage19 Does drawing count as being creative? Cause I got some drawings right here! @undeadscribe This is where I summon my stand. @NebbyChan @SixRobotWives That's in college too. Unless you're doing a presentation, you can't refer to yourself or the reader… @CartoonHangout @TheVibingShizzy I can summarize this meme from a lyric from Lamb of God's "Laid to Rest." "I'll ma… @DeputyRust He's married to violence. Does that count? @MaxWinston44 @TheVibingShizzy Real ones look at cave paintings and see Unga kill his fifth mammoth this month @DeputyRust I thought we were talking about Daisy from Mario and I got confused @raketekar Well this is awkward. I already tagged you in my post lol @JasonFury7 Congratulations! I'm Ryan, and I like drawing robots based off of things I like, such as old toys, Toku… a few of you know, I hit 1,000 followers last night! To celebrate, I'm going to do a few things! The first of…
Retweeted by SouthPaw(still Ryan Leatigaga) @DeputyRust I want a lightsaber that changes colors! That sounds like it could come in handy if you were an assassi… @undeadscribe If this is you in a good mood, I'd hate to see what you post when you're in a bad mood @CarlsAmateurHr You're calling Wong fat? Dude, that's low... @TheVibingShizzy This hurts me in a way you will never understand... @YoDuppio I tell everyone everything about them whenever I can! @BugCube Mario Bros. 2 Mario Kart DS Super Mario Galaxy @shadeflash I tried and they were out of stock. :( @JetsetTwistr YES! @BugCube Aw crap, I only played one Kirby game, and that's the one you got for free in the 3DS store. Can I get a different one lol? @BugCube Could you please clarify on that question? @vivianornitier Shepard's Pie Scalloped Potatoes Chicken Tenders @PrimeJacob Oh, God. Sounds like Tokyo Ghoul was a trainwreck. Anyway, I'll be turning in for the night. Good night… @PrimeJacob Talk about a time crunch @PrimeJacob It was only 12 episodes? @PrimeJacob Oh, was it? I'm kinda glad I just saw the first two episodes then lol @PrimeJacob I saw a few episodes of AoT, and a few of Tokyo Ghoul back when I was in an anime club back during freshman year of High school @Kein69Mistkerl It still kinda lives on in his Deep Web Browsing videos. But we can both agree those videos were the bomb back then! @Kein69Mistkerl SomeOrdinaryGamers! That was his music back in the day! @PrimeJacob 20th Century Boys sounds interesting. I heard my brother name drop Monster @hipr_art @balls_blueberry Is that a Fatboy Slim reference? @PrimeJacob Yeah, that's what I mostly see. But it was cool they did that. And definitely cost effective. @EDP445 Oh yeah! @PrimeJacob Oh, so THAT'S what a hardcover is. Yeah, those were the ones I read. Pretty clever how they made everyt… @LiaaaNyaa Slipknot is pretty tight, their self titled album is probably my favorite @Cross_Ultimate I think the third one did it as well with the video game @PrimeJacob Oh, ok. But the one I was talking about was thick, even for manga standards. @Cross_Ultimate Yeah, Spy Kids did that plot twice, I think @Cross_Ultimate ...Spy Kids? @PrimeJacob It's been so long since I've read a manga issue. The last one I read was Gundam: The Origin where all t… @GayAssDragon578 Those things were awesome, but not as cool as the plushies that turned into their homes, like a pe… @gamecrazedd -One where I played off the strengths of two people arguing and both followed me -One where I commente… @PrimeJacob Generic but foods? @PrimeJacob Oh no, not at all. I'm recently watching Kengan Ashura and I plan on watching it through! If my homework doesn't kill me first @PrimeJacob Not really I just don't watch a lot of anime lol. Not saying it isn't cool or anything, I'm just saying… @JetsetTwistr "I think it's time you've had a pink cloud summer"