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A Garland of Asavari Ragini images
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Bana, son of Bali, plays vina, tanpura, sitar, damaru conch shell and pair of manjeeras,1000 arms,Shiva dances the…
Retweeted by Ritika Kochharthank the Goddess that no-one is taking pictures of my work space. I have a pile of books so high near me that its…
This is going to be the first Halloween where we’re going to mostly be scared of the people without masks.
Retweeted by Ritika Kochhar @iamrana @Rezavi @Benarasibegum Link pleasethank you, @vaishnaroy proof that the Taj Mahal was built on a house and not a temple. I may not particularly like…
This government is capable of the most heartwarming compassion and tender solicitude. They show it every day to to…
Retweeted by Ritika Kochhar#Announcement : In light of continued unprecedented challenges owing to COVID-19, we have decided to postpone the o…
Retweeted by Ritika KochharBeautiful...and probably paid for by the brothel @1917oc @JAJafri Or maybe, you gentlemen need to read up on the history of whores - starting with Lilith. And the o…
@SanjoyRoyTWA @sayantansunnyg @ThePrintIndia Im not Bangali but I haven't missed Durga Puja in CR Park in many year… rather unexpected view of the towers of Delhi in Fra Mauro's Mappamundi, drawn around 1450 in the monastery of S…
Retweeted by Ritika KochharAthaiya started working as a part-time illustrator for a woman’s weekly called Fashion and Beauty. Her greatest mom…
Retweeted by Ritika KochharMy tribute to a very strong woman. Luckily it came out when India is celebrating it's Goddesses. We don't do enough…
#Bikaner 18th C; #Ashtamatrika from Devi Mahatmaya series. Eight Mother Goddesses who are emanations of #Durga; e…
Retweeted by Ritika Kochhar @DaakVaak NOEarly 90s, on a train, reading ToI. Foreigner sitting opposite me asks, "So this paper supports the BJP?" Me, "Ah…
Retweeted by Ritika KochharLord #Vishnu with his consort #Lakshmi seated on a Lotus flower. Vishnu holding Shankh, Chakra, Gada & Lotus in his…
Retweeted by Ritika KochharThe Quadriga- The horses of San Marco, looted in 1204 from Constantinople, and no doubted looted by the Byzantines…
Retweeted by Ritika KochharArmed Mahashisura in a Fort seated on a chair. Two demons with Morchals standing behind, seven seated in front & tw…
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Buy, folks. Help em
@AnandWrites on what it means to mispronounce someone's name - on purpose, or out of laziness and indifference.
Retweeted by Ritika Kochhar @prempanicker Hahaha, no worries. I was taught never to worry about what I'm called on twitter. But nice of you to… @prempanicker thanks @prempanicker translate please. I'll learn it but have a couple of things to finish first @sandeep_PT Why did you get fooled? Did you not read their histories or see their compatriots - like the one who wore a lehnga to run away?
c1740 #Pahari painting from #Bilaspur #HimachalPradesh now at @FreerSackler of 'Krishna Vishvarupa (Universal Form)…
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@dpanikkar love his work
@dpanikkar how lovely
lovely article by @quizzicalguy the.... @somyalakhani May they rest in peace. LoveOriental art @ShivrajParshad Congrats. this is fantastic
@vsengupta @iamrana Under an image of Saraswati
Retweeted by Ritika KochharShe bowls, She bats, She fields. She dreams. She inspires. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Afghanistan Cricket Board #DayOfTheGirl
Retweeted by Ritika KochharSufi Dervish Pair @DalrympleWill @dpanikkar @farida_art @PunchTantrum @PunjabiRooh @zpr27 @JAJafri @Ritiks @DJasraj
Retweeted by Ritika Kochhar @DalrympleWill @dpanikkar @farida_art @PunchTantrum @PunjabiRooh @zpr27 @JAJafri @Ritiks @DJasraj @nistula
Retweeted by Ritika Kochhar @Pushback_stream @HesperusThinks @Chemburstudio @DalrympleWill @dpanikkar @farida_art @PunchTantrum @PunjabiRooh economy that has largely suffered during the pandemic, the Indian modern & contemporary art market has not only…
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Animals know empathy better than us humans
Retweeted by Ritika KochharYou go, @TheVikasKhanna @AEBowman3 Also Protip 2 - don't send a file to your editor called draft 1. Immediate rain of thunder and lightening will happenPro tip: In writing, never use "final" in a file name.
Retweeted by Ritika KochharMy piece today in the Hindu on how the art market in India has dealt with being 'atamnirbhar' for decades now. With…
Kudos to the Rijksmuseum.
Retweeted by Ritika KochharQueen Victoria on a #terracotta temple in #Bengal! This is from a unique Shiva temple in the village of #Hetampur i…
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@ssharadmohhan @britishlibrary @DalrympleWill @iamrana @swativashishtha @dpanikkar @ranjithoskote @katherineschof8
@dpanikkar Thank you. Am just introducing myself to South Asian art so had not seen his work earlier. Did you work… @The_Keralite The American love it. The Brits think it's the Bollocks - as I would if I saw a show with an American…
@vaishnaroy @PK_IRS there should be a trigger warning with this video. Has @PK_IRS ever had a stalker for 5 years?… Jatayu Intervention. Salar Jung Museum. Early 20th century. Artist unknown; anyone recognize the signature?
Retweeted by Ritika Kochhar @dpanikkar Oh my Goddess. Jatayu is gorgeous
If a male police officer of @Uppolice doesn’t think twice before pulling @priyankagandhi’s kurta in full media glar…
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this thread! is going on at the site of an 8th-c imperial Daoist temple near Xi'an, which used to house an exquisite…
Retweeted by Ritika Kochhar @zoesadler_ink @TheSacredIsle 1&2Maybe we should shower some flower petals again?
Retweeted by Ritika KochharWhen Xinjiang was Indian. Rajput horsemen painted on the walls of the world-famous Alchi monastery (70 kms from Le…
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@ShoaibDaniyal Thanks. Was avoiding it for some unknown reason. Suddenly remembered my love for Aaron Sorkin. Any i… bridge to stay... not pass, Tabiyat bridge; Tehran's most popular bridge, designed by a 26 yr old girl, architect…
Retweeted by Ritika KochharBREAKING: UK’s Channel 4 has obtained a huge data leak from Trump’s 2016 campaign. The leak reveals personal data o…
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Light at end of the tunnel....hopefully if true.
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@dhariyat007 @The_Keralite Exactly what I was going to ask. Although Goldfinch is a good one
In celebration of today's World Rhino Day, enjoy this splendid image of a truly magnificent animal…
Retweeted by Ritika KochharWhat a treasure for ARKiK fans!! A page from Ferdowsi's Shahnameh probably made for ‘Abd al-Rahim, Khan - i - khana… @Ritiks
Retweeted by Ritika Kochhar @SahbaShayani I know you're trying to to tell a story here and I'm the audience member who keeps interrupting but i… @SahbaShayani the first source takes me to the IliadThere's a couple of tit's (very slight red tinge near the tail) who've built a nest behind a garden mirror ornament… @LabNoon @SahbaShayani Later? The man's outfit is post Akbari period. Never seen this confluence which means it's p… book? Let's be clear. You'd rather have a publisher make money, than allow someone to know more. You'd rathe…
Retweeted by Ritika Kochhar @RohanV doesn't point 3 contradict point 1 & 2?A question for Malayalam literati out there: who are the contemporary playwrights worth reading? One has long been…
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@SahbaShayani her outfit looks South Indian and his, mughal.When Spanish triathlete Diego Méntriga noticed that British triathlete James Teagle went the wrong way before finis…
Retweeted by Ritika KochharPartial, approximate translation: "The committee has not a single member from South India, Northeast India, Minorit… @KhikmatPulatov Congratulations. But you shouldn't scare her. She's looking at the world and crying already @DalrympleWill @rajgopal88 @iamrana @UnamPillai YES. Awesome. Thank you @DalrympleWill @rajgopal88 @iamrana @UnamPillai Thank you. But I should have specified that I was looking at histor… @DalrympleWill @rajgopal88 @iamrana I've been looking for books on South Indian history for the past few years. Please recommendWhen I am asked to take rest on Sunday 😃😃 #Makeover #Give_a_new_life_to_trash_DIY
Retweeted by Ritika KochharA contemporary artist I've been in love with for years - V Ramesh's new works called Aphorism on the Lotus Sutra .… new policy: where ever I see monopolies, I’m going to opt for products from smaller companies.
Retweeted by Ritika KochharMazaar e Mir Taqi Mir
Retweeted by Ritika Kochhar @FatehMulk Midway between the crocodile of Indian astrology and the sea-goat of points westward:
Retweeted by Ritika Kochhar @nit_set @thakurfdn Wow, where do I sign up to read? Blog? Newspaper? Government FIR's? @DalrympleWill @dpanikkar I'm amazed with your perspicacity and the fact that you're supposed to be on holiday and… me a myth that makes no sense and somewhere there'll be a Goddess being written out @BishtLokinder @ssharadmohhan @PunjabiRooh @hemantsarin @kamlesm @Chemburstudio @msteckchandani @DalrympleWill I'm…
@dpanikkar Yes. Also, which page is it on? Spent the whole morning looking and ofcourse I can't find it. Found many… being dried on rooftops of the houses, Karimabad 🇵🇰
Retweeted by Ritika Kochhar @JrRezvani Pshaw, what is all this elegant choreographed coordinated dancing? If you haven't seen a bunch of drunk… queens who modelled for the world's first vaccine. Devajammani was recruited to publicise and promote the sm…
Retweeted by Ritika KochharThe painting mentioned by Prof. B. N. Goswamy in this fine interview by @Ritiks.
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