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WOC/Creative Director/Artist/Entrepreneur/Podcast Host @thenerdout /Magical MF Warrior of the Supernatural Bear. Bung bung.

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Heartbroken about Tsubasa and Shion breaking up. I hope it was a genuine relationship and I wish them both the best… @lilliamr I could watch that shit every time it is on. And every time I meet someone named Johnny I say... @IntotheBadlands uses MOP’s ANTE UP for a commercial and I am all for it.
@StretchArmy @opiohierosom @SOMHIERO Good callAs an adult, whenever I am sick I remember trying to lie to my mom when I was little, that I wasn’t sick. She’s say… watched The Wife. It was frustrating and made me angry. Fu Panda (2008)
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@lilliamr just fucking finished @lilliamr ‘s Dealing In Dreams!!!! I need to collect myself. The Levels!! The Fucking Level…
These allergies are trying to take me down. way through @lilliamr ‘s Dealing In Dreams. #LMC #CHIEFROCKA @overtonloyd @DarthSpader747 @historyinmoment @ZolaClyde1 @mollycrabapple @RaymondPettibon @BeArtist_BeArt @lilliamr Hahaha watching SVU now.
Why aren’t there more reviews of doctors online. Yelp has a few . Zoc doc has even less.I'm absolutely crying at this. Sound on.
Retweeted by Ritzy PeriwinkleBREAKING: New Zealand just broadcasted the Islamic Call to Prayer (the Adaan) nationally. Every New Zealander, reg…
Retweeted by Ritzy Periwinkle @MariBrighe Not sure if anyone on this thread has mentioned the FB page Raising Poppies? If not you should check ou… you NYC peeps are beyond fortunate to have such quality shit on the reg!!!! @StevenCanals @PoseOnFX @BBCTwo @SamiraAhmedUK Excuuuuuuuse
LA 4/26 - opening of Contact High (@ContactHighProj) exhibition at the Annenberg Space for Photography (…
Retweeted by Ritzy PeriwinkleDoes anyone know why the Director of the Palm Springs Art museum suddenly resigned last September? #psmuseumofartMe tracing my steps to see if I turned off the frijoles before I left the house. 🤔 I'm leading a workshop for The @jackjoneslitart retreat this year. The app deadline is 3/31. Do not miss t…
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⚰️ wish white women would get as enraged about this wack ass President and his administration as racist ass… @michellevisage congrats on a successful surgery! Any concerns with acrylic nails impacting your thyroid? I am reco…
@Basseyworld Started following him on IG and I don’t even watch the show. As my homegirl said , he’s kinda corny but fine.The Supernatural 🐻 with his primo at @gagosian ‘s “SPECTER” @_desertx piece. @ White Water, California you get to your mobile “office” and you realize you forgot your headphones 🎧 @RidingShotgunLA
BRONX: Today is the day! We’ll be celebrating DEALING IN DREAMS at 6pm at @thelitbar. @JasonReynolds83 will be ther…
Retweeted by Ritzy PeriwinkleI started @jackjoneslitart four years ago w my own capital. I am so pleased to announce today, on our fourth birthd…
Retweeted by Ritzy PeriwinkleTheir fear turns into hate.I see you and hear you.THE WORLD IS SCREAMINGENOUGH!!!White supremacy has killed Black people in church, Sikhs in temples, Muslims in mosques, Jewish people in synagogue…
Retweeted by Ritzy Periwinkle @impatientchick But so far out of the thousands adding their name in, he’s the only one I like @rodimusprime Listen I am having Taco issues of my own currently being in Palm Springs for a spell and have yet to… @rodimusprime @rodimusprime Is that the same place from the pic you posted that used romaine lettuce up in said taco?
“Bones feeling DENSE fuck...” @Evidence Abrazos and we love you and Enzo.Finally made it out to @psartmuseum while The Supernatural 🐻 was in class. We were fortunate enough to catch their… @jazzbeezy Por qué?
There are a couple of folks I see on the reg at the coffee shop where I go to work while The SNB is in class. I cal… @andrescruz I’m in the sun trying to upload somethingIs Instagram tripping for you too?BREAKING 📣: This is an alarm 🚨 part 6 of @TH6TV is up on Netflix now!!! #TerraceHouse
Casting call: 14-16 yo Latina.
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Woman: "oh my god! Can I jump over and get a selfie?!" Jaguar:
Retweeted by Ritzy PeriwinkleI woke up today thinking Yooo I slept a grip! #daylightsavingsiswack NYC gente!! Go see my sister/friend @lilliamr in the Bronx
2019🤯 Brb while I buy some pineapple stock
Retweeted by Ritzy Periwinkle @ThatKevinSmith @captainmarvel @MarvelStudios @TheRealStanLee @Marvel Awwww how amazing!!! Felicidades!Yooo my sister in Love is forever making them moves. Felicidades!! @lilliamr @kima_jones @ladyimix @annalraya Side note: is that first woman on the gif really based on @kima_jones ?!! @lilliamr @kima_jones @ladyimix @annalraya Amazing way to end the night. Celebrating you with some dope women. Grac… to @lilliamr on her book signing at @skylightbooks tonight! So proud of you and can’t wait to read “Dea…!! See you there
THE FUTURE IS FEMALE of these White Latinos acting like the aren’t racist and all about that colorism. ethnicity is Stevie B? The inter webs are not helping.Finally watching Siempre Bruja of you never had to use a lighter on your eyeliner pencil and it shows. video by Nicholas Galanin “Things are looking Native, Native’s looking whiter “ @rodimusprime Took our Supernatural Bear to watch Spiderverse (his first Marvel movie , second theatre movie) and I…
Tomorrow !! @lilliamr @jackjoneslitart See you there ! @atrupar @Maria_Hinojosa Let her show us by being in one . @_karenita @amoebamusic Oh shit yeah!!!My homegirl was hospitalized for meningitis and kidney failure.
I remember mad years ago @_karenita and I told the office we were going to Ash Wednesday mass but really spent hour… @YekaRosales & @GRUPOTELEVlSA defending brown and black face “parodies” show how in denial they are about being rac… indigenous town in Guatemala banned plastic products. Check out the natural materials they're using instead. ♻️
Retweeted by Ritzy PeriwinkleListen, Bradley Cooper should play Robin Williams in the Robin Williams biopic. @cmonstah I can’t bring myself to watch part 2.People of Los Angeles, you don’t know how good you have it food wise. Do not take it for granted. @CapitalOne , por favor please stop it with the commercial using the great Prince’s music. It is blasphemous!"We keep our minds clear of manufactured dreams. It’s a decree I made when I started the gang. I’ve seen firsthand…
Retweeted by Ritzy PeriwinkleI miss @IAMJHUD and her shoe throwing on #TheVoice this season @kidnoble So good @TOOFLY Suerte mujer!
@jazzbeezy Here the old school hype mix I made for her last fall. niece asked me 2 make her an old school hype mix for her 2 fill out her college apps . I did and it was fun. Now… @impatientchick My homie said I should watch the Oprah interview of the victims @impatientchick Yooo I couldn’t start part two. DoneLet’s not forget R Kelly was acquitted and now here we are , horrified at all the details. Same shit for MJ. The vi… @rodimusprime What time do you go mimis? It is late on this coast so it is hella late on that coast. Wait, is this the time you wake up?!Naw , can’t do part two of #FindingNeverland . @_karenita Gracias chola. It’s a long shot and it’s terrifying, but fuck it right?
BREAKING!!📣📣 This Friday, @lilliamr will be at @skylightbooks to celebrate her 2nd book “Dealing in Dreams” . DON’… @CultureShockArt 📠Mi hermana’s second book comes out tomorrow!!! SUPPORT WOC AUTHORS!!!! haven’t seen the HBO doc yet but how do MJ supporters explain him sleeping in the same bed with kids? That’s a fact right? @EduardoSCepeda @VictorHugoDuran So pressed! FUCK THEM!!So sad about Keith Flint. I gave birth to my eldest son accompanied by 'firestarter' playing away because my husban…
Retweeted by Ritzy PeriwinkleWow. R.I.P. Keith Flint. So many deaths by suicide. @badsnackclub