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Kevin G • • SoCal • ZSS • @milkteamanda 🤍 Socials linked below

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Retweeted by Rival @Ketchup_Jr He click baited you but it ended good lol @Banks Mom’s Basement, when? @Marvelous_Marc0 Dang not only do you suck but your connection sucks too 😔🖤
@JillGaumet @jteurope You good, Jill?2020 ending cutscene
Retweeted by Rival18,000,000 and counting
Retweeted by Rival @Milkteamanda FailSomebody wore the Dior 1s to the Inauguration. That’s the kind of day it is 🔥
Retweeted by Rival @Nito_ssb Good right?Got caught up watching a UFO documentary that I forgot my video already dropped a few minutes ago LOL 🛸 (2021 GOAL…
Retweeted by Rival @_HavocSnake_ We don’t feel special now that you follow everyone we are outta here 😔 @ShintatheGoat All of themLet’s go Nito! at Nintendo whose profits tripled in 2020
Retweeted by Rival @FloppehFeesh See you forgot about that double blend though 👀 @Temperrr @justfream @Awri_bb @GoGeurtPut em in the blender like a smoothie 🌪️ @DragneelSenpai Oh watch out that exclusive room lol @DragneelSenpai 3PV9P 24
Just played a LAGGY Ganon who had the hashtag “fix online” as his name. That’s not Nintendo homie, you’re going to… @DragneelSenpai Them baby hands @TheProperBAXY I don’t have any connects :/ a friend had hooked me up with some but other than that I have no idea.… @Jalaniftw No point labbing smash when stuff like this exist lol @Jalaniftw No point 😔One of the reasons I’ve never owned a PlayStation is those controllers simply do not fit in my hands. They’re so da… @Jalaniftw @DragneelSenpai LOL @DragneelSenpai @Jalaniftw VERY rarely I’ll use this wired pro controller I have @DragneelSenpai @Jalaniftw I swear. Most of the time I’m playing on handheld mode @TheProperBAXY Or you mean controllers @TheProperBAXY C sticks? @Jalaniftw Nah joycons lmaooooShazam!!! 🧼 @itsmyimpression The Nasty Girls be wildin out 😰 @AlanDuzIt CACA fansCLEAN YOUR CORDS! I use those Clorox wipes every so often and it always looks like this. Imagine not ever doing it? for that deep cleaning 🧼 @KingRyanG 1v1? No items. Legal stages. @ProbablyJut @BrosnanGeoffrey Wish I would have read it as pee YOU the 1st time 😔Dawg not even Casper got hit by that up air
Retweeted by RivalSince a ton of people say the offline vs online meta is different for Ultimate without explaining themselves I'm go…
Retweeted by RivalWhere the hell is @Nitro_SSB? I think Orochiwolf came back from the grave to get his revenge! @redbullgaming @assassinscreed @Woodkid Smash Ultimate I could picture him saying fuck Mario LOLDawg.... i just realized, if Tweek picked up Mario it would go crazy! 🤯 @sKriminal_SnG 😅🤙🏽 @kadesdead Holeee! I’m going lol @kadesdead Wtf where is that 😭😭Oh shit I forgot lol my b Fits 📺 #LakeShow x @beatsbydre
Retweeted by Rival @FruitZss Fight me so I can record a how to punish flip jump properly video lmao
Might sign up for msm 🥵 I love and hate this legacy will live on forever. #MLKDay
Retweeted by RivalGot caught up watching a UFO documentary that I forgot my video already dropped a few minutes ago LOL 🛸 (2021 GOAL… remember the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s as a husband, father, friend, and fierce advocate…
Retweeted by RivalNew drop scheduled for 11:30am pst Don’t miss it ☕️🫖 @PastorOfPurity @DragneelSenpai @Chris_Kyros DOUBLE DAMN @DragneelSenpai @Chris_Kyros @PastorOfPurity Sure wang @DragneelSenpai Oh damn @iamtiIted Unacceptable @ymca_ssb Most of the time yeah But yeah wish it were like $5 not $8 or $9 bucks lol @sKriminal_SnG Big Sean is my guy 😤I blame Travis ScottWhy the hell is Jamba Juice expensive @Sinfanta_ Ah yeah I feel you dude, my mom is in the same boat always having to wait a long time to see a dr so lam… @Sinfanta_ Feel better dude!
So in Final Fantasy games does Sephiroth also run away during the entire battle or is he normal @MrBeastYT Holy shit this is actually nuts lol I’m a competitive smash ultimate player and an aspiring youtuber! It… see a lot of streamers who look like they don’t even wanna be playing video games at all. Don’t torture yourself…’s cold 😂 @AttaJac Oh always
You’re the lightning I’m the thunder. TY TY TY TY! I hope you guys enjoy the video I just dropped Back to work. I got more shit to film. 🔥This video is way funnier than it should be 😭😂 penny 🐶 cracks me up 😂
Retweeted by RivalNew video!!! 👇🏼 👇🏼 @Ketchup_Jr There is?Smash 4 is trending? I guess I’ll share some sauce @Jalaniftw Kwame fucking Brown smh @KingRyanG He went from mashing to MASHING 😅My week ONE ultimate ZSS was way ahead of it’s time 😅👌 @Ki_ULT @salsadipserg It true combos on the surge connection though
@2GGstrides Whaaaaaaat @SinnohTh I see an S209 and a rabbit...Accurate. But sometimes they do miss. But when they’re on they’re fkn on!!! 😆
@DragneelSenpai LOLLLLLPeople with McDonald’s wifi connections will save that replay and show it off to Twitter without telling everyone t…
POV: You are a Min Min main
Retweeted by RivalChess/fortnite stream tonight! Going for that 800 tonight??? Gonna be doin sub games i think in chess too 👀
Retweeted by Rival @2GGstrides Oh pfft no sympathy then LMAOGot myself a calendar to stay on track with filming. Thank you to those of you who support and believe in your boy… you blame bro though? 🥴 GOOOOOOOOOO 😭😭😭“He lost his damn mind” 😭😭
Retweeted by RivalShoto mains swear up and down that auto turn around is bad but once you mention that it should be removed they go berserk LOL @Metalriff6_OG @terencessb @ShintatheGoat Shoto mains 😂 @Metalriff6_OG @ShintatheGoat Whatever it takes @Metalriff6_OG @ShintatheGoat Nah get rid of auto turn aroundEvery night I’m thankful for these “little” things. From my bed to my phone to my car, etc... always grateful 🙏🏽
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