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RivingtonBisland III @RivingtonThe3rd Santa Monica, California

LCS & VALORANT Shoutcaster - Esports enthusiast to the grave! @aeneiaa is my better half ;p Instagram:

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@KyleThatKyle You took me by the haaaand😸 out to the @USPS for crushing it and working overtime to get all those ballots in. There are two USPS trucks… @wowbaolam @ArnarHrafn it's all going to the same place! @dephh_csgo Oh it's a relish hahah. I thought you literally threw a chunk of pickle in there. Looks gooood!
@Hiko got a pickler over here! @thejanellemj I feel like I'm back visiting nyc at the sandwich shop 🤤 @SNazerine I feel like I could make like four mini sammies if these and just go to town xD I love honey with bacon @shmukas All about the textures too, always can add some crunchy to things. Interesting combo!What is your goto random sandwich? I've always been a fan of bologna and ruffles potato chips but found out nacho… passengers. Today's transfer will be on Platform B @Hai "Riv you're sus cause you talk too much"...especially if I'm alive after round one~ @Tamatdamat I used to play it a bit. The gameplay is just a tad too slow for me I think. I love the realism though.I yell at my computer screen and with my co workers
@Reforgg I always got to this point knowing I would 100% lose D: @Bromarmar @ShoT_UPcs 🤜🤛The kind of shots you dream of...Shot UP eats for breakfast. What a monster!! custom games!!!!! some running around and then streaming for a bit. Customs with the fam today :D Also, I think we are going t… @jpshub Got the trackpad and Duck Hunt too! :DIs this thing on 🤔 @blitzlanderr No reason to give him smoke to play around, that's not the play. Could have tpd b main but I take those fights.
After working on the moto for three weeks we are gonna be back streaming tonight!!! Played some today and had lot… fridge reviews online makes me paranoid to buy one just to have it break a week later D: Anyone got a frid… bee was limping around the garage floor falling over so I righted it a few times. It was on its last leg from he… @sonii damn good at slight of hand we don't even know it D: @ssbm_mks Ducati 749 big bearing destruction. Also a collet ring fell in from the valves so I get to tear the heads… @soupychloe Once our brain prioritizes a task good luck what's currently happening hahaFound my wallet in the garage... In my screwdriver bag. That also had pistons and rocker arms set on top of it...…
Pretty sure my wallet is around the house but I can find it so I called some first interaction. -"What… @Lubuns Worlds, VAL and motorcycles haha. I always sleep so much better during day naps when I have noise around me… @Lubuns hahah this is great xD Hope you are doin well!!
@wowbaolam @Acetaminophen Funny thing is it was 2 Radiants with me. The other radiant also won one and lost one and… @LeTimNguyen Three, so the value is just yoyoing hard I guess.End D3. Win 1st placement game. Lose second placement game. You can no longer play with this party..🤔I nudged Desmo out of the way cause he ate almost both his and Rin's food. The chonk hasn't moved 🤣
I started watching Schitts Creek while looking for random shows to watch working in the garage. This is pretty good xD @ggIzento Sad day, hopefully I can rebuild with the other crankshaft I have @Tri7on1 This also went through my head hah @Damonte That's gotta be close to final form honestly @Cfxgzho It took the crankshaft with it and I'll have to use a different set now out of the engine I was ditching s… @Trixmegistus out the 749 was destined to implode. Whoever did work on this bike previously used what looks like shop metal…
@9Rain3 For a while a bunch of the riot moto crew was going to get some garage space to work in. It's so nice to have honestly @shen Why didn't he just turn it sideways so it hovers on his desk? @KraZeRtv Russian maine coon @9Rain3 My own garage after years of dreaming :> We got the house just before the pandemic lockdown so it's been a godsend @6Foot4Honda Yessir, 181cc big bore, throttle bodies, intake, yoshi exhaust and full AFRacer Mini 5 and o2 module 🤣 it's a blastMoto update: Looks like we are learning how to rebuild an engine too! Engine 1 cylinders and rings will go on eng… @RivingtonJr Oh I got a good one to show ya near my house haha.
"Oh my God" Can't wait for Act III!!!
🤔 @WTFmoses Ayyyyy congrats!!!! @BeccaTILTS They see you poopin in the house...sooooo \o/
@Tijke_ @aimlab @DerichlovesT @aimlab Desmo :> @j_davis614 @aimlab Mistel MD770 RGB WhiteHow I @aimlab in the morning 🤣
@Tish_Atreides @Hiko Hiko + Hiko = Hotko
The pack leader is on your tail. Heal your allies and tear down your foes as Skye on October 27th.
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@draggles @andleyxx I just said the same thing to myself lolol @lOneManArmyl Youtube and just hands on mostly. Take it apart see how it fits and go to the next part. Next time ar… update! The piston rings are worn and I'm only getting 90psi to the horizontal cylinder after finally getting…
@RazeTheWoof @Riotswimbananas Thanks for hanging out for Riot Report today :DRIP <3 Riff in Peace @Ninja omg puppies.....UNDERWATER!!!! But only in specific puppy suits which allow puppies to be underwater even f… on the tundra when Icebox drops with Act III.
Retweeted by RivingtonBisland III @mbky95 lolHOLY SHIT THEY WIN THE GAME! #Worlds2020 LETS GO LIQUID!!!!!! @AshleyKang @endercasts @endercasts Can Verify this.True story~ @RiotVedius dreamed of working his way through the esports scene just so he could tell everyone how aw…
@RJNeruma @Froskurinn damn beat me to it! xD
Here's what I believe are the secrets to aiming with the wrist and flick shots - featuring tips and clips from…
Retweeted by RivingtonBisland III @akenatoth Yep, 2006 749 @lOneManArmyl Nope, shop exploded previous engine and claimed no fault cause I had put 300 miles on it from their s… @LucyMaeGames Always heard suzukis are a blast to ride. The seat height being so low has a sleek feeling to it!Is today the day!!!!! 😲🤞 @CaryPalmerr Oh hell no xD just a mono tail and no undertail exhaust installed yet @endercasts Earring is just the new slang for Verified. @CaptainFlowers @Voyboy More socks for Flowers! =OMore and more recognizable. If I can get a battery today 🤞
And last but not least, our hosts and casters. #LGUltraGearFaceOff @WTFmoses @Vansilli @GoldenboyFTW
Retweeted by RivingtonBisland III @OvileeMay @TeamLiquidLoL @Alienware holy shit, this wins the game!WAP x @TeamLiquidLoL powered by @Alienware #Worlds2020 #TLWIN
Retweeted by RivingtonBisland IIIIn the garage early to watch some #Worlds2020 keep your head up NA! Today's work is making sure all wiring has s… @Nadeshot @LoganDodson Creamy all dayBest update yet. It's on, but not alive...yet! 🤞 @tSparkTV Staring at it and looking consumes at least a few hours. Then you do it once and realize it has to be don…
@Owenusmc21 So great to hear, thinking about you both!Throttle bodies attached. Slight bit of rewiring was needed. New coolant, oil, oil filter and gas tank and it will… @endercasts Can you verify this statement is true? 🤔Today's progress pic for the 2006 Ducati 749. Coolant hoses attached along with lower wiring loom and battery box.… just plop down right here. You don't use this path right?
This was such a great time!!! Thanks for having me! @MJDoroszuk I was really lucky previous apts I lived in let me work in the garage haha. Just had to make sure I didn't get oil everywhere xD @TORKbtw Full rebuild. Big bearing on my old engine exploded after the shop did 18000 Desmo service >_> yayyyProgress pic to start the day. Will end with one as well~
Introducing Soundtrack by Twitch (Beta), a rights cleared music tool designed specifically for Twitch creators.…
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