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Multi-vendor IT security alerts, some #InfoSec, bit of #PowerShell, the odd photo. #Office365. Tweets are personal & do not represent the views of my employer.

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Big news: DOJ today unsealed charges against Sandworm, naming the Russian GRU hackers who have for 5 years crossed…
Retweeted by rj07thomasMan Has Come Too Far To Turn Back For Grocery Basket
Retweeted by rj07thomasLaundry Soap 1967
Retweeted by rj07thomasYou may have seen ⁦@surface in⁩ @microsoft Stores, but have you ever seen a Microsoft Store on a Surface?
Retweeted by rj07thomas @Northvein @OddNMacabre Johnson, May, Gove, Patel, Hancock @StevenSarson (also realised you can't really learn a language unless immersed in it. Took business French at uni,… @StevenSarson ... (French teacher also spoke fluent Russian, that's a whole different ball game. I can still just a… @StevenSarson My dad "did" the classics at school - thought this was all a bit stuffy until doing French, when I re…
Retweeted by rj07thomasAs 2020 draws to a close, it's fortunate that Perry Como recorded another version of his Christmas hit entitled "It… @XavierAshe SoE - Soil over ethernet?
@MadelaineLucieH ...'n' onion stuffing. Hope this helps. @J0hnnyXm4s @notdan Trump knew about it all along - that's just how good he do you miss a cat the size of a MOUNTAIN for 2000 years?
Retweeted by rj07thomasWith the impending short lockdown, might be wise to book a haircut, don’t want a Covid cut for a few weeks again 😂
Retweeted by rj07thomas @thegrugq It's free with their $1000 monitor stand. @brianwhelton Challenge accepted. @Rich_Gibbons @jayhaskins @richie_COYS_316 @Baron_ITAM That wasn't taking their foot of the pedal - that was a handbrake turn. @struttermouse @jayhaskins @cwtch_up "Snatching defeat..." doesn't do this justice - he's definitely the Special On… @jayhaskins @richie_COYS_316 @Rich_Gibbons @Baron_ITAM 😂🤣 @jayhaskins @richie_COYS_316 @Rich_Gibbons @Baron_ITAM thanks a bunch Mitch 'Swipe' Delgado from Brixton. Just don'… @techboyg5 B @__WhiPP__ Ah, but you know how the shortest distance between 2 points on earth is a curve? That. 😬👀
@hacks4pancakes I just had “y’all” added to the main MS Office dictionary & it’s perhaps the greatest triumph of my career
Retweeted by rj07thomas @SeanWrightSec Unless you're Richard Feynman. But I'm not, so that's OK. @cirrius_tech @brianwhelton @UK_Daniel_Card @Garyw_ @cybergibbons @AppSecBloke @MissIG_Geek @InfoSecHotSpot @cirrius_tech @brianwhelton @UK_Daniel_Card @Garyw_ @cybergibbons @AppSecBloke @MissIG_Geek @InfoSecHotSpot @brianwhelton They must be soooooooooo bored.At a slight tangent to a tweet by @JaxxAI, once found a contractor trying to upgrade Windows 95 straight to XP. By… @XavierAshe I'm going to take an instant guess at 1990-2020 @AndrewRTDavies Take somewhere like Merseyside. Liverpool alone is a city of 500k(ish) people. You think 500k Belgi… @smnsaunders @AndrewRTDavies @VOGCouncil @fmwales @wgmin_education @usforthemcymru a) I think you're misunderstandi… @brianwhelton It just kind of popped into my head and I knew instantly it was the kind of bad joke you would post :) @BeeFaauBee09 @brianwhelton Nah, access is actually a database program - PowerPoint? @brianwhelton so after the fiasco with the track 'n' trace excel spreadsheet, I wonder if there's going to be a SQL?
Uh, I mean, those are some great reviews but the book is actually The Turn Of The Screw by Henry James. 🤔 @Garyw_ @cybergibbons @AppSecBloke @brianwhelton @MissIG_Geek @InfoSecHotSpot @j_opdenakker @widmerkarl @datachick @JustOversight I thought I was going back to BBC 2...weird. Anyway ta - still a brilliant point at which to catch it :) @UK_Daniel_Card @Garyw_ @cybergibbons @AppSecBloke @MissIG_Geek @InfoSecHotSpot @j_opdenakker @widmerkarl
Retweeted by rj07thomasSwitched off from watching #hignfy on catch up and this was playing on BBC2 - perfect timing. Nothing better than "… @__WhiPP__ It was one of those driving experience things. Brilliant, but from what I remember you just have to driv… @sbisson @Ricker666 I don't get why that movie flopped - it's brilliant! Made the rookie error of naming all my ext… @__WhiPP__ 😂🤣 I have driven a hovercraft once... @privsecguy @sameepagarwal3 Ah, OK. Thanks. We'll aware I can't fool the cell masts, didn't realise mapping services used that too. <sigh> @__WhiPP__ No. No they aren't. And I'll continue to drive on the white line to prove I'm right :) @richardadalton Not *that* sort of competition - that's dangerous. Whitehall wants its version of competition, whic… @sameepagarwal3 @privsecguy I try. By running a VPN. It should muddy the water a bit. @brianwhelton Now go wash your mouth out for raising the spectre of SWE1/2/3!
Retweeted by rj07thomas @sbisson @Ricker666 My router SSID is Arlo, repetear SSID is Spot and phone's MiFi is Libby. All from Disney Pixar's The Good Dinosaur. @Welshboy_Mark @PaulBrandITV Yeah. I think he's lying. Remember the world-beating track'n'trace that was months lat… @BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet @MattHancock if there's one thing that's blindingly obvious, it's that an awful lot… @Rich_Gibbons @cwtch_up @jayhaskins ...FreeBSD, MacOS X seems to be deliberately difficult to navigate even if you… @Rich_Gibbons @cwtch_up @jayhaskins I'm sure they're fine a lot of the time, but in my experience a lot of ppl buy… @Rich_Gibbons @cwtch_up @jayhaskins 🤣 @Rich_Gibbons @cwtch_up @jayhaskins Nice tip, thank you :) Sbdy left a lightning charger here once and I had the house fumigated ;-) @cwtch_up @Rich_Gibbons @jayhaskins (plus, I'd have to give money to Apple... 😡🤮) @cwtch_up @Rich_Gibbons @jayhaskins (I managed to knock out Web server offline for 17 hours a few weeks back. Not t… @cwtch_up @Rich_Gibbons @jayhaskins It hurts because it's true :) @Rich_Gibbons @MaddyPelling I would *hate* this other persons decor. I think I'd be happy with any room in the exte… @cwtch_up @jayhaskins Yey! And re: Ted Lasso, I'll have to see if I can watch it in another manner 🤔😉 Although... T… @jayhaskins No - just picked the best gif! Which service is it on? With another mini lockdown due anything to watch is appreciated :)Trump: I'm proud that America is handling covid-19 in the worst possible way. Boris Johnson: @5w0rdFish @GossiTheDog If I take a dictionary word as my password then write it backwards, will it take an attacke… @zjpahle @LitMoose @deviantollam @Doctor_Tran @CircuitSwan Penderyn? It's not Scotch, it's Welsh! @struttermouse It's like they're implying you should only have any one of those at 1 sitting...?
@struttermouse on, someone sent the Queen to Porton Down? Was this Charles' idea?"The script, originally titled Scary Movie,..." What? Scream was supposed to be called Scary Movie? No way! @getwired @Baron_ITAM @Rich_Gibbons I think we'll have to do something like this - one of the requests for Project… @Rich_Gibbons @Baron_ITAM @getwired Thank you - few of us arguing in favour of planner, teams lists is a good addit… @getwired @Baron_ITAM @Rich_Gibbons Suggestions? I think we're going to renew anyway, it's just SA and is relativel… @Baron_ITAM @Rich_Gibbons @getwired "I need project!" <somehow creates infinite loop of project milestones> <walk… @Baron_ITAM @Rich_Gibbons @getwired What's puzzling me is the 500 Device CALs and 13 Project SA licenses.. 13? I me… @getwired @Rich_Gibbons @Baron_ITAM Thank you - that's spot on! We're on A1/A3 + E1 but helps with an up-coming ren… @getwired @Rich_Gibbons @Baron_ITAM of I've got an M365 tier 3 license, do I get a user CAL for on-prem Windows Ser… you live in the UK, you may be wondering what these "circuit breakers" are that will help stop the spread of cov… dear., looks like that unlike the Murphy's, I am bitter."We need Chrome! It's the greatest" "I can't authenticate to this web page" "Well, it's working - could it be the… opposed to parents, who spent 6 months trying to juggle a full time job *and* childcare simultaneously, 24x7.Some teaching staff have been working full time in hub schools. A lot of other teaching staff I'm aware off have ju…"She said a circuit breaker would be "another issue" for parents but added: "On the flipside, this option would be… @Baron_ITAM First and only time I've ever seen him and he does put on a hell of a stage show! @Baron_ITAM I think I saw this tour twice within a week - Newcastle & Cardiff. @teenytinysuz A Short History Of Nearly Everything taught me more about the planet than anything at school @Microsoft @SamsungUK @SamsungMobile my mind is blown. using Your Phone and Link to Windows, I can use my Galaxy A5… you are ever sad and lonely, read a book by Bill Bryson. You will still be lonely, but a quietly-snickering-to…
Retweeted by rj07thomasI'm looking forward to Alice Cooper's Brutal Planet being the best selling album of 2030, when David Attenborough w… @jayhaskins Is this something to do with hell freezing over?My dream of being a Zamboni driver has gone up in figurative flames.
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@Baron_ITAM 😂 There was a program about the Tower of London, "the outfit weighs 11kg".????WHY DOES BRITISH TV TALK ABOUT WEIGHTS IN KG? NOBODY IN BRITAIN KNOWS WHAT THAT MEANS! @jennypotts ok that's a fair response but do you think you could hack into someone's LinkedIn profile for me please…
@IanBarwise I de linked a GPO last week, turns out it was enabling IE (& therefore old Edge) to talk TLS1.2 & 1.3.…, There's millions of USB-A power bricks out in the world right now So Apple won't include one w/ iPhone B/c y…
Retweeted by rj07thomas<jaw drops open> about I sue the complainants for bringing chaos to Europe just so they could carry on with their ski holiday ev…! I'm trying to listen...what *is* that sound. Oh! It's the world's smallest violin. " hopes to bri… @SophosSupport *YS