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RJ Choppy @rjchoppy Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Co-Host of Shan & RJ, M-F 5:30-10am @1053thefan. DFW since 2002. ESPN Radio '02-'11. RT's are not my views. Tennessee Alum #VFL Father of 2

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@BigDaddyTurnage @1053SS @jeffreyrogers41 Will Clark didn't say anything...he admitted they were stealing signs but… @gschiller13 @SeanShahkarami @ba_dallas @jlt2k @tonyromo @dak @1053SS @BryanBroaddus Not dumb. Players job is to ge… @PrestonShawn @ChrisJNFL he was def more accurate. Arm strength is a bit romanticized...How many stories from histo… @ChrisJNFL Pretty interesting how you only find analytics to be worthwhile when they agree with your point. sup
Retweeted by RJ ChoppyChop bringing analytics into the fold. Sup @BloggingTheBoys.
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @gschiller13 @SeanShahkarami @ba_dallas @jlt2k @tonyromo @dak @1053SS @BryanBroaddus Its Peyton Mannings comment. I just repeated it @jaye_greene @ChrisJNFL Easily. They have a baseline they use. @BigDaddyTurnage @1053SS @jeffreyrogers41 @houstonmike22 its not the way you're saying it...he clearly misspoke. th… @PrestonShawn @ChrisJNFL Based on what? @BloggingTheBoys ERA adjusted QB rankings disagree @ChrisJNFL ERA Adjusted QB rankings, Romo was 2nd best Cowboys QB ever behind Roger...18th best all-time...Dak was… on @1053thefan w/@1053SS @rjchoppy @TommySledge - Is Dak being selfish?? The top five QBs in #Cowboys history,…
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @TheBoysForever @1053SS they value them, but not over coverage. You'd rather great coverage than getting beat becau… @HottboyKiest @1053SS SF defense will regress next yr. they are an outlier. KC defense was not good at all. NEXT @SeanShahkarami @ba_dallas @jlt2k @tonyromo @dak @1053SS @BryanBroaddus not his job to take less...its his job to g… @SeanShahkarami @ba_dallas @jlt2k @tonyromo @dak @1053SS @BryanBroaddus call the show right now. betcha won't @HottboyKiest @1053SS no they don't. Not in 2020 when its harder than ever to get a sack @SeanShahkarami @ba_dallas @jlt2k @tonyromo @dak @1053SS @BryanBroaddus you mean the 2007 team that was the best te… @1053thefan - Are there any #Cowboys out there that actually think Dak Prescott is being selfish? @1053SS @rjchoppy @Tommysledge
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @SeanShahkarami @tonyromo @dak @1053SS @BryanBroaddus Because he wants 3 years and not 5. He wants to be able to resign after the new CBA @SeanShahkarami @ba_dallas @jlt2k @tonyromo @dak @1053SS @BryanBroaddus He'd get 2 firsts minimum. We just saw Lare… @Jay_Mundo85 @ElvisandrusSS1 @1053thefan this is an older list from 2018 so it doesn't update for Dak @jlt2k @SeanShahkarami @ba_dallas @tonyromo @dak @1053SS @BryanBroaddus ahhh agree @SeanShahkarami @tonyromo @dak @1053SS @BryanBroaddus We have proof it didn't happen. The cowboys leak stuff all the time..all teams do. @jlt2k @SeanShahkarami @ba_dallas @tonyromo @dak @1053SS @BryanBroaddus he didn't have a down year. @SeanShahkarami @ba_dallas @jlt2k @tonyromo @dak @1053SS @BryanBroaddus You're just a hater man. get a new bit @SeanShahkarami @tonyromo @dak @1053SS @BryanBroaddus you don't have any sources backing you up. We've talked about… @1053thefan - Do the voices of the #Cowboys (@Boys_Vox and @BabeLaufenberg) have some explaining to do for wher…
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @SeanShahkarami @tonyromo @dak @1053SS @BryanBroaddus LOL...How is he a diva? Because he wants to get paid? Again..… @SeanShahkarami @jlt2k @tonyromo @dak @1053SS @BryanBroaddus You have literally no idea what defenses Dak can and c… @SeanShahkarami @tonyromo @dak @1053SS @BryanBroaddus HE NEVER ASKED FOR IT. We've explained this over and over. Th… @SeanShahkarami @tonyromo @dak @1053SS @BryanBroaddus when are you gonna stop with mentioning $40M? TELL ME WHO HAS SAID $40M??? @SeanShahkarami @tonyromo @dak @1053SS @BryanBroaddus act like a MNF division game is something special @gschiller13 I don't blame Zeke for 8-8. I don't blame any one player. Zeke's contract is a problem tho. Stupid to pay it @BigDaddyTurnage @1053SS @jeffreyrogers41 @houstonmike22 I believe it.640 @1053thefan - @mcuban and @KingJames gets in on the MLB pile-on, Antonio Brown is still talking and an update o…
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @1053SS @rjchoppy Marketing/ratings idea for your show...Rangers home game vs Astros. "Shan and RJ Trash Can Night…
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @BigDaddyTurnage @1053SS @jeffreyrogers41 @houstonmike22 Where there's smoke there's fire, no? @BigDaddyTurnage @1053SS @jeffreyrogers41 @houstonmike22 how is it a falsehood? Did Altuve not change his shirt mid… feeling when @RDubThree wakes up and doesn’t brush 🤢🤢🤢 @1053SS @rjchoppy @TommySledge
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @BigDaddyTurnage @1053SS @jeffreyrogers41 @houstonmike22 Nobody else uses video, bro. @jaye_greene @wfaa IN!This made my day @gotmyownaccount I'm right by that Starbucks! @gvader24 @TXMotorSpeedway Thanks! Knew it couldn't have just been practice @jaksroche24 @LanceSmitty3 @shan @1053thefan Manfred came out today and said they continued the practice into the playoffs @rjchoppy
Retweeted by RJ ChoppyThere a race going on @TXMotorSpeedway I don't know about tonight? Can hear WAY more cars on the track tonight than normal
Didn't think 3 strikes to the head would kill a rattler...I was wrong on @1053thefan w/@1053SS @rjchoppy @TommySledge - Darius Slay vs Byron Jones, players unloads on Rob Manfred, X…
Retweeted by RJ ChoppyYIKES @RDubThree to @1053SS on the DFW ratings between NBA and XFL 😂😂 @rjchoppy
Retweeted by RJ Choppy840 @1053thefan - @1053SS @Rjchoppy on the President’s weekend, and what they enjoyed most from the XFL and the All-Star festivities
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @gschiller13 @HottboyKiest @1053SS because replacing him with a quality player is harder to find than a top WR @nicklucas2122 he was 6th this year...42 in 2018. AWFUL block/fumble rate that hurt him @HottboyKiest @GuitaristJT @1053SS Byron was an All-Pro. his 1st yr as a CB..ALL-PRO...that's top 4 in the league.… @1053thefan - The #Astros have finally been banned…in Little Leagues across America @1053SS @Rjchoppy @Tommysledge
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @HottboyKiest @1053SS 54 player gradeI do it for a living...which means I take the time to continue to learn about the new trends in the know… @HottboyKiest @1053SS LOL...PFF is unbiased. You are not @HottboyKiest @1053SS 54 player grade @HottboyKiest @1053SS LOL...Byron has been a Safety for all but 2 of the years...Last 2 years only 1 person has mor… @HottboyKiest @1053SS LOL...go look at their player grades...this isn't 2017, champ. He ain't good anymore @ilovetacosbro @1053SS Its human nature. When there's millions of $$ at stake people will go to great lengths to ma… @TexasTGolf @1053SS @RDubThree I'd love that seat. @houstonmike22 @1053SS I mean I understand you're an Astros fan...but come on...this is above and beyond anything a… @1053thefan - The best player in the game weighs in on the #AstrosCheatingScandal, and one MLB vet says the onl…
Retweeted by RJ ChoppyJoin @1053SS @rjchoppy @TommySledge @RDubThree on 105.3 The Fan. Streaming on @Radiodotcom &…
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @houstonmike22 @1053SS how are we hypocrites about it? did it not happen? has it ever happened before in MLB? No. So what's your point?When will a 30 for 30 come out on this ? @1053SS @rjchoppy @RDubThree
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @SeanShahkarami @NDBAM0988 @DFWBUGMAN @hornsfan722 @1053SS @RDubThree @TommySledge Yea I don't think he's elite yet… @MSchulze918 @1053SS @RDubThree @TommySledge I've got a rocket @MannPurtis @NDBAM0988 @SeanShahkarami @DFWBUGMAN @hornsfan722 @1053SS @RDubThree @TommySledge I didn't say Dak was… @MannPurtis @NDBAM0988 @SeanShahkarami @DFWBUGMAN @hornsfan722 @1053SS @RDubThree @TommySledge I'm talking Peyton/Drew/Tom/Mahomes. @GetUpside I love the app! I use it every time I fill up!
@Firemedic346 @brgridiron @AdamSchefter @1053SS @RDubThree @gbagnation @BenRogers @SkinWade @Shippyfunsports @Ryan20014698 I don't think he's elite. I think he's very very good @NDBAM0988 @SeanShahkarami @DFWBUGMAN @hornsfan722 @1053SS @RDubThree @TommySledge if you have an elite QB the wind… @NDBAM0988 @SeanShahkarami @DFWBUGMAN @hornsfan722 @1053SS @RDubThree @TommySledge $37M is prob the max. I wouldn't… @Hobbes63 because by moving your seat back you move into MY space. Now, if you ask I'll gladly say go for it, becau… @SeanShahkarami @DFWBUGMAN @hornsfan722 @1053SS @RDubThree @TommySledge He's not. Nobody has reported that. He is n… @chancyk3315 @1053SS I didnt! @gschiller13 every QB has several avg to below avg games a year unless you're Mahomes. @BrewcrewBarnes I do promote it. I have been using the check-in feature as well. I haven't seen issues with it but… @SeanShahkarami @DFWBUGMAN @hornsfan722 @1053SS @RDubThree @TommySledge he never asked for $40M. Where are you getting $40M from? @DaltonBMiller @MOdeadhead92 @Ryan20014698 He does have an aura that would scream "poop-sex guy"MON on @1053thefan w/@rjchoppy @ChiofaloSports @TommySledge @1053SS - All-Star wknd reactions, Manfred makes it wor…
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @MOdeadhead92 @Ryan20014698 hahahahahahahaha OMG is this real life? @28highsociety @1053thefan @1053SS @RDubThree @Ryan20014698 what is your question? @Ryan20014698 ignoring you, boomer @Ryan20014698 because I disagree with you I'm a "pos human being?" OK, boomer @Ryan20014698 No, boomer @Ryan20014698 if Mahomes handed the ball off near the goal line instead of passing them how is that any different? @Ryan20014698 no. pass TDs don't matter. @Ryan20014698 you drunk this early? @Ryan20014698 exactly. which means his 70 QBR means that the team underachieved last yr. Not him @Ryan20014698 if you have a 70 QBR it means you'll win 70% of your games...which...shocker...he has @Ryan20014698 they aren't correlated at all @Ryan20014698 yes. Like, everyone else in the modern world. Passing TDs are a bad judgement of a player. What if yo…