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RJ Choppy @rjchoppy Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Co-Host of Shan & RJ, M-F 5:30-10am @1053thefan. DFW since 2002. ESPN Radio '02-'11. RT's are not my views. Tennessee Alum #VFL Father of 2

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.@BabeLaufenberg joins @1053SS & @rjchoppy at 8:40 on 105.3 The Fan!
Retweeted by RJ ChoppyOne of these three guys is joining ⁦@1053SS⁩ and ⁦@rjchoppy⁩ on ⁦@1053thefan⁩ at 8:40 this morning. Tune in and fi…
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @BabeLaufenberg @WerderEdESPN @1053SS @rjchoppy @1053thefan Great tease..... well done
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @MattLehmkuhl1 @cowboymp @HelmanDC @1053SS he's right in general. we keep players too longDFW - and the Four Seasons Resort - has a chance to be the home of the same sort of fun, drama and story angles for…
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @rjchoppy after drinking Danica bath water 😂😂😂 @1053SS
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @2020rights not sure why you insist that I said that. I didn't. Perhaps you have me confused with someone else. Sho… a barrageCould have been worse. 2-1 ain't bad after that start.
@RickyG_09 @1053SS @1053thefan @TommySledge I had them in last week. I dropped them for no fault of their own, more… @Black214Tiber @BryanBroaddus who do you think helps pick the players?Michael Irvin on @1053SS & @rjchoppy on the Falcons botching onside kick recovery: 'My dead grandmother knew' to…
Retweeted by RJ Choppy.@1053SS & @rjchoppy power rank the NFL after week 2
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @StuYeWest1 not this year they aren't. last year they were. so far they're just curb stomping bad teams haha @SkipParsotam please be real @rjchoppy ... This segment with @michaelirvin88 has got me cracking up so much I had to pull over and wipe the tear…
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @michaelirvin88 speaking for all of us #DallasCowboys fans, when he's told to calm down or be quiet by our lady/p…
Retweeted by RJ Choppy.@michaelirvin88 joins @1053SS & @rjchoppy on 105.3 The Fan!
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @buzyntexas @MLB @1053SS @TommySledge yessir @Beernbigfoot @JC1053 there's statistical evidence I found. Just because the rest of the world only looks at ringzzz isn't my fault ;)Our NFL Power Rankings After Week 2: @1053SS 1) BMore 2) KC 3) Sea 4) NE 5) GB ME: 1) KC 2) BMore 3) Sea 4) LAR 5)… Wednesday with the fellas @1053SS @rjchoppy @TommySledge 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @Beernbigfoot @JC1053 I don't state opinions as matters of fact. I state facts as matters of fact @JordysOutlook @MikeBacsik @JC1053 @gavindawson this might be one of those "don't outthink the room" picks. Take Ku…!!, @JC1053 went national 😂😂 105.3 The Fan has the best radio personalities in the industry 👍🏼 @1053SS
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@256107504 @1053SS being against going for 2 and listening to the smartest people in sports is like being against m… @soberbygrace I know know this...the cowboys know this...but they don't know this...and they are the problem @1053SS @1053SS & @rjchoppy brought the best out of Zeke with fair criticism & now Everson will ball out and we have…
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @MandrillAlpha69 @McCraigBro who lays chalk every bet? I bet mostly underdogs brother. more value there @1053SS @rjchoppy keep it up!! #dallasstars #bringitback
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @heavy_EL_REY does he? when he was the nearest defender they were 6 for 6...that's not impactful at all @gschiller13 what happened? @gschiller13 haha I'm not sure they even know how to use them @DeltaKnight248 pretty much.Here is the amazing resignation letter by a Falcons fan, resigning as a fan. I assumed he was 75 when I first saw t… @JamesDGrambo @PocketEmptyDave the 83% conversion rate doesn't change based on situation. @DaBurd70 @minakimes @Boys_Vox @fishsports I was saying this exact same thing @dallassportzone @1053SS @TommySledge we talk about tv ratings all the time on the show. Have for years. there are… @dallassportzone @1053SS @TommySledge I'm not ignoring anything. we have brought up the streaming numbers
@JamesDGrambo @PocketEmptyDave you've got an 83% chance of converting a 4th and 1 throughout the history of the NFL… @JamesDGrambo @PocketEmptyDave realize the advancements in the game, like more passing and less running,… @JamesDGrambo @PocketEmptyDave so what you're saying is you refuse to learn and advance your thinking? Cool. See ya, champ @JamesDGrambo @PocketEmptyDave those numbers were just examples man. why is this so hard for you to grasp? @JamesDGrambo @PocketEmptyDave the concept of predictive analysis is the same man. you're looking for minuscule adv… @JamesDGrambo @PocketEmptyDave do you play blackjack? you know your odds of winning a hand when you have a 16 and t… baby I can't WAIT to go thru these TV Ratings tmr morning with @1053SS @TommySledge ... @JamesDGrambo @PocketEmptyDave dude it doesn't matter if it does, the win probability increase of 3% is reason to g… @JamesDGrambo @PocketEmptyDave yea god forbid you know your odds before hand. @JamesDGrambo @PocketEmptyDave if I told you going for it on 4th down increased your chances of winning by 3%, and… @northofthestar @LanceSmitty3 @1053SS @1053thefan you should prob go for 2 after every TD if we're being honest @JamesDGrambo @PocketEmptyDave you only make it harder on yourself if you don't convert. you have to look at the de… amount of living room coaches telling @rjchoppy he’s wrong about the 2pt is blowing my mind. If we wait until t…
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @JamesDGrambo @PocketEmptyDave YOUR WIN PROBABILITY DICTATES THE RIGHT MOVE. you have a better chance of wining the… #MediaChallenge preview at @TPCCraigRanch with @TonyFayPR. Save the date for the @ATTByronNelson May 10-16… @JamesDGrambo @PocketEmptyDave Bro, if you refuse to broaden your horizons and accept that the way sports was playe… have NO IDEA how the anchor was able to call this an "explosive arrest" without bursting into laughter… @JamesDGrambo @PocketEmptyDave but if you miss earlier you at least have a chance to make up for it. and...if you g… @thashark316 honestly you should prob go for 2 after every TD all game if you want to maximize your points. but eve… @JamesDGrambo @PocketEmptyDave LOL...and if you make it one possession and miss the 2 pt later, then what? Games ov… @JamesDGrambo @PocketEmptyDave it doesn't require an onside kick. only if you miss...and if you wait til the end of… job by Dallas going for 2. Down 15, score, go for 2. Better to find out if you're down by 1 score or 2 scores…
Retweeted by RJ ChoppyYes, Jamal Adams is a fantastic tackler and extremely, he cannot cover and it was the right move for… Locketts route chart is a thing of beauty. @CWebb07 @1053SS @MikeBacsik @inthemageors the term garbage time needs to be clarified...people use it way way too… @PFF It’s a shame TJ watt can’t play with his hand in the dirt 🙄 @BloggingTheBoys @rjchoppy
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @baylee096 @LanceSmitty3 @1053SS @1053thefan yea you're obvi not understanding the logic. its ok.Are you giving Mike McCarthy credit or criticism for that miracle win @1053thefan? I vote criticism, I’m worried ab…
Retweeted by RJ ChoppyI took a break from sports radio (and other things) due to a semi-depression over this whole covid mess. But I'm ba…
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @baylee096 @LanceSmitty3 @1053SS @1053thefan read the article man @baylee096 makes tons of sense. It might be over your head ;) @Matt_Daddy_21 2 pt are like 50-50...the point is you have to assume you if you're gonna miss you have a… @1053SS @rjchoppy I would like to listen the Falcon’s radio this morning. 😂
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @J_Wall73 @LanceSmitty3 @1053SS @1053thefan they tell more of it than anything else tho, that's the pointFillthy Radio made me spit my coffee out in laughter. ROFLMAO!!! @1053SS @rjchoppy #TOLO
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @HottboyKiest he has a terrible QB right now thoSpying on Filthy audio RIGHT NOW @1053thefan @rjchoppy @TommySledge
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @ZachWolchuk @GAMNMTX1 @fishsports you still would have needed the onside kick if you missed the 2 pt conv late. it… @Beef_Ledbetter you job as a coach is to maximize your chances of winning, not keeping the warm and fuzzies upHome teams in the NFL are 18-14 after 2 weeks. They are 10-5 this week. 18-14 is a 56% winning %, almost exactly wh… @gschiller13 I think he would. He wants 4 yrs and that $$ would be in the range of DeShaun. @Texas_William @1053SS I think you got us backwards @Beef_Ledbetter it doesn't. you're right. that doesn't change the historical context of going for itHere is exactly why the Cowboys went for 2, down 9. While you're reading, if you find yourself asking, "but whatabo… @coolhandluka77 @1053SS yea there's just no historical data that suggests that you're right. if you're gonna miss i… @TheLeader_21 @1053SS not according to the analytics. analytics play to maximize your chances of winning...not playing for a tie @gschiller13 Gase isn't really analytical. His team is just bad @RickerNFL @DeltaKnight248 @1053SS Man that onside kick was Matt Ryan's football luck rolled into 1 play
This #USOpen2020 finished exactly how an open should. 1 guy under Par. 1 guy beat the course. That's perfect @Mwhitehead00 @1053thefan @1053SS brother, 59 minutes in people were ready to fire this guy. they get a wild onside… @tacojoe_ i disagree. I don't think he was the reasons they lost, but I also don't think he was the reasons they ev… @mctrees02 FAIR @Mwhitehead00 @1053thefan @1053SS dude they won by 1 after the most absurd onside kick we've ever seen. lets not plan a parade route. @mctrees02 its not wrong @tacojoe_ THE problem. no he wasn't. A problem. yes he was @Texas_William @1053SS Jesus Shan looks like Bill Pullman and I look like Bill MurrayCan’t wait for @1053SS and @rjchoppy to talk about this ugly amazing win #tolo #DallasCowboys
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @Oh_Katie_Babie LOL. What?Can't wait for @1053SS and @rjchoppy tomorrow
Retweeted by RJ Choppy @tacojoe_ he is. no doubt. and nowhere in that tweet did I say he was without blame