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Ron Katz @rkmatchmaker Long Island, NY

Star Boxing Matchmaker, formerly with Top Rank and Sugar Ray Leonard. NY Boxing HOF member, 43 years as a Matchmaker.

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@leewylieboxing No but all the other trainers in the gym learn from him as well as Manny of course @kelley_AK I guess that means my portrait is still on the easel @leewylieboxing I'm going to throw a curveball into your statement Tim Lane did that for Chris algieri @leewylieboxing You omitted The Godfather of the Kronk boxing gym Bill Miller @KnuckleheadSean Where would he be without Woody @LEllerbe I like you too Leonard @LEllerbe @mannypacquiao @AdrienBroner They run second and third to me @leewylieboxing What no Manny Seeman? @BoxingCertified I guess his back had nothing to do with it @BoxingCertified OK @CoachLRJ What...The High Ho Sailor? @MitchellNJ Oh no Michael looks sensational, Leon is Leon, he's hobbled a little but he's good, we had so much fun… @CoachLRJ Paper Plates? what ya go dumpster digging? @BoxingHistory @TheFightCity @MikeTyson Jesus about half of those were fights I made when Mike was with usThe Return of @ChrisAlgieri is OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT! @TheParamountNY is 🔒 in for a huge night of fights! If you mis…
Retweeted by Ron KatzReally had a great time with Michael and Leon last night we laughed and laughed and also would Flo Anthony who's ju… photos from last night's charity event on Long Island's Hammer time
@Culture66666 @BoxingCertified All right you got to explain that one to meMe Leon and Michael Spinks it's been like forever since I've been with these guys ready for tonight's charity event @PitchInk That really does look like me when I was younger @snboxing @emilyboxing @LiverPunch0351 @StThrasher @Freeroll4life Ham if I know @PitchInk lol sicko @leebrice @realboomboom Your right you would be crazy @PitchInk That's the face I make when you show me your droopy boobs @emilyboxing @2PieceBox You can do an Au Pouive gravy if your using fresh ham @emilyboxing @2PieceBox If your Hawaiian @PitchInk And this was Rachel pre plastic surgery @2PieceBox @emilyboxing Now your going much too far @emilyboxing @2PieceBox seen what Sammy Sosa looks like now? @wadicamacho Priceless...frame that photo and put it on the mantle @BoxingCertified you know you and I have problems @BoxingCertified Wanna come over for Thanksgiving? You can peel the potatoes. We''ll let you eat in the Kitchen. @BoxingCertified Wonder if they are doing VADA testing @JakeNDaBox @ShowtimeBoxing And you dragged your lovely wife into it too!!!I'm really looking forward to being a celebrity judge tonight at @fightforcharity night, a great cause and anxious… @pomara_matt @fightforcharity @CurranNassau @spinks_leon @MikeSpinksjinx @napoleonboxing @kellymgorham @BoxingCertified your getting good @BoxingCertified I would but can't include GIF's @CjCodystaff Many have told me to write a book, I could fill plenty of chapters with unique stories, maybe one day. @CjCodystaff I must be honest I truly felt that if James prepared the way he had in the past leading up to that fig… @CjCodystaff The camp was a nightmare there are so many stories I can tell you I don't think I can fit them on one tweet @pomara_matt @fightforcharity @CurranNassau @spinks_leon @MikeSpinksjinx @napoleonboxing @kellymgorham @BoxingCertified @SmelOdiesOG Yes I did I'd say it came out for the first time ever making bread maybe a six and a half to 7 out of 10 @KevinI Lol @Buzzbeyond @Halestormsports Like Harry Greb @OysterBayBomber Lol
Retweeted by Ron Katz @BoxingCertified If he did the right thing he would have licked Jones that day @BoxingCertified Tell him where you heard it @KevinI I'd hit my 6 iron @Culture66666 Lol @OysterBayBomber Smoked thatThe finished product @pomara_matt @kellymgorham @BWGSteelersNY @CoreBTSLI @fightforcharity Let's hope you can still talk after your fight tomorrow nightWe are making bread from scratch will update when done @LinacreMedia @Woodsy1069 @fightnightlive_ I'm always late to the party....except in the 70's and 80's @pomara_matt @kellymgorham @BWGSteelersNY @CoreBTSLI @fightforcharity Not even close pal @Halestormsports These lists are usually ridiculous as there are so many great great Fighters through the history of boxing @Woodsy1069 @LinacreMedia @fightnightlive_ If I had a dollar for every mistake he made while announcing I'd be retired right now @CoachLRJ My bowel movements look more appealing than that sausage @KevinI @GeorgeForeman Agreed @StevESPNKim Ref please stop the fight save Mannix from more punishment @BoxingCertified He needs to fight way better competition then we could tell exactly where he's at @fightwriterone And let's cut world championship fights to eight rounds while we're at it @CjCodystaff Craig if I told you what went on leading up to that fight you'd understand why James perform the way he did @ryansongalia @ringmagazine Okay @BoxingCertified Lol @BoxingCertified Lol @JohnJohhnyred23 @Claressashields @KatieTaylor @LialaAli I agree Clarissa is the best of this era and Layla certain… @kdmercy1 @TheHHDiva @Claressashields franchon and Clarissa know I have a secret crush on them @JoshuaMMang One of the great Jewish boxers of all time he and Tony canzoneri were classic fights those on here sho… @WilliamDettloff @MatthewAguilar5 He ain't no Johnny Carson @Jrockboxing The original was a million times better than the remake @BoxingCertified @boxingscene Oh Vey @BoxingCertified @TheHHDiva @Claressashields @kdmercy1 Girls can't punch😁😁😁😁 j/ Seldin wins in 26 SECONDS in Oklahoma #Boxing
Retweeted by Ron KatzLet’s go @LifeOfCletus 🥊#HammaTime #HebrewHammer
Retweeted by Ron Katz @jamesgogue Only 3 people call me Ronnie ..u my late mom and my wife. ..😂😂😂 . @jamesgogue If you don't have had movement nothing matters you're still going to get hit in the chops
@BarrySnoz @LifeOfCletus I guess you can give Theresa Caputo a run for her money @kellymgorham @pomara_matt @BWGSteelersNY @CoreBTSLI @fightforcharity If that's your boxing stance I'll make sure I… @Mike__Dhcf The majority of fighters in this day and age have none or very little head movement because there are v… @pomara_matt @BarrySnoz @LifeOfCletus @espn @danrafaelespn @fightforcharity My best was Aaron Burr Alexander Hamilton @pomara_matt @BarrySnoz @LifeOfCletus @espn @danrafaelespn @fightforcharity Muhammad never forgave me @pomara_matt @BarrySnoz @LifeOfCletus @espn @danrafaelespn @fightforcharity I'm doing last 3 @KnuckleheadSean 1992...all 1 round KO's and Mouse wasn't even one of them @pomara_matt @BarrySnoz @LifeOfCletus @espn @danrafaelespn @fightforcharity You know yet what bout you are? @pomara_matt @BarrySnoz @LifeOfCletus @espn @danrafaelespn @fightforcharity I promise not to hit you in the head bu… @pomara_matt @BarrySnoz @LifeOfCletus @espn @danrafaelespn Unlike what your opponent said about you for Monday.. @IceJohnScully If it was me and Bos it could go either way @MartySmithESPN Just want to let you know you were a terrific listen yesterday on @TMKSESPN I really enjoyed the interview. @BoxingCertified Sometimes the flavor of the month goes sour @BoxingCertified What the hell are you doing up so early you're not in the Army anymore @BoxingCertified That happens when your guys are in all high-profile fights @PitchInk @BoxingCertified So are you saying all those late-night calls Whispering sweet nothings to you didn't mean a thing?