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Ron Katz @rkmatchmaker Long Island, NY

Star Boxing Matchmaker, formerly with Top Rank and Sugar Ray Leonard. NY Boxing HOF member, 43 years as a Matchmaker.

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@SarahSmile_81 As usual @SarahSmile_81 Brisket and Ribs? @1hollywoodHart 😂😂😂😂
@Woodsy1069 @ShowtimeBoxing @DeBlaz neophyte!!!! @1hollywoodHart Better yet....what if Phil is waiting for you...but that's really funny @CompuBox When the hell are you going to a real expert....Katz!!!! @OysterBayBomber lol @OysterBayBomber @NYNYBaseballPod @mroctober let him know i send my regards @MatthewAguilar5 @boxing_esq Seeing I made the fight I
@BoxingCertified I am very impressed @BoxingCertified lykwtfyata
@my81babyblue yes @RagingBabe very good....blank stare @RagingBabe @OysterBayBomber Where did u leave my VIP tickets for today's game? @AndyP792 Main event although never in doubt was a really good action fight @CoachLRJ Like u have any brain cells left to allow u to think @PitchInk @emilyboxing Not since you went Gluten Free @TirarGolpes @cheeks8888 fair pointGGG lost 4 things last night, the fight, his belts, his undefeated record, and his title reign streak, I'd be a little upset too @OysterBayBomber They get timely hits like they score a fight....coincidence? @MatthewAguilar5 Don had a run where he put on really terrific undercard matches but he also had a longer run where his shows were dreadful @emilyboxing That is correct and David Diamante also is exclusive @RagingBabe Awwww ditto @Pumas4myfeet @OysterBayBomber But Wally had the best line....didn't get out of the 3rd...spit my water @RagingBabe Big ticket stellar, he's with Real Deal @RagingBabe Good puncher has fought very poor opposition thus far @OysterBayBomber lol...this is why u need to get paid the big bucks....who else would come out with that line @OysterBayBomber lol....I thought for sure Weisfeld would go GGG being Harold is his mentor2 guys used completely different strategies and came away with belts...Canelo and Shawn Porter. Gotta love our sport. @OysterBayBomber They did seem pro Canelo for most of the night for sure @OysterBayBomber Why so little? @OysterBayBomber Who took a worse beating tonight: GGG, Canelo, or CC? @JohnnyCamp10 Why? It was a very close fight I think most people would say that. @OysterBayBomber Stop with the 2 point round...your so punchyGGG sure didn't look like the older fighter in the later rounds did he.This rivalry is right up there with the likes of Leonard-Hearns, Pep-Saddler, Zale-Graziano, and more recently Gatt… was witnessed tonight was 2 exceptional fighters who showed skill. heart, and character in what turned out to…
@Lightning_JL @BoxingCertified lol @BoxingCertified Damn racist @Lightning_JL @BoxingCertified complete fraud just got out of mental asylum
@Culture66666 @RagingBabe lol @Culture66666 @RagingBabe I told u not to say anything whatyya got diarrhea of the mouth?Oh if only the fight was as good as the weigh in most of the time... @KnuckleheadSean @RagingBabe lmaooooooooooooo I can actually do that now @Lightning_JL It may be gone but the memories will never, ever be forgotten @RagingBabe Address please? @RagingBabe ty for translating @OysterBayBomber rme @PitchInk @spike_osullivan Sorry kid it's not your night @Allaboutboxing @SarahSmile_81 @emilyboxing wow where u been @Gabriel_Montoya Why....great idea!!! @CoachLRJ fine ty @Gabriel_Montoya Bizarre, nuts, crazy...I guess for dinosaurs like me it's the sign of the will be inter… @LukieBoxing @paolovega The landscape of Boxing has dramatically changed in recent times @CoachLRJ jump off Hoover Dam @SarahSmile_81 @emilyboxing Well to be tactfully correct, it's an Urban term which means just putting the tip of u… @leewylieboxing lol @GLITTERROAD @leewylieboxing @HBOboxing @maxkellerman @GoldenBoyBoxing @TomLoeffler1 @BTSportBoxing He learned from the @SarahSmile_81 @emilyboxing You don't wanna know Sarrie... @GLITTERROAD @leewylieboxing @HBOboxing @maxkellerman @GoldenBoyBoxing @TomLoeffler1 @BTSportBoxing lol...Lee knows… @leewylieboxing @HBOboxing @maxkellerman @GoldenBoyBoxing @TomLoeffler1 @BTSportBoxing As usual way off the markGeeze just watched the clip of @spike_osullivan at the undercard presser...I want this guy in a fox hole with me @TeronBriggs @BoxingCertified I didn't even need @BoxingCertified to back me up although it wouldn't have much back… @TeronBriggs @BoxingCertified I have witnesses pal @BoxingCertified Whooo-Haaaa @BoxingCertified U better have back up...Semper Fi eats grunts for breakfast @BoxingCertified I beat up Ray Mercer in a street fight...always found Army guys to be easy pickings @BoxingCertified Murray was with us for a little bit, lost to Pal Park in 1st defense I believe in a great fight bo… @SugarRayLeonard U were terrific on Match the hell out of me when I saw you @leewylieboxing He wouldn't laid a glove on Benny Leonard @BoxingCertified not entirely true...Hagler/Hearns was in that period...168 division was created in 1984...Murray S…
@BoxingCertified u r so full of shit ur ass @BoxingCertified not even close @BoxingCertified You will never get it...😂😂😂 @BoxingCertified yasfosyah
@BoxingCertified 😂😂😂 @BoxingCertified ngaswyt
@leewylieboxing I thought u were on holiday?
@RagingBabe @snboxing @PeltzBoxing @bradleyajacobs @fightingwords2 What weight does he fight at?
@boxingrich @PitchInk @dunkindonuts lol @PitchInk lolE1 knew Garcia-Porter was a flip a coin match and it turned out that way, not the prettiest at times but the judges… of a Heavyweigh fight between Kowanacki and Martin, Kownacki the modern day version of Jake LaMotta, relentles… at least I watched all the fights on DVRWhy am I up? @RagingBabe Zzzzzzzzzzzz @MsCourtneyAnneS How ya feeling?
@Lightning_JL @leewylieboxing 😂😂😂 @BoxingCertified Both punch like power @BoxingCertified Garcia W12 @BoxingCertified You know what happens when u think @BoxingCertified Cardi B and Nikki are white? Damn... @leewylieboxing Lee, can you breakdown the mating rituals of the Bonobos for me please...thanksWhy are all these people who are rappers always fighting with each other? I don't get it....guess I'm too old...long live Metal
@RealMichaelKay Michael I've spent many a night with Joe Tessitore when he called the fights on ESPN. Your descrip… @OysterBayBomber Drive me in
@kelley_AK Use that as inspiration to complete my portrait....😂😂 @BoxingCertified 😂😂😂
@BoxingCertified I don't think a Boxing book in crayon would sell