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Ron Katz @rkmatchmaker Long Island, NY

Star Boxing Matchmaker, formerly with Top Rank and Sugar Ray Leonard. NY Boxing HOF member, 43 years as a Matchmaker.

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I can live with 97-93Well I'll say this I can't argue about who won the fight but giving Molina one round is outrageousI mean how hard is it to add up score cardsMan this decision is taking too longYou know what's great about fight night here on Twitter I don't have to see any damn political comments about this… @MartinMulcahey It was entertaining there doesn't have to always be an end game if you're trying to draw in new fan… @Jmizzone @SmelOdiesOG Lol @Jmizzone @SmelOdiesOG Go make some gravy @MartinMulcahey @realjohnelaw ????? These guys threw down for 10 rds??? @cheeks8888 @HRamirezBoxing Which is why sometimes the looks of one's body can be very deceiving it doesn't necessa… is going to be an interesting decision @realjohnelaw 1000% correct @MatthewAguilar5 I think he should take the name Alien because he looks a little like one LOL @Jmizzone @SmelOdiesOG Jo this is a heck of a fightI don't know about you guys but I got Molina winning this fight it's close but I got him a head @DaxxKahn He may look like he's out of shape but he's not fighting like he's out of shapeAs usual great refereeing by Jack Reise letting these two guys do their thingMan figueroa has some chin @DaxxKahn @Woodsy1069 But the other guy is still a dangerous guy and when he lands clean you can see the effect it has on MolinaThis is what I love about Joe Goossen he speaks in terms that the average fan or non fan can understand using creat… @MatthewAguilar5 What a pleasing bastard huh MatthewMolina really looks like he's starting to come on in this fightA casual sports fan who might not really be into boxing that much and doesn't know these guys might become a fan of… has turned into one hell of a fight @DaxxKahn He definitely felt that right in but Figueroa just landed a really terrific right of his own on Molina @Allaboutboxing Nice battle going onThese two guys are really giving it their all, no let-up in the action after 4 rounds good stuffGood action from Molina and Figueroa both guys working very hardI'll tell you what I can't wait to see Sebastian Fundora again forget about what he looks like he is so pleasing to watch @Pumas4myfeet @MatthewAguilar5 And his opponent was the prey @Woodsy1069 It's really a terrific listen Mike and both guys are very very knowledgeableJoe Goossen is really starting to come into his own as a color guy and he and Lennox Lewis really are working well…
@Culture66666 I'm a dog guy @kelley_AK I also had faith in someone who will go unnamed at one timeThere is something nostalgic about watching a fight on Free TV looking forward to tonight @BoxingCertified @TheFightCity @NufInspired Michael you son-of-a-gun how are you doing hope everything is goodAnother cover I have of Ring
I saw people posting Ring magazine covers here's one for you @Buzzbeyond @Tom_Gray_Boxing lol OK @robbiboxing @Tom_Gray_Boxing lol...I know I was busting them @CoachLRJ Don't you worry about my Yankees just worry about eating right and finding a real girl (not one that you have to inflate). @Tom_Gray_Boxing Where's Jack Broughton and Ted Lewis?Wow the fallout over Amazon here in NY is crazy, the local merchants in Long Island City are very, very upset. It w… @Culture66666 @MailOnline Good for him I thought he was in on it @BoxingCertified @BoxerJoeGrim @TrisDixon @TommyClohessy You got it Tommy I'm very impressed and I thought you only knew Pizza @BoxerJoeGrim @TrisDixon Fascinating individual
@kelley_AK @JohnnyWBoxing @Woodsy1069 lol @JohnnyWBoxing @Woodsy1069 @kelley_AK yeah when she gets around to doing it....muhahahaha @EditinKing @paolovega When men were men in our sport and how about the call of Tim Ryan and Gil Clancy, 2 of the best @ClintDiewold Lol @ClintDiewold And stop ruining my @ClintDiewold I think because he was really a Welterweight and fought many great Heavyweights and was also never of… @Juliusthechef1 Only if your son makes it or I'm not eating!!! @OHaraSports or back to the Nationals @OHaraSports I'm betting Philly signs himWay to go AOC, Cuomo, and DeBlasi, for driving Amazon out of LIC and 25,000 jobs. Unreal if what I read is actually… amazes me that no one has picked up Byrce Harper or Manny Machado yet. @BoxingCertified correct you are @JesusAldana2 Come on use the in Milkman @davesportsgod lol @JesusAldana2 Nice try kid but not right @Jmizzone NOT APPROVED!!!Trtivia time again!!! Here we go: I was a top contender who faced a who's who in the Welterweight and Middleweight… @MatthewAguilar5 woulda coulda shoulda @MsCourtneyAnneS @davesportsgod lol...only if you move in @TrisDixon That is correct but someone already got it well done @WhatsYourAtMate Ohhhh....almost...sorry kid not your night @bloggerboxing3 close...nice try @PunchZoneAris yes sir Mr. Gibbons beat you to the punch @KnuckleheadSean Mr. X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Your a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Here's another trivia for you: I was a world Champion, my nickname was Irish but I didn't celebrate St. Patricks Day....who am I? @davesportsgod finally got the answer right to me trivia question of who historians thought was the toughest boxer… @davesportsgod You have won my mortgage Dave....bravo you get the gold medal @puttinontheliss That is a very very funny movie @davesportsgod By the way his claim of never having been knocked down was disputed by historians it is true he was never knocked out @davesportsgod No but you're in the right neighborhoodI'll give you a hint he was a heavyweight but not really he was a welterweight @davesportsgod Nice try Dave.....bzzzzzz @RPopBox I have that one in HD nice try @BoxingFreak247 Um no lol @tylerbox12 Nope @HadeerZ Comedy always appreciated at this hour of the night @RPopBox In due time and no you are not getting a copy of my Greb fight film @MiraSorvino I know what it's like and you've got them @THEKILLABEE24 Nope it's almost an impossible question @RPopBox Not even close pop @leewylieboxing You're up early @bigmediabuzz NopeI bet my mortgage that if I asked you according to historians who was the toughest boxer of all time no one would come up with the answer @DannyBonavena She played very well @DannyBonavena Jodi Shadoff is leading @THEKILLABEE24 @OysterBayBomber Si @DannyBonavena Well I know Karrie Webb is second I forgot the name of the young lady that is leading @OysterBayBomber You should bring them to our weigh in next Thursday at Modell's in Huntington Station @msmelissae @JohnnyWBoxing That looks awesome and now you have made me hungry thank you very muchSo I can't sleep and I'm watching LPGA golf on the Golf Channel? @Woodsy1069 He is very talented. There are a few very talented artists here on Twitter. @OysterBayBomber @stonybrooku So when am I coming to give my talk?