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Barrie McDermott 🏉 @RLBarrieMc10 Gods back Garden Oldham 🐝

Family 1st, Rugby League, Super League & ridiculous challenges! Ambassador for @StevePrescott1 & @janesappeal chat a bit on TV No such word as can’t #1273

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@LeaRobertsComic @ThebfgGazza @emmo99 @PaulBoardie @jamiesutherland @WillieMiller60 @bignorms @DWindass10 @Parky08 @LeaRobertsComic @ThebfgGazza @emmo99 @PaulBoardie @jamiesutherland @WillieMiller60 @bignorms @DWindass10 @Parky08 @alanhunte @emmo99 @briers6 @OptimalSC @willcarling @BBCJohnBeattie @noseybesom @GrantStottOnAir @RonaJCampbell1 @murf_mark @TheRFL Thanks Mark 🙏🏽 @SherAndLil @murf_mark @TheRFL 🤞🏽 @bigjstevens @SkySportsRL @TerryOC17677648 Good on ya pal stay safe hopefully catch you soon. Thanks for standing o…
@NNickcot @TheRFL 🙏🏽 thanks Nick @SuzanneArmstr20 @TheRFL @KeithSenior4 🙏🏽 thanks Suzanne
Stay at home - shop safely and securely via 💻📱🛒 Use our comparison tool or send us a quest…
Retweeted by Barrie McDermott 🏉 @LeighCenturions Thanks lobby gobblers that’s very kind of you although not that friendly of a welcome from blokes… @JohnMUFC20 @henrypaulrugby @RHunterPaul @briers6 @DannyMcguire6 @PScully13 @suppliesmk @JiffyRugby @HitmanHandle 1… @briers6 @OptimalSC @willcarling @BBCJohnBeattie @noseybesom @GrantStottOnAir @RonaJCampbell1 @alisonwuhi for your kind words Vowlesy ❤️ although your memory is fading @AdrianVowles13 you’re getting very mixed up i… you are a Rugby League person please join the challenge of posting an RL photo. Just one picture, no description… @drmickmolloy Not sure Michael I never saw him again
@Bethanniejane Me too you are a Rugby League person please join the challenge of posting an RL photo. Just one picture, no description… @RLBarrieMc10 Ha, that disciplinary list at the back of the book still makes me laugh every time!
Retweeted by Barrie McDermott 🏉 @TheTrevorHunt I still tried it.... @TheTrevorHunt @yepnewspaper You had to go some for a red card back then Trev @PeterSmithYEP @YEPSportsdesk @leedsrhinos I feel much better now Pete 😇😈 @PScully13 @drrobgilbert 3rd test 2001 we should’ve won that game Scully 😖 @twadder71 @veeno64 @danscully8 @jakescully7 @PScully13 @clocheetham @james_barran @tyrer_cian @JamesMc____ just sorting through some photos and found these from a few months ago. Made me smile but the legend…
Retweeted by Barrie McDermott 🏉One for you @RLBarrieMc10 @chevwalker @RichardMathers @DannyMcguire6 @Rob7Burrow @BAILS168 @Ryan5Hall @brettdelaney15 - spread the word
Retweeted by Barrie McDermott 🏉8. Roughest #TezNewton 9. Love to hate @henrypaulrugby @RHunterPaul 10. Maverick @briers6 11. Cool under pressure… @twadder71 @HitmanHandle @Rob7Burrow @martinoffiah @JamiePeacock10 🇮🇪 @briers6 @TommyFleetwood1 Great bloke loved listening to him @briers6 Correct Briersy 😂 @twadder71 @HitmanHandle @Rob7Burrow @martinoffiah @JamiePeacock10 Sometimes applauding but most of the time cursing you 😇😈 @chevwalker A beautiful afro it was as well @chevwalker I’m ready! #RugbyLeagueTakeOverDay @SaintAde1266 @HitmanHandle @Rob7Burrow @twadder71 @martinoffiah @JamiePeacock10 It’s my list not yours! @SaintAde1266 @HitmanHandle @Rob7Burrow @twadder71 @martinoffiah @JamiePeacock10 @twadder71 🙄
Answers @HitmanHandle 1. Toughest player #Moz 2. Strongest player @Rob7Burrow 3. Most talented player @twadder71 @briers6 Holy mowly there’s some baby faces only that clip @Goulding7 @briers6 #EddieHemmings 👶🏽🎙️ Did you miss episode 1⃣ of our new daily podcast? 🏌️‍♂️ @TommyFleetwood1 joined @SkySports #rugbyleague experts…
Retweeted by Barrie McDermott 🏉Always a tough game against @Halifax_RLFC at the Shay @NCLiddle @MartinSLewis ThanksFrom 30 March we're TEMPORARILY introducing weekly general waste collections in #Oldham due to the #coronavirus cri…
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Any chance of an RT ⁦@Mark_Flash_Flan⁩ ⁦@RLBarrieMc10⁩ ⁦@kevfitz21⁩ for my nephews u7’s Rugby team #oldhamhour ⁦…
Retweeted by Barrie McDermott 🏉 @SuperLeaguePod Excellent thanks Mark I’ll pass that on enjoy Sunday it’s wall to wall RLFascinating read - Where are they now? beef with flowing blond locks @KeithSenior4 @EmCobRedone latest @Mantality podcast is available now. Listen to @Ste_Ward speaking with Rhinos favourite @RLBarrieMc10
Retweeted by Barrie McDermott 🏉Golf superstar and #RugbyLeague fan @TommyFleetwood1 joined Brian Carney & guests for the inaugural episode of Gold…
Retweeted by Barrie McDermott 🏉We are heartbroken to hear of the death of Lion number 276 Frank Myler, the last Briton to raise the #rugbyleague A…
Retweeted by Barrie McDermott 🏉🐐 @millsjim44 🙏🏽 RIP Frank @mike93200984 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 @barratt_andy @twadder71 @Marksheals @stevekerryworld @OllyRuss6 @briseyb @Roughyeds @Giantsrl @BigEorl Not sure ab… @DesThorpe @barratt_andy Joe Warburton just confirmed to me Tries: Christie,2.Gibson. Bloem, Goals: Kerry,2. Atte… @DesThorpe @barratt_andy Did we win Des? @JJSPropertySvs @barratt_andy @twadder71 @Marksheals @stevekerryworld @OllyRuss6 @briseyb @Roughyeds @Giantsrl👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 outstanding @barratt_andy 🤔 absolutely no idea I would’ve been 20 years old they look like two good sides though @twadder71
@leonpryce6 @SuperLeaguePod Effortlessly awesome mate made the game look easy! Hope you’re ok Leon @Rod_Studd @TaylerBeers @leedsrhinos @TheChallengeCup @TOXIII It was a tactical ploy to make the final more of a co… @Rod_Studd @TaylerBeers @leedsrhinos @TheChallengeCup @TOXIII You’re the only two people that didn’t thank me for t… @SuperLeaguePod Just for the record my favourite FB to play with was world class as a centre too @RichardMathers @leedsrhinos @TheChallengeCup @TOXIII @TaylerBeers @leedsrhinos @TheChallengeCup @TOXIII Stevo you shouldn’t bet on dead certs it’s a mugs game just ask @Rod_Studd @leedsrhinos @TheChallengeCup @TOXIII I still say it went over! THIS DAY - March 25, 2010🗓️ @Cougarmania and @BatleyRLFC clashed in an absolute mud bath at Cougar Park🌧️ Temp…
Retweeted by Barrie McDermott 🏉 @SkySportsRL @Cougarmania @BatleyRLFC Having had time to think about my own question 🤔.... I’d definitely hit Tez O… spoke to Robert Elstone - asked if clubs were being forced to make pay cuts. He said ‘It’s a matter for them b…
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A great initiative by @PremEducationUK @PremSport_WCSH ..a great free tool for parents with young children over the…
Retweeted by Barrie McDermott 🏉Do the right thing everyone. Stay at home, enjoy time with your family & keep healthy. The quicker we all do this,…
Retweeted by Barrie McDermott 🏉🎙️ Episode 8⃣ of our Golden Point podcast is now online. 🗣️ @briers6 is our guest this week to discuss some of…
Retweeted by Barrie McDermott 🏉 @cazmaxwby @itsfunnyrugby We would need plenty of food
My recipe for Manchester Massive Mac Sauce 200g Ketchup 200g Mayonnaise 30g Dijon Mustard 1 Teaspoon Paprika (Opti…
Retweeted by Barrie McDermott 🏉 @RedVeeDotNet @DavidRigby5 @PeterElder74 @KevCunningham1 @stesmudge I’ll give you my favourite (least favourite whe… @cbd1uk @RLBarrieMc10 @RichardMathers @SHINNySHOwLIVe Thank you for my delivery last week really appreciate it 🤗
Retweeted by Barrie McDermott 🏉Feeling a little up & down with recent events? 🤕 You are not alone. 🙏🏼 This too shall pass! 🌿 Clouds will part &…
Retweeted by Barrie McDermott 🏉In January Stevie & I had a reyt good chat around the mindsets in RL & beyond it was a cracking hour or so with a l…
Retweeted by Barrie McDermott 🏉 @EmCobRedone @KeithSenior4 👴🏻 @KeithSenior4 My gosh Keef 😳 Sieg Heil @EmCobRedone
This time next week we'll be showing the first ever game in #SuperLeague history as part of a whole day of Rugby Le…
Retweeted by Barrie McDermott 🏉 @davidniu7 Crazy times Dave but yes all good you too take care buddy hopefully see you soon🤞🏽 @USA_Tomahawks @England_RL @PaulAnderson_17 @vassy13 @davidniu7 @PScully13 @leonpryce6 @JamiePeacock10 @csheridan29 @Lot_17a Sargent slaughter aka Jeff Preston was my favourite American RL player of all time @d_wardy17 was a huge fan 🇺🇸A @Mantality podcast with @RLBarrieMc10 for those missing RL and interested in the mindset of one of the fiercest c…
Retweeted by Barrie McDermott 🏉Social Distancing Run...staying fit, staying sane but more importantly, staying apart! @RLBarrieMc10
Retweeted by Barrie McDermott 🏉 @19_locker That’s how much faster than you I am.... January Stevie & I had a reyt good chat around the mindsets in RL & beyond it was a cracking hour or so with a l… @GaryCarter_1979 @SkySportsFraser @leedsrhinos @Rob7Burrow 🐕And he’s finished! 3hr 18 mins! #SirKev @leedsrhinos @Rob7Burrow
Retweeted by Barrie McDermott 🏉Keep going #SirKev. About 10k to go! 🏃‍♂️💪 @leedsrhinos
Retweeted by Barrie McDermott 🏉 @whittakerdesig1 @Barrowthonman @SkySportsFraser @Rob7Burrow @leedsrhinos @live_oldham @KellyTattersall @mahdloyz he’s off! Kevin Sinfield begins his marathon in aid of @Rob7Burrow 🏃‍♂️🏉 @leedsrhinos
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@Rob7Burrow @NetflixUK They aren’t the recommendations you gave me? tune WONDERWASH c’mon you know LG x
Retweeted by Barrie McDermott 🏉 @TLCRF80mins @RochdaleHornets Logan EdwardsWe all need a ‘feel-good’ story right now ! 10 weeks ago @michaelfats was facing a very uncertain future, paralyse…
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@jswood1971 Our tea was delicious thanks again 🥩It’s easy at times like this to focus on your own situation but it’s important to appreciate our NHS, Police & Fire… @KeithSenior4 @EmCobRedone @RLCares @Offload_RL That’s in my beard phase @KeithSenior4 This is why you don’t smile.... @Lot_17a @Lot_17a As I’ve always said @DannyMcguire6 on a plate for you....