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The Western Conference Playoffs have concluded! @UNTEsports and @EsportsLSU both qualify for the #CRL21 Spring Ch…'s ALL @UNTEsports! The Western Conference Champions produce an absolutely dominant performance against… Final bound πŸ‘Š @EsportsLSU find their stride, take down @UTDEsports, and stay alive in the Western Playoffs!… mode activated πŸ˜… #CRL21 πŸ“Ί: πŸš€: secured β˜‘οΈ @luciuhh finishes the double tap to push @UNTEsports into the Grand Final! #CRL21 πŸ“Ί:… PLAYS ON LOCK πŸ”’ #CRL21 πŸ“Ί: πŸš€: gets creative as @EsportsLSU begin their night with a comfortable 4 game sweep! #CRL21 πŸ“Ί:… PERFECT read 🀯 #CRL21 πŸ“Ί: πŸš€:
The #CRL21 Western Conference Playoffs are here! With the final 2 spots in the Spring Championship on the line you… 5 #CRL21 PLAYS from week 5 are here πŸ™Œ INSANE goals from @Buddy_RL / Pirates from @NorthwoodEsport,…
Retweeted by Rocket League EsportsWhen you think there’s nothing certain in this world, there is one thing we can assure you about. The…
Retweeted by Rocket League EsportsThat wraps up the Eastern Conference Playoffs! @NorthwoodEsport and @ZipsEsports both qualify for the #CRL21 Spri… wasn't having it πŸ˜‚ #CRL21 SURPRISE SHOT πŸ‘€ #CRL21 πŸ“Ί: πŸš€:πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ @tristanpdf #CRL21 πŸ“Ί: πŸš€: advance to the Grand Final after taking down @ZipsEsports in dominant fashion! #CRL21 πŸ“Ί:… time, perfect place 😎 #CRL21 πŸ“Ί: πŸš€:πŸ‘‰ Backwards first touch πŸ‘‰ Double tap πŸ‘‰ Goal @unwise_pirates strikes on the solo play! #CRL21 πŸ“Ί:… An. Angle. 😀 #CRL21 πŸ“Ί: πŸš€:'s time for the #CRL21 Eastern Conference Playoffs! 2 spots in the Spring Championship are up for grabs. πŸ“Ί:…
Episode 8 of #FirstTouch is now on YouTube! @iDazerin, @RollDizz, and @T3Bates are joined by @Esports_Cory to disc… #CRL21 Conference Playoffs kick off today! Check out a preview, brought to you by @eFuseOfficial, of some of t…'s this week's schedule! The #CRL Conference Playoffs, CRL Spring Championship, and the #RLCSX South American…🚨 IT'S OFFICIAL 🚨 Level Next & @PsyonixStudios have come together to bring you our biggest event yet for college s…
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While some teams haven't quite lived up to the expectations placed upon them heading into the season, others in…
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#V1RL The goal that put us in the Spring Major! Let's go @Gimmickrl @Torment @RL_Comm @Fireburner #RLCSX
Retweeted by Rocket League EsportsOceanic #RLCSX Spring Split Major Champions πŸ† Congratulations, @GroundZeroOCE! πŸ… @AmphisR πŸ… @ExpressRL_ πŸ…β€¦ @AmphisR things... #RLCSX πŸ“Ί: πŸš€: more series, One more victory, One last opponent. The Oceanic Spring #RLCSX Major Grand Finals is just minutes…
Retweeted by Rocket League EsportsTHEY'VE DONE IT! πŸŽ‰ Cringe Society move to the Grand Final AND qualify for the Oceanic #RLCSX Championship with a w… 7 INCOMING β˜„οΈ #RLCSX πŸ“Ί: πŸš€: AN ANGLE 😱 @Fever_RL is brilliant! #RLCSX πŸ“Ί: πŸš€: WE GO IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS Live VS Cringe Society #RNGFAM #RNGWIN #RNGRL #RLCSX πŸ“Ί:…
Retweeted by Rocket League Esports.@GroundZeroOCE snag ANOTHER last second goal to punch their ticket into the Grand Final! #RLCSX πŸ“Ί:… goals 🀝 @AmphisR #RLCSX πŸ“Ί: πŸš€:!?! @Misty_RL #RLCSX πŸ“Ί: πŸš€: with the SPIKE πŸ‘€ Cringe Society complete a perfect sweep to take down @CanberraHavoc! #RLCSX πŸ“Ί:…! #RLCSX πŸ“Ί: πŸš€: ZERO-SECOND STOP βœ‹ A dominant performance from @DireWolves advances them to the Semifinals! #RLCSX πŸ“Ί:… games, 8 goals. @AmphisR is UNSTOPPABLE 😳 #RLCSX πŸ“Ί: πŸš€: Playoffs are set for the Oceanic #RLCSX Spring Split Major! A spot in the OCE RLCS X Championship is on the li…
Group Stage complete βœ… Tomorrow we crown a Champion. #RLCSX, SET, MATCH 😀 @Mindfreak secure the #2 Seed in Group B! #RLCSX πŸ“Ί: πŸš€:… refuse to go to overtime and steal Game 2 with the 0 second goal from @Snowy_RL! #RLCSX πŸ“Ί:… HIGH πŸ‘† FOR @Julz_rl! #RLCSX πŸ“Ί: πŸš€: of chat voted against them, but @Mindfreak dominated the latter half of the series to take it 3-1! #RLCSX πŸ’₯ #RLCSX πŸ“Ί: πŸš€: OFF HOT πŸ”₯ @Renegades strike first with a drop-down pass from @KamiiRL to @CJCJ_RL! #RLCSX πŸ“Ί:… SETUP 😲 @AmphisR beats the remaining defense and lets @ExpressRL_ handle the rest! #RLCSX πŸ“Ί:… @CorruptedGabe Let's goo 🀝THE @SPYDOGE SLOW PLAY 😏 #RLCSX πŸ“Ί: πŸš€:'s time for the Oceanic #RLCSX Spring Split Major! The Group Stage kicks off right now, see you there πŸ‘‹ πŸ“Ί:…
What does being an "Esports Director" entail at @ZipsEsports πŸ€” @Sleegi was able to chat with @Nate_Meeker to get…
Retweeted by Rocket League Esports @GoJamesbotGo Thanks for being a part of it all 🀝❀️The Oceanic #RLCS Spring Split Major begins today! Check out some of the biggest storylines before Oceania's best… @Liefx ❀️ @KarmahTV Thank you for being such a great player ❀️ @StumpyGoblin dude ❀️😭 thank you for all your hard work over the years. @SteamFyre That's awesome! Tell him we say hi πŸ‘‹ @LiquipediaRL Gotta keep grinding 😀 @1Necrosis1 🀝 glad to have ya hereA huge thank you to everyone that's ever watched, participated, or simply followed along with the RLCS on Twitter.… @rljupeii This is also trueCrazy that it's already been five years of the #RLCS πŸ€―πŸŽ‰ Time sure does fly when you're having fun βš½οΈπŸš— @Cheataah ok @Cheataah why @Renital_427 What a save! @RLOceania 🀝 @Renital_427 Stop πŸ›‘ πŸ˜‚ @SubParButInHD niceNice 😎 closes out Week 5 of #CRL21 League Play! Here's how the Eastern and Western Conference standings look with on… AND STYLE 🀩 #CRL21 πŸ“Ί: πŸš€: secured πŸ‘Š @UTDEsports boost their chances to make playoffs after finishing League Play with an 11-7 record!… minds think alike πŸ˜‚ #CRL21 PRE-JUMP PASS πŸ”₯ #CRL21 πŸ“Ί: πŸš€: you for your patience. Servers have recovered and we’ll be continuing the #CRL21 broadcast soon!
HE CAN'T BE STOPPED 😀 @brignac_brohn keeps the goals coming to give @EsportsLSU their 10th win of the season!… PERFECT TOUCH 🀯 #CRL21 πŸ“Ί: πŸš€: 🀒 #CRL21 πŸ“Ί: πŸš€: WINNER πŸ’ͺ @UOEsports inch closer to top 4 in the West after taking down @UTDEsports in 5! #CRL21 πŸ“Ί:… MPH?! πŸ‘€ @GhstRL and @DaltonCadieu find each other for an absolute BOOMER of a shot. #CRL21 πŸ“Ί:…'ve reached Week 5 of #CRL21 League Play! The race to playoffs is nearing the end and tonight's matches are cru…
...did you all really just make #Mickeymoon trend? πŸ­πŸŒ‘
The Battle of the Bulls Cinematic Cut is LIVE! Tune in now to watch the Battle of the Bulls matches from siiick ne… in today at 4 p.m. PT (11 p.m. UTC) for the Battle of the Bulls Cinematic Cut! It's all the Battle of the Bul… 7 of #FirstTouch is now on YouTube! @iDazerin, @RollDizz, and @T3Bates discuss topics from all over Rocket… week's #CRL21 TOP 5 PLAYS has @its_vitali from @DCLordsEsports taking the #1 spot with his overtime goal again…
Retweeted by Rocket League EsportsHere's this week's schedule! We've got #CRL League Play and the Oceanic #RLCSX Spring Split Regional Major coming… is surreal
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Competitive Ruling - Spacestation Gaming: Competitive Ruling - Retals: have released two competitive rulings in regards to yesterday's administrator call during the Semifinal match be… CHAMPIONS πŸ† @Envy takes the win in a thrilling, seven-game series! #RLCSX
πŸ†πŸ†REGIONAL CHAMPIONS!πŸ†πŸ† @FURIA takes their first title under the name of FURIA and are now crowned REGIONAL CHAMPI…
Retweeted by Rocket League EsportsTHE OT DAGGER πŸ—‘οΈ @ArsenalRL buries the double tap to tie up the Semifinals. #RLCSX update πŸ˜‚ fans rn #RLCSX🚨 GAME 7 ALERT 🚨 #RLCSX TEAM TO BEAT? NO PROBLEM FOR @SquishyMuffinz πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ #RLCSX 🧹 @Envy coasts to the Semifinals. And yes, @CallumTheShogun accidentally said Alpine πŸ˜‚ #RLCSX