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jackson @RLINEFPS Frisco, TX

valorant f/a, pan/enby (they/them)

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Retweeted by jackson @josslockwood really?? fuck me, that’s awful. i used to love their music. thanks for letting me know. gonna remove… @josslockwood wait who’s a predator i’m out of the loop @awhnutss yes!! please!!!!
accidentally hit my aimkey on @Ninja's stream lol
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@el_jack0 @Ninja @giciitv my duo 4 lyfe xoxoaccidentally hit my aimkey on @Ninja's stream lol
I've been doing this for a while in private now, but COVID kinda messed up my family's financial situation so I'm j…
Retweeted by jacksonTell me im wrong, doublefuckingdog dare u to
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time for a fresh start @ARIANARCHIST yo 😎
the solo queue demon strikes today 😈good morning i am now a morning person i am going to click so many fucking heads today
pov ur my gf watching me play roblox
Retweeted by jacksonhaving a mental breakdown over the 1975 and the simulation theory don’t text
Retweeted by jackson @megasofer DANNY SAYS WE’RE LIVING IN A SIMULATION @witnessgg met him a few months ago and he’s the nicest kid too. i genuinely hope he keeps grinding and goes far.
literally so free like a free sample at costco @giciitv @fgbVAL how did i see this tweet and instantly know he was talking about you @rizy_v1 @el_jack0 @7eVaNM @Romsecrets @MatthewCElmore @xCeeD_CS @juv3nileow only other popoff to come remotely clo… @tripjacksen hell yeah sweet 😎 @el_jack0 @rizy_v1 @7eVaNM @Romsecrets @MatthewCElmore @xCeeD_CS i remember the first LAN i ever played back in 201… @tripjacksen what time? i might try and stop by :) @el_jack0 @rizy_v1 @7eVaNM @Romsecrets @MatthewCElmore @xCeeD_CS i can picture this event in my head vividly without even being there LMAO
literally boxed. so free. no earnings. he’s lost. rotating facebook. dog water. @chloe_hime7 @hastr0 @MattWhitehouse_ @dekay “the only thing you’ve qual’d for is a nursing home” a modern day fucking poet @chloe_hime7 @hastr0 @MattWhitehouse_ @dekay @chloe_hime7 @hastr0 @MattWhitehouse_ @dekay aim labs is free. its wednesday. gotta take out the trash. boxed like amazon prime. @chloe_hime7 @hastr0 @MattWhitehouse_ @dekay freer than food in a dumpster. no earnings. walking big pot. freer than mcdonalds wifi. @chloe_hime7 @hastr0 @MattWhitehouse_ @dekay boxed like a fish @el_jack0 @selenica101 @jleibachphoto you fucking what @el_jack0 @selenica101 @jleibachphoto then what am i
@nitsuA_tv @Blakerscs @MaestroMJ3 @REDKILLER1337 i guess i'll come back and tear it up one last time smh
@ariessqc in ur room? lol @ariessqc GAMING HOUSEthe capitol building security: @ode2_viceroy ur right......... fuckthis shit makes me regret chanting "USA" at the Boston major morning my valorant break is over y’all better watch the fuck out if you don’t want to get absolutely rolled @megasofer u show much more restraint than i would tbh i’d be throwin bottles off the balcony n hiding just to cause chaos @awhnutss yes ma’am i will b kind 2day :)It took a full year for them to do it, but I was right 😎 the cops turn on the Blue Lives Matter crowd in DC.
Retweeted by jackson @ode2_viceroy doing them as we speak :)
Retweeted by jackson @chloe_hime7 when r u sending me one to model the product 4 ucomically large spoon @avit69lmao @caspgr @prodlexington those aren’t shorts dog those are longs
@JasonBWLake @Complexity i spent a week and a half in Lima and Cusco and i absolutely loved it. if you’re going to… @ariessqc @Cloud9 SO FUCKING HANDSOME!!!!!!! @akasyns if u need a smokin hot plus sized model i got u xoxo
Juno teams up with @avit69lmao for a masterful new release, “Insomnia”: [@chiefjuno]
Retweeted by jackson @CitrusMillie @GoodPker69 i love it!! @awhnutss ❤️❤️❤️ @avit69lmao i am so incredibly fucking excited avit ❤️❤️ @chloe_hime7 im sick to my stomach, and i literally play 1:1
bouta drink a fourloko and eat a whole bag of veggie straws my life is a movienew header @RyanAtRBM @2easy4pietro @FaZeClan jesus christ LMAOFrom pro gamer to e-girl 🤭
Retweeted by jacksonforbidden dildo @caverntv @acesu please tell me ur farming twitter interactions @giciitv point proven 😎 @ode2_viceroy i use the ultralight 2 for a reason :)
@jleibachphoto whats wrong w the multiplayer? it’s so good! @giciitv LMAOOO @jleibachphoto multiplayer :)someone play halo 3 with me please? 🥺 @awhnutss @ariessqc I JUST SAW THIS ON TIKTOK ITS SO CUTE w/ @avit69lmao 1/8/2020
Retweeted by jackson @NathanStanz and brimstone would force his way past Walgreens employees because he didn’t want to wear a mask but h… @NathanStanz how is viper not S tier she literally wears a maskboi if you don’t get ur MX518-wielding 401k-discussing ass outta here @theNEXlevel @rizy_v1 the spectator is named LG HLTV 😉 @10adhd ur so wrongthis is easily the funniest thread of 2021 and we’re not even a week in @10adhd not by u lmao no license havin ahhhh @ARIANARCHIST i’m always down :) @ariessqc god i wish i had the insight to do this
@FLAUNTTTT i said everyone. hope you’re doing well too my dude ❤️ @ariessqc you should!!! ur a very handsome man! @ariessqc more than u know quinn ❤️ @megasofer i love ur dress!!!!! @nitsuA_tv hi nitsuaif u can reply to this tweet, u helped me survive 2020. thank u ❤️ @xternalTV u REALLY like wlr didnt uI hate the US army with every fiber of my being and every ounce of my soul
Retweeted by jackson @chloe_hime7 @giraffley @AtozTV_CS ohhhh bet @giraffley u gotta get @chloe_hime7 she’s CONTENT @AtozTV_CS can someone tell me what this tweet sayshell yeah where my fellow illiterates at @tripjacksen love u bro ❤️happy new year everyone! 2020 hasn't really been the best year for me but i have high hopes this next year botta go…
Retweeted by jackson @nitsuA_tv man im broke as shit but i’ll bet my own penis @nitsuA_tv U NEVER HAVE AND U NEVER WILL KEEP DREAMING BROCCOLI BOY @nitsuA_tv shit nvm i read it wrong LMAO @nitsuA_tv now we know why you’re so bad at ping pong