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Caffeine powered developer marketing. Alumna: Twitter, Adobe. Opinionated 🔯 New Yorker. Also: Yarncraft enthusiast and owner, @SilkwormYarn.

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@calinative Same in my dad’s building.Businesses like mine could not exist without the #USPS. Please, take a minute to text USPS to @resistbot at 50409…
Retweeted by Rachel LuxemburgLooking for a graphic designer to create some podcast art! Unfortunately due to some other shenanigans, the timeli…
Retweeted by Rachel Luxemburg"Yo, Semites! No Doubt About It: Biden's the One" via @creatorsnation
@cbouzy He is an idiot. Hope your Mom continues to improve. @shabbosdyke @JustSayXtian Except they wouldn’t let her in because she had girl cooties. @ReginaRed4 @WonderKing82 The 70s were a lifetime ago. Get past it.Toxic masculinity strikes again. @politeracy @Fenwaynine I don’t know what neighborhood you are in but I just got back from running errands to the h… @LouiseTilbrook1 Been there! 4 ibuprofen usually helped get the pain under control. If you can get the surgery, it’s worth considering. @GarthDB Don't be sorry, write your congressman and tell him to save the USPSSweating like mad in line at the post office in a room with no AC. This sucks. @PaulWartenberg The number of women whose symptoms get ignored or dismissed by doctors — told that “it’s all in you… @thekenyeung Someone had to bust out Lionel Ritchie with a Tweet like that..... @thekenyeung @SDKnitter People do that??? @robhuddles It isn’t. @idguy 😈 @idguy That's both gross and treif.
I don't care what anyone says. Pineapple does not belong on pizza. @soledadobrien Same here. My town still is more than 90% without power! 😡 @StaceGots It's been 5 days since our power, internet, and water went out, and we are being told it will take 2 more days to get back. @savingfilm @whittomd @notcapnamerica I paid way more than that for my condo, but the fees paid for a pool, a small… a small online based business owner, I could not stay in business without the USPS.'s Mini Madness! 6 sets of 4 mini skeins, each a carefully chosen mix of tonal and variegated colors. They're per…
Retweeted by Rachel Luxemburg @ggreenwald You are an idiot.Donald Trump has refused to take serious action to combat the COVID-19 crisis. And as a result, he got what he’s al…
Retweeted by Rachel LuxemburgThere is always a tweet.
Retweeted by Rachel Luxemburg
@BitchyKnitter 😭😭😭 @chrislongview @douglasemhoff We miss you Doug! @chrislongview Who is this guy?
@idguy Trees are a necessary part of the ecosystem and they also help fight global warming.Wait for it.....
Not The Onion. Facebok employees collected evidence showing preferential treatment of right wing figures. FB policy ppl rem…
Retweeted by Rachel LuxemburgHow likely are you to encounter COVID in a crowd of 25? In Los Angeles County, it's 58 percent. In Miami-Dade, it'…
Retweeted by Rachel Luxemburg @RealRichardBail You are very wrong.
@bittergiantsfan I rate by the quality of their coffee at breakfast.We are safe and the house is intact, but no power at the house, possibly for several days.
Power is out and we just got this. am happy to announce that I am hiring client engineers for a dedicated Accessibility team. If you are passionate…
Retweeted by Rachel Luxemburg @sunshinemug Power is flickering on and off here. @colinhessel @lpolgreen @maggieNYT Exactly.Content like this is what makes Twitter awesome.
since it’s martin sheen’s birthday, let’s talk about arguably his best monologue ever
Retweeted by Rachel Luxemburg @majortominor That does not bode well.Batteries checked. Hatches battened. Patio secured. Fridge stocked. Ready for #Isaias — I think. 🌧🌧🌧 @sunshinemug You too! @sunshinemug 😥 @rhappe Either that or bring them inside.“Charging $2,479 for a drive-thru COVID-19 test is a nauseating example of profiteering during a pandemic” — Yes, i… glad we got the storm prep done. @jahimes Ours arrived Friday and went back today.
Wilford Brimley, the actor with the walrus mustache whose down-home geniality seen in such films as 'Cocoon,' 'The…
Retweeted by Rachel Luxemburg @mtracey Bass is an able Congresswoman but has little name recognition or fundraising ability. And she is not parti… @rhappe Here in CT I am less worried about chicanery and moreso about the USPS and the state workers being able to handle the load. @ritholtz OMG. It looks like a Transformer. @replouiegohmert @rhappe Hubby and I have discussed it and we will be going to the polls. I’d rather mask up and go than worry about… @tessak22 One minute at a time. Hang in there. Hopefully not COVID. @ritholtz I don’t mind the rims, but I hate the doors. @Vialixia @markdrew Good parts about being over 40: finally learning not to take things so personally, feeling more… some good news!
@StaceGots @PeachyInNJ thank you! @kathynancygirl thanks, sounds like a planYarn friends, I need an opinion. These were supposed to be one colorway but I was too heavy-handed with the speckle… @cariknits Mazel tov! @KimCrayton1 Twitter API can do that. @davidfrum It must feel good. Weird, but good. @bschapiroMD He cannot abode Obama. It’s pathological.
@poncemarxist @pennsylmade @amymaxmen @CDCgov Plus of course all the teachers & school staff.On July 31st 1492, exactly 528 years ago today, the expulsion of Jews from Spain took place. Those who chose to sta…
Retweeted by Rachel Luxemburg“Saving women’s careers isn’t just about ensuring that individual men step up. The way we talk about the childcare…“NIMBY liberals want racially exclusionary zoning policies wrapped up in rhetoric about historical preservation, no…
@CreativeTreble @RachyNewin There undoubtedly is. An explanation is not a “get out of jail free” card for hurtful b… @Lisareadstoomu1 @coffeeaddict71 @ADDcrafter Most recently, this (parts in purple added by me): is not a blue state once you head inland. The Placerville logo is a great example. @kathynancygirl seems like Cass gaslighting users wholesale might have been the straw that got Jessica to say something. @RachyNewin Best case scenario, they right the ship & you have more distribution channels as a backup. Worst case,… @davidgsIoT so true. @RachyNewin Cass is the part owner of the site so this has the potential to get ugly -- hopefully that will not become the case. @RachyNewin My initial feeling is that actions will speak louder than words at this point. @RachyNewin Yeah. I'm watching the Lewis funeral and trying to get my head around this at the same time. @RachyNewin 🤔Obama is giving a barn burner of a eulogy at the #JohnLewisFuneralBill Clinton's closing lines in John Lewis eulogy: "I just loved him. I always will. And I am so grateful that he s…
Retweeted by Rachel Luxemburg @woollythinker @leethal @knitgrrl We all need the laughs these days. @woollythinker @leethal @knitgrrl Smells like a troll to me.His final message to the nation. A must read.
@coffeeaddict71 @ravelry Same here. Trying to manage a few hundred PDFs on my hard drive wont be as easy, but I can… started knitting a bit more than 5 years ago. Since Day 1, @Ravelry has been my go-to resource for patterns, info… @kathynancygirl Yep. And even if we get Trump out, it will still take months for the new administration to get things back on track.Based on how PPE and ventilators have been handled, not to mention the shitshow that is testing supplies, I would e… want to keep you updated on the launch of the new #TwitterAPI. We know you’re waiting and we’re working to get i…
Retweeted by Rachel LuxemburgGreat read on the #RavelryAccessibility issue and the loss of community trust: @AJ_Indiana Prayers up for you and your family. @LadyMenopause @notcapnamerica So given all that, the focus should be on making sure everyone who is currently regi… @LadyMenopause @notcapnamerica COVID aside, there was a huge GOTV and voter registration effort in 2018/2019. Reach… @elwasson Time to self quarantine and get tested.