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Caffeine powered developer marketing. Currently: Twitter. Past: Adobe. Opinionated New Yorker. Knitter & yarn enthusiast. Owner, Silkworm Studios. ✈️ ⚾️🐱🧶🔯

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I miss having sane, intelligent leadership in the White House.Here's the kicker about Mike Pence enabling the worst HIV outbreak in the history of Indiana: it was all because he…
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This press conference is barely coherent. @dhh @hankgreen the vast majority of sponsors do want to see those metrics. So if saying "yes" to you means saying… tea drinkers, help me out here. Which do you prefer, rooiboos or chai? ☕️ And which brand(s)? @felixsalmon I am so sorry :(Also seems like a good time to point out that we're hiring someone to lead our global developer advocacy team. Note…
Retweeted by Rachel LuxemburgThese studies are really rolling in these days new study finds Uber/Lyft add to pollution, as ridehail is less eff…
Retweeted by Rachel Luxemburg @BlackNerdJade congrats! @BlackNerdJade Thats good, right? @themarkup There are things that senders can do to help increase / decrease their chances of getting email into the… @chrislongview @TeamJoe Yep, i am in.
Trump to NYC: FU. Again. is dangerously wrong. @WSheepdog yaaaas! @kathynancygirl I have some N95 masks for dyeing but those are not so useful for virus protection.And the price gouging and scammy sellers for face masks have overrun Amazon. It's gross. @dreamingnoctis A proof point for the idea that the far-left and the far-right are circle back and meet up with each other.Going viral
Retweeted by Rachel LuxemburgReally interesting elections number crunch. @SenBlumenthal As a CT resident, what should I do to be prepared? @RachyNewin Gorgeous! I found short rows relatively simple, but am intimidated by brioche. @BitchyKnitter I.... can't even begin to imagine how that owns anyone. 🤯Better late than never.... in versioning strategies for future versions of the Twitter API? We'd love you to look at our new survey…
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And yet girls can legally get married at age 17 in Florida. #EverydaySexism @emilylhauser Buddhist? @mydwynter @NeolithicSheep Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell?"Convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein" has a nice ring to it. @kathynancygirl @BitchyKnitter I need to remember to get some of that stuff. How was the show? @RachyNewin @cariknits so much for that bright idea ;) @RachyNewin @cariknits Maybe reach out to your favorite brand and see if they'd be willing to do a branded partnership? @cariknits @RachyNewin One project at a time? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... falls over ded. @RachyNewin @cariknits I got a set of Knitter's Pride interchangeables when I was just starting out and still use them. @RachyNewin @cariknits I tried to mitigate that by using a set of interchangeable needles but then I keep running o… @mariskreizman London cast was better 😈
Awesome story. reminder that Bill Clinton lost Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada in the 1992 Democratic primaries, and he w…
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Not one sentence of President Sanders legislation can pass without the votes of every Democratic senator who he's d…
Retweeted by Rachel Luxemburg @Codybfan87 @fred_guttenberg Generally speaking, when your adversary is doing something they think will undermine y… speaking, when your adversary is doing something they think will undermine you, going along with their pl… @Touvan Russian wants Sanders because they think Trump will easily beat him. @Touvan Generally speaking, when your adversary is doing something they think will undermine you, going along with them is a bad idea.really digging when Regular @JoeBiden shine's through. this message connected bigtime.
Retweeted by Rachel Luxemburg @AriMelber Take them to the office and leave them out. They will be gone in no time.
@JoeBiden "Our country will need an experienced leader who will hit the ground running on day one, and that candida…
Retweeted by Rachel Luxemburg @outcassed @BraveTart Yum! @fordm The fact that Putin sees advantage in supporting Sanders says to me one should think carefully about doing s…’t say I am at all surprised. But will any of Bernie’s supporters care? someone campaigns is who they will be in the office. Michelle Obama said that being President doesn’t transform…
Retweeted by Rachel LuxemburgReally interesting discussion on the value of developer relations. #devrel all realize that there are only 11 days until Super Tuesday, right? If the democratic party establishment is g…
Retweeted by Rachel LuxemburgHappy birthday to one of my heroes — someone who believed our right to vote was more important than his own life. T…
Retweeted by Rachel Luxemburg @kristinMWJ The other thing nobody is talking about is that unless we flip the Senate, M4A is dead in the water. @kristinMWJ Here is my nightmare M4A scenario: We get it. Then later on, the Republicans get back into power and pr… day is #LoveYourPetsDay. Or it should be. @ladyleet Absolutely not cool.
@StaceGots Ooooh, i hadn’t checked the Mets schedule. That’s very temping. @StaceGots I am sorely tempted to buy tickets for when the Astros are in town just to boo them. @chrisfixedkitty It's currently in residence in my sinuses. 😷We're hiring a key role on our team. Looking for an experienced leader to help us build a better developer experien…
Retweeted by Rachel LuxemburgWhat's the over/under on how long until Trump pardons Stone? @TaePhoenix 🤣 @TaePhoenix Bloomberg is also Jewish. But yes, that's not good. @kathynancygirl congrats and also enjoy! @ysolda no but that top row of natural colors is lovely. @notcapnamerica that's cats for you.Still feeling rundown and sinusy. And also coughing. 😷 @DyingStylishly @JensAyton @SkawtnycOh. So that's OK then. @Wonderbitch82 exactly. If you have two houses, the second one is 'the house' (as in, "we're going up to the house… @Wonderbitch82 It is definitely not a NY-area thing. Possibly a Vermont one. @micropenistrump @Wonderbitch82 Uh, no. They don't. @girlsreallyrule Coffee ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️This was really *a moment*
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@justinseeley @Photoshop Same here.Genuine question to all the underrepresented folks, non-binary, transgender, and women in tech -- how many times ha…
Retweeted by Rachel Luxemburg @kathynancygirl @sophiefair the whole thing is crap and designed to drive sympathy clicks. 🤬 @WillieEverstop @PrezHillary17 Attack your enemies accusing them of your own weaknesses. Where else have we seen that playbook? @lilhinx @hunterwalk Especially for women & POC.Holy crap. have mixed feelings about the @DisneyParks. On the one hand, I truly love being there and experiencing the Disne… @KHiveQueenB is this a Nevada ad?I love the idea: "Should Disney Add a “Hamilton” Overlay to Liberty Square or The American Adventure?"“This Rabbi and Rapper Want to Create a JCC for Jews of Color.” Lets give @ylove some support, fam!
Retweeted by Rachel Luxemburg @JewishWonk I take the leftover matzoh, put it into a blender, and use it as bread crumbs after Pesach.Exactly. can’t get hired to do a stupid fucking movie without a medical exam and full disclosure of it to my potential emp…
Retweeted by Rachel Luxemburg @idguy She is awesome.“This Rabbi and Rapper Want to Create a JCC for Jews of Color.” Lets give @ylove some support, fam!
Here is my nightmare M4A scenario: We get it. Then later on, the Republicans get back into power and promptly strip… played @mmlafleur, what is this? Formerly limited to Kickstarter supporters only, the Purslowe Hat is now available to buy via R…
Retweeted by Rachel Luxemburg @NeolithicSheep but think of the chakra balancing underpants! 🤣he pardoned Michael Milken?!?Interesting content, excellent presentation. @john_koch <--- deeply skeptical of unregulated herbal supplements ( EVERYONE WHO IS HORRIFIED AT THE STATE OF OUR NATION! #TODAY IS THE PRIMARY REGISTRATION DEADLINE FOR ARIZONA,…
Retweeted by Rachel Luxemburg @djhalon and better cold remedies. @srudavsky Yep, quite possible.