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Still can’t believe Jason caused Bezos to give away $10 billion with this twete @DanishaCarter4 Fair. Was more of a comment on any CEO calling for regulation of their businessdon't really see this every day wanted something to be more real large protest is happening outside of Mark Zuckerberg’s home right now. Members of his community are calling him…
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Interesting timing for the Bezos announcement... Bezos' announcement to donate $10 billion is the second largest single charitable commitment of the 21st centu…
Retweeted by Ryan Mac 🙃Jeff Bezos made a $10 billion commitment to combat climate change today, but @AMZNforClimate has questions. From a…
Retweeted by Ryan Mac 🙃 @Jeff__yates @JaneLytv cant be lizard ppl if u eat lizard ppl @JaneLytv jane plz not now i cant @u6239 this is a tweet thoIf I understand this correctly, the world's richest man asked Lizzo a business question and she told him to donate…' last three grams: - Lizzo thirst - Trump admin dunk - $10 billion commitment Bezos Earth Fund comes from Bezos' own personal finances, not Amazon's. At his current $129.9 billion personal… Bezos, the world’s richest person, just announced a $10 billion personal commitment to combat climate change.
No, @Lis_Smith is NOT running a sockpuppet account pretending to be a Nigerian Pete Buttigieg supporter. I spoke…
Retweeted by Ryan Mac 🙃A Uighur woman made it out of one of Xinjiang’s notorious internment camps and crossed the border— legally— to Kaza…
Retweeted by Ryan Mac 🙃Derrick Jones Jr proves that Bloomberg is gonna win the Dem nomination.Aaron Gordon won the popular vote send tweetHOW DID HE LOSEAnd for my next dunk I will ball up Chance the Rapper and throw him thru the hoop.
This good you’re so focused on “clickbait headlines” that you look past some racist fearmongering.Quite telling that the tech types defending the galaxy brain VC who screencapped a reporter’s basic request for com…🙃’m editing the Times in real time lmao everyone can see how I got cyberbullied by a former WH press sec @geoffreywoo @balajis @karaswisher @goldengateblond lol what are you talking about? No one needs to take anything o… @geoffreywoo @balajis @karaswisher @goldengateblond give me a fuckin breakApple refusing to comment on Trump's claim that Tim Cook promised to open US factories. Google declining comment on…
A Facebook spokesperson will not confirm or deny if Zuckerberg said this to Trump. The circus continues.It would be great to hear about what was actually said at the dinner between Trump and Zuckerberg that Facebook is… @dellcam bookin a flight to dallas to kick your ass @dellcam i will fight u @katienotopoulos @broderick put it in garbage dayMichigan computer science faculty is calling for Jason Mars to take a leave of absence. "We vehemently condemn the…
Retweeted by Ryan Mac 🙃also i apologize for this cursed image which was made by the peeepee hands of @katienotopoulos"As confusing as the rules are, the real loser here is the average user, who is left with no idea how to tell what’… all day yesterday trying to get rage against the machine tickets has led ticketmaster to target me with th… @dougdanger hands will be thrownI will be filing a complaint with HR @ChristophM @MikeIsaac this is the good shitwhy are people still talking about the plane reclining seat thing @TaylorLorenz ME-MERSHow many seasons in the Champions League are City banned for?
Retweeted by Ryan Mac 🙃BREAKING: Manchester City banned from Champions League for two seasons by UEFA and fined 30 million euros
Retweeted by Ryan Mac 🙃This is an absolutely clear policy that I'm sure Facebook's moderators will completely understand and have no probl… Bloomberg’s Sponcon Memelords Won’t Be Subject To Facebook’s Political Ad Regulations via @broderick
Retweeted by Ryan Mac 🙃this objectively rules and @veronicagcarde1 spent time w/ immigrants in "Remain in Mexico" who fell in love at the border. “‘We have…
Retweeted by Ryan Mac 🙃This is mesmerizing and looks like some god damn hot wheels #slowburnlive @teddyschleifer why do you have photos of my home @GenePark checkmate @katienotopoulos @kenbensinger I am bb
Here is the full complaint: plaintiffs are also suing CDW, a company that distributes Clearview to law enforcement agencies, including Chic… new lawsuit seeking class action status has been filed against Clearview AI in federal court in SDNY. Interesting… know this isn’t the point of the story but who names their company Clinc?? @katienotopoulos so thats where the bedbugs came fromi love technology @rp_browne Begs the question: How many cops with unauthorized trials made arrests with leads generated from Clearvi… @MikeIsaac @RATM get in the subaru and stfu @MikeIsaac @RATM cant wait to punch u in the throatHere is @rp_browne's story. Clearview's strategy is clearly angering some police chiefs they want to sell to. Rogu… seems to be the case w/ a lot of police departments. Clearview signed up one-off cops on trials who didn't hav… im just getting flayed in the ticket line for the oakland show @samkatzen i went for el paso first and got ownedtried buying RATM tickets and instead of getting punched in the face by a dad who drives a subaru, I got kicked in the nuts by ticketmasterAlso just bizarre that Zuckerberg’s historical comparison for Facebook is the industrial revolution(???) @MattZeitlin @StevenLevy "an open and more connected world" @StevenLevy Zuckerberg is more careful with wording than the original blunt Boz memo, but the takeaway from the exe… few years on from apologizing for the Machiavellian positioning of the Boz memo, Mark Zuckerberg still talks abou… @MikeIsaac Oh mein gott bitch @MikeIsaac Wow I want creditI was too tired yesterday to fight this but honestly wut the fuk Why don't women go into science and tech? A 2018 study claimed to explain why. Jordan Peterson (and others) s…
Retweeted by Ryan Mac 🙃Imagine this but sponsored by Warren. meme accounts are dumb. First candidate that pays @dril $5 million to post gets my vote.What a ghoulish company crap it was the Desert Sun. I can’t read and also teddy sucks. big scoop from @teddyschleifer @davidmackau @adambvary A real lack of judgment to tweet this. Please stop. You’re hurting this institution by doing this.In December, Lambda partnered with a debt-swapping platform to sell shares of students' ISAs. Yesterday, after our…
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@davidmackau That’s what happens when Mac is spelled wrongLove to see my colleagues recognized for their work in our daily press round up the European Commission is talking to EU data protection authorities about Clearview AI after our story abo…
Retweeted by Ryan Mac 🙃Four years ago, I showed how Facebook was unable to enforce its own ban on gun sales. I did not realize at the time…
Retweeted by Ryan Mac 🙃 @kanakhey NahI don't know what's going on in his life right now, but my man is unleashed @Megan_Nicolett @sensengj @ZoeSchiffer plz send tips via signal ty @sensengj @ZoeSchiffer @Megan_Nicolett damn that hurts @haoboomer lmao never twet @sensengj @ZoeSchiffer @Megan_Nicolett i didn't get it?Guess he forgot to delete this one weird thing that happened: Andy Rubin locked his Twitter account, blocked all his followers, wiped his Twit… what they're saying is that it's inessential... @fofofinch a true public servicethe CIA is really pushing back hard on that insane WaPo story