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@elamin88 @LFC What? I can’t say in proud of you? Proud of you manIf you’re in a group chat with Matt, please punctuate every message with an eggplant. Thank you.I like to imagine he spent 5 mins in an existential sweat debating himself as to whether or not gifs are masculine.… @elamin88 @LFC Proud of you ElaminProud of you @LFC.
Retweeted by Ryan Mac 🙃Farewell to the original data harvesting princeThis rules because it looks like they put zero thought into this and just pasted it into a blogspot.… Leno is the kid on the scooter and the bird is Liverpool’s front three it is. Watching now.... @2020OneNation @slpng_giants thank you!And for what it's worth, despite Facebook's investments into election integrity, one former employee has said it's… to tell based on this piece whether this information came from Cambridge Analytica, so we'll have to wait for…’m the kid riding the scooter and the bird is 2020. @Liz_Shepherd @JuddLegum why wasn't this done initially?and this's good FB did this, but again, it didn't happen until they were heavily criticized for not taking stronger actio…'ve arrived @jaycaspiankang come on man it's mondayYou all will remember the past weekend for Trump’s taxes. For me, it was all about Bone over here dropped off a White House advisory council because the US pulled out of the Paris accords. That he’s still an… wild dogs cry out in the night
Retweeted by Ryan Mac 🙃 @josephmdurso @TheAthleticUK Wait this is amazing! CongratsGet it: there’s any person whose perspective I trust on this outside of the NYT’s own reporters it’s Dan, who has a new… The New York Times #TrumpTaxReturns story is terrific. I had about a million thoughts as I was reading though. I…
Retweeted by Ryan Mac 🙃tomorrow's gonna suck, huhStories are often messy. They often don't boil down into big takeaways or ideas that can be memed or tweeted. This… NYT tax story is really a breakthrough in reporting and presentation. It's thorough and dense for those looking… @BenAdamsO_O @benyt @katherinemiller Crap.. @GlennF @benyt @katherinemiller All of the above @benyt @katherinemiller Ben wanna buy some weedIn 2018, @a_cormier_ & I wrote about a series of suspicious financial transactions that was reported to FinCEN invo…
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The layout on this story is pretty boss, but I'm confused by circle, baby doing math on a $10k tip’re in the ballpark...🤔 @ashleyfeinberg reading this I am in the market for a robot vacuum)You couldn’t even get a roomba from what the president paid in taxes @CraigSilverman Bring back the door factoryWrapping your head around everything in the FinCEN Files can seem like a lot, but this podcast led by @azeen is a p… reading suggestions! First, secret docs show banks move trillions in suspicious transactions, enriching th…
Retweeted by Ryan Mac 🙃 @joelandren depraved* whatever same thing @joelandren we have deprived mindsReally worried cranberry skater man is flying too high and just setting us up for the milkshake duck. Praying our f… you definitely have her name right
Facebook is declining to name the exec who spoke with Politico. @AlxThomp @donie Are you following up then? Like is this a statement based on this person’s gut feeling or based on… question for the anon FB exec: You stated right wing populist content is popular because it is based on fear. Giv… @thekenyeung There is no obligation to print something that was said on background. @AlxThomp @donie There’s no obligation to print it then. Why give a corporate executive anonymity to say this? What… media is not simply a reflection of society, particularly when it has the power to amplify or suppress. It… does this person have to lose by saying this on the record? What position of power are they in? What kind of c… whole article was based off an anon FB exec. Why give them anonymity in the first place on this topic? has gone too far Sarah Palin thing is starting to make sense don’t use this verbiage often but this is a whole vibe. simple as that
Retweeted by Ryan Mac 🙃And this was the true test of what they learned I die,,,what the hell @CraigSilverman Craig do you live in a door shop
@a_cormier_ @NewYorker @asarahlarson Whats Sarah got against poopI want to be as happy about something as Allen is for ephemeral content on a job networking website. like if you gotta take out an ad saying “the truth about x” and link to your newly created blog, you’re in a b… rest of the call are employee concerns about a 4-day work week, whether or not FB could make a movie highlighti…, Guy still hasn't answered my question when a question is brought up about Sophie Zhang's memo on global political interference, Zuckerberg dodges the… one is arguing Facebook can catch everything awry no it's platform. But, when you have key examples and call out… addresses the stream of critical news stories and compares Facebook to the police or government. Police… then rallies the troops by saying that employees should be proud to work there because Facebook serves t… first employee question asks why "so many people are leaving Facebook." Zuckerberg says the opposite is true. mins later, he trots out two execs, who explain that employees will no longer be able to use profile pictures as… is what Mark Zuckerberg told employees about Breonna Taylor: "It just needs to reaffirm and strengthen our com… have a readout of yesterday's Facebook's all-hands w/ Mark Zuckerberg. I've followed a few of these now, and this… @Kantrowitz this tweet is for gary vee and no one elseIt seems the main purpose of this mimic Oversight Board is to pressure and embarrass FB, and, in some ways, it's al… helped me better understand what my grandma was going through during this pandemic and his now-published res… it like it is. It’s a flying camera. It captures anything. Suggesting it’s for “suspicious activity” seeds peo… like this, while not technically inaccurate, normalize a trillion dollar company’s capitalization on fear.… The House Oversight Committee has found that ICE detainees died after receiving inadequate medical care & that…
Retweeted by Ryan Mac 🙃Well this was depressing as everyone said it was. @dcbigjohn This some weird Lara Croft cosplay but I’ll allow it @bigblackjacobin Dry denI know who I want to take me home basically, Facebook is banning an internal image that has been used by employees since May to show support to Bl…'m told that Zuckerberg didn't even announce this himself at today's all-hands. He trotted out Maxine Williams, FB… must now use avis of themselves or their initials, tho there is a pre-approved BLM frame. TL;DR a small… FB employees started using an icon black and white fist in May to protest the company's handling of Trump'…
And just as a reminder, as Clearview AI grows in stature and valuation, it enriches the pockets of investor Peter T… the company faces a host of lawsuits (Illinois class action, Vermont AG, others) the fundraise shows that there'… of Clearview AI's directors and investors, a Texas money manager named Hal Lambert, has compared Black Lives Ma… AI just disclosed that it raised $8.6 million. It also revealed two of its directors for the first time. are so boned @sarahfrier this reads like it was by an 8th grader who started subbing words with a thesaurusas for lawsuits, here's one challenge facebook filed yesterday: wonder what the conversations between Zuckerberg and Thiel are like knowing that Facebook's board member bank… @WillOremus @dseetharaman @JeffHorwitz Ahhh yea that story was huge.Kendall went on to work at Pinterest for nearly 6 years. He's advocating for a change in Section 230, but doesn't s…"In 2016, internal analysis at Facebook found 64% of all extremist group joins were due to their own recommendation… worked at Facebook from 2006 to 2010. The company may play this off as a disgruntled ex-employee from 10 ye…