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RMJ. currently: WHACK JOB, out 2023ish. previously: THE MAN FROM THE TRAIN. contact she/her: rmccarthyjames at gmail

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I wrote about it here but feel compelled to reiterate it with cops gassing people on their way to vote and all that…
Retweeted by Axe Murder @sophiahelix @AttaGirlMag Thank you so much!Special thanks to my friend Emily, who lent me the gorgeous accompanying artwork. If you're into Tarot you should c… ALERT! I've got a new Halloween-themed essay up at @AttaGirlMag!! It's about ghosts, and my lack thereof. @sarahlovescali @BrandyLJensen @alexanderchee i'm buying the book because of your tweets about it! @elenawonders Kind of like in Parks and Rec, where they're constantly talking about how fat the town is and then ca… favorite Halloween painting is by American (magical) realist Bo Bartlett.
Retweeted by Axe Murderespecially this year, when literally every app and website are doing the samei gotta say, i absolutely hate the "text three friends to make sure they know how to vote" strategystephen glass right now
do not get a @Dell their keyboards do not work
Retweeted by Axe Murder @RealChrisCal I used to live in Salem - many fond memories. @RealChrisCal OMG the Mac and Bob's hoodie!!!she may be playing a drug addict or whatever, but this is amy adams, damnit! she's still gonna have fifty pounds of… love how even in this story they can't resist the urge to put wigs on everyone i am elected next week, i will propose a bill requiring weird al to do a new polka medley every yearSomething like 80% of New Orleans is without power and many won't have lines repaired for 3-5 days. For context if…
Retweeted by Axe Murder @amypedulla It's more important to the coffee than the brewer according to nerds. My coffee got a lot better after I sprang for a good one.
@NickStarrMusic @scottmbeggs @Remember_Sarah Of course, Reader. Weirdly though I remember going to the actual site…'ll be chatting with Scott about TRIAL BY FIRE tonight at @ravenbookstore you're looking to get yourself good and scared for Halloween, you can't do better than @scottjames's TRIAL BY FI… @scottmbeggs @Remember_Sarah Oh my god, QUESTIONABLE CONTENT. That was one of my daily reads, and I also cannot remember stopping.Just voted and this guide was on hand to help with the judges! Lawrence friends who have yet to vote, have it ready! @annasproul SAME. Baha'i just seems so nice! @annasproul Rainn Wilson is like 15 years older than John Krasinski! Give that man's skincare a round of applause
@cdgoldstein @ericstephen I'm pretty sure Dad had that one. I remember the fucked up arms. @therealbradbabs the post isn't as messy as these but it's one of the most boring experiences i've had in a theater @GrantLorrell People have spent so long talking so much shit about every Simpson season post 11 that I forget that… is season 18 of the simpsons actually pretty good?taking recommendations for old and and simply non-recent books. let's say anything published between 1925 and 2010. @ShannonIsGoodAt This is why I sometimes sign the book with "don't read before bed" LOL. Today's his day off so he'… @ShannonIsGoodAt I love that this is going out with "Axe Murder" as my name. That's some strong branding @ShannonIsGoodAt Damn 4k likes!Whenever the NYT crossword has an axe-related clue, it stumps me for the first 3/4s of the puzzle and then makes me feel like a fraudMy sweet neurotypical husband does not understand the popularity of this tweet @PonchoRebound Oh, it is my Halloween name! It's just my professional interests rather than a pun, lol. My name is… listen to my husband talk about nintendo a lot and i keep thinking is that they get off on being withholding
what exactly is the point in the training and the benefits if police officers will, instead, resort to lethal force…
Retweeted by Axe Murder @goddammitsarah I'm so sorry.trying to find a recipe for pasta with sweet potatoes and all i'm getting is recipes for pasta made of sweet potato… @TheLincoln Ditto romance and YA. Say what you will about YA, but there's generally an actual plot @TheLincoln this is part of the horror trend that's happening rn I thinkAs @scottjames writes in TRIAL BY FIRE, The Station Nightclub fire lasted mere minutes, but the search for justice…
Retweeted by Axe Murder @SantiagoReports @solomongeorgio And he's been promoted again since the last time I checked! @SantiagoReports @solomongeorgio A teacher at my husband's high school did this and then went on to become principal @solomongeorgio @Sheltiemama Let me tell you about the time Paulette screamed at me about expired frozen dessert toppingI don’t care about celebrity gossip. Give me small scale gossip. I want to know why the night shift employees at Ko…
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@mirandaist tweet was inspired by me trying to convince myself i can write two separate novels and a nonfiction book and a… this tweet go viral while also constantly telling myself "i'm gonna get so much done tomorrow morning!" is a big self-own @altheasus that's a good idea! maybe steamed carrots + brown butter? i'm obsessed with browned butter right nowi keep trying to put butter on carrots before roasting and it never works! but not tonight!! tonight i'm breaking f… @devanboyle i always put some lemons, salt and pepper, and usually rosemary or something on the meat side and cook…'s difficult to stuff full of cheese, so it's hard to make it unhealthy. it's easy to tell when it's perfectly do… is unparalleled as an easy weeknight dinner @washingtonpost
Retweeted by Axe Murdernothing is more frustrating and yet exciting than repeatedly hearing from people smarter than me that they've barel… part of writing my book is that i can get real fucking esoteric about whatever the fuck i want!!!!!!!!!!!!sometimes I pluck a really thick hair from my face & it makes it all worth it
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@BudrykZack the moustache, the hair part, the posture @GrahamB47 "A person you literally never talked to in college updated their story" @ambernoelle It's really good! @ambernoelle I'm reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell right now and that's basically the 1000 page book in a tweet @bess_p_hamilton That's why shelters are so necessary!!!A nice old man had to surrender his sweet dog and people are not gonna talk smack about his family in my watch hobby today is starting shit with people who leave judgemental Facebook comments about families who had to surrender their pet
@virgikneecap it's such a lovely pure interaction with another human. you do something nice and it doesn't benefit… miss offering to take pictures for people who are trying to take selfies in front of attractions.
Retweeted by Axe Murderthis neuroscience article has surprisingly strong suggestions for my current novel. would invite to workshop @jbouie i can't believe they're trying this specifically after, what, three straight news cycles about how much bid… years I have wondered about Sue Lyon and how her life veered so sharply downward from the early stardom of LOLI…
Retweeted by Axe Murder @chancedibben did i ever tell you about the time we saw BABY SKUNKS in constant park? please come live at my house baby skunks @billjamesonline that's one of the good mugs @mikeholtzclaw @billjamesonline they have so many coffee cups that they gave each other decades ago, like SO MANY
In August, four end-of-life patients were granted exemptions from current Canadian drug laws to use psilocybin (fou…
Retweeted by Axe MurderOnly one comment about how much it amuses him when people vote for their oppressors. Sad!A libertarian just engaged me on Facebook and I replied, simply, "lol libertarian". Let's see how mad he gets! @KatyKelleher @alyssaharad @RVoronaCote @jeffvandermeer Whitehead might be up your alley then - he usually doesn't… @RVoronaCote @alyssaharad @KatyKelleher @jeffvandermeer Colson Whitehead of all people! I know that he has a sense… @RVoronaCote @alyssaharad @KatyKelleher @jeffvandermeer listen jessa crispin is from kansas we are also bitches @TheLincoln Right, I think that if we're gonna have that conversation, it should be focused on, like, Reese Withers… @TheLincoln I notice that John Green himself was a finalist in 2013! And yeah, I don't think it's especially unfair… do you hear anything about Colson Whitehead moving to Berlin and telling everyone who enjoys Jane Austen that… writers you only hear of when they're talking shit about writers you only hear of because of their actual books @billjamesonline @MisterCaine As soon as I read that bad take I knew you would mention this!!! @ambernoelle @ElectricLit I didn't know D&D had a bombshell class 😍
@humblecore I just re-read The People in the Trees and nothing can follow it.A new Hanya Yanagihara book would really hit right now. Just in time for SAD season.
Retweeted by Axe Murder @hikatie The wind is a big part of why the virus doesn't spread as well outside!!!! @modernistwitch There was some take defending this take that was like "if you can understand how it's fat phobic to… @mekosoff Me with this leather jacket I just got @cwest775 Congratulations Cooper! @OnALighter_Note all of these jasons have such wildly disparate vibes
am i depressed or do i just not like any of the snacks in my house
Retweeted by Axe Murderall of my plans for the future involve me waking up tomorrow with a sudden sense of discipline and adherence to rou… we'd just make chris messina the fourth hollywood chris this could have all been avoidedwhen you have a whole great novel planned except for the end which you haven't figured out, and then a new idea for…, the thread immediately piles up with "NO, I would NEVER, and neither would ANY writer I know! Perish the th…, freelancers are the more vulnerable party in almost every situation! why are you asking them to admit to som…