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two girls in uk R&B that you should tune into 💎 1) Tiana Blake with her infectious 90s influenced debut single ‘Cu…
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Read our article by @TiaRochelle on @SamTompkinsUK’s Valentine’s track “You’re The Love Of My Life”:… #NewMusicFriday we see a return from @DornikSpeaks! His new single “Do You Wanna?” Featuring @gavinturek is… that’s Tiana Blake as the cover of Spotify’s “This Is How We Do” playlist! @TiaRochelle just wrote an artic…
@omozay OutKast - Hey Ya! @omozay Cassie - To on @omozay Usher - U turn @Santandave1 performance last night was not only a monumental moment for British music on a whole but also Black Br…
Retweeted by RnBritWhat a night for the culture The stand out moment was @Santandave1 album of the year win alongside a moving perfo…
The graceful @TianaMajor9 looking beautiful at her first Brit Awards! ✨ video from @elizalovechild 🔥 This vibey stylistic music video is exactly what we want to be seeing from… Article by @TiaRochelle on @SamTompkinsUK’s newest Valentine’s song “You’re The Love Of My Life” Sam as per i…👊🏾👊🏾🔥🔥BEWM BEWM
Retweeted by RnBrit#NewMusic from @MadD3E_music and @JodieAbacus. Strong vocals and a groovy production to get you going at the begi…
. @MNELIAA who has received over 100K views on her hit music video “Say Yeah” has made it on the cover of Spotify’s…
Do people still make playlist for their partners for Valentine’s Day? 👀What R&B songs sum up your Valentine’s Day? If you had to quote an R&B lyric to your partner - what would it be? #ValentinesDay2020
@senseimel_ Needed to be a full song 😩 @RnBritUK Wavy Interlude by SZA one of the best I’ve heard
Retweeted by RnBritSick R&B interludes are really some of the best things music has to offerIn spirit of our article on the evolving Irish R&B scene (by @TiaRochelle - we wanted to d…
Retweeted by RnBritgive yourself words of support, love, blessings and encouragement like you would your best friends
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Some of the strongest vocals ever - @thevincentdarby’s last EP “Baby Oh I” will move you... We can’t wait to hear… is exactly what we’re talking about!!! 🌊
The sultry-sounding @celeste comes from Brighton and has managed to become a quick breakthrough act. This jazzy/blu… R&B group prove that British R&B is where it’s at. @WeAreMicLowry are originally from Liverpool. Smooth soun… of the most waveyyyyy artists we have here @beeechimblind (IAMDDB) is from Manchester. Her unique voice and e… wit @SineadHarnett 🇬🇧
Retweeted by RnBritDefinitely 🙏🏿❤️ of our FAVOURITE producers @romderful comes from Dudley which is in the midlands. Having teamed up with Shakk… Irish R&B scene is tooo mad we’re telling you. @ItsMeEricaCody is a unique talent who takes heavy influence fro… we’re talking about the fresh sound in Ireland, let’s talk about Kaé! This song is called “Can’t Love Me”… to be a lot more creative this year so thought I'd share some work I produced / shot for IAMDDB's tour Never…
Retweeted by RnBritWhat’s in the Irish water, because @Supersillymusic have our attention They’re a group of four musicians who make… have to include @mahalia in this thread, as this super talented songstress is from Birmingham Mahalia has mana… in both Leeds and London, @jamilahbarry has received mass critical acclaim. Her debut project was “Salix B… too far from London, @oliviajnelson comes from Essex! Her voice is so stunning, making every song addictive o… very own @aik__j who started off this conversation - hailing from Dublin! This alternative R&B/pop singer jus… up: @ItsReubenJames This Birmingham based singer/pianist blends the genres of jazz, R&B and soul! He’s wo… spirit of our article on the evolving Irish R&B scene (by @TiaRochelle - we wanted to d…
🗣NEW MUSIC VIDEO The visuals and sound for @MNELIAA’s new song say “Say Yeah” 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿 It’s a nice old school vibe…
Retweeted by RnBritCongratulations to @MNELIAA who’s hit 100k streams on her song in less than a week ✨ Say Yeah is a banger 🙌🏿 are many artists outside London who are making great R&B. If we want to develop UK R&B we should be looking a… got us all 1,2 stepping back indoors today. So luckily we’ve got some new tunes for you to listen to…
Sounds 😍😍😍 saw the magical @EgoEllaMay yesterday at the Southbank Centre. Can words really describe this live performance?… Poison And The Cure
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Email: Producers, I need a CRAZY beat asappppp. Writing something insane right now, hitting…
Retweeted by RnBritIf you haven’t watched @youngzilo on discloseddoors yet - check it out: Zilo is seen paint… thread is everything 😍 you need to go through it! Absolutely stunning pictures - this is UK royalty 🙌🏿 #apple #NewMusicFriday is litttt @raye teams up with @YoungAdz1 on “All Of My Love” 🙌🏿 Listen Now:… great #NewMusicFriday with @ohsocheryll who’s released “Catch My Eye”. Cheryll never disappoints - listen… with @RebeccaGarton’s new single “Don’t”. Listen now: at #10 on the billboard charts💛🙏🏾
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Patience is a virtue; but I am impatient, so I am not virtuous 🌷
Retweeted by RnBritRemember #NewMusic coming from @ohsocheryll tomorrow 🙌🏿🔥 @TheCreativesUK @RagzOriginale Visuals are on point 🗣We know you loved 4am by @RagzOriginale... so make sure you save the date for his EP! Why not watch the music vide… it again for the people in the back! There isn’t a lack of quality R&B. Let’s start engaging and supporting…
I don’t need a spaceship to leave this earth Because your loving is out of this universe
Retweeted by RnBritThis is so true. There’s no other black female artist doing what Bree Runway is doing right now. She’s carving her…
Retweeted by RnBritEarly Bird tickets on Eventbrite for @_Azryah headline show (support from @ShenieFogo_ @OfficialVonne ) officially…
Retweeted by RnBrit“Say Yeah” by @MNELIAA is officially out on streaming platforms! Mnelia’s giving us throwback feels with this tun… UK RnB Classic. ✊
Retweeted by RnBritWe asked @Geovarn how many of these remixes he had in the bag and it turns out he’s in his bagggg His Meanstyle 6…!!! Her voice!!! 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
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i appreciate this article A LOT! thank you 🙏🏾🦋
Retweeted by RnBrit🗣NEW MUSIC VIDEO The visuals and sound for @MNELIAA’s new song say “Say Yeah” 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿 It’s a nice old school vibe… love how @breerunway can’t be confined by labels and that she goes outside what is expected of her. These are of… have a feeling 2020 is the year of @breerunway! People aren’t used to seeing a dark skin woman, especially one… @RnBritUK 1. Brandy - something’s missing 2. Mario - Here I Go Again 3. Tevin Campbell - Can We Talk
Retweeted by RnBrit @JamesandRakaya Those old school 2000s bridges are unmatched 😍 wonderful @emikomusic_ is releasing his debut EP and we can’t wait! 🔥🔥🔥 are a signature point in a lot of R&B songs... what are some of your favourite R&B bridges?Have this on repeat because @TianaMajor9’s raw vocals are something else 😍😩 year, ‘New Me’? Well it might just be for singer @EllaEyre who begins 2020 with a brand new video 💥 🔗:…
Retweeted by RnBritNEW SONG! 🔥 @Jhus has enlisted the help of R&B superstar @ellamai on this additional song to his album. Right now…
this drops tonight at 7pm and i’m so excited
Retweeted by RnBritJust before The @latelateshow trying things on ✨
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Didn’t we say? VIDEO:
Retweeted by RnBritbig love to @RnBritUK 🤍
Retweeted by RnBritProtect me🙏🏾
Retweeted by RnBritIt’s always interesting to hear artists’ recording processes in the studio. @TianaMajor9 discusses “Collide” and…
YES! @KadeemTyrell is 100% a one to watch - one of the best talents we have in the UK!!!! for Viper Magazine 🧡
Retweeted by RnBritlady in red ❤️
Retweeted by RnBrit.@ellamai explains how music can uplift people after a tragedy like the passing of #KobeBryant.…
Retweeted by RnBritFor sure and we’re so excited 👌🏾👌🏾
Retweeted by RnBritLast Friday was really the best #NewMusicFriday in a while.... @TiaRochelle did a great post on our website! Check… year feels like the year for British R&B.... everyone’s about to release their best work and win 🙌🏿
🗣Brand New Music from @bluesforthehorn! We’re super impressed with @MadD3E_music’s groovy/electrofunk production…’RE LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY FROM THE NORTH AMERICAN TOUR AND I COULDNT BE MORE EXCITED! ESPECIALLY BECAUSE I HAVE…
Retweeted by RnBrit @senseimel_ It’s actually sad that they don’t see the worth in female acts considering how many women have had number 1s in the past year?What are your thoughts on the Wireless lineup? Who do you think deserves to be up there this year? #wireless #UKmusicShouldn’t people be able to have a variation of talent to choose from? Wasn’t that the point of having three separate days?On the #wireless discussion... if people are arguing that Wireless has become a hype weekend and people no longer c… course🔥🔥🔥’s the truth! We’ve literally seen so many female artists come up - especially in the UK.. and yet... article on all the music that dropped last week in r&b for @rnbrituk! ✨ so much music was released from the…
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