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Rico @ro0550 he/him

i color manga panels sometimes | mostly aot🥸

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@ImIrishCam @gangstamovement LMAOO @seinenjay @rekiresk8 @LenalsBakery u didn’t keep your promise @higutoni it’s a bot📌
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@Aradagoat ? @Aradagoat Don’t worry bout it @Aradagoat I just asked bc that sounded off @Aradagoat Yeah it is, but if they aren’t rlly confirmed straight or don’t give hints that they are i don’t think i… @Aradagoat explain @Aradagoat What do you mean by “normal” @ani_the_uwu_ me @ToukoStan @Ryougi_Wrld @LenalsBakery Na this ain’t as much as how much it used to be @Ryougi_Wrld @LenalsBakery @ToukoStan denial @lnvxted ? @LenalsBakery @Abykvn true @LenalsBakery @Ryougi_Wrld @ToukoStan best fate @Abykvn @LenalsBakery when we’re y’all talking abt my dick @LenalsBakery @Ryougi_Wrld @ToukoStan ... @ChainsawMaria Corny asf @Ryougi_Wrld @LenalsBakery @ToukoStan Did u forget navy existed 😟 @MeamesMeter @ani_the_uwu_ @hulkgamerxx Thanks😸🖤 @lnvxted @rico0440 He was a great man @Ryougi_Wrld @LenalsBakery @ToukoStan true @Ryougi_Wrld @LenalsBakery @ToukoStan Hachikuji @Ryougi_Wrld @LenalsBakery @ToukoStan Kanbaru @Joker___KanKan @_maugua @ShusuiSyed Posting Daily Bangers😌🔥👨‍💻 @ShusuiSyed @_maugua i think i rememberI’m winning, but keep voting me 😸 @ShusuiSyed @_maugua Rarely @_maugua @ShusuiSyed yes @ShusuiSyed @_maugua Did u tell me ?🥲 @ShusuiSyed @_maugua What’d i do😭 @ani_the_uwu_ Thanks 😸 @ShusuiSyed @_maugua you have me muted? LMAO @ani_the_uwu_ woah i never knew u followed me @_maugua @ShusuiSyed @ChainsawMaria that’s the point @Josh_szn2 @Zer0921 what kayden said @ShusuiSyed @_maugua Every time i argue with someone i swear @lnvxted sorry🥲 hope u get better tho😸 @lnvxted Is telling u to look at my tweets insensitive or dumb😣 @lnvxted Do you want it or no @lnvxted I got advice @lnvxted Peak Fiction @Aradagoat Where😟 @Aradagoat When u do one @r3inasimp @ani_the_uwu_ Thanks 😸🖤 @zoomer527 @ani_the_uwu_ @Aradagoat i’m joking 💀💀 it’s a mf on tiktok @Grid_Glxy My bad @deepcolony ... @Abykvn Huh @Ban_kai2 Proof? @Aradagoat Yes @Aradagoat No idea @frogzitos 😉 @VioletsRailgun Oopsi am wanted in 38 countries for numerous crimes @SlikSimpsRin No, 5% @SlikSimpsRin 10% of my tweets are this @sama_kj Not sure @SlikSimpsRin Ok but you made it seem as if that’s all i do🤧😒 @Zer0921 @cameroony109 I can’t delete messages, or can i?😭 @Seiyaalc Thanks @gowwyalt @Zer0921 a face reveal. @frogzitos me daily @Zzzanken @Zer0921 Not sure, but to be safe you should report them. @yuujiiiss My bad man @shermwtf My bad @mightbeflamy Nah kid @mightbeflamy @jackertosamuel ThanksI’ll do y’all a favor and do a rico face reveal 😂❤️ @ChainsawMaria Excluding makima @_maugua @Ban_kai2 @Ryougi_Wrld @bumassdude LMAO @Abykvn @bumassdude @LenalsBakery No lol @Ban_kai2 @_maugua @Ryougi_Wrld @bumassdude there’s an option to see tweets of ppl u blocked @_maugua @Ryougi_Wrld @Ban_kai2 @bumassdude OH LMAO @bumassdude @LenalsBakery @Abykvn Update ur phone bozo @_maugua @Ryougi_Wrld @Ban_kai2 @bumassdude No way solar blocked u💀💀💀 @Ban_kai2 @Ryougi_Wrld @bumassdude @_maugua @bumassdude Rare Wy’all ever taste your own 🥜 before?!?!?!!?!? just me???😟
Retweeted by Rico @LenalsBakery it was warm @ChainsawMaria 😘 @ChainsawMaria Add me pls @ArinSZN @yumekoschain Your loss @KingOfAnitwt I was at like 24 percent a couple hours ago😭 @hulkgamerxx VOTE ME @LenalsBakery @MegaTurtles10_ Enjoyment = writing tho @LenalsBakery @MegaTurtles10_ Well..good writing is subjective, i watched lain a while ago i thought it was super b… @KingOfAnitwt Duh @Aradagoat @Web_HeadHero @saucenaopls @Aradagoat @Web_HeadHero Not like anyone was gonna notice 😭 @Aradagoat @FireFistAux @OG_4PF @mightbeflamy