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Jon Rowe 〓〓 @roadiejon Hayle, Cornwall

Husband, Father, Grandfather Suaviter in modo fortiter in re

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@PeteBlanchard @saxysandra This is Hayle, the nicer side of the bayBack from our exercise, only slightly damp feet, thanks @saxysandra @_Traviata No, you have to shop for essentials as little as possible. But if that means for you a few times a week… @MrsEnys @TamCat13 @davidwhiteshow Super Trouper, Abba @ShirlWhirlGirl @davidwhiteshow Doh @davidwhiteshow If it's a Redruth garden it'll be Ralph Fridge, Television or Cars. @davidwhiteshow Choon @davidwhiteshow Shed Seven, Strawberry Switchblade, Twiggy. @davidwhiteshow Think I may rig the PA up in the garden and give the good people of Hayle a dose of the David White… @RobNolanTruro Try not to eat on that side too much @RobNolanTruro It works for a few days. @campervanliving Davidstow Cornish Crackler for me @davidwhiteshow Fart @davidwhiteshow We had to go into work yesterday morning so @saxysandra stole her bucket! @3kev3 Tesco Extra was almost empty. Wish it was always like that. Fridge and cupboards full for another week .Tesco here I come!
If you are a cricket person please join the challenge of posting a cricket photo. Just one picture, no description.… @saxysandra I am so glad we're in isolation!!!Had to go into work for 3 hours this morning to finalise some things, now on furlough, so from tomorrow we'll be ba… to take my car for it's MOT today but don't have to. Any car whose MOT expires after today, will get a 6 mont…
@3kev3 The guidance says a short period of exercise, I'm trying to be a model citizen. @iamdanielpascoe Top choon DanTo the lighthouse.......well ok, maybe not that far on our daily exercise. all changed. The worst was my watch, "pull crown 1, push button b, pull crown 2, push button b, push crown 0…
@saxysandra The only kinda luck I've got is bad luck, Like havin a fork when they're dishin out gravy. #hotknives @ShirlWhirlGirl @NoseyOne_ @davidwhiteshow Wash 'em first. Don't want a plague of flies on the dance floor. @NoseyOne_ @davidwhiteshow I'm not wearing those feckin platforms again! @JoJefferys Hey, sis, I was offered a cup of coffee this morning, but after I said I was going. @NoseyOne_ I bet. @NoseyOne_ Happy birthday @ChurchfieldJE @iamcornishpasty Pasty stole my heartWhen the #quarantine is over, I want to buy this man dinner. Who is he? This might be the best thing I've seen in w…
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@westcornwallpla Did Angela sort it for you? @DavidEyre1 @davidwhiteshow @saxysandra My string vest @davidwhiteshow It's an outdoor latte day today, @saxysandra and I enjoying the sun. @davidwhiteshow It's 1977 but I've no idea on the tune. @davidwhiteshow @BBCCornwall I'm doing dress down Friday, will be listening in my pants. No point getting dressed, nowhere to go.
Forget Corvid19, there's a serious case of clap going around Hayle this evening. @davidwhiteshow Wishbone Ash. Fleetwood Mac. Brian Pool. Bert Weedon. Adam and the ants. @_Traviata @ProPrivacy1 @davidwhiteshow I should be sorted until Tuesday/Wednesday now. There was plenty of stock a… @EnglandRugby Seeing my son's face when he was 10 on his first trip. Awestruck doesn't come close to the emotions he felt. @ProPrivacy1 @davidwhiteshow Took an hour to get into the store @davidwhiteshow Please send help, she's got me cleaning the washing machine drawer now. I don't think I can last mu… @davidwhiteshow Yeah, home from shopping to the smell of bleach.Orderly queuing at Tesco. Hope there's stuff on the shelves when I get there. @ChurchfieldJE I did Tesco Extra at Pool last Saturday morning, fully stocked, no problems. Off there again later t…
@mrsmortuk Christmas!!!!I may get peace at last. @davidwhiteshow Aaww, sweetie . @davidwhiteshow Can't believe you read out a message from the wife earlier and it wasn't insulting to me. Wow!Someone had to do it 😂 Most importantly #StayAtHomeSaveLives @TheSpecials 🖤
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@Kathpeters Just unstick the velcro and pull it off. @SarahKCowling @ITVChase The next time we meet, you can keep the hell away from me, lady! @SarahKCowling @ITVChase We're going to be really stand offish once this is all sorted. @Surfingsue Long may it continue @TulipHeather @davidwhiteshow And longer??????The mother of our next door neighbour is currently sat in their front garden on a deck chair watching her grandchil… @davidwhiteshow listening on Sounds and it's currently 7 minutes behind live. So I knew Stray Cats was right before I heard it @davidwhiteshow just washed all our windows, been up on the roof fixing a tv aerial, moved stack of breeze blocks,… @ProPrivacy1 Sure they'll love to see my fat hairy arse mooning at them.Oh the irony, just washed all our windows so now we have a much better view of all the places we want to go to but aren't allowed. @NoseyOne_ @allot50cornwall Because they have to supply the materials to all the 100,000s of construction workers w… @allot50cornwall Builders merchants and DIY stores are all still allowed to open. @allot50cornwall Builders can work
@3kev3 @davidwhiteshow Bosigran @kjmarriott57 @davidwhiteshow @BBCCornwall Hear hear @sim4ali Yes mate. Beautiful @davidwhiteshow Lunchtime view, car picnic and you on the radio. Lightens the mood a bit. social distancing by have a car picnic. Not a bad view. distancing is underrated. The last time I popped in to see my mum I caught her sat on the toilet. At least I…
Band practice is going well! @davidwhiteshow I always expect a right answer. I rarely get a right answer but I always expect one. Just remember,… @davidwhiteshow Happy birthday me old pop picking buddy.
Inbetween every advert break and tv programme and on radio too we should be getting an alert re: non essential trav…
Retweeted by Jon Rowe 〓〓 @johnnyoshea Here it is.'t you just love a bit of Top Gear @SarahKCowling ? @johnnycowling @JackiHicks @fx550Mike @jpndcf @littlejomini1 @janh1 Tesco staff told me this morning that it was terrible Wednesda… @JackiHicks @fx550Mike @jpndcf @littlejomini1 @janh1 Tesco was re-stocked too, a few gaps but nothing to worry about.We have a very annoying TV soundbar. 1) they spell theatre like this.... and 2) it usually takes 3 goes to turn it… @TamCat13 @davidwhiteshow @marmite Don't bother! 🤢Oh good, the 2nd home owner who has a property behind us is in residence. Why couldn't they stay in their 1st home…
@SarahKCowling @johnnycowling Only 4 months left Sarah. @davidwhiteshow Cheers bud, just finishing my Baileys. @johnnycowling Could be worse mate, you be up St Dennis Social Club!!! @JoJefferys Bottom left is my mouse mat. It's great stuff. @_Traviata Oo er @_Traviata Up market airbnb surely?!Anyone vulnerable or at risk in the Hayle area, who you gonna call? 🦁 #upthelions #cornishrugby @swsportsnews
Retweeted by Jon Rowe 〓〓 @allot50cornwall It's all over the country mate. @allot50cornwall Tesco Pool was the same yesterday at this time. There are some very selfish, ignorant twats in this world.We are pleased to be working in conjunction with Disability Cornwall and The Cornish Oven to provide meals for the…
Retweeted by Jon Rowe 〓〓 @BBCCornwall @piratefm @camelwinemaker That's some piece of kit @TamCat13 Yes @davidwhiteshow what final boogie wonderland? @davidwhiteshow Great, more of you. And I'm off work next week so won't have to get up so early to tune in. @davidwhiteshow 55% are rude to their sat nav @davidwhiteshow Happy birthday to the man of many fashions. Hope you have great day on Sunday. Cheers for all you d… @davidwhiteshow Hey mate, it's Squeeze, Cool for cats. @davidwhiteshow Morning matey boy, 1979 and Ian Dury and the Blockheads with What a waste.