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roadie. @roadmanremy Accra, Ghana

creator. || emancipation of the black man. || Send beats to

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Don’t let the media pretend like it ended
Retweeted by roadie. @cozypols @thecypaq oh yh. fotoo ways🤲🏾
i seen how you did homeboy, please take it easier on meyou got it girl, you got itu say you believe in luck and love but you don’t believe in second chances😔
anhh so that be why @cubbson_ agree @DebatingHipHop_ might be his best work yet. or at least right behind NWTS
abeg no vex, i’m preaching to a target audience and they’ll hear me one day @Stylianius1 @_thememefactory pon me ‘ead so shatan seen man and passed his judgement. cool down koti man, my eyes are red but it’s just a little green.rasta nuh live pon no capture land, rasta may finesse, rasta may survive, but rasta will returnnyumor have mercy, i don’t want to go 😔 @jeffwellz @BostonKnick @_bestfriend_24 listen. these are barssss😭weather man, that’s me. i turned the pain to heavy clouds @WayneFiifi @blve_jay chaley your morda @dwamena96 anhh. them be wee fo) moom. 💀 @dwamena96 lmaoo you lie bad😆 the only people that call them “wee fo)” are the booze men💀why alcohol twitter think say them be above reproach ?
@der_od animguase3 pannh o“that boy singin on every song when he know he can spit”you keep the sunshine, save me the rain @2shuus it’s dame timeeeXTNDOOOOOOO
Retweeted by know who i’m sad for??Joyner fucking Lucas man. Future will never disgrace me like thisgood morning to women who don’t be entertaining multiple niggas
Retweeted by roadie. @blve_jay let’s fuckingg gooo mate!for a very good actor that was terrible acting. mans did NOT want to be at that table😭 @AdoteyCofie idk for them. i lef house very early😂then i dey studio o. lmaoo pups call me i say i dey campus so i no fi come along💀🤣 Tracklist Dropping Soon, also big s/o to @cozypols @roadmanremy @DexMula @iNene233 and @UntamedEmpire for…
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@Endwd_DJ @roadmanremy We dey London!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💎💎💎💎💎 Keep streaming Diamonds out everywhere!
Retweeted by roadie.foreign ting inna yard & she sippin tea at 1pmcharged a coin and half for some ghost lines, next year it’ll be a whole key. cop quickly.
dark shades, you can’t read my next move nah @CHUKWUEMEKA_KAL @__nnenna_ fine like what?😂😂i can take a stick and i can lift it up @AdoteyCofie ikrshe ain’t used to sheryn i ain’t used to caringB4Beginning still oneof my favorite ghanaian albums. solid project there
@loverrrman_ @iAmAClipse they really thought they were doing something there😭 hoes just wanna be mad these days istg @manlikefola_ Wbrand new lamborghini fuck a cop car @as0mani big stress o @grant_franchils @KelseyNormannnn @Puff_Zaddy_ @jayvenchey @MrFlanagan1547 e go light am dinn then enter am. ah he roll finish o? dawg🤣 @KelseyNormannnn @Puff_Zaddy_ @jayvenchey @MrFlanagan1547 @grant_franchils check this shitlike ‘em thick like gold house spring rolls @skenngman @_blvckghost chaley OG🤣💀💀lol love hurts chaley. the sooner you accept it, the happier you go beAbolish sex
Retweeted by roadie. @WayneFiifi RIP Pop😭 @JidekeneA this app is golden chaleyThe terrain is treacherous bro We need to understand the enemy’s ways
Retweeted by roadie.⁦@McNel_⁩ & Endwd DJ - Diamonds feat. Roadman Remy by MC Nel #np on #SoundCloud
Retweeted by roadie.I will be going live this Sunday with the @_thehortor on Instagram to feed you guys with bangers. Set your reminder…
Retweeted by roadie.I MADE YEEZY BOOST MOVES, IN MY REEBOKS! AND IT AINT GON EVER STOP! @WayneFiifi damn bruh. what you doing with all these factsss
the doctor said i burnt my liver @roadmanremy we been knew or?
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Retweeted by roadie.Too High To Riot > Milky Way. i’m sorry🤗 @McNel_ @Endwd_DJ 💀sksksk @McNel_ @Endwd_DJ ah what this😂 you then endwd dey the same location at the moment erh @Endwd_DJ that’s on gang bro💀ice cold like Idi Amin🤣🤣i catch the beat and beat it silly, tamor atsorr mi Remy Ali🤣🤣 @n_eoon oh? you delete. chicken😌
@gabii__ab my friend 😂 @n_eoon @ or it didn’t happen @der_od 🤣🤣💀us mfantsipim boys deserve it tho💀the thing about gey hey girls wey dey vex be the smart mouth. e break your heart finish dey give you thesis. tskomo🥺 write paper stylé before ? 🤣
who say flat girls are more fun? lmao don’t enter gym and be there ok? @Captain_risch vetted and approved Franz🤝
Live life🖤 #abrantie #ananse #stopsmokingcigarettes
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RIP Pop Smoke ❤️you’re aware the twi word for bougiee is akata. right?
lmao chaley you for answer my call for me. wya? stress?lol i miss the trap.. i miss the hussle
@otchi_ we all bro😂 @WhoKIKO 😂 @benhin_bb the vaseline dierr we for cop am else 🥺bro rn the pink lips dierr e cast 💀Sing along
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Eiii so people on here wanted to cancel J.Cole??? Lmaoo that shid still wild to me I think about it a lot
Retweeted by roadie.yo , i fw music. heavyy
high tek tek🥴men lie, women lie, the vibes don’t
If you put me on professional photos you go feel like @roadmanremy 😂😂
Retweeted by roadie.nobody said that it would last forever, that doesn’t mean we didn’t try to get there @P_Kupz wotriso😂“ may we be in heaven a full half-hour before the devils know we’re dead. cheers🍻 “it ain't an option to stop now.
Retweeted by roadie. @P_Kupz oh. Agnes why? you want tell me say you no fit name 10 botwe boys dema eye open ???