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"There are three things I've learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics & the Great Pumpkin." Orioles musings at

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@OriolesFanProbz Gary’s voice is what stuck out to me from this clip. @EliteRob2914 Yeah, I convinced a couple of buddies to go at the last minute.Eminem at Johns Hopkins University. Small theatre, not even full. Fast forward a few years and he was selling out a… kid at camp.
Retweeted by Matt Taylor @MD_Pride_410 Nice. I wore mine at the game and then once at the beach. My friend gave me the medium-sized one that…
It's been 30 years since Bo Jackson had to think fast and scale the outfield wall 😳
Retweeted by Matt TaylorAgainst all enemies, foreign AND domestic.
Retweeted by Matt Taylor @RavenParis_ After the surprise wore off, I just felt plain sad. @Danny_Miller4 Sorry, it’s been claimed already. @KevinGandel Send me a DM with your address and I'll get it in the mail for you.Any of my Orioles peeps want this shirt? Size medium. Never been worn. feet please.
Retweeted by Matt Taylor @RavenParis_ @brianhwaters I once heard a guy greet his wife and young daughter at the airport by saying, "My bitch… @Love_bug1016 Mmmm ... grilled cheese.
@BoilerfromBmore @Hubba_Bubba22 Congrats.Feel like my zoom background game is pretty on point today
Retweeted by Matt TaylorAll Star John Means
Retweeted by Matt TaylorAlso, a reminder: 2005, I meet Daniel Snyder when I took over sharing coverage of the team for the @washingtonpost
Retweeted by Matt TaylorProvo guy hit me up for nudes and I’m just responding with a picture of them from their mission, like “this u?”
Retweeted by Matt Taylor @410ClarkKent It's nice to see the supportive comments on this post. Count me among those wishing you the best. @kristenmhudak @ArnoldPalmer I love that confidence. I was embarrassed initially when my kids would make comments l… @Jenruns10 Meanwhile, parents have been commenting endlessly about how they've struggled to manage their children's… @PaulValleIII @MElias @Orioles Great video. I had a unique opportunity to interview Rick Sutcliffe back when he was… @ryguyblake @mikeyshaps Where hast thou gone, Wacko for Flacco era? @Ztaknek The “guys clap” really got me.This story about the Titans considering the "Rebels" as a name is something else
Retweeted by Matt Taylor @Britt_Ghiroli I want the Delmon Double after every #orioles hit
Retweeted by Matt TaylorI don't always go to Home Depot, but when I do, I tend not to go 5 days in a row for 7 hours at a time.
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Me: What do you want to do today 4: I just wanna say bad words and destroy the world. Me: Same.
Retweeted by Matt TaylorI love this exchange. about a conference only cfb schedule where everyone tells Notre Dame to kick rocks
Retweeted by Matt TaylorPlz someone find a vaccine
Retweeted by Matt Taylor @rachsyme This thread provides me with optimism. My son is a creative, introverted type. His path seems like it may… @TheNYAMProject I once had a friend who, after a few drinks, threatened to fight me if I didn’t say that I could ki…, to my sons: you guys have been so lucky to have each other during this pandemic, I don’t have anyone like that Husband:
Retweeted by Matt TaylorI'm dead! They named it the CAREN Act! 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Matt Taylor @MattJergs I watched the preview today and wasn’t exactly motivated to see the full movie. It sounds like it was as bad as it seemed.You thought Stevie Wilkerson could do it all? Well he is playing the entire outfield for the "home" Orioles team in…
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"Please scream inside your heart" basically sums up 2020
Retweeted by Matt TaylorI think I put too much oil in my lawnmower. Lots of context clues, but the heavy smoke that set off the alarm in th…“...this deal is being reported by some as the largest in pro sports when [Mahomes] is guaranteed less total money…
Retweeted by Matt Taylor @EliteRob2914 Happy Birthday. Hope you enjoy it. @hawkeyeinmd Wow, I can’t even imagine. I’m glad you made it through.Can we start a go fund me to buy Rand Paul’s neighbor the house next to Tucker Carlson?
Retweeted by Matt TaylorSo excited for this opportunity. Let’s get to work Baltimore
Retweeted by Matt TaylorTruant lauded for breaking rules.
Retweeted by Matt TaylorMan takes a super long time to take a break from playing a baseball game, then takes a long time to run around the…
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Great lines in news stories ... Watching the local library send messages to Twitter users with their full names instead of their Twitter handles.Old man comments on temperature of beer.
Retweeted by Matt TaylorYou can read the whole article (free 30-day trial) here. It's *yikes* Anyway, please follow @TheAthleticMLB!
Retweeted by Matt TaylorSports reading: 36 years later, Earl Weaver’s ‘Weaver on Strategy’ book still holds up as a manual for running a ma…
Retweeted by Matt Taylorthe irony is that Van Gogh couldn't wear this kind of mask
Retweeted by Matt TaylorThe more goodbyes that I do, the more that Michael Scott’s unannounced, day-early departure makes sense. @JTS65 Maybe the whole “show your work” concept makes sense after all.GET IT?!?!
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Well well well.
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This is no time for mom jokes. Harvey's mullet is in fine form after he threw a live BP session here at Camden Yards, but Tanner Scott's ve…
Retweeted by Matt Taylor @SamAbate @eammon This was a very good call, @SamAbate. I had Old Bay sauce on mac & cheese yesterday. @DomenicVadala Hope you enjoy your trip.
They clearly don't want football in the fall. As Michigan and Detroit Lions fans, I can understand why
Retweeted by Matt TaylorWas going thru some old videos on my phone... THIS is why there's no fans in the stands. 💦😷
Retweeted by Matt TaylorI was listening to a recording of the 1939 All-Star Game broadcast and I noticed that the pace of the game was fast…
Retweeted by Matt Taylor @ChrisDachille This is a very good response.Happy 4th of July!!
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@editti22 When will this become a web series? Will it be possible to download full seasons?Brandon Hyde: "We're going to be in first place in late July. That's really exciting for us." #orioles
Retweeted by Matt Taylor @mattkremnitzer Updated copy pasta!My neighborhood makes up its own science
Retweeted by Matt Taylor2020, ladies and gentlemen. @michaelngraff Did your grandfather declaring "Thanksgiving's Off" contribute to that nickname?Summer camps are underway in MLB, and we've got you covered, with @masnRoch and @masnSteve on the Orioles, and…
Retweeted by Matt TaylorNever underestimate a kid’s ability to boost your ego because of their adorably low standards. For example, my ki…
Retweeted by Matt TaylorFound the best Karen
Retweeted by Matt Taylorlol
Retweeted by Matt Taylor @ryguyblake This is a good Tweet.I’ve decided I only want a daughter
Retweeted by Matt TaylorUgh of course there’s a line at intermission #Hamilton #HamilFilm
Retweeted by Matt TaylorMy son who has just learned how babies are made looked at me and my husband then at his two brothers and said ‘you…
Retweeted by Matt TaylorStill missing please share!!! Bring her back home safely 😭😭🙏🏼
Retweeted by Matt TaylorWe're Back.
Retweeted by Matt TaylorFive-star prospect Makur Maker has verbally committed to Howard over Kentucky, Memphis and UCLA.
Retweeted by Matt TaylorCherish every MOment. #mostrong #f16ht 🧡
Retweeted by Matt Tayloryou down w PPE
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I’ve long said they should just change the team name to “the Hogs.” Embrace a golden era for the team and one of th…
Retweeted by Matt TaylorHistory Maryland is the first and only FBS school with an African American president, athletic director and head…
Retweeted by Matt TaylorGuess what. I have flaws. What are they? Oh I donno. I sing in the shower. Sometimes I spend too much time voluntee…
Retweeted by Matt Taylor @miss_amy_ I’m convinced that episode of Punky Brewster and the kidnapping episodes of Different Strokes are at lea… starting my 4th of July weekend....
Retweeted by Matt TaylorYou can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask
Retweeted by Matt Taylor @hbryant42 I'm gonna try this with my daughter. She likes the frosting but thinks the cake is too dry, so she only eats the frosting.Imma go hard for mines!! If you Ain my ppls ion care!! BIGGG 🤟🏾💯
Retweeted by Matt Taylor🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Matt TaylorWEAR. A. MASK.
Retweeted by Matt TaylorEven accounting for bots and the generally awful state of the world, I’m still amazed that people can find a negati… Ice: “Deadly when I play a dope melody.” Yes, exactly. You see the problem. Vanilla Ice: “If there’s a p… @DannyVietti Roberto Alomarwatched a whole school board meeting on coronavirus plans tonight, and if I had to guess the answer will be Plan A…
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