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Husband & Daddy to my beautiful wife Lindsey & amazing kids Macy, Maya & Jackson! Retired RL player. Recently diagnosed with MND.

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We've been blown away this week at #BBCBreakfast by the reaction to our chat with @DoddieWeir5, Stephen Darby (…
Retweeted by Rob BurrowBest brew of the week @Rob7Burrow @MugsNfl @MrsHepworth_KS2
Retweeted by Rob BurrowThank you so much pal you have always been amazing to me & my family. You will always be know as ‘The Chairman’ real tough win today against @OfficialBullsRL Reserves in terrible conditions. The lads stuck together & grinded… Harrowell Memorial game today at @FevRoversRLFC K/O 1pm, don’t let the weather put you off, come show your…
Retweeted by Rob BurrowI can’t wait for this. This club is amazing; you knew that already though ! wait 🥊
Thank you Oli & thank you Stu 🙏🙏
Amazing night seeing old teammates throughout the different generations. As ever, specialmention to @wullybull for… can help people and families affected by MND. Support 💬 Information 📚…
Retweeted by Rob BurrowMy old Team! Loved coaching these lads. Please support this if you’re free that day! @BBCBreakfast @DoddieWeir5 @DarbyRimmerMND @Rob7Burrow #aworldfreeofMND my dad got diagnosed last October, sending…
Retweeted by Rob BurrowIf you can donate a raffle prize for the #ROBSTOCK that would be much appreciated.. We also have a few opportunit…
Retweeted by Rob BurrowJust one mistake mate, the right side of the Pennines 😁 #ThankYou privilege to talk to these men about the biggest fight of their lives @DarbyRimmerMND @DoddieWeir5 @Rob7Burrow. O…
Retweeted by Rob Burrow
EXCLUSIVE: Tomorrow on #BBCBreakfast we bring together three sportsmen, united by one disease: #MND. @DoddieWeir5,…
Retweeted by Rob BurrowAmazing day #teammates me a better front row @Rob7Burrow I’ll wait #thebigmarn
Retweeted by Rob Burrow
Thank you so much for donating such a special diamond, I am truly humbled by your generosity 🙏
What a great night! Thanks to @Rob7Burrow, and to ⭐️ @gembon @HelenSkelton @jonny_brownlee @AliBrownleetri @NileMW
Retweeted by Rob Burrow @RLBarrieMc10 @leedsrhinos @mndassoc @CureMND @mndresearch @Rob7Burrow @JamiePeacock10 @J_Warrington @gembon23
Retweeted by Rob BurrowI had an amazing night with some great lads. Just been around the banter reminds me of the good times. Thank you fo… effort, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Now get a hot drink in ya 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Listen, great job guys @Mantality @Ste_Ward everyone walking to the game today, thank you so much. It’s amazing what you’re doing despite the conditions. Be…
Great to meet you Adam and thanks for having me you for coming @gembon23 the honour was all mine you girls, you were both amazing ! a very special night last night was @leedsrhinos fundraiser for Rob Burrow, his family and MND research. Raise…
Retweeted by Rob BurrowHow can I explain the Gala dinner last night - incredible & immense! To all who came, thank you so much, to the spo…
Well done Rich, really happy for you raise £1000 to help serving Police Officer Hanna and her family make memories Please #donate on @justgiving an…
Retweeted by Rob BurrowA great day with 2 inspirational men! Together we will #attackMND 👊🏼
Retweeted by Rob BurrowMy old mate who never calls ahead #shouldhavecalledahead! There’s no turning back now pal, thank you 🙏 night of our school production of Grease and a last chance to buy a raffle ticket to support @Rob7Burrow £1 a…
Retweeted by Rob BurrowIt’s been an amazing day filming with @DoddieWeir5 & @DarbyRimmerMND up in Edinburgh. Great to chat with someone go…
Great stuff mate, use your size to your advantage! The big ones hate tackling the littler ones, hey @RLBarrieMc10 year, instead of the flowers, dodgy chocolates and even dodgier underwear, treat your Valentine (or yourself,…
Retweeted by Rob Burrow @LeeLongbottom @carvs81 @DannyBrough2020 @DannyMcguire6 Freak!!!!Can you spot @DannyBrough2020, @Rob7Burrow & @DannyMcguire6 #RugbyLeague
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As we sit here now ready to fly home, we try & encapsulate just how good this trip was. They say it is ‘The greates… @leedsrhinos @Giantsrl @SuperLeague Need an improved performance from yesterday there are a few of us walking from…
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#SuperBowlLIV matey! I want @Chiefs but think @49ers will win an achievement, thank you so much 🙏 & Lindsey have had the time of lives so far & SB hasn’t even started yet #miami of luck to the @leedsrhinos lads for the upcoming season,I’m right with ya an always will be,best club in the…
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ICYMI in @UKParliament - by going public with his #MND diagnosis #rugbyleague hero @Rob7Burrow has raised awareness…
Retweeted by Rob BurrowWalk with kings but never lose the common touch #Miami #SuperBowlLIV #findsnowflake’re an amazing guy @TomMay1 well done sir, keep going!
The #RugbyLeague is back get in!!!
Retweeted by Rob BurrowAbsolutely, looks great! of luck everyone, heartfelt thank you 🙏 you than me Andy! weeks to go !! All for a great cause Please donate @mndassoc @Rob7Burrow
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Bids at £210 for 👇🏻 All for @Rob7Burrow kindly donated by @WestHam skipper @Noble16Mark Bids end Friday....…
Retweeted by Rob BurrowOh my goodness - Thanks Faz/Wigan, means the world 🙏 looking forward to this, should be a great day. If you want to be involved then register on Facebook, Thanks…
Great to see two of our Y11 students, Sam Wroe and Jake Stones in the latest @leedsrhinos academy photo! Well done…
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Means the world guys, really does 🙏
Thank you so much @kevjonbrown 🙏
Thank you so much Tom 👊🏻 to find some way, somehow, for this lifelong @49ers fan to be on a plane to Miami in a fortnight’s time with a…
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Thank you so much @roydsschool for inviting me in today to see this amazing piece of art. Thank you to the students… donate what you can to help a close friend and his family in their hour of need, keep fighting❤️
Retweeted by Rob BurrowToday in the House of Commons, I paid tribute to @Rob7Burrow and the outstanding support of the entire Rugby League…
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Stop being a miserable get! Wear that Jags shirt for me 😂 Price (Xceed fitness) and @Ackworth_School are organising a “Robstacle Race” on Sunday 5th April. If anyone i… the Man Bo! Thank you 👏🏼 to get this as wide and far as possible so please RT ... I’m 58 days into a 300 day run every day challenge.…
Retweeted by Rob BurrowThanks for the support Alison & @rlfairy best of luck
UFS are reading a new Percy the Park Keeper book called 'The Treasure Hunt' this week. We have been busy making our…
Retweeted by Rob Burrow @chadtownsend10 I’m all good mate, thanks for asking! Best of luck for season, I’ll be watching 👍🏼
Plz rt £100 for @MoseMasoe fund kindly donated the balls back to raise funds for @Rob7Burrow how amazing is our rl…
Retweeted by Rob Burrow @chadtownsend10 Unbelievable hey Champ! Watched it yesterday!To all the fans coming to the game tomorrow please come round to the robins nest where the players wives, girlfrien…
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Looking for a few more Fighters male and female and a band for this fundraiser for Rob Burrow at First Direct Arena…
Retweeted by Rob BurrowThey’re amazing!! 100% going to @Rob7Burrow ! @kevjonbrown has very kindly donated his 2017 World Cup Final Shirt!! To bid,…
Retweeted by Rob BurrowHi @silsden_storm @MickBraddy found one of @Rob7Burrow testimonial match shirts & got Rob to sign it this very morn…
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Truly grateful 🙏
@Rob7Burrow please help share this for my family!!❤️❤️❤️.
Retweeted by Rob Burrow"The fight is beginning to happen to try and get the cure to #MND" @DoddieWeir5 joins the 'biggest ever' MND drug…
Retweeted by Rob BurrowThank you to @rickygervais (and @Ste_Ward!) for doing this video in support of @leedsrhinos #rugby hero @Rob7Burrow
Retweeted by Rob BurrowMy new cup!! Love this little fella to pieces for what he did for @leedsrhinos and will continue to do going forwar…
Retweeted by Rob BurrowSpent the afternoon with my buddy @Rob7Burrow in Leeds. His phone going off like a firework every second with every…
Retweeted by Rob Burrowalso unearthed this collectors’ item while back in Leeds. God, look at that. Stupid. Get front cover of Blue & Amb…
Retweeted by Rob BurrowOn Saturday, @AfcAmmers are fundraising in the match against @handsworth_fc for Rugby League and Leeds Rhinos legen…
Retweeted by Rob BurrowIt was ace to bump into these great lads! The amount of amazing work they are doing @lifeforakid is unbelievable, l… @Rob7Burrow Both top blokes George and Rob, George hope to see you back driving RL on tv and radio, you are a great advocate
Retweeted by Rob BurrowAlways great to meet up mate! is unbelievable to watch, top job fellas!
Lard boy! have been thinking about the effects of winter on the world around us and making bird feeders this afternoon
Retweeted by Rob BurrowOi, @rickygervais, Thank you so much for the message, it means everything! @Ste_Ward got more airtime than me .....…
Thank you guys!