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CALL FOR PROJECTS: Have you just finished a project or have one completing soon? Submit five images and a short des…
Retweeted by Rob Fiehn @willjennings80 I’ve noticed some people are now mixing them up! Buildings they love and loathe. What new madness is this? @willjennings80 I want to see that book @Studioberman @walker_danna @builtbyusUK Yes! 🙌So the secret to @nlalondon success is... models! Thanks for the fascinating birthday insight @PGSMurray👀 @tomravenscroft @PhinHarper @OSaumarezSmith I enjoyed the ‘buildings to love’ lists in the same way that I like reading beautiful a… we are looking for a Senior Architect to join our brilliant growing team. All the details here…
Retweeted by Rob Fiehn @willjennings80 Agree. The dislike list is 🥱 @tcmurray @TimothySoar It’s been a mixed bag of varying typologies and personal grievances. I can’t quite fathom th… @tcmurray @TimothySoar I’m much more interested in your own work into permitted developments rather than why some b… @tcmurray @TimothySoar Is that the purpose of these recent tweets though? I don’t think that’s the motivation on th… @RedShoeLace Yes, there is sometimes a disconnect between the strength of antipathy from critics based on aesthetic… @tcmurray @Emmett_Scanlon Ha! Lockdown as a salve then from the worst urban offenders. @TimothySoar Absolutely. @Emmett_Scanlon Maybe it’s a collective cathartic moan as people react to the misery of lockdown. 🤷🏼‍♂️Just a few days ago my timeline was full of beautiful and inspiring architecture and I’ve started an international… @hari_BPA Don’t assume anything Hari!Thank you so much if you were able to attend our online @LFArchitecture event last week, about developing new tools…
Retweeted by Rob Fiehn @Studioberman @walker_danna @builtbyusUK Wow, this is great. Thanks for sharing. Will pass around once it's up on iPlayer properly.Creating street space out of adversity >>> read Oliver’s thoughts in @talklandscape here
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@murraybuildings I'm still not entirely sure I know what you're talking about. Have you clicked on the event? It's… @YukiSumner @vcky_rchrdsn That Fujimori cover is pretty rad. @murraybuildings What WERE you getting at Murray? @murraybuildings Not sure but that one guy has some serious bling on his wrist. good day for planning permissions in London. Congrats @peterogermorris and @patricklynchar1 is going to be goooood! Gursky was into M&S Gin Tins @amandabaillieu @TfL It’s true. I’ve been cycling around a fair bit at the moment and often the barriers suddenly p… and important article by @ollywainwright and should be read widely by anyone who works in architecture. S… you're interested in new forms of community engagement then prepared to be wowed by the @BartlettArchUCL student…
@RowanMoore @royalacademy Erk, sorry. I thought you were reporting on something you’d seen from the RA but you were… have a feeling this is going to be a newsletter worth signing up for 👇 @Furmadamadam 100 times yes to this! Bernini blew my socks off when I was at uni. I once spent a very drunken eveni… spectacular predictions here from @royalacademy ‘86. I’m guessing the big three referred to are Foster, Rogers… @Owenmeowenyou @blueprintmag @iconeye Owen... is this all your doing?! @eabeaumont @ArchReview @FloresyPrats you’d be interested in this @maxwellmuseums. It’s not just the headline cultural players that will suffer,… creative industries do not operate in isolation and their daily activities rely on - and support - a mix of dif…
Retweeted by Rob FiehnOh no. There were whisperings on the wind but this is sad. I will treasure my back issues even more. show really opened my eyes to the possibilities of virtual culture. @DeanBove No way! @TimothySoar @KermodeMovie @wittertainment I can't wait to return to Scotland.I am going to watch this as @KermodeMovie has told us all to do so MANY times on @wittertainment. @willjennings80 @we_made_that @talklandscape @PhinHarper @sgaventa @WillSandyDesign @eddwall @PaulLincoln 100% agree @willjennings80 @we_made_that @talklandscape @PhinHarper @sgaventa SORRY! Just spotted you down there on balconies… @Studioberman Sorry, I sound like a salesman, whereas I'm just very enthusiastic. @Studioberman All issues are free to view online or download! Talk: Fredrik Hellberg and Lara Lesmes of @SpacePopular reflect on a role for architects in shaping virtual en…
Retweeted by Rob FiehnK e r n i n g. Argh! Oliver Goodhall's @we_made_that thoughts on creating street space out of adversity in @talklandscape, among…
@russellcurtis @ARBUK1997 This is a scary phrase, which seems rather difficult to define: “ARB is undertaking a Rev… @leannetritton @HacktoFlack When I say ‘run’ I’m talking about being charge of shifts rather than responsible for t…
Design in a Pandemic | 68. Having wrapped @NationalTheatre and @TRoyalexchange with pink tape yesterday, today the…
Retweeted by Rob Fiehn @RolandKarthaus Sorrrreeee, should have used #40smoviespoilers#SuperSaturday
Retweeted by Rob Fiehn @HacktoFlack @leannetritton I’ve run a pub with one other member of staff and a cleaner that came after we’d left. @HacktoFlack @leannetritton We certainly agree that theatres need our love and support and I can’t wait to go back.… @HacktoFlack @leannetritton I’m sure people have theories about ways to safely reopen theatres (which I love) but i… @leannetritton I’m sorry, I disagree. A theatre is a much more complex building to run than a pub, both in terms of… businessman drones on about a sled @danielrea Now we’ve got them in the garden!
@TimothySoar That’s a cracker!We’ve got dinosaurs in our house! @XanthePrints @willjennings80 Sadly my day-glo no longer fits. I was in my mid-to-late 20s. @DeanBove I know right! Featuring Piano + Rogers, Aldo Rossi, Neave Brown, Mario Botta, Jorn Utzon, Luis Barragan,… video is worth the watch for its Hopper-esque Clacket Lane Road Chef alone. from the plague diary of Mark ne-Francois-Pepys July 3rd 1665 Up pretty betimes and after a bowl of Suga…
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@tomravenscroft Apparently the eagle holding a round flag image is a stock logo too, so they didn't even hire a gra… @willjennings80 Hang on a second. Does this mean that New London Fabulous is really the design community catching u… @willjennings80 WANT bauble.
@AmyFrearson Classy.Now is the time for Local Authorities to buy land and build where the private sector doesn’t dare. Public Practice…
Retweeted by Rob Fiehn @MrsGormanIsHere @MrsGormanIsHere This goes everywhere with me. @MrsGormanIsHere Ha, you can see how tiny my brain is from my spelling! @MrsGormanIsHere Not going to lie, it was a good one. My tiny brian was fried afterwards though. A lot of BIG conce… is a long one but some of the conversation at the end went in really interesting directions, from video game ‘… @TMOWilkinson Yes, Ye-es, YES, No!
I finally made it into Black Lamp! Thanks to all the Space Invaders at the #negronitalks tonight: @LangeAlexandra invaders , super insightful discussion taking place! #negronitalks
Retweeted by Rob Fiehn @PhinHarper @openhouselondon 👍Haven’t had the chance to enjoy a good Brexit thread for a while. This one is a corker! Must stayed tuned for updat… tonight
Retweeted by Rob Fiehn @tomravenscroft @dezeen Maybe they should put a football fan or two under the shelter for a photo and we might grasp the size. @tomravenscroft @dezeen I know I'm going to be told that the definition of a stadium has nothing to do with scale b… @RolandKarthaus @archio_ltd @BartlettArchUCL @LFArchitecture I thought of you when they were presenting that one! T… @Furmadamadam Love these! @Shawn_Steveland ARB has been notified 😂What inspired you and why did you go into architecture? MoA invited Ken Okonkwo to share his story: #WhyIWentIntoArchitecture
Retweeted by Rob Fiehn @RosieCade @archio_ltd @BartlettArchUCL @LFArchitecture YES! @murraybuildings @knight_david @russellcurtis @mattyb_own @duncaninho1 This thread is getting trippy. @ollywainwright @OSaumarezSmith I now really really want to go and be a giant next to a teeny Doge's Palace. New pr… pre-ordered this. Excited to see what it says about each borough and can imagine that this will be the first i…🤯 so impressed with the @archio_ltd @BartlettArchUCL UG10 students who presented their community engagement scheme…
@architypal @BartlettArchUCL @archio_ltd Thanks for joining Juliette!Data crunchers @we_made_that talk to @hughpearman about writing their own briefs (amongst other things).“An Engaging Practice” thank you for the generous profile in @nlalondon NLQ magazine @Davidntaylor 👍🏻 it feels exci…
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