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Robbie Knox @RobbieKnox United Kingdom - YouTube, Football Legends and Jaackmaate’s Happy Half Hour podcasts, ex-Soccer AM. Business enquiries:

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@ewan_vickers99 It’s an exciting milkshake of content coming up Ewan. Who knows what form it will take.This is so excellent. @Liz_Robinson_xx Ha ha. Well it’s doing a great job then. @_darlabrown Better @_darlabrown Need is a strong word Darla. @willguyatt Hottest fashion on the internet.Lizzie looking stylish in her Spring/Summer 2020 binwear. Doing a post office run in an hour, so if you need a new… @Liz_Robinson_xx Yes Lizzie! Looking great! 🗑
@lizzihill @JaacksHappyHour @AlfieIndra Saw this was out and thought one of them would definitely pick me. Won’t bo… @whosjohndoe66 @TubesSoccerAM No, he’s in London. @HarryPaye Absolute scenes!Ian looking resplendent in his Bin Day t-shirt. Some sizes still left: scenes. @iskillcorn Yes Ian! Representing! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @chiwithaC It’s so funny! @petecolley Course you aren’t Pete. @heyjoshuajames I've embraced it now. I'm obsessed with Paul Pogba. @Tom__AF It is my destiny.I love @chiwithaC's videos and I like Modern Family, so this is particularly good. I properly LOLed at the opening… @Glou09866607 I’m getting offered Shane Dawson too!Twitter keeps asking me if I want to see tweets about the subject ‘Paul Pogba’. I don’t know what algorithm thinks… @Jaack This story makes me so happy.
@HarryHugoGoat Don’t forget @TubesSoccerAM - @DippyDon_95 Thanks for sharing it Dan! @rxdmond @BlueVanMan4 You too champ. xx @TalkDerbyPod 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @DeanMcKinney3 Cheers pal! @rxdmond @BlueVanMan4 Thanks pal!Look! I’m on awesome YouTube channel We Like Old Adverts talking about my favourite... well, old adverts. Give it a… @liambambibell More exciting I guess. @ranny_280 They’re great Ben. I really love it. Everything I’ve made in it has been amazing. @Edd_Champion Thanks Edd. @IBW_Podcast @BlueVanMan4 Thanks pal!*Alexa, show me wholesome content.* Amazing video by @RobbieKnox and @BlueVanMan4 , two o…
Retweeted by Robbie Knox @sunscreemer Take it up with Mike Tyson. @_mount4d I need to lean into the exploding don’t I?“Everyone has a plan until their beer explodes in their face” - Mike TysonFair point, maybe this can be a marketing strategy. @marky23 Ha ha. Effectively. @MikaElders Thought about it. I’m going to investigate...I’ve had so many people tell me they’d buy Bin Day IPA. You know one of the bottles literally exploded, right? @StanS0L0 @BlueVanMan4 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @bambinobecky Wooooooooooooo! @StanS0L0 @BlueVanMan4 Send me a photo if you do! @AhShuush Aw, thanks champ! 😊
@NicksJoey Yeah, I love it. But it’s nearing the end of its time. @NicksJoey It’s a Canon C100 Mark II. Going to replace it soon though. @itsmeemillyy Life isn’t fair Emily. @itsmeemillyy Not tonight! @georgeprokopa Just happy to be alive. @Trraavv @ColoUndercover I’m keeping an open mind. @lizzihill WE DID IT LIZZI! @travisendeacott HI TRAVIS!!!Called it. @dantrelfer So fit. @lilyssoutterr Yeah, I like the implication of the title. I hope you enjoy it Lily! @Trraavv Grow upNew video: The BEST thing he's EVER EATEN (ft. Blue Van Man) @throw4w4y309 @BlueVanMan4 Thanks pal! @dantrelfer Steve The Firefighter. 🍆 @georgeprokopa Mixed bag. No more than two pints of one drink. Variety rules. @Phil_Merrick @BlueVanMan4 He is! @HarryPaye Hero. @AlfieTerry12 Literally anything. It’s been a mixed bag.Also I’ve been drinking since 1pm.18 minutes till @BlueVanMan4 making a fatty is released, how we feeling? @BlueVanMan4 Someone’s got good at internet!!! @throw4w4y309 So close! @_Winlayparbat05 Closing in... @Matthew_LFC76 @BlueVanMan4 6pm Matt. 6pm. @lizzihill Thoughts and prayers. @mark_robertson9 Mental isn’t it? So weird to see a journalist actually able to challenge him properly. @dan_talks Thanks pal. More coming soon! @FordJamesGames You’re welcome pal, I stole the photo from someone anyway.I have really high hopes for this tweet and I’m calling it early doors that it’ll get 1000+ likes. @JmoZ1310 Thanks James. I hoped you’d like it.Me when my YouTube video gets slightly more views than the last. @Lizzylikesleep Very valid point Lizzy. @MikillPane Look at the poor men, fleeing the vicious sea horses. @willguyatt Is he asking for a backhander?!? It’s like he’s [REDACTED] organising a player’s transfer. @CandicEanx Aw! Cute!My friend Mark used to think sea horses were the size of actual horses because he'd never seen a photo of them in c… @dknowlton1 You can start with people who write: Retweet if you agree, like if you don’t - ignoring Twitter’s poll function. @NobodyI99824309 Ha ha haYou’re in luck pal. New videos out this evening. @BlueVanMan4 eating a fatty on my channel at 6pm. Me helping tas…
@vulpjb It is! Very observant! @EnglishAndys Better.Child Robbie. @bstrawbridge1 Uhlsport for life. @Ethan50133968 Knutsford.New vlog's up. It's all about my incredible journey to work last Thursday.* with thanks to @Jack_Marson and featuri…
Retweeted by Robbie Knox @JeffCarnage It’s ridiculous. Some of the low light stuff is insane.
@TimxSaxby Worked it out! @JeffCarnage Will take a look! @JeffCarnage Yeah, it’s perfect for me. And with the adaptor that takes XLR inputs it means I can bin off my C100 totally. @TimxSaxby Princess Fly-ana. @saunderscb Awesome. Will probably get one native lens but if I can use some of the less used ones from the Canon then we’re golden! @Boxed_Globe Yeah, low light + XLR + unlimited recording + not catching fire is a winner. @JeffCarnage Excellent! @Boxed_Globe Nah, the whole overheating thing has put me off, and being able to record XLR channels with an adapter…