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Robbie Knox @RobbieKnox United Kingdom - YouTube, Football Legends and Jaackmaate’s Happy Half Hour podcasts, ex-Soccer AM. Business enquiries:

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@dknowlton1 Loved it! Thanks for having me.If you aren't listening to Cooped Up with @RobbieKnox and @LloydGriffith, I strongly urge you to get on the cheffin…
Retweeted by Robbie KnoxNew Cooped Up our now with myself and @LloydGriffith but it’s past your bedtime so don’t listen. You’ve got a big d… @lizzihill @dknowlton1 @lloydy37 Better. @lewisfrost_ We used to bang hookers together in the 80s. @lizzihill @dknowlton1 @lloydy37 How dare you?!? I have a beautiful voice. @Jaack This sounds great and I’d watch/listen. @AaronDelays Thanks Aaron. That means a lot. @FinJ2005 I do put it about a bit.This is one of the most fun podcasts I’ve been a guest on. Business Anchors is my favourite British business podcas…
New Cooped Up out now with @LloydGriffith talking about his extensive aftershave collection. In the usual podcast p… @danieljgwallace Lovely!!! @geordie_travels I give you permission to steal it @LegitimatelyNo1 I'm in. @Szpadtsy @LloydGriffith It gets better around episode 3.Yes, I can hear you Clem Fandango.listening to @LloydGriffith and @RobbieKnox cooped up podcast is really getting me through these busy shifts, cheers lads
Retweeted by Robbie Knox @Str8UpGooner The telecoms experts seem to be mostly distant acquaintances on Facebook.The biggest surprise I’ve had over the last month is how many experts in disease control I follow on Twitter. @nedlyl25 @Chelsearory Cheers Ned!Never in my life did I think I’d see @Jaack and @ccalmasmr in the same video. Never underestimate the power of @RobbieKnox
Retweeted by Robbie KnoxCooped up podcast getting me through the day, prefect for my 6k run. Keep it up guys. @LloydGriffith @RobbieKnox
Retweeted by Robbie Knox
New episode of Cooped Up with myself and @LloydGriffith out now. There’s plenty of Norwich chat in it: @kyleabailey 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻 @BevKnox @LloydGriffith Worm, not work just to be clear. @LloydGriffith : *explains his plans for the night Listeners : sounds interesting @RobbieKnox : "euphemism?" 😂 #CoopedUpPodcast
Retweeted by Robbie Knox @Ben89324448 @Jaack I’m so alpha I spell it in capitals. ALPHA. And bold it but you can’t do that on Twitter.#Spudwatch is back on! All credit to @RobbieKnox who is the leader of this movement!
Retweeted by Robbie Knox @ArloDunstan @pablofornals @Michailantonio Happy birthday!
@andrew080293 Don’t ask me. I’ve eaten constantly for months. @Jaack Cuck. @lloydy37 I look forward to getting even worse value from my fitness fad. @lauryngreen99 Wow. That’s a great first job. @LiamPoss @NeilSmythe @timlovejoy I think of that whenever the clocks changeThis is great. A thorough history of Soccer AM from the people who were there, including myself. No mention of the…
@LegitimatelyNo1 @Jaack @JaacksHappyHour I think that might have been the first one. @connorJharper @Jaack @JaacksHappyHour No, sadly not. @lizzihill @Jaack @JaacksHappyHour Yeah, I was also unsurprised. And thanks! @LegitimatelyNo1 @JaacksHappyHour Ha ha. Your childhood seems brutal. @imogenclancy_ @Jaack @JaacksHappyHour Good idea! Let’s do fashion next time @Jaack @emilywortho @Jaack @JaacksHappyHour No. @BoamytheBeast @Jaack @JaacksHappyHour Stop it @FinJ2005 @Jaack @JaacksHappyHour BastardGood news (depending on your definition of good): I chatted with @Jaack earlier and @JaacksHappyHour Half Hours wil… @callum_morton @JaacksHappyHour So good isn’t it? @LegitimatelyNo1 @JaacksHappyHour Wow. That story was a rollercoaster! @libertine1988 @JaacksHappyHour Aw, thanks Daniel, you’re very kind. @OliviaRedSprout @dknowlton1 @lloydy37 Love that everyone thinks Lloyd is naked and that Dan and I are just ignorin… @ajlawr3nc3 All good here, hope all is good with you pal. @ajlawr3nc3 @JaacksHappyHour Dunno, Jack’s the boss. @McCheesepuffs @JaacksHappyHour Dunno, I’ll ask Jack.Excited to share the latest episode of The Business Anchors Podcast next week that @lloydy37 & I just recorded with…
Retweeted by Robbie Knox @thelauramoore @dknowlton1 @lloydy37 Why not?Hey @RobbieKnox the video with you in saying thanks to the NHS is now out!! Have a look, tell me what you think and…
Retweeted by Robbie Knox @DeclanEastwood @JaacksHappyHour I love you too Declan.The last of our bank of pre-recorded @JaacksHappyHour Half Hour podcasts is out today and is about childhood. Rest… @windle3 @missjosiemarie @MorganPaigeLove Exactly, that’s what a bad boy I am. @GE_Connor @missjosiemarie @MorganPaigeLove I’m handing out nazi leaflets outside schools at 8 so needed to get this done early. @mythicalRhino @MorganPaigeLove She’s right. I once put a glass jar in normal bin because it had mould inside and I… @alexdelasalle @LloydGriffith Poker Stars! @CharlieMagixMan Cheers pal. @missjosiemarie @MorganPaigeLove Sorry, what are we talking about? I’m just out drowning kittens.
Yesssssss!!! @HarrySoEpic Ha ha @_giginthesky_ Thanks! New one every day for the foreseeable future.Come and get your new podcast, fresh off the presses. Only recorded an hour ago. @George_lee99 She was too good for you @edforever @kennaTV Good choice Edgar. @kennaTV Cheers pal. x @lauryngreen99 Me when I was ten years younger. @charlieholness_ Yeah, agreed. @George_lee99 Wedges. They’re wedges. @DeclanEastwood Yeah, that’s cool, just don’t want to do anymore home schooling @DeclanEastwood To homeschool them? @ericmusicfan Aw, thanks! @borhapdeacon Hackensack is beautiful. Give All Kinds Of Time a listen too as that's beautiful. @charlieholness_ It's lovely. @AaronDelays I love it so much. I'm going to listen to it now for the 30th time today.There is no greater honour for a podcast guest than for a host to "jizz". Very much looking forward to appearing on… I've gone full corporate Robbie and have written an article for LinkedIn. How grown up of me. @amybroadfield_ No space for the Bhuna? @TwoTales1 @LloydGriffith We’re not filming them so probably not I’m afraid. Sorry! @amybroadfield_ What are your top three curries please Amy? @zacalsopp This is my time.New #FootballLegends out today for a Lockdown Listen. Viv Anderson's Tales of the Unexpected. Contains Clough &…
Retweeted by Robbie Knox @borhapdeacon You’re very welcome Beth. What a polite young lady you are. @borhapdeacon So so proud. Look, I'm beaming: ☺️ @borhapdeacon Hooray! Let me know your thoughts please!Mad how many have started listening to this in under a week. Thanks you absolute heroes. New episode out EVERY DAY… @borhapdeacon Do it, there's some lovely songs there. @zacalsopp I mentioned you boys in my video the other day but I was much more polite and wholesome, as you would ex… @Nozzer89 It’s so lovely. @HarrySoEpic Other moms are available. @rxseblunt I know! So sad.For younger people who might only know Stacy’s Mom I’ve made a playlist of ten great #fountainsofwayne songs that a… @lizzihill There’s a sensational amount of insecurity on there. @goldpanda It’s still on my most played albums on Spotify. @lizzihill The algorithm is pretty good after a while of giving you what you like. I get less dances and dreadful t… @itsjamieyoudick Was just listening to that! @itsjamieyoudick That’s a shame, they were so great. Fav song?