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Bilingual (Eng/Spa) Voice Actor | Voice of Armani's Acqua di Gio Absolu and Profondo | Latin voice of YSL's Y | Pushy the Push Pop | Lavazza

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@raypental Couldn't agree more, brother. @raypental You definitely know better than I would. I certainly hope so. No one can be above the law.Truth be told... we all KNEW this would happen. I bet he gets off, no problem. THIS is why the riots will not an… women always rise to leadership when the pot starts bubbling over. Thank you for these powerful words
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This is RIGHT ON THE DAMN MONEY. who wants to OD on cute? @DanielKalban Agreed. Police HAVE TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.OOPS! Sorry! Not enough... just not enough. If the Police can't comprehend that murder is NOT okay, can't expect…"When the looting starts, the shooting starts." The President... via tweet... just blatantly gave a green light to… you Twitter for identifying the president's words as what they are... glorifying and inciting violence. Thi… @auxmonstera 90% of my body of work is commercial and I absolutely love it. Harder to be a real person than a cha…! This is the shit people need to worry about. Not a state saying wear a mask during an actual pandemic. Abuse…
Retweeted by The #VOHustler 😎🎙 @RobbMoreiraVO #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #Minnesotariots Sickening, and just another example of a real threat to Ame…
Retweeted by The #VOHustler 😎🎙 @Bensvoice And that's the issue. Can't just say straight up violate an amendment and just say "Oh, my bad." Can't j… @Bensvoice It is absolutely that. Truly and completely disgusting.1st Amendment rights now being violated on live television. Breaking: CNN team arrested by Minnesota police on li…
@auxmonstera Great connecting with ya ;) Thanks for the follow!"You have to ask yourself, do you want to be a working actor, or do you want to be a celebrity" - Anthony Mackie
Retweeted by The #VOHustler 😎🎙 @sergiowrites Oh Hell yea lol @sergiowrites Bruh... "Angel of Death" by Slayer, hands down. That song will amp up ANY freaking crowd.Ahch-To is OPEN for anyone who needs to sell turnips. I don't require anything other than being nice. :) My system…
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@Tattoo_VO Did you NOT see Independence Day?! They're communicating a countdown to you! Lol @kelseymaher Thanks you!!! Keep an eye out, I'm also doing Father's Day ;) @MrSupervij Thanks so much, Vijay 😎👊Written by @ShawnBelpanno Directed by Michael Licata Our cast: Diane Quinn, @TandyCronyn Steve Hauck Arthur Lundqu…
Retweeted by The #VOHustler 😎🎙 @MattV525 Thanks bud! @jeffreynbaker Thanks Brotha 😎🎙👊 @jrsvdc Thanks!Awesome spot I did for USA Football for Mother's Day. So sweet :) biggest fans this week: VoiceOverbyTina. Thank you! via
These were awesome results! Y'all rock ;)
@Voquent Japanese or Cantonese. Either or✨CASTING CALL✨ We've got 2 great monologues we are looking to broadcast in the next few weeks. Both female, play…
Retweeted by The #VOHustler 😎🎙 @SheliBaezVO In my island, I go by Maximum :P(Read entire thread) 🏆VOICE TALENT: THE 1st EVER GO GET IT CHALLENGE!🏆 📥 BETWEEN NOW & NOON EASTERN TUE 5/26, send…
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@LanessaVo Happy Birthday!!!!Wild Friday night with @marcocammVO and @RobbMoreiraVO #AnimalCrossingNewHorizon
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@GrantPatrizio Hell yeah, Grant!!! @GrantPatrizio Absolutely. Way I see it, the "hustle" is a balance of work and chill, not a canister of NOS for wor… @TimHellerVO LMAO! Long as I got some help! Let's do it! Lmao😅😅😅 @TimHellerVO Hey brotha, my VO Huslter logo was designed by @JenniferWClark2 . She's a KILLER graphic artist and ho… @GrantPatrizio Lol that's almost verbatim what she said. She said "thank you Daddy for building me a park" lmao @CharlieEAlbers :D Thank you :) Whoa! Great IDEA!!! @CharlieEAlbers Thanks doll ;) Thankfully my little one is ecstatic! She's never wanted to be outside as much as she has now lolWoo hoo! All done! Took me 4 days, but its complete. Thank GOODNESS for no rain and beautiful sunny skies while I w… quiet this week as I've been taking a week to chill with the fam with no distractions. Ya Boy will be back ful… @KadeshCollie Thanks for the follow, buddy!
@RedLeader327 I was JUST as surprised as you lol @Tattoo_VO LMAO, I love it
Retweeted by The #VOHustler 😎🎙This tweet is from the bands Twitter! LMAO It's like Fox News the K-Rock edition. I can't hahahha through @TRAPTOFFICIAL twitter account is freaking HILARIOUS! I've never seen a band's tweets be this WILD! H… @RodNYC Dude just needs to stop...Bandwagoning hard right now... So... What vibe do I give off to my Twitter #HustlerFamily ?2 years! Wow! Wouldnt have made it without ALL of you! Thanks for all of the support! Send in your questions and w…
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@thepocketsnacks Oh man! That's the worst. When it's a grouping of words that your mouth says "Nah, bro. Not today."#TFW you get that word in a script that your mouth refuses to say properly. Today, mine was "meaninglessness" Wh… article written by my bud, Sergio. If you are a fan of @xmentas , definitely check out this trip down memory… @LakeToyaVA Thanks brotha! This one was about $45. The master grade kits are typically between $40-80. While the h… @sergiowrites @xmentas Oh man, that was SUCH a great arc! Thanks for the trip down memory lane! BTW, Morph's deat… @melissamedinavo You already know @melissamedinavo I call this one... "Spec?" Conversational Upbeat and a bit hyper Not announcery @SCSA31274 Thanks brotha! Now I just need to get my hands on the Deathscythe Hell! @cliptheninja lol, it did come out pretty awesome :)Check out my latest Gundam build! Endless Waltz Deathscythe! Next up is going to be the Full Armor Unicorn Gundam… @ImmersedProd Thanks so much :)
@BrianVaughnVA I use the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro's. They're pretty awesome @ZenonightXZ6 @PatMikeVA @DarkCloudVA @Dr_Bonehead @magus_va @KenMarsigliaVo @KazennaVa @Philsterman01 @KateRoseVA @PatMikeVA @DarkCloudVA @Dr_Bonehead @magus_va @KenMarsigliaVo @KazennaVa @Philsterman01 @KateRoseVA
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@CharlieEAlbers @hannah_chapin Awesome! Looks great. I need a bit more Vegeta in mine. I currently have 4 Goku's a Gogeta and a Bro… @ImmersedProd Cool! @Aruiteru An OG VA I know by the name of Bob Tracy actually says one I really like. "Break a Lip" lol I think it works great :PI’m going give $12,750 to someone random who retweets this tweet because today is my Grandpa Pulte’s old birthday 🎁…
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@Third_Strongest It's so unbelievably inconsiderate. @raypental I Agree with this 100%. I mean, even under normal circumstances this STILL isn't funny.I died. A prank like THIS during a GLOBAL pandemic. Bro stay home. 2. These are essential workers. Why make THEIR live…✨ FOR SALE! PLEASE RT! ✨ TechZone Audio Stellar X2 (XLR) Price: $150 (original = $200 with tax) + free shipping i…
Retweeted by The #VOHustler 😎🎙 @chardevoire Sure thing! boy Andy Field breaking it down. Solid words. voice acting can be so incredibly tough on your mental health and how to work with your mindset: a thread. In…
Retweeted by The #VOHustler 😎🎙PAID #castingcall Male VA needed for antagonist character in upcoming game. See below. I am not affiliated.…
Retweeted by The #VOHustler 😎🎙 @WeissTang Thanos for these follow! Shall I send a demo over? I am bilingual, English and Spanish :)
@marcocammVO @PlayStation Yoooooooooooooo @jeffreynbaker Yeah, I can see that @JacobwilsonVO @SinfulWhitehand @SinsationsVN is an old vid of me doing some High Valyrian during the #GameOfThrones craze. Let me know what ya'll think? I… @RodNYC Coño, ya tu sabe. Voy acabar en la olla con eta vaina lmao
@KatrinaReeseVO @BigDaddyDissin Welcome to the #GoGetItNation ;) @cliptheninja This is nuts. I mean... this is FMV quality. I can't wait. @BrookeMorganVA Well... lmao is gameplay... HOLY FU...! @sergiowrites Bro, I listen to "Domination" and I fear for my family who are near me cause... I instantly gotta open up the pit. @ZLibrande I started with a Samson G Track USB microphone and my PC. I only auditioned though, I never recorded an… @DaisyG_VA Dale 'manita! Go kill it!!!