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Bobby Billy Booth @robbooth London, England

@houndstoothlbl / #ElectronicExplorations / @5liveSport / @DogsTrust / #COYS / Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

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It's just so lovely to see / hear you again @markchapman Missed you on Monday Night Club #MNC and @5liveSport Wi…
Raheem's @sterling7 3rd goal was genius. Love him 🖤RIP Jack 🖤 @codeinedrums It's my only safe place
this memory just popped up on my timeline @maryannehobbs #DMZ #meditate of #walthamstow --- Have you discovered shoes, trainers, footwear in general go missing from the back door.… @_Andrew_Jackson @bbctms @MichaelVaughan 😲😥I can't sit here and listen to @bbctms with @MichaelVaughan and Andy saying Henderson's is better than Worcestershi… happy to hear you received the @marmite Aggers @bbctms @ECB_cricket // @philtufnell 😇
@Ash_Howard spurs have gone back even further - fossil football (thread hijack) 🧨fossil football #coys @SpursOfficialgood evening Robbie @RobbieSavage8 (Sir) Ian Rush scored 3 pens - but only ever 3 .. !! out of 346 goals! ...… @ben_bondy album is really good - thanks for the TIP @tom_ravenscroft! love marmite too - can someone not get @Aggersashes some @marmite to #Southampton at The Ageas Bowl before he passes out please / @bbctmsApp that makes people smile
Retweeted by Bobby Billy BoothJOB VACANCY // admin side, working w/inventory, liaising w/suppliers, labels, artists etc, with a view to learning…
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Oh my ... so excited about this ! Listen: 🤩🤩🤩 as always all my love to @lighghtmusic
Retweeted by Bobby Billy Booth @ItsDresden swap w/ yah, yeah ? @ItsDresden rained here for the past 36 hours straight @opiumhum @HoundstoothLBL hello 👍featuring #33EMYBW #Amazondotcom @aya_yco @coreselfsaves @delibeat @deena0deena #DRVGジラ #ESaggila #Gooooose
Retweeted by Bobby Billy BoothWe are delighted to announce #Alterity, a brand new compilation of 15 warped, experimental and deconstructed club m…
Retweeted by Bobby Billy Booth @eoin_murraye @lighghtmusic @TirandoaVioleta @HoundstoothLBL @butterworthrj lolhey so this is really cool - me and @TirandoaVioleta got a track out now on @HoundstoothLBL as part of their ALTERI…
Retweeted by Bobby Billy BoothDebit, Siete Catorce, E-Saggila y Deena Abdelwahed forman parte de 'Alterity', el nuevo compilado de…
Retweeted by Bobby Billy BoothI still think it's a skateboard! I'm gonna email @slamcity ... make it come alive!'ve just announced this absolute pearler of a comp 💣 Check it out 👀
hard to compete with production like this .. not that it's a competition from earlier, tomorrow we have a very exciting announcement. Here's a little taste of what you can expec…
Retweeted by Bobby Billy Booth @thebugzoo @Bandcamp I am quoting BC here "will make an announcement shortly after July 3rd about future Bandcamp Fridays." @naomijade ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ @codeinedrums the better half loves wild swimming - she's been to a few of the places on this link @kevinathow @ThrowingSnow 14:24 😋someone brought the new @ThrowingSnow single B4 @kevinathow hahahahaha ... this is a 1st for me 😲🤗🥰🤪👇❄👇❄👇❄👇❄👇❄👇❄👇❄👇❄👇❄👇❄ the plectrum - inlay looks snazzie too 🎸@localactionrec @oiiiemma
@aboutfacemusik 🥰 @LippyKidMusic 🥰Happy birthday to my main man, Mr William Booth aka Mr. Bank aka Chequebook Bill .... aka DAD 🎈🎈🎈🎈 71 years young… @supermerger_ chilli flakes are spice, so you can have as many as your bottom can handle 🧨We have a very exciting announcement on Wednesday, here's something to get you in the mood. #Alterity #HTH130
Retweeted by Bobby Billy Booth @supermerger_ that's making me *VERY* hungryShaking up the promo list ahead of two release announcements in the next week — if you wanna write about our music…
Retweeted by Bobby Billy Booth @TirandoaVioleta The Quietus, Headphone Commute, Electronic Sound, The Wire, Pitchfork, Louder than War, The Guardi… @Hyperdub @no_allies @theQuietus one of fav's of the year so far, excellent production
What ingredients can you not live without ? If you had only 10 ingredients for the rest of your life, so you would… thanks to @AnnieMac for having me on the minimix last night - here’s the link, it’s pretty lively...
Retweeted by Bobby Billy BoothI need to move abroad
Surgeon Remix of the new @Ausmusicuk EP 'Forget Now'. Out today @Tony_Surgeon
Retweeted by Bobby Billy Booth @TamPatterson67 @jamesdoleman @KTHopkins it is @PaulWoolford I really hate this tag 'Super Saturday' ... what next, Jeff Sterling counting all the new positive CO…
@somanyshrimp Believe, receipt, autumn, Loizou, definite @codeinedrums S T U N N E R 😘Hi Phil @PhilFoden ... from a #spurs fan, you are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Cannot wait for you to boss the pitch wearing… stand with artists, promotors, agents, venues (such as our own @fabriclondon) & more in asking the UK government…
Retweeted by Bobby Billy Booth @Ash_Howard Dinosaur 🦕 in charge. Thank gwaad for cricket next weekSpurs are the new ArsenalTVI am preparing for yet another St. Totteringham’s day.Working from home all this time, I've seen 1st hand just how much Molly sleeps, although to be fair to her she is n… @aisha_devi has been nominated for 'Best Live Act' at the 2020 @AIMAwards @AIM_UK The Best Live Act nominee…
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LADS .. @PeterCrouchPod You want that pint option ?? - stout and a lager - it's got to be a black and tan - It can'… @aisha_devi has been nominated for 'Best Live Act' at the 2020 @AIMAwards @AIM_UK The Best Live Act nominee… NTS Supporters. Help us bring you even more forward-thinking radio. Support NTS from just £2.99 a mont…
Retweeted by Bobby Billy Booth @patttten @adultswim @555x5555 just got the promo! massive result getting on @adultswim congrats mate @laurenlaverne that made me smile 😃 @kevinathow PROPER 😋 @LoJamMusic @syncsmith @NTSlive Superb signing :)Lotic @_LOTIC has produced the music for the new @Nike campaign - celebrating #LGBTIQA+ athletes and leaders across…
Retweeted by Bobby Billy Booth @naomijade this is such wonderful news Naomi 🏋️‍♂️hey @crocusCoUk - thanks so much for my order which arrived today in extremely good condition - It's actually easie…
2020-06-06 - Essential Mix - Objekt.mp3 @KhalSir @TherealNihal @bbc5live To be fair, i do use it most days grated into a awful tasting green smoothie 🤢 @KhalSir @TherealNihal @bbc5live also hearing that certain husband's demand turmeric is added to their wife's glass… @TherealNihal @bbc5live - I go to India every year for a few weeks and stay in guest houses, sometimes with a…
#np this utter belter from @itsFAUZIA + @Tsvisions @NTSlive percussive sesh, just bril… @PaulWoolford @Mixmag is that official Paul ? ... awful news, so many fantastic writers now looking for work :(Huge thanks to @ClashMagazine for premiering my video for Through Portals. Also to all my pals who sent me silly v…
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Regular Saturday night here.
Retweeted by Bobby Billy BoothThankfully fixed the issue - @pete_davey @_Andrew_Jackson @flatscream - after a few sparkies DM'd me I was assured… #Gardeners #landscape #builders. What the hell is this metal thing that's stuck in the ground, i can't shift…
@HarrietMoss @glastonbury @bbcglasto I want to see Beyonce live SO BAD @lyra_pramuk I could not love without glasses, been wearing them since I was 30 months old, feel naked without them… at @glastonbury @bbcglasto really is one of the world's greatest LIVE shows <3so much acid and electro goodness in this mix @feelmybicep ... VERY TASTY INDEED @maryannehobbs @BBC6Music forward to hearing @feelmybicep BICEP's mix @maryannehobbs Just what's needed stuck WFH in this weather,… @RikkiAlexander this is perfect, thanks mate!BIG UP @BangerJonny NHS Tee arrived safe n' sound this morning 👍
@RikkiAlexander Literally let YouTube do its ol' algorithm thingymabob and had this beautiful music in me lug holes… to @LFC ... easily the best team this season (not easy to say) but fair play @jasmine_ks @LLBallJ @Mixmag This is awful news Jasmine, you are such a good writer and a massive supporter of Houn… @maxrichtermusic still UTTERLY engrossed in 'The Leftovers' OST A work of art @RikkiAlexander and this <3 the Guardian today: Good vibrations: how #Bandcamp became the heroes of streaming @Bandcamp @BokehVersions folks @bbctms - when is the next set of repeat tests on @bbc5lsx happening ? I need my weekly fixListen back to the thrills & spills of #MaritalAid radio show on @RinseFM with me @DeeJayBRS broadcast last night.
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@PederMannerfelt That's a pretty good piece of art for an 8 year old tbf @RikkiAlexander yes mate! on it