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Rob Booth @robbooth London, England

Run @houndstoothlbl Record Label // #ElectronicExplorations Podcast 🐕 // @DogsTrust // @AllDogsMatter

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Retweeted by Rob Booth @mat___schulz @unsound totally understand where you are coming from Mat .. I have the same problem at Christmas 🍭"INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH RACKET!" 🤗 @WaltonMCR share 20 rare photos charting our 20-year history 📸🙏
Retweeted by Rob BoothNEW RELEASE coming out from @ThrowingSnow on the 1st November --- 'The Death of Pragmatism' a Brexit-inspired EP --…
Retweeted by Rob BoothBack on the @BBCR1 Residency Music from The Orb, Mathew Jonson, Radioactive Man, Datassette, Walton, Dillinja, Mode…
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🚀🚀🚀🚀 @LoJamMusic I have no faith in @UEFA ... Bulgaria must be kicked out for tonight, they think this protocol is enoug… disgusting from a section of Bulgarian fans #BULENG Why does this exist. Why do some white fans think t… to @Mixmag + @jasmine_ks for reviewing the @aisha_devi single ft. @Equiknoxx_Music from the forthcoming 12" EP…
Retweeted by Rob BoothThe wonderful @PenelopeTrappes has reworked Longwood by composer and producer @stubblemanmusic aka Pascal Gabriel.…
Retweeted by Rob BoothShouts to the ravers! @tom_ravenscroft @BBC6Music @PaulWoolford @sullyE64
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@LoJamMusic Best BEST festival week of the year for me hands down (but stupidly agreed to too many releases this mo… to 'Offworld' for probably the 237,000th time and have this as my back drop @PaulWoolford This album is… to Mr @tom_ravenscroft for spinning SR and AQXDM this evening ....BIGGLES 2U 🐕 🖤 @BBC6Music
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@MarcusRashford @ManUtd @England I am named after the great Sir Bobby, best decision the ol' man has ever made 🤭It is @anakristensen’s first release on @HoundstoothLBL 🥂 🥂
Retweeted by Rob Boothcurrently I’m dedicating all my time to finishing up Penelope Three... diving deep... 🖤🖤
Retweeted by Rob Booth @PaulWoolford 🚀🚀🚀I’m not one to retweet compliments but sometimes it’s got to be done. I want to thank everybody that’s been sending…
Retweeted by Rob BoothS/O to Mr @tom_ravenscroft for spinning SR and AQXDM this evening ....BIGGLES 2U 🐕 🖤 @BBC6Music
@modeselektor @Blorbes @HoundstoothLBL ⚡💰👌A year in the making, a huge undertaking but over the moon to announce this landmark release celebrating 20 years o…🚀🚀🚀 #Offworld 2 x 12” 140g clear vinyl in a spined silverfoil laminated sleeve housed within a chrome silver out… Order Now: Joe Muggs, Brian David Stevens - Bass, Mids, Tops : An Oral History of Sound System Culture…
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😋's new remix EP, S.L.F. Versions is out next month on @HoundstoothLBL
Retweeted by Rob BoothThis is one of the best remix EP's I've ever heard Equiknoxx, Varg, 33EMYBW and Gabber Modus Operandi all remix A… a dope collab between myself and @TrimTaliTweets : )
Retweeted by Rob BoothA celebration of the past and future of @fabriclondon.
Retweeted by Rob BoothA year in the making, absolutely made up to finally announce a landmark release celebrating 20 years of… has announced a collection of @aisha_devi remixes featuring Equiknoxx, Varg, 33EMYBW and Gabber Mo…
Retweeted by Rob Booth. @aquarian and @ddeapmash about to have everyone flipping tables with the largest EP of the dang year
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@mattcolton @HoundstoothLBL @PaulWoolford @fabriclondon YUM 😋.@mogwaiband // Ten Rapid (Collected Recordings 1996-1997) Limited run of dark green heavyweight vinyl w/ download…
Retweeted by Rob Boothbiggles to that chap @eoin_murraye2nd track out from #AQXDM @aquarian and @ddeapmash push the frontiers of rave, jungle and techno on their @HoundstoothLBL debut as AQXDM. H…
Retweeted by Rob Booth#AQXDM have just released the 2nd track from the forthcoming 'Infrared EP' via @DJmag Check out ‘The Good Old Day…
Retweeted by Rob BoothListen to @anakristensen lead track 'Maxima' taken from the forthcoming 'M A X I M A' EP
Retweeted by Rob BoothOne of the most relentless #DekmantelPodcasts of 2019? We think so. Hardcore, OG dubstep, ghettotech, acid, sub-blo…
Retweeted by Rob BoothSalute @thefader for including Special Request - Shepperton Moon Landing 🌒
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New album "Aesthesis" out November 8th @numbers feat. @JKBroadrick, @MHYSA301, @RabitMusic & Drew Mcdowall. Here a…
Retweeted by Rob BoothFeaturing @GezVarley @DJDaveClarke @suddiraval @mark_archer @DJ_Tasha @thisislag @Darkfloor @DJJeromeHill
Retweeted by Rob Bootha few words on a true genius piece on Mark Bell of LFO, with a lot of the community coming together here to offer their thoughts + track…
Retweeted by Rob Boothmy first solo studio mix in a couple of years and longest to boot, huge thanks to dek for giving me a shot!! mashed…
Retweeted by Rob Booth. @anakristensen will release a new EP via @HoundstoothLBL in November
Retweeted by Rob BoothSo blooming excited to *finally announce* working with the super driven and talented producer/DJ - Anastasia Kriste…⚡ M A X I M A ⚡ @anakristensen 12" / digital >> 22nd November 💣 💣
Retweeted by Rob Booth have mail @sunilsharpe
Our Artist of the Week is Special Request. The alias @PaulWoolford calls upon when venturing into ravier territory,…
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hey @BBCTheArchers ...who is playing the character of Vince Casey please, he sounds just like David Thewlis.Ahead of another week in Kraków, watch this film to discover why @unsound is the leading festival for new electroni…
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Retweeted by Rob BoothBandcloud send a weekly email covering the best new music (according to @Bandcloud) from both Bandcamp and Soundclo… @TectonicPinch Border Control @BHeroique @amkieron @maryannehobbs hey Kieron, it's the last track on the new Special Request album 'Offworld' >>> The Gri… @phoebebennett @maryannehobbs 🤣🤣AQXDM (@aquarian and @ddeapmash) hike to the rave plateau on upcoming Houndstooth LP (@HoundstoothLBL).
Retweeted by Rob BoothHUGS TO YOU M/A @maryannehobbs HAPPY FRIIIIIIIIDAY 🎈The weekend starts now! Special Request mix coming up on Mary Anne Hobbs any minute
2019 @Shinybiscuit always the least fav day of the year @Pessimistdnb @thebuzzerUVB76 @MagazineTrax Loving all the new music Kristian @aquarian @bleep @HoundstoothLBL @AphexTwin @ddeapmash 9 + 8 = 5 ?BOREAL MASSIF - LOW FORTIES OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO - Directed by Edward Maddocks will be dropping next week Pre-orde…
Retweeted by Rob Booth @aquarian @bleep @HoundstoothLBL @AphexTwin @ddeapmash I thought it was 9 ?Fwends 🍕 🍭💣 OUT TOMORROW ⬅ @TherealNihal YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS Awesome news. Our Molly is on metacam - she runs at the speed of light again :) @HamilManfred @MARTYN3024 @aquarian @ddeapmash @HoundstoothLBL LADTONIGHT !!!!!!'UNKLE – Psyence Fiction' to this day is one of my most treasured records I own. Tonight, I will finally get the c… ... nice one @MARTYN3024 🖤❤😭 @RikkiAlexander Want some of these stickers ... DM me mate @RikkiAlexander so you're coming tonight then ?
@mattcolton @spltweets @MetropMastering @MetropStudios It doesn't go to 11 ... rubbish 💩 @telefontelaviv @ddeapmash and your album Mr Telefon .. it's a bit bloody good <3Applications are now open for @NTSlive Work In Progress 2020! Submit by 1st November for a chance to take part in…
Retweeted by Rob Booth @ddeapmash @HoundstoothLBL BIG LOVE to you Mr @ddeapmash @gabrielszatan @HoundstoothLBL @aquarian @ddeapmash @BedouinRecords they've created a MONSTA!Listen to the lead track 'Infrared' as played by that chap Aphex Twin over the past year >>>>>>>> #AQXDM
Retweeted by Rob BoothChuffed to bits to announce the signing of @aquarian and @ddeapmash aka #AQXDM to the family ..... We've been obses…
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🐕🐄🐖🐴🐏 #Fwends
Retweeted by Rob Booth @parris_dj @RoomIIRecords FUCK YEAH! nice1 Mr Parrisany 100% Moving Shadow mixes out in the WWW ? @PhilipSherburne @telefontelaviv It's a reet beautyCrush The Mushrooms #Karennnew album on the way from @ShantiCeleste 🎈 PEACH008LP - Tangerine
@aquarian @sheepshead__ @ddeapmash gud burp!So @sullyE64 and Mall Grab delivered incendiary reworks of Vortex and those splendid people at @HoundstoothLBL have…
Retweeted by Rob BoothThe third and last part of my recidency for @noodsradio is now available on my soundcloud page. It’s a full hour of…
Retweeted by Rob Booththis mix is ruddy marvellous @Truants @PaulWoolford #splurgecoreThe man like Mall Grab puts Special Request through the spin cycle and comes out with tie-dyed splurgecore
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