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@Grendelsgrundle I love his head spikes @LexoLuthoro Wendell is pleased :)Wendell demands your attention
Restaurants close ➡️ Restaurants open for delivery and takeout ➡️ Restaurants offer outdoor dining ➡️ Restaurants o…
Retweeted by Rob Actually @ToreadorSkarrin Lol poor thing to sad songs and crying because I accidentally stepped on my dogs paw
Retweeted by Rob ActuallyI am in a mood today“She is so stupid because she’s a socialist! So dumb, so idiotic. Did we mention that she is stupid and dumb and al… are terrified of intelligent, educated women. @DoctorHenryCT @VikingJonesy Haha boys will be boys @nova_Corpse It’s what I deserveWhen will this nightmare end lot of stupidity for this early in the morning
Retweeted by Rob Actually @RepMTG @JoeBiden Nobody takes you seriouslyShe absolutely did not @vintage_menace Lol he’s just happy to be aliveWhy am I listening to breakup songs and crying? I’m happily married 😂My animals are the only thing keeping me sane at the moment @BigTucsonDad That’s dopeQuick question...Are you fucking stupid Stephen Miller has officially began his 27-year hibernation beneath the town of Derry, Maine.
Retweeted by Rob ActuallyA common misconception is because I make jokes online, I want to be a standup comedian or have a career in comedy.… their night gets better 🧡 Britney Spears. Free her.
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@Shenanigans_luv You did not waste any time and I appreciate that. Incredible.Today’s meme painting: inauguration day Bernie
Retweeted by Rob Actually @KWalps @jamscandraw I am like number 33Funny to see Sean Hannity refer to Biden as “Tweeter in Chief” after the shit show that was the last four yearsConfusing Math: Dogs = Awesome Chocolate = Awesome Dogs + Chocolate = Not Awesome
Retweeted by Rob ActuallyHave to send my apartment complex a pic of my dog. Thinking of sending this one.*cut to Melania on Air Force One* BARRON!
Retweeted by Rob ActuallySorry to announce I’ve been a Trump supporter this entire time @yaboijt1646 @CNN That was his family bible and he didn't die overseas. He died from brain cancer in Maryland.two of my kids have never known an america without trump as president. they don’t know what decency looks like. the…
Retweeted by Rob ActuallyBiden officially sworn in as President of the United States on the spell book from Hocus Pocus. @CNN Did he just swear on the spell book from Hocus PocusKind of disappointed Jennifer Lopez isn't singing her hit song, Waiting for Tonight.Hope this is me in 50 years I had a nickel for every “you’re fired” tweet today, I could pay off my student loans before the end of inauguration
Retweeted by Rob Actuallyi pull my last can of malarkey out of the fridge, but just as i'm about to pull the tab and take a sip i notice it; 𝙱𝙴𝚂𝚃 𝙱𝙴𝙵𝙾𝚁𝙴 𝙹𝙰𝙽 𝟸0 𝟸0𝟸𝟷
Retweeted by Rob Actuallyif you have depression open this
Retweeted by Rob ActuallyLook, a lot of people are going to say things today like “Donald Trump was the worst president ever” and “He’s a bi…
Retweeted by Rob ActuallySad to announce that I did not receive a presidential pardon for my crime of having an absolutely thick dump truck of an assUnset it my will. Needed some info from my brother. Messaged him to ask his address and job title. Failed to remember…
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Tiffany Trump may be part of a corrupt family but the girl sure knows how to read the room hologram Biden be sworn in at the inauguration. We have the technology.I know this is meant to be a burn but naps are fucking awesome. Wish I could nap all day. Biden will be president tomorrow.
Retweeted by Rob ActuallyYou’ll go to bed while the group chat is named like “Friends 🙂” and wake up to “Cum Socks”
Retweeted by Rob Actually @kylegriffin1 And yet they never showed any of this evidence in a court of law
internet drama part 3: i just need butter 😩
Retweeted by Rob Actually @Shyguy8413 @DeanBrowningPA @AOC Every time someone posts this screenshot on his tweets, it gives me so much joy.My stepdad would always use that phrase to threaten us as kids when we would cry and now we all have anxiety“I’ll give you something to cry about.” Please don’t everything makes me cry already. @bakkun Not surprising for a guy “trusted by Ben Shapiro.” Lol
Retweeted by Rob Actually @HillckHill @VRDennis @Koen04013015 @CNN My bad. The article I read said nominated for some reason. Thanks for the clarification. @Reuters Oh god, now next time we see her every piece of clothing she is wearing is going to have “censored” on itThe toxic masculinity is strong with this one @VRDennis @Koen04013015 @CNN The governor nominated CA Secretary of State Alex Padilla to replace herI was today years old when I found out the mattress tag warning isn’t for us, but for retailers selling the mattres… @KyleSmellz Make sure to do absolutely no measurements. Just throw it all in there. It’s the chaos that really brings it together.TOUCH AND DIE’m sorry but if my mom didn’t know I was gay when I gave her the best recipe for an apple pie in the second grade…
I swear if Twitter had been around in the Industrial Revolution there’d be a tweet with 50k Likes like “if we can’t…
Retweeted by Rob Actually @KristySwansonXO Ok
@kylegriffin1 She needs to be expelled from congress immediatelyCertainly a lot of people on this site saying “if you start paying people a living wage it will upset me.” Be better.Happy to announce that I’ve been off antidepressants for a few years now but sad to announce I’m still depressed @kylegriffin1 Charge him with all the crimes @Swoosh61 I hate emails. If I get an email before 12pm I cry
@hortichris Sounds like my life story lolWhat’s one thing you despise about your job? For me it’s the physical act of having to work for a living.Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION SAYS IT HAS FILED PETITION IN COURT FOR BANKRUPTCY
Retweeted by Rob ActuallyI just saw someone refer to Marjorie Taylor Greene as "Klan of Green Gables" and there has never been a more perfect insult.
Retweeted by Rob ActuallyMy husband got a tamagotchi yesterday in the mail. He just texted me in a panic because he forgot to take it to wor… @TirxieSimone I mean I’m not getting it back when I’m retired so I’ll take it now!The $1400 vs $2000 debate is silly. The government should simply just give us back all the money we’ve ever paid them and call it a day
@kylegriffin1 She always says some dumb shit like this and then votes along party lines @hortichris That’ll do it too lol @lincnotfound *nodding* eggMy husband woke up this morning and chose violence couldn’t decide if I wanted bangs or not so I cut bangs for my daughter and she looks awful. Dodged a bullet there.
Retweeted by Rob Actually @lincnotfound ANOTHER @tacobell Bring back the grilled stuft burrito. I haven’t been the same since you took it away.scientists are gaslighting snails
Retweeted by Rob Actuallyplease be gentle with me. i am doing the absolute bare minimum and i’m still exhausted @DrakeGatsby This is a cowards ratioPasta Sauce I’m Making On The Stove: Nice pair of eyes you got there Me: Th... thanks? Pasta Sauce I’m Making O…
Retweeted by Rob Actually[the best zoom meetings] host: can you hear me ok? everyone: no host: let’s just reschedule everyone: great
Retweeted by Rob Actually2019: im at the impeachment 2020: im at the pandemic 2021: im at the combination impeachment and pandemic
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Retweeted by Rob ActuallyHello my dog is being cute while I work @YuckyTom Makes it sound like she baked her rival into a pie. That’s some modern day Sweeney Todd shitLove when people say they have insomnia as they are finishing off a pot of coffee at 10:59 pm