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Cyanide & Happiness guy, just here to argue with bots. Black lives fucking matter. Biz email: robd at

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@SenTedCruz I get you're trying to be the next trump but it doesn't really work @abelinasabrina 20 buckslmao instagram is threatening to delete my account over this comic. fucking facebook i swear to god @sdcrosby that was an intern, I'm toldgreatest president in my lifetimeJoe Biden has died, rip
2021 @paulandstorm @MohanadElshieky We achieved our goal of doing The Same Joke. Top tier Twittering folks. Give yourselves a pat on the back.[S] #GoodbyeLoser
Retweeted by Rob DenBleyker @paulandstorm @MohanadElshieky ArghI guess someone beat me to the joke, and their photoshop looks better.. give @MohanadElshieky a follow! 3 hours left to unveil his healthcare plan, let's see if he can pull this off!!! @barrkel Do you know of a good resource explaining how to apply an Imagemagick script to a batch of images on Windo… know of a program that'll batch letterbox images to a given aspect ratio? In my case, making comics Instagra… @Timcast I know your forehead is an easy target but please do not shoot yourself @KaylaChowShow Here I am, on a conference call, having sex
2021 @_splashious_ @N_PhilTration @Menmotn @2xMyy @ello_aaye @xlove_delilahx the image of ordering a salad with no lettuce is fucking killing me @shelby_young make sure he stays hydrated and gets plenty of rest @tehnanster @runeechan @cartoonbrew idk, pretty sure those are humans
2021 @PallaviGunalan wow, I feel personally attacked by this Tweet. not all men are bad please consider that lots of m… @SirEviscerate why did I read that as "Qanon" instead of Ganon, and why did it still make sense @laurenboebert Traitor. @yeehawbutspooky @carterhambley he made Sunday wetsenjoying a traditional plate of Sunday Wets after a rough day wedding dress shopping with my ex-wife. still very gr…
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@desukidesu ideal pizza toppings?
@dadthatwrites delete this @ashhhhhhole same
@adamgreattweet i peaked in highschool and college, call that twin peaks @JanNWolfe hands status: cold & dead @douglas_boyle *Christ Jesus covid just dropped u guys getting it? @AnneWheaton This might be one of the best, and easiest to understand, examples of white privilege there is. They l… @SteveGuest nobody gets to do the "your tax dollars at work" anymore. trump ruined that line of attack when we spen… @flindis are these taylor swift lyrics @benshapiro maybe you have so few liberal friends because you shame them on social media @benshapiro you're a weird guy, Benif two people get into a several days long political argument in my replies u better believe i am blocking all peop… @sohmer Sous vide egg is legit. @biboofficial Accuratepeople think socialism is ok so let me explain it like this. there’s a basketball game and every time one team scor…
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@critic_swedish @Rocket_Man_Doug @SatanPickle666 @mainspringbroad @AP oh? @jwwmsr @mainspringbroad @AP impeach his ass!!! @SatanPickle666 @mainspringbroad @AP are you genuinely confused that $600 + $1400 = $2000 @mainspringbroad @AP I know schools are closed but $600+$1400 isn't difficult math, Kateshit sucks @nateandmufasa sugar tea rum cum pick 3 @thekdog11 can't believe you made that man cancel himself @FireBeets @TweetPotato314 O'o @TweetPotato314 interestingly, not only is this a visual depiction of the YMCA dance, if you google it you discover… @TweetPotato314 its fun to stay at the \o/ ^o^ o< /o\ @justky1018 the prequel to Big Hero 6 @justky1018 yo @2Saddington peemwhy am i trending
Retweeted by Rob DenBleyker @thatsmytrunks How dare you @GatorsDaily I'm so happy for themSoon may the Wellerman cum To bring us cum and cum and cumlol @nktmry This is good @mtgreenee LMAOimpeach him a 3rd time for bein ugly
@WhiteHouse this is a solid B+ apology video, don't think the PGA is gonna change their minds @jonnysun i don't read a lot of books, but to me it's animorphic and a little goosebumpian
Retweeted by Rob DenBleyker @Rosscott @boxbrown I think that means no uploads for a week @boxbrown I guess he can use Tiktok maybe @boxbrown They banned him yesterday I thinkMOVIE TRIVIA: the 2 in Home Alone 2 is short for "2 impeachments"oh, interesting. where's he gonna post it? trump got half of the impeachments in all of US historyrt if you've never been impeached once let alone twiceDonald Trump has now been impeached twice, lost the popular vote twice, lost the House for Republicans in 2018, los…
Retweeted by Rob DenBleyker @MyPerfectKarma @toxicpath @Jim_Jordan Russia's efforts to help elect Donald Trump, which was what the Mueller report ended up confirming. @IndecisiveJones i went "heh" when i saw this @50FirstTates there's no vaccine for being thiccStephen Miller's been stuck in an elevator for a week and nobody is talking about it @Jim_Jordan Hey Jim, how many felony indictments came out of the "Russia hoax"? @Suffragentleman @jack @marwilliamson you're a dumbassIT'S BEEN @TweetPotato314 wow that reminds me of a classic beloved book: Captain America: The Winter Soldier: The Novelization @yaygya that's straight up communism, i'm so sorry @TweetPotato314 damn that's very 1984 and/or socialism, i'm very sorry that happenedwhat's the most Orwellian thing that's ever happened to you? for me, it's when blocked my… @dyketacular I feel like these two businesses aren't even in competitionwanna put my tender toe in a blender actually takes two impeachments to vaccinate against Trump
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@SamLangellier @okiecorri @violinbug it's a dox wing duck @okiecorri @violinbug this is doxing @jaynooch damn.. thoughts and prayers @William36012991 @JohnMatze the key difference is those twitter posts got their accounts suspended, because twitter… @violinbug i'm not a bird, delete this tweet