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@andi_______ @nathanisariot @ComradeBree to be that guy - John talked about this in an interview. The folks that sp… out what I got going on tomorrow night. @neurasthenya I had a Regal about a minute’s drive from the house so I didn’t mind using that as a nearby conduit f… @onihcinimkcin @bshoup I know them and they do. @TimMcGonagle Coming over with a bucket of Squashed Strawberry Alleycats. @beatgozon A great one! IMO they haven’t put out a dud since they got back together in 2002. @tcote Tie for me between this and the Penguin Cafe Orchestra clips I’ve found. @tcote Didn’t walk but ran to put this on the TV. @beatgozon One of my all-time favorites, without a doubt. Honored that I’ve been able to interview Colin Newman a f… @Real_Krcatovich You’re making me blush.Had my honeymoon in Vancouver, and spent a lovely few days in Toronto (and got to hang with @stephenmdeusner to boo… @thumphreypdx @North_Americans @futuremyth Thank you, Tom! @anniezaleski @modernistwitch There are a LOT of gaming chairs.Someone uploaded the full, uncut 30-minute Roger Miller on Austin City Limits in 1983, featuring Danny Gatton on gu…
Retweeted by Captain Mandrax @anniezaleski @modernistwitch Going for that pink couch. @blackmetalbrews If you did a Gofundme type fundraiser for a new laptop, I would happily contribute. @bigplastichead Honored that I was part of both of those experiences.A little disappointing to think that i likely won’t be able to get a job in my chosen field again. But those jobs a… about this a bit. I didn’t go full time freelance until 2011 when I was 36. Had done a fair amount of free… only Best Of film lists I care about belong to @davidehrlich (which is coming in January) and John Waters:
Put together a new edition of Now Hear This, my picks for great Portland music to purchase from Bandcamp, for… @AvivaMaiArtzy Industry on HBO. An absolute mess but I can’t stop watching. @jdsanten It was HORRIBLE. @valhalladsp Pretty close. @EZSnappin Which two?Just took apart the bathroom sink to deal with a clog and the mass that glorped out of the pipe made the effects in… still have a few 7"s for sale for bandcamp friday this week!
Retweeted by Captain MandraxFired off a newsletter at long last. This edition features an interview with Portland pedal steel wizard Barry Walk… no idea Portland had a great musica urbana artist @spnstermichelle @imjasondiamond I’m doing the dance right now.Thanks @roberthamwriter for speaking with me about Murder Ballads for @wweek and following me deep into the mucky m…
Retweeted by Captain Mandrax @imjasondiamond Make it a double feature with this: @jasonekeil “Yo! You know “Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory?"Including re-watching THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS, here are all the films I saw last month. @falsebinary God damnit. @mondosalvo God I love that band.Prayers upon prayers for the great Graeme Downes (of The Verlaines) as he begins his fight against cancer. NEON Year 4 in the books, we're gifting a full set of 2020's films every day this month. Our DVD set features…
Retweeted by Captain Mandrax @futuremyth Thought of this and this @vaporgazer Not groovy at all.I don’t know who allowed my son to get old enough to be thinking about going to high school next year, but…I don’t like it.Antifa gave me that not-so-fresh feeling.
Heavy rock listening update: Sightless Pit - yes Feastem - YEESSSSSSSSS Lamp of Murmurr - OH YES INDEED Terminal N… @nakedfoul @tywilc What Bud said. @danielluckybird The feeling is mutual. I owe you so much. @tywilc If you need some suggestions, I’m here for you. @tywilc Adore DS and all of his work. @danielluckybird Sleaford Mods whips ass. And I’m glad I got to take you with me. @Hilary_Saunders I don’t get itThrilled that @uproxxmusic let me take up some space on their site to talk about @MusicPortlandOR, an amazing organ… @cohenesque well….yes. @kenpartridge Thanks. I might do something else with it, but I might not. @noiseandlight Totally get it. That’s why I said I applauded him for scratching out his own path. I’m just selfishl… @mattsebastian @denverpost Congrats!!! @Mingus_the_cat More libertarian from what I’ve seen. Plus he retreated to the small town of Grays River.Maybe he just didn’t want the hassle of being in a busy working band like those two. Makes sense. But he’s so talen… to Bleach with friends (remotely) tonight, and thinking about what Novoselic got up to (musically) after… years ago today @AnthologyFilm opened its doors & they are streaming the opening night program for free here…
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Blogged out my favorite albums and TV shows of 2020. hope HBO commits to more seasons of HOW TO. I mean, it probably costs the network 2% of what they pay to make SUCCESSION or EUPHORIA. @DeathofLit I sure didn’t! Wanna see it now.My review of the first new album in 26 years from Cabaret Voltaire is up over at @pitchfork.
Retweeted by Captain MandraxIt's here! The Quietus Top 100 Albums Of 2020... Dig in!
Retweeted by Captain MandraxShould be in bed. Up late listening to Feastem.My review of the first new album in 26 years from Cabaret Voltaire is up over at @pitchfork. @jukebox65 @mwardlaw Ha!Tried out the Countless Skies album someone suggested to me. Big thumbs down from this guy. Sounded like Dennis DeY… @tbimusic I promise to make a category about Taylor Swift just for you. @neurasthenya @tammyampersand Just the coolest damn coffee bean ever. @ZachWKelly @danozzi Really hope HBO commits to more seasons of the show. I mean, it has to be the least expensive… @kcfennessy I appreciate that. I’m not on FB at all these days. And I think I’ve got it under control but I’m sure…
@neurasthenya He’s the coolest. @neurasthenya I’m so so sorry, my friend. Blessings to you and your family.I think 12/27 will be the day for the (first?) music trivia party. More details TK. @cobblehillis @kcfennessy @tedgeoghegan Nice. I’ve done the Final Exam game a few times. I’m thinking of something… @lfitzmaurice “Flicker” from that album was my jam in ’14. @kcfennessy @cobblehillis Any advice you wanna give, Aaron, I’m all ears.Or just do it for free/fun and encourage y’all to donate to a particular charity. Something like that. But I would give away a prize.Thinking of hosting an online music trivia event to raise some money for charity. Any interest? @selectortbm Whooooaaaaaaaaaaa @nominalsum Damn. Well done. @bowiesongs I can’t figure it out either. It was years ago, so goodness knows what happened to that couple. @bowiesongs Reminds me of when I was at a record sale and found a table with a lot of cool import CDs that, had I h… @ResonanceGlobal THIS WHOLE COURT IS OUT OF ORDER! @lemieuxdavid Mind. Blown. @ResonanceGlobal What’s the statute of limitations on a crime like this? Can I plead ignorance? I’M TOO PRETTY FOR PRISON!!!Going to guess that it was Jamie Lee Curtis in TRADING PLACES. leads me to ask you: Do you have any strange/funny stories about buying records at yard sales/garage sales/es… me a few seconds to realize that this woman was quietly and slowly selling off her husband’s record collection… I’m fishing in my pocket for cash, she looks panic stricken. “He’s home. Don’t say anything.” Her husband ha……went through the list again. “What about these John Fahey records?” “Sure. Give me a second.” She grabs an… flipped through and saw that there was an original Sonics LP for sale. I went up to the card table where the lady… stop had a small box of mostly common easy listening records, but in the front, a small sheaf of paper, with a…, I’m sufficiently full of biscuits and jam, so here’s that story I was going to tell before. Again, my wif…’s small steps - pickled some onions yesterday and made flatbreads, and this morning, cooked up some biscuits.Always about eight months behind the curve, I’ve just now started in on a pandemic-fueled baking/cooking craze. @kcfennessy I definitely caught that. There is no way to watch that for prurient interest. @kcfennessy Interesting…I’ll have to re-watch it with that in mind. @kcfennessy I need to re-watch Shame. It left me cold when I first saw it, even as I marveled at its technique and Fassbender’s performance.