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From the planet of Rob Haze. 🖖🏿🤟🏿

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@robertistheMan Why did I see this and think it was a before and after picture of me?
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€Wowww just had to unfollow OJ. He’s funny on twitter but give him a google and you will NOT like him anymore
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Wow I’m a style icon @raesanni You are the bestThis is how you give a parade speech! was a real emergency. I thought they were going to bring Drake out on the Genuwine stretcherJamal McGlour with this WCW belt!The DJ at the Raptors parade is making sure to play every song I have ever hated @Darian_Robbins @watermelondriia I don’t remember Hov saying “Child” @robertistheMan "I'm a stick a fork in y'all niggas" - DMX
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€ @robertistheMan Yo, when the DMX verse used to hit on 106 & Park, I would be so hyped. In all honesty, idk if there…
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Girl gonna come out as a tree on Arbor Day.
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€And that’s all you got buddy this man his flowers @TheRealOJ32 who is the better running back AC Slater or Al Cowlings?I’m OJ Simpson and I’ll be tweeting for Tig today
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€Tomorrow I will be doing comedy at @kibitzcomedy #YearX #LARob I the only one checking to see who is watching my story? @ddown2mars If only that security guard stopped G-EazyGentrified ass crowd not moving one bit 😐... at the Warriors’ last game at Oracle. A damn shame.
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€Tory Lanez stops music video after a director attempts to swap out the dark skinned chick for a light skinned woman.
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€ @robertistheMan Defending Papoose online wasn’t something I thought I would have to do today but here we are
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€Shout out to my dude Alejandro Jodorowsky felt bad for dude until I saw he was wearing Yeezys 🤷🏿‍♂️ love the women on this remix...but when he told DMX to turn it up I was legit scared do you think @TheRealOJ32 is going to post about today?When are we going to get that Dirty Money reunion we all have been waiting for???
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€I hope the Lakers get D’Angelo Russell back
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€ @HipHopNumbers @tylerthecreator Now how about a certain “DJs” numbers?
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€Either they don’t know, they don’t show, or they don’t care about these Bots in the Hood @robertistheMan called this a couple years ago. Out future POTUS Mrs. West
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€ @raesanni @raesanni So? @raesanni He is the wackest @alex3nglish Be free, go north, follow the stars...I think she is cool with itOk this robot gonna be hovering over your bed this morning with a hockey stick @raesanni No 🙅🏾‍♂️And I hope to be remembered for being a virgin **eyeroll**
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€They so disrespectful to DJ Mustard do these songs gotta do with the Raptors, Kawhi, Basketball, LOB???
Drake has the Raptors in 7The Clawwwwww
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€Stop putting microphones in this man’s face when he is high someone else is paying for the section that Kawhi Leonard is indeed a “fun guy”.
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€Congrats to NBA Champion Jeremy Lin!!!
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€Took Care 🏆
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€You light skin though? is a win for Norfs everywhere.
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€Kawhi is the 3 Peat Slayer!!!!Foul!Buddy dressed like Cedric the Entertainer
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€😅😅😅 @raesanni You wan rump with the Raptors???Cousins arm was all on IlbakaI hope I read this in the right voice subtext in most situations
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€Where is Drake?
2006: You get the best of both worlds 2009: And the Jay-Z song was on 2013: We can’t stop 2013: Don’t Step on my…’m excited to get to rock on stage w/ Adan, but this isn’t the first time, back in 2016 I did “Song Missing: Kanye…
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€This Wednesday I’ll be at the Comedy Union! @theestallion said she watches anime so I'm interestedYesterday I got told I look like I watch anime...I hate to disapoint, but I don't.
Yeah gotta wait 4 years we only post anniversaries of random dates in multiples of 5? I don't care if it is the 22nd aniversary of anyt… @robertistheMan He looks like Boogeyman
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Dear y’all: I know I’m givin y’all a lot of homework but this dude is hilarious.
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€ @McLubin Yay! Hopefully the jokes have a similar effect.Where do you apply to be an intimacy coach? Crew haaaaa! sometimes you bump into @robertistheMan at the Hollywood Bowl
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Thank you to you and your entire squadron
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€When you have to pee and no bathroom is in sight wish my girlfriend was raw like Nicole ScherzingerShouts out to @robertistheMan
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€#YeSayers gotta love them @MartinUrbano That explains it @robertistheMan Omg Rob, last night I drugged you, then stole your shirt and set it on fire. Didn’t think you’d remember! 😂
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€Her friend tried to give y’all the side eye then she started dancing
Last night I had a dream that I let @MartinUrbano borrow a shirt and he set it on fire. Hey Martin any context would be helpful.Happy BirthdayFirst time you try to walk in class late’m this guy’s ok Raptors grow new teethToronto Raptors like a college team
I can’t wait! July 31 it goes down! #Repost shermansshowcase with get_repost ・・・ Get ready to be entertained, young… 30 of getting Rob Haze to start a podcast. First and foremost imma have to ask Rob Haze to forgive me for not…
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€ @netflix give @robertistheMan a special.
Retweeted by Rob HΔZ€Put out a set and @Robhazenumbero1 don’t even RT it. I think it’s a troll account
I’m innocent keep telling me about this kid I guess I got to put the full link to this in my biography. Enjoy #Repost @ccstandup with get_repost ・・・ You… don’t need to exercise to enjoy exercise videos. @robertistheMan #CCSUF
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