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¿Robert? @Roberto15407264 Miami Florida

Hey! The name is Robert! I play, draw, do chores, etc. My FC for the switch is: SW-8408-5303-7414. This art was made by @nonykins!

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@MarkS58399485 HA. lol @LeonTheLionel I'm not gay, but I respect others @MarkS58399485 Lemme buy :0
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Retweeted by ¿Robert? @Damage_DarkHero To be honest, yes because I don't much know about Twitter banners.. @Damage_DarkHero A banner? @bowserzeki Gunner :0Girl thought it would be a good idea to call her the n word 😬
Retweeted by ¿Robert? @tkckid Your welcome~Hey! So I created a discord server. If you wanna come then join.. FILLED WITH BRAINROTTING DUMBASSES I HATE THIS DAMN COUNTRY
Retweeted by ¿Robert? @tkckid I like your art skillsOk, but what should I called it? @Greenboi494 Me either TBHShould I make a discord server?uptown groovin' 🎵
Retweeted by ¿Robert? @LittleNova20 And I OOP @Damage_DarkHero U a RAD and a nice artist too :0 @LittleNova20 19 @Damage_DarkHero Rlly cute Drawing Of Lil Salomonkun, Damage And Shade..So Enjoy! :D
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Retweeted by ¿Robert? @iwano_29 That's what tom deserves @bowserzeki TV (2014)
Retweeted by ¿Robert?//Ok I’m gonna scream
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Retweeted by ¿Robert? @s4nscraftgamer Is that a orca? 😅? @HenTheArtist Uh oh, Corona @AC_Roald A bottle @Damage_DarkHero That look 👀Sooo...I Started Playing Tokoyo Afterschool Summoners Yesterday And Wanted To Draw TAS!Sincere And TAS!Damage, I'll…
Retweeted by ¿Robert? @WingherY Congrats is all moved in 🏡 #Nintendo #AnimalCrossing #AnimalCrossingNewHorizions #diy @GoodSmile_US
Retweeted by ¿Robert?I cannot express to you how much you need to hear these tiny skunks sounding like gargling muppets
Retweeted by ¿Robert? @s4nscraftgamer Si! Of course @s4nscraftgamer Lo siento, try typing in Spanish it's ok. I'll translate myself
Retweeted by ¿Robert? @s4nscraftgamer Sorry, publish what?
Retweeted by ¿Robert? @s4nscraftgamer I'll could say happy birthday to people who didn't say happy birthday to themmusic makes you take on me
Retweeted by ¿Robert? @RubberNinja I wanna use it 😳 plz @s4nscraftgamer This is really sad..
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Retweeted by ¿Robert?ANNOUNCEMENT! RTS APPRECIATED! Is there any artists or animators that are interested in collaborating for a video?…
Retweeted by ¿Robert?we’ve evolved
Retweeted by ¿Robert?Mario is murdering everyone!
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Retweeted by ¿Robert?Out of character post: I have been taking a break from digital drawing, but I started feel like I never will finish…
Retweeted by ¿Robert? @bowserzeki Mario but awesome
Retweeted by ¿Robert? @RealGroudon Stay the way you arebugs on a date 😳😳 i'm so happy for them #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons
Retweeted by ¿Robert?a trade with Croc-Pot on FA. xwx
Retweeted by ¿Robert? @muzzynimbus Omg it's rlly cuteDay 5: Ice Cream Sundae. Falalala~ I am late~ Mao says: PFT FT FT FT #maomaoseaster2020 #mmhoph
Retweeted by ¿Robert? @Wonsz Good lookin' face badgerclops @tsunpop Give me NOW @Lex_SSB Yes your coolI FINALLY DID THE SONIC THING AM I COOL YET?
Retweeted by ¿Robert? @s4nscraftgamer Ok :0 @s4nscraftgamer Nice vigote, is that how I say beard right?
dear Nintendo,
Retweeted by ¿Robert?POV: you're eating lunch and your greedy sceptile wants you to toss him the whole ass meal
Retweeted by ¿Robert? @FreshSqzDanny God damm bro.. he big AF @HIJOKEtheDragon He fat as hell :0 @DynamoSuper These girls are funny! 🤣😂Bunny Day event in Animal Crossing New Horizons explained with one image:
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Retweeted by ¿Robert?I came across some animals
Retweeted by ¿Robert? @PKMNSW95 Please40 Royal Crown/12 million bell giveaway! Just retweet and follow to enter! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by ¿Robert? @cole_owo_bull Moo 🐮🦎: Y'ALL HEARD THE MAN
Retweeted by ¿Robert? @RealGroudon I really don't think NO one is a weaklingI have this art that was edited on my S10 @rmgraphics_ I like the way you made rosalina :) it's amazing. @RealGroudon Rest @RealGroudon My FAVORITE pokemon is groudon and it's not you @RealGroudon My fav is groudon and I mean not youfat bitch
Retweeted by ¿Robert? @WingherY La verda es muy muy MUY bueno! :0La fusión de @Roberto15407264 aquí está otro dibujo atrasado entregado ahora faltan 4 más qwp digo 7 dibujos más q…
Retweeted by ¿Robert? @WingherY Es muy PERFECTO, gracias. @bowserzeki Furry bowser :3 @LeonTheLionel Blue looks great tbh @MarkS58399485 The movie "angry birds movie" kinda inspired me on drawing Stetson.. @Greenboi494 Ok :0 we should DM so we know when we open gates @Greenboi494 I'm ready
Retweeted by ¿Robert? @ChubKyogre No. @ChubKyogre How @Nani_Malvavisca khe
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