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Head of Social Content for Working Title. Host of #BottomlessBrunch show/podcast for @QueerlyRadio. 🏳️‍🌈 Bookstagram 📚 he/him

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@DarrenRCharlton @LittleTigerUK @YA_Books Huge congratulations Darren! Well done.
@alice *also whispering* do people not like him?No. You’re laughing at the final shot into the ad break #GBBOAnother one with Anne-Marie. What’s going on? Is THIS how they plan to save the arts? are the government promoting Little Mix content from a commercial radio station 🤔 What am I missing? happy to have paid £59 for this and one episode of High School Musical The Musical The Series all writers! The Breakthrough Writers' Programme is open for applications. Our exciting new outreach initia…
Retweeted by Rob Gillett @brightlightx2 Ha. Same. I’m so smug and treat myself the next day because I feel like I deserve a reward. @alimkheraj I’ve used the Zoom H1N and H5(?) for podcast stuff. Would recommend both. I think they would connect to… @theguyliner @BooksSphere Congratulations! What wonderful news. Well done. @andrea_fox Thanks, thanks in advance and also please when I lose all self respectI hate this The Tier Games approach to whatever is coming next... and as for the Christmas plan
@blgtylr @riverheadbooks Love that. Can’t wait! @LizzieMastersUK @riverrunbooks Thank you. Really looking forward to it!My current Fleet is better than any tweet I’ve done in the last five yearsA Monday highlight is this landing in my inbox... one of my favourite newsletters #LunchHourLinks “two finger Kit-Kat”? At least have the guts to say half.Something very exciting in the post today... #TheProphets by Robert Jones, Jr. is published in the UK by…
@Lori_Enzo I have this... although it’s often more than one. I am embracing them.! Would love for you to tune in to this... we are about to go live 🎙
I can’t believe that bloke on #TheWall didn’t propose! Only way to salvage things. @robgillett @claraamfo vote to save her!
Retweeted by Rob GillettStrictly is a lot of fun but Clara was scored so unfairly tonight! VOTE @claraamfo 6225203 #SCD #Strictly2020 #strictly @nickw84 That is an incredible reference. Lost a year of my life to that. @BListAtCapital I was just going to say they were all the same address! Article is very interesting but I’m still n…
Gogglebox has consistently been the best show on TV since the pandemic begun and the reasons for that require a lon… Max has sampled/half-covered ATC's Around The World and it is not trending. I think Twitter must be broken.A lot of people who were screaming blue murder about the introduction of #Fleets 3 days ago are now peering from th…
Awkward 😬 men watch Dawson’s Creek in the bathfilm journalists from underrepresented communities (ppl who identify as BIPOC, women, LGBTQ+, and/or people with di…
Retweeted by Rob Gillett“We’re slowing down the rollout of Fleets to fix some performance and stability problems" luck tonight @blgtylr! 📚 #BookerPrize Angelina Jolie will direct UNREASONABLE BEHAVIOUR, a biopic about the legendary British war photographer Sir…
Retweeted by Rob Gillett @alimkheraj Off topic but have you read The Bright Lands? Should I? @willharrisPR @dyerAndie I think the big difference now is there is no need for an additional app on iPhone to read… @alimkheraj Congratulations Alim. You so deserve this!This is incredible... @oprah & @BarackObama shot this interview in two different places and look at the result 👇
Retweeted by Rob Gillett @douglasgrnwd LollyUrgh this is a bit LinkedIny @husseybyname Daily at the moment and I’m not even drifting through the wind @nickw84 Feels like it’s been workshopped this year for maximum viral cloutI know it’s a really boring debate to have year after year... (and in my mind not really a debate at all) BUT what…
2020 recently I didn’t really stop to acknowledge that this was in place for the entirety of my time at school. Wh…📺 @MariahCarey’s Magical Christmas Special comes to Apple TV+ on 4th December 🎄
Retweeted by Rob GillettWould love for some mutuals to listen to this and share with the world @Tweet_Dec Some of Dawson’s outfits make me feel physically sickI think this is actually from the world premiere photo call made the mistake of posting in my town’s Facebook group this morning and fear I will now get shanked on my next trip to Greggs
I am a: ⚪️ man ⚪️ woman 🔘 social media manager Seeking: ⚪️ a day off ⚪️ my sanity ⚪️ 1 week without platform changes 🔘 all of the above
Retweeted by Rob Gillett @billcs On iPhone? It’s to do with the new measure to allow access to photos. You will have to go into iPhone setti… @ItsAlfieGreen It might be a good place to highlight UGC that we wouldn’t usually retweet. Might also be useful for… anyone actually got Fleets yet? I just updated app and nothing...I like the thinking behind this. Will be interesting to see how well/widely it is used. Everyone hates everything n… @MattNavarra I get people are put off tweeting but not entirely sure how this solves that. Could be used as a testi… @cookywook That was my first thought. Haven’t we got enough on our plate?Will you be using Twitter’s new Fleets feature?Fleets for all! Twitter’s story-like feature is rolling out to everyone today @LouiseOnAir It’s so good. Best use of my French A Level in life so far. @alimkheraj Might stick to this plan even if Christmas isn’t cancelled @MattNavarra No way. They should be paying us to be here!A new episode of the podcast is out. Shower it (and in the process me) with love please.
Me when I spot the 🍆 in grey joggers
Retweeted by Rob Gillett @MissBambi84 @btsport Even I’m a bit stressed about this now @hollyshortall Tell that to the Popsessed fans @CorvusBooks @LVaughanwrites Oooooh. This does sound intriguing! You had me at Cruel Intentions.Memorial by Bryan Washington is brilliant. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Read more on my Instagram @theotherkirsty Well that’s quite a story for first thing on a Monday 😆
@theguyliner I keep trying with it out of some misplaced sense of duty and remain very 50% on Rotten Tomatoes about the whole thing
They’re back to save your lockdown... Rob & The GDC return to Queerly Radio, tomorrow morning from 10am 📻 🏳️‍🌈 🥓 🥂
Retweeted by Rob GillettDebate raging in the Gillett-Smith household over what film to watch this afternoon. Help! 🎥 🎞 🍿Good morning... or should we say HIYA! 👋 Rhys & Lili are back this morning from 10am on • A…
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@DanGasser I have a LOT of questions. Did you make this video? Either way, who cuts up a scotch egg into more than… @clx1re sameHarry Styles by Tyler Mitchell for Vogue. Happy Friday! 😍 @Harry_Styles @hsdaily
Retweeted by Rob GillettPublishing folk! I have three copies of Bryan Washington’s MEMORIAL that I would love to send to others in the indu…
Retweeted by Rob GillettJust finished this and it is a solid ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ @MattNavarra This is a question for @jspector !! @alice Nailed it.
Giveaway for one of next year’s more intriguing titles ✨ 📚 see 2020 is back on it FFS! 😞 @blgtylr @DauntBooksPub Yes!! I can’t wait 😃 @andrea_fox My work outlook now offers a running commentary on how bad I am at writing (corporate) emails... “using… @Electricfox5 That’s actually much better ✅It’s taken me 18 hours to come up with... Robert in Stockport which it turns out isn’t even a city 🤦‍♀️ @JonHornbuckle Calm is really good. So much on there that occasionally it throws up a dud. @Tesco @georgeedpainter I think this information is in the public interest.I hate these sentimental adverts playing with people’s emotions in the interest of capitalism when we’ve all had su… Cain, Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings in happier times.
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@LouiseOnAir You had a meeting with JLo?!Hello book people 👋 Come and find me on Instagram - booksbyrob 📚 @DauntBooksPub Well this certainly sounds like an interesting read 🐻 😳
Did not clock this moment from Dawson’s Creek when I was 14 correct answer is obviously Daddy Mitch @BListAtCapital The main reason I don’t understand this is because the sound quality is inferior to all other forma… is actually possible to share a link to the The Telegraph's website on Twitter instead of a hard to read photogr…
Retweeted by Rob Gillett🙄 Had a very mice sleep.