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Artist. Writer. Editor. Multi-class Stitchwitch/Bard. [they/them or zie/zir] Portfolio & info at:

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@emeraldreverie I am not sure from the question that I understand what you are looking for? Do you want info on wha… are two days away from this extravaganza! Come join us on Saturday at 12pm CST! Want to kick things off ahead o…
Retweeted by Robin ChildsCROSS-STITCH KITS FOR PRE-ORDER! These will NOT be shipped until after the New Year! Get a plesiosaur skeleton cro…
Retweeted by Robin Childs @ComedyReflux I know. It's just *tradition* for me now, so I still feel like I'm letting the ritual down.I'm sorry cteam friends. I am just too weary for drawing today. I was hoping I could find a reserve somewhere, but… @Prof_NoFace Looks like it's lashes for you
Apparently it is #VisibleNonbinary day?! Hello! It is I! I'm Robin, an artist, writer, and developmental editor. My… @Prof_NoFace I think you mean "EYE absolutely love this"It's a long story @Prof_NoFace @Iscaneus @VladimirGluten What could have been’thrissmas ornament art featuring Cozy Rosie and Chef Donaar (and Kevin)! #CTeam #MOLPY ♥️🙌♥️
Retweeted by Robin ChildsI don't know who needs to hear this, but hyper-independence is the result of trauma. "I don't need *anybody* & mu…
Retweeted by Robin ChildsWrote a poem about it, of course.
Retweeted by Robin ChildsThank you for joining me on today's stream! We finished up this character portrait. Next stream will be featuring a… stream time! stream in ~30 min! Will be finishing up a character portrait I started last week. @Iscaneus @Prof_NoFace @VladimirGluten Thank god cuz if somebody hadn't I would've been so bound. You've taken a bullet for me this day. @thekillustrator @Iscaneus @VladimirGluten Put the "saucy" in applesauce 2021Want to be in the know of what we have in store for you all as we raise money? Here’s the schedule! Join us for som…
Retweeted by Robin ChildsCome one, come all! Draw4Charity is bringing you some good times for a great cause this Saturday! Join us for this…
Retweeted by Robin Childs#CTEAM ART 69 October 11, 2018 Needed reference for the glorious geometry of Donaar's face. So I made some. year the Shadow Council Worldbuilders team collects @PA_Megacorp and #AcqInc related goodies to help raise mon…
Retweeted by Robin Childs @Iscaneus @VladimirGluten ...the Tweet regrets took exactly 60 seconds to set in. I've gotten way too comfortable i… @Iscaneus @VladimirGluten Sex sells, Eric! Just be thankful you didn't see their Sexy Honeycrisp or Sexy Blue Eye d… @VladimirGluten Do you think at some point there were knee high socks and somebody went "whoa whoa whoa that's too far"? @VladimirGluten I cannot get over the superhero Boobs 'n' Butts pose with a basket grafted on to make it "decent" a… @NickKrefting Amazing, all these moments, that on occasion someone is in the right place at the right time, with th…
I feel like if one was to paint these just as a learning exercise, the skill level would go through the roof by the… @Cupkate531 @krisstraub *stares at tweet* ...part of me wants to believe. The other part of me is thinking this is… Fact: The idea that art is somehow too pure and authentic to be sullied by expectations of payment for servi…
Retweeted by Robin Childs @Pastabiliti I very much want to watch that someday @oozethemuse Me too! I'm especially grateful for the nudge I got from the person who commissioned me to take care o… @brosephene_ You know, like seeing a teacher at the grocery store. Exact same experience. @brosephene_ For me it's more "I've seen this before, but it's not supposed to exist HERE in THIS place, only in th… @toomanykeebs Now imagine seeing it in a dream with glowing eyes and when you wake up every time you blink you see… @krisstraub A few years ago I discovered that there are pagan traditions with costumes of similar shape and found i… @krisstraub Haystack man did not actually resemble a haystack. He was more like a scarecrow, except the head was sh… @krisstraub Hmm. Not exactly? I had a reoccurring nightmare figure that had a certain shape to it (I called him Hay… @MaxwellsDeamon AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA @MaxwellsDeamon *stage whisper* Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuThis week's vlog: All sorts of projects right now. Beyond mittens and commissions, I've been investing in a new hea… @Pastabiliti @jonasgoonface 2021. Spring. I know you'll be there. @MaxwellsDeamon Tch, what am I saying, look at those cat ears, of course it's @DovaTLM @MaxwellsDeamon Maxy's on first, I'm on second, who's on third?So @jonasgoonface sent us the cover for Wavemen #3 and let me tell you, it is a delight @Pastabiliti Nobody tells spooky stories as well as AspenPatrons! Three things! 1. Wallpapers are available for our wood nymph illustration 2. New… ART 68 October 11, 2018 S2 E34 Nilean would have words with Walnut about her (Vistani) wedding day.…, I'm Robin Childs [they/them], an illustrator, writer, and developmental editor. My work: Online Portfolio:…
Retweeted by Robin Childs @ComedyReflux @Shadowdun oh you @DovaTLM @Archimer Why do I even bother owning money? Although my wallet might be saved by being unable to understand the s… is why he's one of my favorite writers ever.
Retweeted by Robin Childs @Iscaneus You were not exaggerating @DovaTLM Yeah, chairs are pretty critical. Hope you can find a good solution!Hi, I'm Robin Childs [they/them], an illustrator, writer, and developmental editor. My work: Online Portfolio:… @DovaTLM oh no I've been there. Did you take regular stretch breaks? @krisstraub I am so torn between sympathy and finding this very interesting. Gosh dreams are neat. Terrible, awful things, but just neat.Painting is actually fun 😳
Retweeted by Robin ChildsA great thread on the evergreen topic of "the ancient Greeks can see blue, okay?"
Retweeted by Robin ChildsI was looking into buying sweaters for Winifred when... 😹
Retweeted by Robin ChildsFINAL DAY! I will be closed for commissions after today, so act now if you'd like to get one! DM me if interested!
Retweeted by Robin Childs
Check out Aquarius the Book of Mer by Afua Richardson on @Kickstarter! Getting very close to the funding goal! @Prof_NoFace It's the thought that counts @KDragon2772 I have never hidden my muppet heritageLAST DAY of our holiday sale! Use code "HOLIDAY" at checkout for 15% off everything in the store!…
Retweeted by Robin Childs @jonasgoonface You and Jackarais doing good work over there I seeDon't miss this, it's so many comics.
Retweeted by Robin Childs#CTEAM ART 67 October 11, 2018 S2 E34 A visit to Grandmother brings hugs and a ton of family mail, the kind that c… DAY of our holiday sale! Use code "HOLIDAY" at checkout for 15% off everything in the store!… DAY! I will be closed for commissions after today, so act now if you'd like to get one! DM me if interested! @corykerr It's not the end of the world. It solves other problems I didn't realize were problems and overall I am p… find it interesting that 10 minutes of meditation is deeply relaxing and beneficial, but 15 minutes is counter-pr… @Prof_NoFace Despair is always optional @corykerr Considering that I have already discovered it will not solve the problem that I specifically bought it for, it did not take longI spent four hours fighting poor instructions to build a desk and now that the battle is done I'm not sure what's n… @Prof_NoFace Same. If forced to choose (which I refuse) I would be very tempted by that archway @NickKrefting All nooks no doors, that's paradise
yes In the hellscape of 2020, #cteam is the only thing that unfailingly inspires me to create. I think you, of al…
Retweeted by Robin Childs#CTEAM ART 66 October 11, 2018 S2 E34 It's light. The knife is light. I don't know what's missing, but something's… @Pastabiliti Honestly I think in a roundabout way you won this round because now I'm so fucking hungry for surf and… @Pastabiliti Well, when you personally fire up the grill and hurl yourself on the barbie, it's pretty inevitable th… @Pastabiliti Would you like some lemon juice too? Or should I wait until you're properly steamed? @findmereading If you're looking for a canon bi main character and several bi supporting cast, you have found one o… @Pastabiliti Nice of them to go so easy on you
And that not knowing leads to second-guessing, over-working, rising frustration, self-loathing. Which craters my mo… art days aren't created by a lack of skill, but an inability to objectively view the application of current sk… stream starts in 20 minutes! Link will be posted for $5+ patrons here: is time! Art stream! of art streams today! Starting a Twitch stream in about 20 minutes. In the afternoon I'll run my usual weekly… like it's Ringwraiths for me! Do they even have lips? Nagh, we'll figure it out. @MaxwellsDeamon @DovaTLM A K'thrissmas miracle"I enjoyed the taste of your misery" is such a weird thing to say to anybody, but people effectively say this to ar… @DovaTLM damn Dova you know how to partyThese are *also* my friends @MaxwellsDeamon @DovaTLM I didn't not even a little @DovaTLM As someone that spent an embarrassing amount on blankets, sweatpants, and tea today, I have no right to te… @MaxwellsDeamon I appreciate that my answer is not immediately apparent