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@montezumachavez Awww, you're too kind! 😊 It took a long time to write this one, but I'm working with my team for…
@montezumachavez Wow, beautiful! @mnot Yeah, I loved the joke about how Australia was now the Spice Girls: doing great until Victoria ruined it 😂😘… @mnot NYS has about 650 cases / 10 deaths per day. Considering the country it's embedded in and how brutally it was… York City, still got it. @sivavaid It's hard to dress for video. I used to have a collection of shirts with relatively small motifs but they… @m_strehl @briankardell I’d love to see that happen. It’s all yours if you want it! @kickstand @Chronotope Whenever the first answer to privacy issues is “transparency and choice” that’s code for scr… @kickstand @Chronotope I’m not sure that’s common ground, no. Sure enough transparency and choice should exist, but… @Chronotope @kickstand One of the tricky bits is you need a messaging channel. Ideally you would get your origin-sp… @theantitheory @acfou @kickstand As an engineer, I agree but only up to a point. Some things are hard to solve with… @Chronotope @kickstand I would take that one step further: one of the major next pieces of work is identity that is… @kickstand Working towards the future doesn’t mean forgetting the past. My priors are informed from two decades of… @kickstand There are many different things we can get involved in and only so much time. Given the IAB’s track reco… @adrianba Actually, I’d like to think that desperate times call for creative thinking, reinvention, and reckoning with mistakes made! @sarahdrinkwater @CageJulia I can't vote here, but I can still vote in a number of French elections (presidential,… @sarahdrinkwater @CageJulia I'm an immigrant too, but frankly I think this is mad no matter what!Are you angry that this actually does matter in picking your president? You may wish to read @CageJulia's book:… @can Recommending (or the French original if you prefer). @doctorow @nytimes I appreciate the mention (and the quality summary thread) but I don't think we've ditched "most"… @lukemulks @thezedwards I'm disappointed they haven't figured out how to make it about the children or the troups. Or both. @thezedwards I mean, they did call it PRAM. @profcarroll @PrivacyAttorney @SeriesofTubes Yup, privacy is censorship! @thezedwards It's for the publishers, man. They're all doing it for the publishers. The smaller the publisher the m… @PrivacyAttorney @profcarroll @SeriesofTubes Regulation to force browsers to have identifiers is pretty bold, but a… @mnot We removed a ton of ours! But the hard trick is to remove them from ads. I think we could use web bundles for good here. @jkohlmann Or, rather often, both. @HailRobonia @KProfsBlog @ariezrawaldman And even computers that can often have problems detecting darker skin tone… each new “bug” it becomes increasingly clear how little Mark Zuckerberg and his friends learned from 2016—and…
Retweeted by Robin Berjon @espadrine I don't know who they're paying yet, but a lot of adtech people in WebAdv seem to have trouble understan… is such a waste of time and money. If you're involved in this please reach out and we can talk about the futu…
@dansereduick Never ascribe to malice that which can equally well be explained by an executive team not educated on… @dansereduick I think you're imagining it as more strategised than it was. I thought it felt like "oh shit, Apple's… @dansereduick I think it's a blend. Yes, they make a lot of money by "not understanding" the problem, but I think t… @podopie Hahaha! I've been almost tempted to write a manifesto. "A/B Testing: Désigner in the Loop" But I'm too old for this shit 😁
Retweeted by Robin Berjon @dansereduick And also look at their privacy announcements: they all have huge sections about security. Part of tha… @dansereduick Absolutely. I'm not saying that the tools don't overlap. You certainly want those teams talking. But…, but for A/B testing. ⁦@nytimes⁩ for the first time reported quarterly revenue that owed more to digital than print. The compa…
Retweeted by Robin Berjonevery time i cover the (nigh inescapable) device targeting/location tracking industry, my menchies/emails are *floo…
Retweeted by Robin Berjon @dansereduick I know, but "insider threat" and "you are the threat" are different problems with different mitigatio… Explosion: 'I Was Bloodied and Dazed. Beirut Strangers Treated Me Like a Friend.' from @VivianHYee I could write as voluminously as I research
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Retweeted by Robin BerjonI recently learnt that Google still runs its privacy work as (apparently) a branch of security. That's how you get… @peligrietzer Thanks a lot! @peligrietzer @lastpositivist Do you have a reference for that paper? @floggingkatie Yeah, I mean, it's almost a bit on the nose.Nothing quite like a bit of that 2020 vibe to get you going in the morning. @floggingkatie I've totally been thinking of that. Hilarious material!do we think more people would wear a mask if every meme they saw had masks in it
Retweeted by Robin Berjon @floggingkatie The season goes to, what, November? @floggingkatie Hey, it could be an actual hurricane!Well, I guess that's Isaias in Brooklyn.
@ireneista Sure, but this level of bad is quite surprising from pretty much anyone. I agree about tech writers, bu… @ireneista How does anyone get anything done! @tobie Totally! In the same way you want to check that your return value is roughly equal to a boolean before using… @tobie Hahahaha. Now I “get” it :) @HGPAtv This is well beyond redundant. Also, even if you turn it into JavaScript as people use it, you would get:… @tobie Which part? The code? Why someone would write that? Why this would be the documentation for a major product… when you work for Google, do you get better APIs and, more importantly, better docs than we get on the ou… @swodinsky @heybellman @lynneluvah I don’t know about adtech specifically, but for cross-border transfers I would a… @temptoetiam @Boule_de_Chat Certes, mais justement pour ceux-là: le réseau banlieue-banlieue s’est développé ces de… @Boule_de_Chat @temptoetiam Tout à fait, “riche” est un raccourci. Mais aux alentours de 200km divisé par 14 lignes… @Boule_de_Chat @temptoetiam Ça pourrait être intéressant de comparer les superficies desservies. À Paris le métro e… you are trying to go to bed before I post tonight's reminder not to doomscroll, this is your 35-minute advance notice
Retweeted by Robin Berjon @Mrjjrocks @jttiehen I'm not so sure. As written, it feels like Albiades is affectionately humouring Socrates. Pat-… is often regarded as an exemplar of epistemic humility. So when you see me tweet at people “you seem to be…
Retweeted by Robin Berjon @WillOremus @matthewstoller It's almost like using Google Search 🤣
I want to take a course in diplomatic phrasing from @karaswisher. @MelissaRyan Thank you. I can now confidently proceed to using that subject line for all my email. a guy stacks the decks against you and cheats like crazy YOU DO NOT PLAY THE GAME. It's that simple. You take hi…
Retweeted by Robin Berjon @temptoetiam Aïe. La génétique garde encore bien des mystères. @temptoetiam Je ne sais pas qui c'est mais oh putain. Courage, tiens bon! Phase 3 of clinical trials and rushing out a COVID-19 vaccine is a *terrible* idea. It goes against medica…
Retweeted by Robin BerjonIt's almost as though the dirty secret is if you internalize externalities the only people who really suffer... are…
Retweeted by Robin Berjon @scottbw @marcosc @sivavaid Whoa I had no idea there was such a thing! @marcosc @sivavaid A book on how to do standards wouldn't be for a huge audience, but you could make it mandatory reading... @marcosc @sivavaid Lol, you could pick a few things up for spec editors, but this is mostly for authors who want to publish nonfiction."Thinking Like Your Editor", by Susan Rabiner & Alfred Fortunato. Clear, effective, does exactly what it says on th… did this? 👏😂
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@amyvdh It's really the only kind of shirt worth having.How Richard Scarry got woke ❤️👍
Retweeted by Robin Berjon @amyvdh No videos? Sounds like my kind of singing 😁Excellent news! I haven't finished it yet but so far there's a lot to love. @amyvdh Rocking moves! NOT celebrate national girlfriend day, it is a scheme pushed by Big Girlfriend to sell more decorative pillows t…
Retweeted by Robin Berjon @icopilots Ah dommage, c'était bien! @marcosc With where the Web's at, we're gonna need them. @icopilots Oh yeah! @marcosc I don't know that it's them, I'm speculating that it could be given the current state of play and how weir… @marcosc @adrianba @roessler @gsnedders I know, it's beautiful in its own way. We should have a replies competition. @icopilots If openly commercial yes, but I think some will try workarounds, eg. for nonlegal conseil. @icopilots France! @icopilots Yes! @Chronotope There's a letter begging to be written right there. @icopilots I've had voicemail from lawyers in the EU!