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The nation's capital is legitimately on fire in every direction. This is unreal.
Retweeted by Robin @EthicalSkeptic Incredibly sorry to hear this and for your loss. 🙏🙏 @Cronan_Yu I will!! Thank you so much, Cronan4 weeks ago, I had a National Guardsman (by Mayor Bowser’s order) ask me to not sit on an empty park bench.This is an epic failure of our nation’s mayors.Labor union headquarters are on fire. is the last I saw of the hundred or so people I’d been following—they were swept all the way into Foggy Bottom…
Retweeted by Robin @Richard_Vixen That is an amazing pictureMayor Bowser is ordering a citywide curfew for the District of Columbia from 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 31, until 6:…
Retweeted by Robin*East Capitol @BlaxtonFr Congratulations, Father!!Lol, seriously @Mazza6069 🙏🙏 @lwong13 :/ @KellyAKramer12 One of the only spots I haven’t been recently. I can check in the next couple of days!Goes down the hill, oh that is why....Cap police are prepared and polite. “Ladies, have a nice evening”
Love to receive this notification @GrayConnolly Always on point, Gray! @IanStFrance @catholiccam17 Omg please no @Aldamir @ByzantinThomist Fire of the Holy Spirit!My official Pentecost GIF
Retweeted by Robin @omnialnchristo Perfect 😍 @IanStFrance @catholiccam17 I can’t believe there are men who would beat a woman.Brunch, I’m informed, is one of the seven sacraments in the religion of Manhattan Catholicism; this tweet is extrem…
Retweeted by Robin @ElijahDelMedigo 🔥🔥🔥 @EfficacyOfGrace Beautiful beautiful day @ClwnPrncCharlie Aww tysm! That was so much fun. You will have to come back. It’s actually several blocks away and… @ErikBootsma Rite of passageInteresting. I walked past the scene this afternoon and saw 2 very shook up unhappy residents of the apartment buil… next door neighbors adopted a 1 year old golden and he greets me daily like this. He’s also a magnet for neighb… @Dawn_N_W @EfficacyOfGrace Welcome home, Dawn! @colbacito that was you today, right? So nice to meet you!! @ANNVYSHINSKY Am in such good company!! @FinnegansWok Ah understood. And thank you!! @FinnegansWok Why in quotes? @PaulHartyanszky I don’t mean to criticize any single person, for the record. I think you are great, Paul! @ErikBootsma I know!! All of 695 tbh @ismatthewmcg OofUnexpectedly had to walk home because of protests and caught the bleakest view of the Capitol. @wokus_dei That’s different of course. But it’s a larger societal problem too. Look at where it’s got us. When rea… understand the necessity for anonymity. But when you are anonymous and still feel you can’t voice your somewhat o… Pentecost, Catholic Twitter. The holy father has a message for you. Come Holy Spirit...
Retweeted by RobinIt is hard to be the person who sees through others. Having the courage to call them out for the damaging games th… is looting at CityCenter, the most high-end retail in downtown DC
Retweeted by RobinThe latest in downtown DC: Cops had to seize 16th between H and Eye to control the fires. With the authorities tied…
Retweeted by RobinBe aware of the signs especially now
Retweeted by Robin @Richard_Vixen mood @space_woke @DawnofMercy Ty, Woke Space. @Philip_Huff Exactly. I’m wondering when the cognitive dissonance starts to do real damage. @DawnofMercy Yes, all good! Hope you are as well!!For the record, I did not anticipate how my afternoon/evening would turn out. what plan b is. Kind of hard when you can’t actually plan anything. @smalwigwamlight @SedLibera So so sorry.
@gpny2002 @CaitEMarchand I should try this. Thanks! @TheRealTDB Careful mom w/sore feet here. @TheRealTDB Did not anticipate walking home from sw dc in 3” heels. It was unforeseeable. UghUhhhOopsy accidentally found riotingAmazing people watching @BarnasJoe @space_woke Haha no @BarnasJoe @space_woke Not what we ordered, for the record!Whoa was not expecting this note. Aka good manners only reservation available was for 3pm. Cheers to my partner in crime! @XTRomero @morgeezy That’s really interesting. Yes, I had a distance runner comment something similar. @biillyb @morgeezy Yes exactly. And Caitlin will now not let me walk alone. Sweet girl @morgeezy Keep in mind it’s a tiny amount (1/16th tsp) added to a bottle of water to help prevent dehydration durin… @x_annie3592 Incredible just incredibleH/t @x_annie3592Love this, we’ll look at “A Polish Nobleman” from 1637. With dramatic accents of light and dark on the face, bold…
Retweeted by Robin @pondering_this Yes or if you struggle to hold onto hydration. Dehydration can be dangerous and scary when it happens so quickly. @bitemyapp @mikealbIran @EfficacyOfGrace !! @TheRealTDB making sure you knew I was joking. I was in a rush to walk before the heat of the day set in. @HumphreyBohun I strongly approve.A society lurching unpredictably between stringent lockdowns and mass riots might not have an entirely healthy rela…
Retweeted by Robin @bitemyapp @EfficacyOfGrace Lol you are lucky @raissathomas Not easy to pull fufill those requirements. Well done! @c5813 Ooo, excellent. Going to google this @HoneyTongueMuse Just got chills seeing this picture. Thanks be to God! Congratulations, Father Chase!! @Chaseg00dman @raissathomas 🙏🙏 I didn’t realize you lived in that neighborhood. Hipster chic @ismatthewmcg @AdamVirFossae Too too funny. Love it @AdamVirFossae Excellent, tysm!! @skfmo Ha! No she was worried about me on long walks. @MmePapyraceus YES this is what I am going to have to do to get through the summer. Tysm @CaitEMarchand I know I know. I can’t handle the sugar. It’s only 1/16tsp of salt @EfficacyOfGrace Too funny, this is exactly what she recommended (lemon juice to improve the flavor) @EfficacyOfGrace Unfortunately I lose fluid and salt (you can taste it on my skin) quickly with just a 6 mile walk @RogueMind77 This is very helpful, Rogue. Tysm @TheRealTDB 😂 @TheRealTDB Rude @TheRealTDB She is a Southerner. How’d you guess? @space_woke Appreciate that. Thx. And yes it does but I can’t handle sugary drinks. @TheRealTDB Haha, okay okay. Should I point out the sodium levels in some of your fav beverages? @EfficacyOfGrace Okay good. And yes, it’s basically a proposed homemade gatorade (without the sugar) to combat the… @TheRealTDB Dying. To be clear, it’s not a hangover cure. At all. It’s a proposed homemade electrolyte drink withou… you ever put salt in your glass of water to keep hydrated? My neighbor is telling me I must do this... @GrayConnolly @Vermeullarmine Some much more than others! @Vermeullarmine @GrayConnolly I was just thinking the same. Gray, you have the best threads, but this one is my favorite.My periodic reminder: A/ using law & the state to promote virtue & punish vice is conservatism. B/ using law & the…
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