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@GaryBuh JC Denton also needs an insult system.
This is such a compassionate response to an incredibly painful dilemma.
Retweeted by Robin Enrico @Primeslimee Love this @MouthfulofGlass Also agree. Getting objects to interact in 3D space... difficult! I do paper cut out overlap all t… @richard_pilbeam "Perhaps more importantly... I believe that I can help tease out your true sweetness." @MouthfulofGlass I did. I think its a more malevolent pose. But yeah, it came to me after I was finished inking. Ag… for the road @snubpollard I'm torn, because their dubs are the ones that due to nostalgia hold the most sway over me. Like canno… @thorazos He always seems surprised people would do nice things for him. And its like, how could you not? @samojoh Live or Die. You decide.
Retweeted by Robin Enrico @Danielleri I have been using "buddy" and "buddies" for years. It works pretty well. @Pork_Lion I've been using it for years. I felt real lucky when I realized it was great for being gender neutral. @rachelmillman Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night gonna stay Vickie @reillyhadden Only way to get better is to test yourself. Anyways it will be fun.From @MKupperman in our SCAMS issue ✒
Retweeted by Robin Enrico @reillyhadden Same. We SHOULD play then @reillyhadden Ultra or 30th Anniversary? Also DM me your friend code @VGNYSoft @VideoGamesNYC I'm local and have a ton of store credit. Best to just come in and order that way I am assuming? @thorazos As the child of an artistic parent who was discouraged from drawing so as not to be competition... ya done good.EverDrive N8 PRO NES version already available for order! RT this message and you will get a chance to get N8-PRO o…
Retweeted by Robin EnricoI’ve never felt more kinship with another human being @HG_101 More than anything the DS is notable for being the first English releases of a lot of games in major franch… @HG_101 Radiant Historia, Chrono Trigger port, The Mario and Luigi Series. But yeah TWEWY is probably at the top of the list.Night Breed @AlabasterPizzo This is hilarious, but the best part is that you were wearing your snazzy outfit.
"You must hate it when I show up...Too bad!" @Fixtha_Fernback I do a lot of this. I am old enough that washing the dishes has become a calming activity where I… @Fixtha_Fernback Not to be all self care. But as you get older and more tired sometimes you end up doing work that… @necrosofty I get ya. On collections were I have mostly complete I work to stay complete. Like DS or PSP. But GBA f… @necrosofty Only a manual on Virtua Cop 2. I think I gambled on an OGXbox Burnout and it was complete. Ditto Twiste… @dabravanel Nanoloop? No. One area of classic game stuff that I’ve never gotten into. But I do a ton of work keepin… @dabravanel Yeah. VGNY I have dealt with a ton and can stand by them. You’ll probably want to talk to the main guy… @dabravanel @eric_shorey @iFixRetro is really good. He saved me on my Virtual Boy mod. Very transparent and profess… machine @jasonshiga What they mean is, "I want to instantly be able to draw as well as someone who has been honing their sk… @necrosofty Oh man. Yeah. I got Earthworm Jim 2, Road Rash and Virtua Cop 2. But yeah on that they were TERRIBLE. T…
@mshyne I am screamingRead the whole thread and straight up start crying like I did Clowes: “ Likeable characters are for weak-minded narcissists.“
Retweeted by Robin Enrico @necrosofty @patrickklepek I’ve stuck by em with the 20% off used promo and other deals to rake in a ton of PS3 / 3… @rachelmillman This design is so good @Fixtha_Fernback Full Kooky Aunt Mode @MouthfulofGlass It pains me to not have the page that follows (pages that follow really) ready to go. I storyboard…
Life is suffering no matter what career you choose. If you have the aptitude and the opportunity to make art out of…
Retweeted by Robin Enrico @GaryBuh Glad you got to hit the Seven Mary 3 sting once last time
@CartaMonir The whole thing with it being the last cigarette on earth is probably the thing I remember the most. Ju… @eric_shorey Yeah from Watch the Throne. But like the chorus. They're using it the way the would use like a Johnny… @eric_shorey There are parts of it that feel like older video packages I am thinking the Kurt Angle "Clocks" video.… when you'd read some angry, rant-filled zine and disagree with every single point they made? If you were l…
Retweeted by Robin Enrico @Cauterize I handle video game stuff at an Ewaste recycling center and the level of filth I have seen on every mode… @SarahSSowertty The Mona Pizza song is forever burned into my brain as Twisted is super special to me. You should t… @brandonzwa FB is all older people. Wait until the general for the full hell mouth to open up. @SarahSSowertty Ah! Its so nice to hear the lyrics clearly. Thank you, this thread brightened my day. @MouthfulofGlass @anyapdavidson @AnnieKoyama More cartoonist talking about comics is always a good thing. @IgnatzHaderach Cool. You'd be a welcome critical voice.This is hell of a real thread @katierose You are great buddy and a babe.
I was going to bag on this Hardcore covers of McGruff songs, but... I kind of love it @Fixtha_Fernback Never compromiseI have been teaching my community college comics course for 10 years now. I've tried my best to help students under… @GaryBuh I got a long flight coming up. Gonna bank that one. Yay!
@krikzz @OmenBoy6 Yup. I have the same model. Had weird glitches in the image. This patch fixed the issue. @mattsinger John Contraband is a joke I constantly think back toDamn, I just got this fundraising email from @ewarren. This shit is getting vicious smdh
Retweeted by Robin Enrico @TheJenya Number 2. You look like a rockstar @gamespite @LimitedRunJosh These are the first two games I ever bought digitally. Yah killin’ me. Make it happen.Body hammer @AlabasterPizzo @dosnostalgic Ha ha! Nothing new about that. @dosnostalgic Ha ha! Did they make a doc about that one? I feel like it was just Terror Firmer and Toxie IV. It fun… @dosnostalgic Oh bummer. I helped edit Tales From the Crapper which she was in. The movie was a real salvage job. W…
@inobscurity No I know. I have a soft spot for it and Tempo as weird conceptual dead ends. But yeah its a better ga… @eric_shorey Next to nothing for The Lighthouse? Hark ye Oscars! @IgnatzHaderach @YouthinDecline I think the other issue would be that its more appealing for international artists… @milkybootscomix I made a PowerPoint about Xmas themed games last night just to feel some kind of control over thin…’m going to keep on repairing arcade sticks and ripping anime DVDs and never date again because I have no desire t… @IgnatzHaderach It has always been a bug bear. Sometimes a country will send over all their artists at once but the… @inobscurity But that music and those visuals! @gamespite Congrats. What a perfect fit
Retweeted by Robin Enrico @milkybootscomix Tons of people wanna hang out in Jan and not the rest of the year. Thin hours put the fear in peopleSelf care
@eric_shorey That book remains maybe the saddest piece of media I have ever engaged with even having the distance of not being gay. @TheBethBarnett Diamond form at the Dunkin Donuts @richard_pilbeam Every time I've blogged like an isolated image of this movie non Transforms fans have been like,"W… I do tracks back to 90 SNK @korimichele Yes. For sure. robin [dot] enrico [at] hotmail [dot] com. Realizing what this zine seems to be and whe… of all chocolates @GaryBuh Link the fire, feel the Bern 2020 @korimichele I have a book of theirs from MoCCA 2002 / 3 that I love called “Hail Feedonia”. Its the last time I ev… @korimichele @HNewlevant The line work make me think its E.C. Mirabella-Davis (attached)
@tomneelyart My NYC community college students are all shocked some in an authority position is taking comics serio… @tugboatcity Thank you. I wish I had color sense so I could really run with it. But my digital process means someon… @reillyhadden Yeah, let me know if it's any good. The Genesis one has a really responsive dpad and click buttons.
@reillyhadden This has become by go to for emulator boxes (PS Classic / Ras Pi) goes on sale a lot too. @GaryBuh The functional body is a big one for me to. I have an increasingly clearer vision of what I want to do and…