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@SaturnMemories Both have great opening levels that everyone remember while forgetting the entire rest of the game.… @Pork_Lion Person who runs their mouth then finally gets their ass beat is always gonna work @LimitedRunDoug In all the years only had a bad time once and it was on a Vita game. But y’all have been very trans… @HDRetrovision I got the Genesis cables for my model 1 and they are a game changer. Same with SNES cables on an R… @milkybootscomix If you get stuck, you know who to summon.
@kathbarbadoro This weekend I saw some like families have little late night bbqs in the park drinking some beers an… @eric_shorey I only have a bit of play on 3, but there its Ryu or Elena for me. Chun Li is certainly powerful in Th… @eric_shorey All of these are very good. Karin is one of my favorite characters both in terms of design and how the… @eric_shorey One day I need to know all your thoughts on the various Street Fighter characters @koleross Gotta pay the Troll Kole @zacksoto The good shit
@samojoh My dream life @yesthatmkreed Haruko Haruhara @RetroCollect 3 SE. But since at this point it’s also pretty retro Pulse is the real best Wipeout. @derekdraws @pxlsicle @YokoiKids In so many ways it is the most black box game of all the black box games. What yo… @pxlsicle I considered suggesting this one but obvs outside the scope of the show. But it was the way I finally bea… @reillyhadden Just gonna leave this here @pxlsicle I am glad people in the group are digging into it. Its not perfect, but it is bizarrely a game nobody tal…
A good 'zine for a good cause featuring good people... also me. @LimitedRunGames @WiredP Oh cool! Does this include the Xbox One versions then? Especially curious about The Falconeer. @yesthatmkreed No I KNOW! I took a late night walk with my friend who I usually go to the bar with this weekend and… had a dream where I was at the fair with an old fling and we got drunk and made out in the woods. I swear to god,… @knittedsweater Mommy's Little Monster @Julia_Wertz "You're the real dummy if you don't wear a mask." @LimitedRunJosh PSO has the keyboard which makes a world of difference, in chat, but I've only played it in the las… @yesthatmkreed My friend was telling me the fancy clothes place near us went out of business and I'm like, have you…
@itsmerickv @YokoiKids I think you need to raise your level by killing enemies / having the special gear. The NES v…"Hey. College.""Debating Politics and Power As Performance" or "It's All About the Game, and How You Play It." @kathbarbadoro You and men who destroy their bodies for our entertainment...
@TheJenya Very good. @TheDCJunkyard No Sega GT? I kid. I will say the 3d person camera patch on F355 totally changed my opinion on the game. @reillyhadden Ha ha! I mean its cause I did art for their zine. I dunno follow along. I am sure there will be chances to contribute.I love being part of an older gamers club @ivyatoms Here is me using more of a makeshift mount made out of some tupperwares to get a better viewing angle @ivyatoms Okay, so here is me using Zoom in conjunction with my phone to no ideally record me drawing. One hand is… @ivyatoms Ah! Okay gotcha. Lemme test some stuff out and I can get back to you. @ivyatoms I would be happy to test out stuff with you if you like. I would be good for me to be come more familiar… @ivyatoms I would screen share your ipad. I have been able to make things work by screen sharing my desktop and doi…
@celineorelse This ain't political, it's personal. @TigerDriver9X Period. @kathbarbadoro You linked to the Chikara clip and he was so go in the role as the one person in the promotion who w… @TheJenya I can't even imagine the chaos that will be unleashed when people can safely smooch again @Fixtha_Fernback List of the models that work with Catalina. double check against it. There… @MouthfulofGlass Also if you missed it @MouthfulofGlass Me if anyone where around to show my set up off to: old laptop with the nice screen died. Luckily I had and older one with a worse sceen. So this called for some cr… @RyanWillDowney Alternatively
@jvfriedman I had one in the urgent care center waiting to do the COVID test. That was an experience.Time To Smoke One Cigarette
Retweeted by Robin Enrico (Saint of Gleaners) @Primeslimee UGHHHH. Even as a CRT nut, that one is huge. I assume it has component input, which would very much ma… @tugboatcity Project A-ko (1986) @racketboy I'm going to be selling a bunch of my collection soon and its like, "why do I have this stuff?" And I re… rich (F16) want to be friends with the new girl at school, but she already has a (F16) best friend. I will contin… @DipsOff Oh buddy. I cannot wait to read that coming from you. @tugboatcity rough beast @reillyhadden I mean I loved Transistor
@thorazos Things are quiet for me know, but despite the mistakes I made, I am glad there were a few years there whe… @necrosofty Shakedown Hawaii actually plays really well on the Wii with the turned sideways Wii mote. @Fixtha_Fernback The produce place 2 blocks away opened up back up again and my life in incredibly improved by gett… lost the ability to hide my utter contempt for just about every one. Also you know, weird, goon-y, don’t care for… @milkybootscomix Very cute @ssbcpunk @DAYGLOAYHOLE Great news. None more worthy.
@LimitedRunDoug Oh man, I missed getting this one because I was salty about a western Vita release. Yet me and my r… Isolation's moment has finally arrived.
Retweeted by Robin Enrico (Saint of Gleaners) @ivyatoms Ha ha! The TL:DR is don't slavishly copy the tropes, invest it with something of your own so that it has… @necrosofty Yeah, the way you told the story of how so much of this came together on that Retronauts episode was so… @milkybootscomix My whole life my mom has been like, "at least you've got your British passport if things get bad h… of my students should BY LAW be made to watch this video about how not to write work that is derivative of East… @eastasiasoft Xeno Crisis. I am going to be very sad when you're allotment of Vita cartridges runs out. But glad th… @Pork_Lion
Now doesn't that make you feel better? @necrosofty I mean SNK are like masters of intros, but maybe not perfectly synced ones. This one comes to mind thou… @derekdraws @pxlsicle Ha ha! See 1.) I had no idea. And 2.) that is the perfect use case. Like I KNOW I will get on… one ever wants real solutions @pxlsicle Ughh. It looks so good. But I am already years deep into mods and hacks to do most of what this does on… @MouthfulofGlass I talk to students about it all the time. It is the equivalent of foley work in film. They're thin… @MouthfulofGlass Those were not in earlier drafts maybe? Definitely a move to fill up some negative space. @CensoredGaming_ @hardypace This one's definitely not for me, but as a boutique publisher they've put the work in g… @reillyhadden Can't wait.Hybrid moments @gamespite In the vein of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!: Marky Mark's Hoops @MouthfulofGlass Chocolate + Peanut Butter @theseantcollins Badmotorfinger is extremely good.The kids get it
@HNewlevant Aww. Thank you. This one is maybe the least interesting as I really stopped listening to new music arou… don't really listen to music anymore, but here (long delayed) is a time capsule of the last time I did… @kathbarbadoro Badass @RetroCR Mannnn, the nice plastic seal you put around the game makes it reallyyy difficult to want to open in it. F…
@zacksoto I makes all the weird work I've done feel worth it @zacksoto Thats a good one @LauraLannes I got a way you can buy it day one @zacksoto I really love this @derekmballard Ughhh. So much I could say... but deepest darkest agree @colleenaf @Comic_Con Great hair, rad dress @reillyhadden Yoooo. @colleenaf @yesthatmkreed Buddy! I saw on FB. You're tough as hell for taking that bunny mauling.Darkwing Duck (NES) Backing up data and repairs day. A fine run though on down times. Every chump enemy takes too m…
@yesthatmkreed To yell, "DON'T GO IN THE MIST!"