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@christof102 Hahaha in your ear and that 😂 @Mackinnon25 Must be in your staff responsibilities mate.What a superb trip away with the boys. Can't wait for the next one! But I am fully against pint throwing at games o…
Celtic Fans in Copenhagen | Tsunami at halftime.
Retweeted by RobertTsunami at half time was unreal🤣
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Retweeted by RobertNot even close to a dive. Would be an injustice to miss a cup final for this.
Retweeted by RobertOhhhhh his name is McNamaraFenians taking over Copenhagen
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Forever and ever.....we'll follow the bhoys 🍀🍻✈️
“Be careful, there’ll be people taking pictures” 📸 @LewisCapaldi leaving a wee message for himself so he can remem…
Retweeted by Robert👀👀 ⚽ WHAT A GOAL HAALAND!!
Retweeted by Robert @macleodr9 @AdamLynch27 @mickconlan11 Awesome atmosphere. Never seen it before. @AdamLynch27 @mickconlan11 @macleodr9Greatest boxing entrance ever 😍 @mickconlan11 walking out to the Celtic Symphony in Madison Square Garden 🍀🇮🇪
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@Butcherskye11 Horrible to sea 😶 @JDhelpteam hi paid for next day delivery on Friday expecting an item on Monday. Or even Tuesday and said it's not…
2020 @Kieran_Celtic U borrow slaneys da's suit?
Don't kill yourself, please. If you’re suffering from mental health problems and are looking for a sign to not go…
Retweeted by RobertIt must be heartbreaking for the family & friends of Caroline Flack to read tributes from some of those who hounded…
Retweeted by RobertI see the SCUM have blood on there hands again LG x
Retweeted by RobertThe sun deleting all there bad press of Caroline Flack sums the whole situation up, rat bastards.
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@unknown_punter @ChargeOwen Nope. Broke back. Game over.Valentines Day is a great festival, whether you're in a relationship or utterly alone and incapable of being loved…
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Retweeted by Robert @davestephen12 @Bobby_Goals @KessockClub @BigFatScott @christof102 @DownerDave @roblucas @ChrisWiliamson @stingyrob 😂😂😂😂
@Bobby_Goals @KessockClub @BigFatScott @davestephen12 @christof102 @DownerDave @roblucas @ChrisWiliamson Haha ffs.… @roblucas23 @BigFatScott @davestephen12 @christof102 @Bobby_Goals Am sure he will get along great with @DownerDave
Retweeted by Robert @CoreyDufferz @BigFatScott @davestephen12 @christof102 @Bobby_Goals Nah we are taking his butcher mate instead. @P__67 Who the fuck is that zoomer @macleodr9 @BigFatScott @davestephen12 @christof102 @Bobby_Goals Ideal eh?? Middle name gear. @BigFatScott hi mate. Do you want to come to Denmark next week instead of our real mate called big fat scott? U see… @davestephen12 @christof102 @GAVLAAAR_88 @Bobby_Goals @BigFatScott Laughing at the big fat Scott tag 😂😂😂
2020 goal very similar to Tony watts versus Barca. Someone do that video thing when you mould the 2 into 1. @AllyButtons His time has come #MurtyMania #GerrardIn @davestephen12 Yeah will let you know when I'm on TurkishHighlandTimsCSC page.Well hello Twitter......
Retweeted by Robert @unknown_punter Kilmarnock rangers more appealing for cards mateJackie McNamara telling a story about a bust up against Barca. 😂🤣😂 Big @BoboBalde_ 😂😂😂 🍀🍀🍀
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All kicking off in argyle street. No less than 16 squad cars, some more in hope street
Retweeted by Robert @unknown_punter That's my uncle
You should take this down, not just for the fact that a guy is lying in hospital fighting for his life, but your En… @Rhysco12 @Football__Tweet @DeadlineDayLive Difference between completing forgetting and not even knowing haha fighting Jackie Bhoy 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼you’ve always been a fighter 💪🏼 my thoughts and prayers are with you, Sam and the c…
Retweeted by RobertPanda walks into a bar and says "can I get a vodka................................... and coke" The barman says "w…
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@KerimYoruk1 @Hastiebhoy @SparesCeltic Got 1 spare
Thread: An absurd stat about Lionel Messi. In the 11 full seasons from 08/09 to 18/19, he scored 561 goals in 577 g…
Retweeted by RobertThis weekend, every #ScottishCup tie will kick off one minute later than scheduled. This is to encourage fans to ‘…
Retweeted by Robert @conor_colhoun @JackCurley1 @SparesCeltic You boys still looking? We've got 2 for sale for home end.
@JackCurley1 @Hastiebhoy @SparesCeltic @GardinerScott you selling yours ? @SkySportsNews But the guy who got his 🍆 out get’s a lifetime ban 🤨🧐
Retweeted by RobertHere's one for ya. Would the @opengoalsport podcast be a thing still if @siferry8 didn't get slaney on for an inter…
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@Hoidy 🍋 @unknown_punter There's the 3rd Celtic goal. And there's the card mate 😁 💥 @unknown_punter Over 20mins to go for 1 card?? 😮 Celtic look like scoring again, which would only piss motherwell off more. @unknown_punter There was a couple challenges first half worthy of a booking. Nothing major this half yet I don't think.Odsonne Edouard appreciation tweet. The boy seems to get better every single game. Unplayable again tonight.
@Rhysco12 Yaaaas Smithton muckers live on @carolk23 @tallcranes Totally agree but I do believe that it was a banner that was held up by Aberdeen fans and it was in Spanish.
@Mej04041992 a special moment. 💛🖤 The Yellow Wall salutes longtime @BlackYellow defender Neven Subotic after Dortmund's wi…
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@davestephen12 @macleodr9 @christof102 Hahahhaa amazing. @RangersTV Yip and I can’t believe I’m thinking this but..... it’s good to see LEGO teeth back at parkheed.
Retweeted by Robert @RangersTV Anything to do with a certain appointment? 😂
Retweeted by Robert😁 Excited for next season already?
Retweeted by Robert3 points so important today. Delighted we got them in the end. Good to see Christie back. 🎶 Oooon our way to make it ten....🎶
Exclusive in tomorrow's Sunday Mail: Rangers star Alfredo Morelos' car targeted by private detective hired by his w…
Retweeted by Robert @Mackinnon25 Austria Vienna? The Austrian team?🤢 Huns managed to agree a deal for Kamberi which required Hibs to find a striker to replace him before they’d com…
Retweeted by RobertPoor Paul 🥧
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😂 have the chance of a decent run in Europe and the opportunity to kill off any domestic competitors for the fores…
Retweeted by RobertPlease share folks. My friend has lost his wallet which contains some family mementoes that are irreplaceable. Than…
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@Rhysco12 He's away home to help his mum look after the farm.
@P__67 Shows glimpses of quality at times but is lacking something. Young enough to learn still Paul. Get him out o… the fuck are the united players and city players cuddling eachother? 🤢🚮The game was done after 30 minutes. Why do Celtic sign players then pap them on the bench and give them 12 minutes… @cabrelli89 As soon as I tweeted this I knew you would pop up somewhere. You know and I know what he is.... We've j… @macleodr9 @GAVLAAAR_88 @christof102 @davestephen12 Wings were class too. @GAVLAAAR_88 @macleodr9 @christof102 @davestephen12 Haha I do actually remember now. Haha. @macleodr9 @christof102 @davestephen12 @GAVLAAAR_88 I vaguely remember haha. I mind being on FaceTime to James but… @scatter1888 Yeah unreal. Hopefully we keep it up in the 2nd half. Want to see the new boy. @scatter1888 our own work and won't have to worry about the crown bar cleaner.Beaton the ref the night 😶Scotland doesn't deserve Derek Clark
Horrible news about Kobe Bryant and all the other people that were killed in that helicopter crash, but why does ce…
@Kieran_Celtic @S_J_G007 Aye hearts were up for it like. Will take that ! @S_J_G007 Ah feck ,🙈 @Butcherskye11 Offffft that's very very unlucky. Don't know how he wasn't booked. Atleast 3 fouls in the first half.