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Zach @robop_style Durham, NC

Weird fiction, weird music, weird (left) politics. he/him

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@dwdavison whoa whoa whoa what about those of us who also don’t have a cookie
@WmHenryMorris Felt very much the same, and the more distance from it I have the less I remember the quibbles and t…
@erikhane Early signs on ... the Biden admin ... are pretty bleak huh @tompsee @BradFarberman Coleman!Harlem, New York City
Retweeted by Zach @_abreed Hutcherson and Chambers!
Retweeted by Zach @ghostatno1 make a jar of fermented garlic honey to really set your pizzas off
Can’t bumble around NYC visiting the bakeries I want to anymore; guess they’ll have to come to me to take a break from horror short stories and change it up by reading this, uh, pitch-black gothic novella abou… The Butcher’s Table (@NBallingrud) - A gloriously lurid, unabashedly pulpy tale of pirates and the damned at th… @ascannerburkely Workshopping a TEETH! TEETH! TEETH!/Bloodborne mashup, give me a minuteWe’re gonna beat this thing as God intended: By lining our brain with eyes.
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I am proud to announce that our beautiful space force has found the EVENT's incredible, just incredibl…
Retweeted by Zachgot some extra cash lying around dying to be spent, anybody have any presidential transition funds that need boosting?Australia: $1,993 a month Canada: $1,433 a month Denmark: Up to $3,288 a month France: Up to $7,575 a month Ger…
Retweeted by Zach @MichaelTCisco @LCvonHessen at the motions of madnessA preview of what they're going to be saying about Trump in a decade next, an absolute killer that did not go under the radar
starting with this one, an absolute killer that seems to have gone a bit under the radar going to devote all of my time from now on to listening to records featuring Chad Taylor on drums (and/or mbira)56. This Was Always Going to Happen (@SGJ72) - You get a flat tire driving up a mountain near Denver. A cyclist sto… swallowing Trespassing Signs
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Pretty incredible that homelessness isn’t even a mainstream political issue at all. Neither party gives a shit. We…
Retweeted by Zach @flglmn Voter suppression and anti-democratic signaling on a scale not seen since Jim Crow and nobody seemed to thi…
Retweeted by Zachis... is that b... b... ad should have a chinatown style neighborhood called halloweentown thats filled with evil trees and gravestones
Retweeted by Zach @TheSaintOfTous @JustinAndyReeve I say this to myself every time a tweet about the games comes through the timeline… its clean lines and crisp colors, the Grand Palace in Dishonored 2 is a modernist masterpiece.
Retweeted by ZachUnfollowing music people for their bad political takes, unfollowing political people for their bad music takes, there shall be only none. @NPR by the time they're done with this it's going to be a $50 gift card to outback steakhouse that three people ar…
Retweeted by Zach55. How to Stay Afloat When Drowning (Daniel Braum) - A man goes fishing in Montauk to help his sister with a busin…
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it just gets better and better sad, knowing laugh Wine is an excellent novel I should re-read some time @heksenhaus this historically-toxic disaster spinning up into a new grift in 2020 with an unpublished Ellison story… @jasonsanford @SFRuminations that bad solutions — pipes, electrical wires and antennae in Kowloon Walled City [from Greg Girard's 'City of Dar…
Retweeted by Zach @sepatsieum the one and only @lee_re @mrlloydeo IN A WORLD where every child is subscribed to every patreon at birth and spends the rest of thei… @lee_re "Authors have been ripped off by this project for almost 50 years. Now you can be too!"You have GOT to be kidding me"share your tweet in a fleet" am I having a stroke @ascannerburkely “The Buffalo Hunter” (Peter Straub, 1990)
@BradFarberman @SunRaUniverse The drumming on “Dancing Shadows” !!! @BradFarberman @SunRaUniverse hell yeah, one of my favorites54. Slipper (Catriona Ward) - A brother and sister attend their father’s funeral and make plans for his estate, whi…
oh no, my norms My Name is Ellie (Sam Rebelein) - A girl recounts her creepy family’s creepy houses and creepy figurines. A goo…, “Black Saint and the Sinner Lady” and “Ptah, the El Daoud.” And no Clifford Brown?!? “Ella and Louis”?!?! Get… @BradFarberman Everyone in your replies trying to keep it weird but it ain’t shit without Lester Young imo.
Retweeted by ZachBillie Holiday/Lester Young - A Musical Romance Charles Mingus - Presents Charles Mingus Duke Ellington - Far East… Below (Simon Bestwick) - A pair of truants in 1980s Manchester fall into a subterranean city of monsters. Some…
If you have trouble sleeping at night, here's a totally legit and scientific explanation why
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Coronavirus looking at this dinner setup
Retweeted by ZachWe're giving away this First in Series bundle! All of these books have sequels out now or coming very soon so you c…
Retweeted by Zachtotally reasonable system god the whammy barsIt's almost like I'm actually watching Blood Incantation live RIGHT NOW whole narrative does not make any sense except as buck passing by a leadership clique that refuses to take resp…
Retweeted by Zach“I carry a log — yes. Is it funny to you? It is not to me. Behind all things are reasons. Reasons can even explain…
Retweeted by Zach51. Mr. and Mrs. Kett (Sam Hicks) - a girl comes home to find her parents have taken in two mysterious guests, who… Watching (Tim Lees) - kidnapping, child abuse, murder, more child abuse. Very, extremely, indubitably, inarguably not my thing.
@ascannerburkely Isfdb doesn't have it anywhere else but I guess that's a good excuse to pick up Nightscript! I'm s… Adrenaline Junkies (Ray Cluley) - Adrenaline junkies skydive over a cenote in Mexico. They’re beset by a swarm…
@heksenhaus I’ve always been fond of this version: @sarahriceNC THE DAMAGE IS DONE @heksenhaus I had made my peace with living in NC since I got to leave it regularly and now... not @sarahriceNC Good thing I didn’t want to visit you in DC ANYWAYI was a poll worker in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I observed a male poll worker and female poll worker enter a clo…
Retweeted by Zachthis is the longest I've gone without traveling in many many years, it sucks!48. Playscape (Diana Peterfreund) - You knew that woman whose baby vanished at the playground, but you weren't real… Nor Cease You Never Now (Ren Warom) - Twins survive a boat wreck that kills all their classmates. Also there’s… @VirginiaLConn How paleosocialic of you! @VirginiaLConn “Neocentric,” you say
is that bad of the like ... five or ten records that i just return to over and over and over and over and over again and al…
Retweeted by Zach46. The Hope Chest (Sarah Read) -A little girl tries to survive her abusive mother after her beloved grandmother di… The Pain-Eater’s Daughter (@LauraNMauro ) - A woman watches her Romani father and grandfather die from taking o… who uses the words “legally cast ballots” must be shunned from public life after this is all over.
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@heksenhaus @ShearmanRobert I need to get much better acquainted!44. I Say (I Say, I Say) (@ShearmanRobert) - Joke caricatures live in surreal existential horror. Absolutely jet-bl…
Look at Durham!!! My home!
Retweeted by ZachWrong Game Show Host Dies
Retweeted by ZachThere's a long list of fantastic Alex Trebek moments, but this will always be my favorite.
Retweeted by Zach[quickly stuffing my 'Trump 2020: Make Liberals Cry Again' sign into the trash] I can't stop sobbing about the grat…
Retweeted by Zach*GIVEAWAY* COVID cancelled all the SFFH cons this year, so I have 10 copies of my debut horror/weird collection AS…
Retweeted by Zach @heksenhaus Good god, I didn’t even realize they were still making family guysending this Archie Shepp album out to Trump tonight
Retweeted by Zach @heksenhaus No one. Not a single person has watched a new episode in like 15 years. I think they keep making them a…
People are saying it's time to reach over the aisles and connect, no, it is time to become meaner than ever
Retweeted by ZachI feel like we didn’t focus enough on the fact that someone in the Trump campaign meant to schedule the “four seaso…
Retweeted by ZachAnd after all his help turning Ohio blue, why wouldn't you listen to this man?
Retweeted by ZachLive footage from the Oval Office:
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