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Dad, husband, heavy equipment mechanic, Veteran...not a lot else going on here...oh and I draw a bit.

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That’s horrifying! 😨 @GGAAHHHHH I’m generic as hell. @JesusCoffeeClub This was my exact comment yesterday. @AdahopAda Well I have to say Ada is the one that fully changed any bigoted views I may have had into full acceptan…
@ImageComics @ErikJLarsen I’m just busy staring at Biden’s freakishly long arms and super squished torso.I loved the @NeebsOfficial cross with Mr. Moon but if they could manage an Ark crossover with @johnnyyriot my life… boy!
@primallassie 90% of the time the battery is dead or the glow plugs are out. @IcyCaress also do a pretty good Hank Hill. I sound like when I talk. @UrichWilliams @SonikTheShisno Why yes I am. @SonikTheShisno @UrichWilliams Same
@wheelz8701 Best beer in the world exists here @wheelz8701 Now we’re speaking my language. I became a bit of a beer snob after living in Bavaria for 6 years. @wheelz8701
@deadrabbitgirl Meh... @Thick44Official I got the vanilla flavored. @Ghost_Razgriz06 Hooah!
@TheIrishPickle WAP stopped2020 is like Weird Al Yankovic without the Al Yankovic
Retweeted by 🤖RoboticHat🧢/Comissions open! @TheIrishPickle @TheIrishPickle @Shoocharu @freddie_mercury @WallMeatJones is my go to artist for alien inspiration when I’m doodling makes me feel. @Shoocharu @TheIrishPickle @freddie_mercury Damn! I really like this piece. It’s got some real emotion there. @The_Weirdling Truth @TheOtherMarioC @schiekapedia I was doing this in 06. It’s better with code red @JonnyEthco Animation but every frame is a smear.
@TheIrishPickle Hot Fuzz!!! @JesusCoffeeClub Pandering for attention @Empress_Nellie Delicious. Like if a pineapple had sex with a light beer and then that baby was a sour patch kid. @Empress_Nellie I really went for it because of the art on the cans @Empress_Nellie Yeah lemme get sum dat warm pineapple soup...🤣 @Empress_Nellie 🤣lmao. Pineapple SOURNew beer. Who dis?
@Sasciah24 Oh I’ve heard about it haven’t I @Aztecia316I’ve heard good things so I’m giving them a try. @SkeeterisaRita I want a tattoo of a skin on my face...Items I drop when defeated. my digital attempt!@SyntacYT on a bit of a shopping spree. Now we wait... @igp @johnnyyriot @SyntacYT @IcyCaress
@DonalTDeLay @EsportsArena
@sp4cep4nts Hmmm. Well... Zoologists Paleontologist Artist Hobo @igp I seriously don’t understand why people go into some philosophical analysis on your content. It’s about a coup… on trying my hand at digital. It’s a learning curve but I’m getting there. (Wip) @SyntacYT @Nep_ook @ruthven78 My dads got a a coyote one
@king_tyranno Couple years ago... a Red Bull can with boobs...yes I drew it and don’t regret a thing.This hair getting ridiculous... @GGAAHHHHH @backt0nature @DruagaBlackhart The elk like, “You dare test the god of thunder?” older I get the more I start to look like a wizard. @ramall_0819 @survivetheark @MagicalPoniez @SyntacYT @UrichWilliams Good to have you back man. Believe me when I say I know exactly where you’re coming from.
@xemptyskiesx Someone needs to photoshop it twisting all the way up the stairs @Empress_Nellie It would probably last longer as a transmission fluid @BLACKBOXCOMICSP Well I’m strictly traditional. on something @SyntacYT
Quick sketch @sketchgooroo Planning on itChecking on my dinosaurs this morning.
Steven wanted an Amargasaurus with foliage in the spines so I sketched it! @YDAWtheShow
@KaylaChowShow @HTownHarold That’s not what I asked for @failedsuperhero @nickythepipe @SpicerColor Don’t forget the leg on the pink one. But it’s my favorite @KingofMunsters1 @WallMeatJones 100% agreeSo do I stop sharing Ark fan art yet? #ArkSurvivalEvolved
Retweeted by 🤖RoboticHat🧢/Comissions open! @WallMeatJones Primal Rage! @bonniegrrl @Thedocbot $10k per night? Hell, can I move in?So I’ve been hooked on @YDAWtheShow and was inspired to sketch a triceratops based on Steven Bellettinis explanatio… @Sasciah24 It has a collar so must be puppy
Puppy! @GGAAHHHHH Tell me more... @mmathis13 I’m 34 5 kids 7 tattoos I’m a Cancer ♋️ @AdahopAlex The dress reminds me of the shirts I wore in high schoolI’ll keep it going with my appreciation of this game. #ArkSurvivalEvolved @Floating_Megane @ComplexMinded @Jatheish #goals @DuncanBlue3 @KHOU You assume I supported him I suppose. @Furball828 @KHOU You mean the peace process that started in 1970... @KHOU I guess it’s like a participation trophy these days. @GodlessHappy @ligerclaw69 It’s nice they include a photo of who your eating on the package @Aztecia316 Everything seems to be going accordingly. @IcyCaress @Empress_Nellie @georgiaa_jo Oh hell yes! @Kumo_Isamashii That is amazing @Eferhilda I’d volunteer but my work is traditional quick pencil work tonight @RobosaurioOK That’s awesome! Thank you for letting me be your inspiration. @CMoldenFineArt Lizards, snakes, do manticores count?TF is going on in the woods?
@The_muzz1 @ComplexMinded dropping some “ARK” work. #ArkSurvivalEvolved @SirJeremyLondon A hole? @AdahopAlex I like to think that those to whom you don’t matter, don’t matter to you. You do you girl and ignore th… @TTraykJ @paprikapear @strathven No problem. Love yours too!☀️SMOL ARTISTS ARTSHARE☀️ 💞if you're under 1k post ur art below!!💞 💫rt this! 💫sfw pls!! 💫tag some underapprecia…
Retweeted by 🤖RoboticHat🧢/Comissions open!