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Bob Q! @RobotJQ Chugga Chugga CHOO CHOOOOO

Poop Train Conductor! Fancy Art Boy! (Champions, Captain America, Red Sonja, Ms Marvel, Lone Ranger, Fantastic Four) “The Teeth Guy”

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@frogchildren Lol!I don’t know about legend, but I did a pretty good job. ;) @y2cl @y2cl Trust me. It’s not worth getting in Trouble over. :)Good pick! ;) @JeremySimser JUST DOOO IIIIIIITTTTTTT @TonyParkerArt Oh weird!! Nah, I feel like some of their layer blending modes behave differently than PS... it all… @TonyParkerArt In my version cmd+L wasn’t bound. I just went into shortcuts and set it manually. ;) @frogchildren Nope, it’s just for eating other people’s food. Book looks lame. I bet the art sucks. ;) @JennaEllisEsq Hey kids. Are you worried you’re too stupid to become a lawyer? Well let Jenna be your guiding light… @DaveJCummings @CQShep my friend. welcome to freedom. @joby_dorr LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL @dagnificent False. I have a very high quotient of turds published. VERY FEW PEOPLE HAVE NOTICED YET. @CQShep They're coming for Procreate's lunch now too. ;) @joby_dorr JUST DO IT ITS ON SALE. @ElOzymandias ME TOO @ElOzymandias Ha! I’ll post a bunch of stuff as soon as I can. :) @ElOzymandias Project’s not announced..... so it’ll be a whiles.
@TonyParkerArt *CSP @TonyParkerArt What does photoshop do scan-cleaning-wise CAP can’t do? @Piotr_Sk I 100% know what it means. Promise. @Piotr_Sk I REFUSE @TonyGregori Damn. Still a hobbyist. @TonyGregori AINT NO LAWS AGAINST ITFeel like my iphone photos widget is making fun of me. @Manruss YESSSSSS @BillyJingo Lucky!Think about how you talk to yourself. I know that if I spoke to anyone the way I speak to myself they’d never talk… @ymercado No, Yehudi. There are rules. @JeremySimser WHAAAAAAAAAT!???! That’s rad @JeremySimser Can you say what show they’re from??CSP out here eating Photoshop’s breakfast, lunch, and now dinner. LMAO. @burntweiners NO! No cheating!!Someday I’ll be able to show you these pages. They are good. @RHDech It’s all true. Might just back everything up tonight for fun @Sweeney_Boo Back up..... yeaaaaahhhhh...... don’t have one...... @cullenbunn @MLeeLunsford WATI don’t know if Darby McDevitt or or Alain Mercieca or who did the dialogue for AC: Valhalla, but — “All we are is… @dagnificent Is there a petition or anything floating around? I’ll sign it.
@samruddhikeni You’ve got three great issues on the way!!! :) @Ibrahim_M_ This asshole out here airstreaming, sketching on the beach. Motherfucker, my mom already thinks I don’t have a job. @chalkyheart @marissadraws I have no choice but to believe Valentine. He knows much. @comcast THe fReE MaRkET's aN inNOVatION MAcHiNe. Hey, instead of your innovation being new LIMITS on peoples abil… @wastedwings wait what?! This sounds mystical. @klaustoon @ianmcque @thisnorthernboy @simonroyart I do not unfortunately. :( Looks amazing though!! @fuzzytypewriter I don't care about these rules, i'm kissing Max Rebo. @JeffMiracola LOL, yes, that was my first mistake. ;) @JeffMiracola Mail in votes are literally paper votes. Smh @Coelacanthkiss @TheOtherMarioC LOL! Yup, exactly what happened in my game. :) @Coelacanthkiss @TheOtherMarioC Skeleton buried in the ground. You trip over his skull and he just watches you. If… @Coelacanthkiss @TheOtherMarioC A sprite village in a tree that will only let you pass if you're a friend of the fo… @Coelacanthkiss @TheOtherMarioC Treant surrounded by beautiful butterflies. Only problem is, the butterflies scare… @Coelacanthkiss @TheOtherMarioC Lake with a fishing Bullywog. Help him fish if you wanna! @Coelacanthkiss @TheOtherMarioC Creek with fallen log spanning it that's really really teetery and breaks if they t… @Coelacanthkiss @TheOtherMarioC Clearing dotted with Holes. Holes are full of goblins trying to grow food but doing… @Coelacanthkiss @TheOtherMarioC Extremely Narrow almost imperceptible slot canyon he can fall into. @Coelacanthkiss @TheOtherMarioC I literally just wrote an adventure like this.... I have a pile. @DennisVLaPrade @AP @GM It’s just all toilets out here, man. @DennisVLaPrade @AP @GM Oh absolutely. It's so transparent. And there are people thanking them for backing off.…
@AP Hey! Fuck @GM for doing it in the first place! @nerdpoppa LOLOLOLOLOLOL @MattMinerXVX FWIW: I've backed more indie kickstarters this year than I have in the last..... three years maybe?… @nerdpoppa It sounds like he’s got enough millions to go around, Ryan. @aubreysitterson The snake jug? @Dean_Stahl @boosandbrews Thank you!! The music is from @KirbishArt Congrats!!! @DukeOfGotham @ninalinovna SO GOOD!!! @N0VAKNIGHT @AlannaWrites @eveewing Wonderful!!!
@craigrousseau @Jody_Houser @ZackDavisson @sandy_jarrell @kittycoffee @CraigTaillefer @Ben_Abernathy @georgembenson @StefanoTruth LOL @jim_dandeneau Wife wish to grow. Will keep current wife.Wife eats out of big bowl — looks like baby, is grown up. book, Doug Wildey’s Rio was gifted to me by the very kind @BONNRW and it is GORGEOUS. Some of the best cowboy… @Max_Dunbar Just learned enough to make her hand glow @Max_Dunbar LOLOLOLOLOL @Max_Dunbar One karate per year. THATS A THOUSAND KARATES!! @Max_Dunbar THESE KARATES WILL BE VICIOUS @AnthonySabatini JEFFREY DAHMER FOR CONGRESS!!! @TaraOComics It’s like tragic but wholly predictable @Pyrista @crazydstone They’re _OK_ Not 12 hours and a fist-fight worthy. @RobbieVermilli1 Thank you!!! It’s a great story, promise. :)
@SketchSavy OOOOOOoooooohhhhh. Gotcha. Yeah that’s a hike. @SketchSavy Is it ONLY in San Bernardino!? @ShinySolagleo Extremely high praise. Thank you so much. :) @CrashSheridan It’s pretty ridiculous. ;) @IllustratorRcn @Dean_Stahl Big fan right here. :) @IllustratorRcn @Dean_Stahl BEEPS!!!!! Yes we are Beeps-familiar. :) @chrislhayes So you’re saying the pandemic is bad and we should have done something about it. Got it. ;) @IllustratorRcn @Dean_Stahl Tipsy cow has like two locations in LA. One is on Ventura. Big fan. :) @inqtanq @LastSnowLeopard @britbritboom @blow_a_cactus LOLOLOL @IllustratorRcn @Dean_Stahl Yeah, Tommy’s is one of my favorites. I’m also a big Tipsy Cow fan. :) @Dean_Stahl Yeah.... for me, fat burger is also just ok. @Whospaul @CrashSheridan My shit is LOST. I don’t even know where it is right now! @CrashSheridan Yeah, but like..... hodads though. ;) @Dax16699542 You can in like two months! :) @ArtMonkeyMG Dude I literally suggested it to wife @PelopsWar Merry Christmas to you! You can wipe your butt worry-free. Good gift!