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Bob Q! @RobotJQ Chugga Chugga CHOO CHOOOOO

Poop Train Conductor! Forrest Gumping my way through comics (Way Of X, Cable Reloaded, Champions, Captain America, Lone Ranger) “The Teeth Guy” RobotJQ@gmail

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@britbritboom Wrath of the Druids is out! I’m literally playing it right now!! @britbritboom Most of my time is spent gathering opal. I’m more of a miner at this point. ;) @DrinkDrawCR Nice @travis_goodwin I'm DEEP in those hours my friend. @Cort_Carpenter LOL!Viking. A-OK with this.
@AlligatorSky4 SAAAAAAME!!!! @monkey__marc @11oclockcomics @DailyDwarf @theGROGNARDfile @NewMutant @JacquiOakley @JayFaerber @ChaosCityStA @Max_Dunbar LOLOLOLOLOL @ZacBeThompson Oh no THPOILERTH!!! @ZacBeThompson The ice cream people? @RHDech Seriously @IgnacioDiMeglio Lol! You’re all good! :) @DZawisza LOL @nathanprice72 @Jovencub Thank you so much!! @suewoodlore @TTeifling @CaptainKeg86 Thank you!! @sispurrier I can send photos!! It’s a good book we did!!! ;) @TTeifling @CaptainKeg86 Honestly, I dunno!! There are a ton of people better than me who did it faster. Everybody… @SabiGrownWitch @TTeifling @CaptainKeg86 Hah! Thanks! ;) @kizzyanel I’m still semi iffy on going... I really want to though. @Mindyleedoodles Extremely love this. @andykhouri @Manruss @mariejavins @hannibaltabu I’m just noticing a lot of people jumping in here and none of them solving my problems. @MattHTaylor So is mine. It’s what all great artists do. @Manruss @hannibaltabu Same @ckgarcia07 Depends on size and add ones like color and stuff @y2cl Thank you for your interest. @hannibaltabu @Manruss People! Please! Do not tell me these things unless it’s followed by a commission request for $3k. @erich_owens @MarkAbnett @AIPTcomics @Al_Ewing @St3Caselli @IsraelSilvaArt The greatest reply to a news article maybe ever. @y2cl Multiply by 1000 and we’ve got a deal. @nerdpoppa You have no idea what you’re in for. @Manruss THIS IS NOT HELPING MARK. @JeffRickPresent Understandable. ;) @teachcaudill I’ve still got a few outstanding commission to get off my plate. :) @xXDibbs I appreciate it. ;) @Swarthy_Pierre My god you have no idea. @xXDibbs It’s one of those jokes that has a sliver of truth in it. I don’t know that I could possibly charge someone $3000 for a commission. @xXDibbs I LIKE IT @nahuelroark Come to Portland so I can do karate on you. @chalkyheart As long as I give you SOMETHING. @chalkyheart this moment I still have a table at rose city. I need exactly one person to purchase a $3000 commission so I ca…
@Kevin_Cuffe @HopelessDent @AdamTGorham @ChrisWhartonArt @gavinguidry @jamesbemmett @jamescmaddox @JamesERoche @mostofityeah It gets wilder. :) @andrrrres33 Ha! Thanks!! @Lab5Luke LOLOLOLOLOLOL @mngkyouGoD Thanks man!! @teachcaudill Thanks buddy!!! :)Finally read Way of X in its final form. We made a pretty good book!!! ;) @mr_oberts Yes yes. Apologies. ;) @DHMatt90 I think he DID actually get to drive the W10 or 11.... But just going from losing his drive on haas to t… me a motorsports moment- Everything that’s happened to Romain Grosjean in the last 12 months has basically… @RGrosjean @IndyCar @DaleCoyneRacing @RickWareRacing @IMS Congrats. Absolutely incredible!! @UncleNicNac Yay!!! :)He’s not wrong. @KWStoryTime YESSSSSS @silverfaraon SWEET! Thank you!! @DonCardenasArt LOL!! @silverfaraon Always! @cparadize @thecomiclounge LOL! @thecomiclounge @cparadize YEAH, YOU GUYS!!??Listen to fun people (me and the XI4P hosts) have a good time!! you've heard I'm drawing Cable Reloaded.... This guy's in it. Even with the new crop, I'm betting this pict… @Slicknickshady @Jovencub Nope! Still on, I just work super fast. :) @phillipsevy @LuisGodoyII My mutant guilting factor is in overdrive. @DennisVLaPrade Fun, but Nextwave agents of hate is the REAL goal, tbh. ;) @KyleDHiggins It might be??? @Matty_O MAYBEEEEEEEE. ;) @rick_leonardi @BrevUnleashed @mattnick1983 @Demonpuppy @ycinar All the best people do. ;) @UncleNicNac One shot. 30 pages. Non-stopped insanity. @JoebiWan94 It’s a whole book of this stuff. ;$ @MarkAbnett @AIPTcomics @Al_Ewing @St3Caselli @IsraelSilvaArt LOL!!!! @MarkAbnett Agreed!! ;) @StarrgileF Thank you!! @schiekapedia Thanks so much, man!!! @ryancody I certainly like to think so!! @frogchildren @Jovencub This is great news @AdamWallenta Thanks buddy!! @zackkaps this. Max rules. @Khyron42P That would be more fun for sure. :) @MikeHawthorne Thanks man!!! :) @MarkFloor3 It’s ok. It’s 30 pages of fun. :) @chrise17 Lol @zombiechef75 Your taste is impeccable @MarkFloor3 Nope! Just a one shot and it’s completely nuts. :) @JoshuaDysart @Max_Dunbar Thanks!! :) @TheRealJoeBeebs It’s the future. Give the man a break. He’s been through enough. @matthewttodd thanks!! will do! ;) @Jovencub @Max_Dunbar LOL! thanks, max. this book is bananas @Jovencub X-Readers are going to be sick of me. ;) @Guacamoltres @Jovencub As far as I know! I'm just kinda speedy and literally got 6 weeks ahead of schedule and had time to fit… @LlSinopa Thanks! @LuisGodoyII @ElOzymandias hah! yup! It'll come out eventually. @JoeMulv Thanks, man!! @LucasElliottArt HAH! Thanks, man. It's so funny. The announcement just went out. I'll be done with the book pretty soon. ;) @KyleDHiggins More pouches. More bullets.