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@MindaHoney they knew the danger the had createdmy grocery order for today was supposed to include dry fruit as a snack but they didn't have that so my shopper rep…
also props to baby bash for being able to become very successful with a name that sounds like it could be the title… @mafiasafia @NifMuhammad lolol @daniellevalore all of his features are like timestamps. i was like "akon???" @johnnemann it's esp shocking i think when whatever they make is something you like didn't just passively let happe… there a musician (or a movie or any pop culture phenomenon) you recently found out about that it seems in retros… @NifMuhammad hanif my playlist is a mess and i am not even mad. i am back at a time when bow wow was featuring lil… @_jaysonpsmith watching him is wild because it is literally like when you watch a fictional movie and they invent a…'m fine about it: suga suga is the only song out of all of them i would listen to again i am just astonished that this can happenthere is a musician named baby bash who has a number of fairly big hits that would have played on the radio when i… you haven't listened to the first episode of the first series of the 2020 season of @Undisclosedpod, what are yo…
Retweeted by Keith S. WilsonWhen I was 19 I worked at Staples. They showed us an anti-union video during training. That was the day I realized…
Retweeted by Keith S. Wilson @jay_positive lol yes we gotta organize“Everything that ever poisoned us passed through.” ✨ Today, we’re excited to #PauseForPoetry with @destinyoshay, w…
Retweeted by Keith S. Wilsonshout out to trick daddy for not giving two seconds to how well this album cover would age
i said all these but i think i just accidentally hallucinated toni morrison into this but now see she is not listed @tarabetts Side-eye houseam i to believe all these brilliant black women were like "quick, let's separate and spread out equally among all t…'m dying in House#3 so I can see Maya Angelou draggggg Ayn Rand
Retweeted by Keith S. Wilson @ShonteWrites If it could be about animal crossing it would be! But alas I have been out of my home for ages and ha… don't know anything about flowers but my neighbor put what i think is a lily into their window and every day i lo…'m thinking of Kimarlee and her family. I set the table with offerings so she can have a safe passage into the aft…
Retweeted by Keith S. Wilson @TraitorFrames i'd like to buy one! @gwcoffey @mamiecoffey that happened with the second hobbit movie. like 25 minutes before it ended i realized i kne… through episode 1 of season 2: i recognize nobody but i do recognize the premise of the show. i have indeed… favorite kind of netflix show is absolutely forgettable ones, which is why i am very excited to see that i am ap… know it's hard out there for karens right now but just know i been there: @TochiTrueStory Karen with the hard n tooDang they really bleeping "Karen" out on the radio version smh
Retweeted by Keith S. Wilsonif the people don't call me doctor professor when I graduate from this one-horse degree then I will tweet in thread…
Retweeted by Keith S. Wilson @MindaHoney when my cat was still alive she would always eat my jade plants and i could blame their dying on her, b… @MindaHoney might they exist only to spite us @bellehooks lol the hobbits knew what was up--living in a hole but eating allll the meals
@tiffany_grayson absolutely! @mayaamarshall lol yea why are they so taciturn on top of everything elsears poetica
Retweeted by Keith S. Wilson @JanetTheMcAdams i have been here 5 weeks and i watered twice? is that too much? i know you're not supposed to wate… real tho how do you stop jade plants from dying it is impossible to tell if i am over watering or under watering hanging out with your friend "jade plant you can't keep from wilting"can't wait for facebook memories to remind us of these yearson the plus side of intense isolation, nothing ever goes bad because i am all up in my fridge's business like at an… years ago today, a traffic stop turned left very quick. I used the dashcam footage from it to make Protocol. Than…
Retweeted by Keith S. Wilsontrying to find resources (real resources) to help someone who is having an extremely hard time as an extrovert and… @TaraSkurtu thank you 😊
the primary thing i am trying to learn during social distancing is what all the replay and shuffle symbols in spotify mean @SuziG i feel like i should order those fancy toothpicks and stick them in too, even though my sandwich is far too… hacks always make me feel a certain way. y'all have chips around so long you need hacks to make them stay fre… yourself: cut your sandwich in trianglesi haven't spoken with a person in real life in weeks and when i interact with people outside my apartment where i a… is going to be a time where we all cycle through degrees of fear, and everyone is feeling it, and the burden o… always think about how often men use fear as a defense (legally and in other ways) for violence. and how many wom… as fearful votes push the burden of solving societal issues on someone else, and if that someone else choose x… actions, or ones that abuse power, are often shortcuts to the mitigation of fear. they aren't cowardly (or… you think about the kinds of actions people who are fearful take, it's important to think beyond the mere noti… people's fearful actions are based on a calculus that depends greatly on risk. this woman was fearful yes, but… less mad now so now i want to talk again about fear and why the way we think about it should be more complex. we… took photos around that area for a while because at that point i was so mad i didn't really want to go on a walk… the woman yelled at me. actually yelled. she posted up on an outdoor seating area for a coffee shop (the owne… that keeps happening: old white women telling me to cross the street rather than walk past them on the sidewalkwhen google gives you auto-responses for really long emails, it is exactly like talking to someone who just got rea… the airline industry can't stay afloat with all the money they've been cheating me it seems like they should giv… @lourdesgnavarro @NPRWeekend 👏👏👏Twitter's Trending section has become a perverse, anxiety-provoking feature. Whenever I see a celebrity name there,…
Retweeted by Keith S. WilsonAll Doritos. Hot take: we don't need potato chips because fries with seasoning exist I don't normally take this s… @OldManLumans Lolol
@ItsShaemus i prefer my locomotives al trainte (this is a stretch lol) @bleakhours oh is the point that it doesn't matter? guess what: you don't have to hit things that don't matter with… @bleakhours who said it feels pain. also yeah: the fact that natural things happen to destroy things is like... not… @divinetailor lolAnother thoughtful exercise from faculty member Keith Wilson @robottomulatto
Retweeted by Keith S. Wilson @bleakhours yeah because, and really try to focus here: it turns out poisonous things we shouldn't touch are everyw… after my phone autocorrected my grocery list entry of grains to trains @saraelizaj @LailaLalami @CamWritersWkshp United airlines put up a whole webpage on how they will refund tickets an… means I get charged $125 to cancel a $200 ticket by an airline that’s getting bailed out with my taxpayer money.
Retweeted by Keith S. Wilsonbesides using the slur gypsie, the thing that bothers me the most is that he presented this like he was unaware any… CK releasing a special when no one can leave the room feels pretty on brand TBH
Retweeted by Keith S. WilsonIn this edition of #LiteraryBalms, Cave Canem fellow Keith S. Wilson (@robottomulatto) prompts us to concoct the re…
Retweeted by Keith S. Wilson @Danez_Smif how you already have four in addition to everything else happening here????thinking about how lawns could be gardens. fuck lawns
Retweeted by Keith S. Wilson @bleakhours @seran72 @the_moviebob @sblomkamp this take is like being pro littering @drfeelaight i haven't! should i check it out? @immersedlaugh yeah i love her and this episode but she made a gourmet dorito. i don't want to make the approximati…
@divinetailor hahahaha not often this is what full disclosure looks like! i actually cannot even fathom what yogurt making looks like @phaentompoet looooooool amazing. brb in 10 hours (literally stopped what i was playing (which was ultralight beam) to play this)sometimes i wish ultralight beam had a 10 hour cut for me to listen to @divinetailor it feels like we must band together in a kind of support group lolare rich people now teaching us how to be bandits like we get it you steal from us constantly fritolay are being a bunch of cowardswhile you all are making bread i have decided that's a skill i never need to have i want instead to carry the recip… is called productivitytake advantage of social distancing and eat lots of onions. put them on everything. rub them on your skin. just bite into them like applesand they don't really grow out of it. they become adults who defend politicians with racist dogwhistle policies or… you have been in a zoom get-together that was "bombed," just know that this is what gaming culture has ALWAYS be…'ve found the grand disorder of the universe is only freeing in short bursts, and the longer it happens the more t… you are obsessive this can get overboard, so this is like salt: add to your own taste. but it can really help…'ve worked on a constantly shifting schedule that involves being at home (gig economy) for a long time & also am o… tip: in gmail, if you paste with control + shift + v (paste like normal, but add the shift key) it strips the t… @Raffyauthor yeah it's like a sign of respect in some ways i think: like i really want to get your name right and t… best thing is when you see a font change in an email which indicates someone copy and pasted a word or phrase so they would get it right