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Writer, author of SFF & horror, singer in a band called Spacelord. Yes, I write for SYSK. Now with eye lasers.

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@LGwenn Was it this one? 😄 @mama_emeritus I only know like 5, jeez. There's like the dun dun dun one, and then the wiiiiiiiiiiii one and a couple in between. @TappyToeClaws @TarmoKat Seconded.(to be clear, I think we all interact with the world primarily through our perceived and actual position within pow…
I have a theory that people in marginalized groups interact with the world primarily through their position within… keep seeing editors dunking on freelancers on Twitter, and the opposite isn't often the case because of the power…
Retweeted by Ed GrabianowskiOkay a plea for advice here. I've just received a PhD in History, and I'm currently scoping out a range of jobs (no…
Retweeted by Ed Grabianowski @sknolle Better than, literally, nothing.😑 @stereooff Another day digging in the lime mines. @viragoergosum Hell yeah!So this big thing I thought I might happen is really obviously not happening, but it did force me to streamline som… @BlaqUnicorn13 Womp. I'd give you my password if it was mine. 😬 @BlaqUnicorn13 No, the HBO series based on a Stephen King thing. Dark murder mystery with spooky overtones. @BlaqUnicorn13 I ended up bingeing the first 3 episodes of The Outsider in one night. Really into it.Here's my hot take for the week: Better Off Ted was 10 times the show Arrested Development was and should have been… @thebloodsower Monogreen I guessSee, life ain't all bad if you fail your Ascension.
At grand jury this month we indicted about a half dozen people where the da's entire case rested on the defendant's… four years at the State Department. Circled the world twice over with Hillary Clinton. It’s not daycare. We…
Retweeted by Ed GrabianowskiHey #Buffalo literary folks, I'll be teaching a nonfiction writing workshop at @justbuffalolit on Feb 29 - memoir,…
Retweeted by Ed GrabianowskiAlexander the Great, really wants to win Love Island but not sure how to spell it
Retweeted by Ed Grabianowski @watcherofskies_ John Lord. Just love his playing and sound. @wnwagner I have to rehearse songs until it's basically muscle memory and I can sing every lyric without really thi… @ZiziFothSi Hey, get out of my kitchen. @Serenitymoon76 @BlaqUnicorn13 Noooooo @RebLBrown I'll bet a lot of lyric lines that are just "Yeeaaaaahhhh" or "whoa" or whatever are just places where t… @RebLBrown Well, I know that Phil Collins' "Sussudio" is a filler nonsense word he used when writing the song, and… thing my brain does is to get a song stuck in it and then jumble the words up randomly or insert new words, which… @MichelleKellyCW Wow @Serenitymoon76 @BlaqUnicorn13 I'm so tempted. Like, I want to. But honestly the last thing in the universe I need… @Serenitymoon76 @BlaqUnicorn13 😠 @BlaqUnicorn13 Ah, damn. @BlaqUnicorn13 Why am I finding all you eso players a year after I quit bc I had no one to play with?my brother richard, called him the lionheart - overrated, by the way, but we won't get into that - and he passed, h…
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@malloryomeara Gains! @CardboardNirvan Went with no dipping sauce. It was fine. @lotofsnow Haven't read AS yet, although I've had my eye on it. Looks cool! @shadowscene I was thinking about doing Monolith but I don't think I'll have the $$ this year.
Retweeted by Ed Grabianowski @wnwagner That's quite a cast of...casts. @JaysonElliot They were pre sauced Buffalo style fingers, so eh... @BlaqUnicorn13 Ultimately I just added more hot sauce and a couple dill pickles. @joslyn_v I legitimately love that on the next turn your opponent could swing for 560 and you'd just be like [shrug] no blocks @joslyn_v Oh god I just noticed you gave it lifelink. @joslyn_v That is absurd.Looking for some bleu cheese or something to dip these chicken fingers in. Pick up the tartar sauce. No. Grab the s… @RebLBrown Ah. I'll give it a try, though I'm not super into comedy these days. @RebLBrown Outsider or Ave 5? @don_riyxote Oh yeah, that does look cool.The promo image for The Outsider on HBO makes it look like the lead is Hugh Laurie, and not that the actual lead ac… @looks_last Double plot twist: you end up with the delivery girl instead. @looks_last Plot twist: same guy.That whole penguin "long neck" thing just got me thinkin', you know?
Retweeted by Ed Grabianowski @tracyvwilson @grammarmonkey @TheCarolineErv Someone asked me about my job today and when I said, "I'm a writer and… @lilybean__ I don't know how I feel about this.
@JoeGrabianowski Bummer, I was already planning out the movies I wanted to see. @ZachWWMovies Indeed they do. I just know there will be stretches of time where I can;t be arsed to drag myself to… @BookishPlinko All my local theaters are in the middle tier, which...fine. But the whole thing feels so shady. It's… @ZachWWMovies Forcing you into a year is pretty ridiculous. @byharryconnolly I don't even know what Hobbit movies you mean. They were never made, and don't exist. An MCU superthon would be awesome.Haha, nevermind. I just read the terms & conditions on Regal Unlimited and it's *terrible*. They lock you into the… @byharryconnolly Yeah the one I was going to do it in is in a mall. @labgrrl Ah that's pretty cool. I haven't been to a film festival since college. @byharryconnolly I might be able to squeeze more in by moving from theater to theater, but I have limited transport… @labgrrl Also yeah that's a lot of....weight. @labgrrl I think I would do like, noon, 3, dinner break, 6-ish, 9 @evilsupplyco Oh yeah, there must be some crazy Star Wars/MCU/etc marathons that have happened too. @labgrrl I figure I'll go to the theater at the mall and take a long dinner/walk break. @BlaqUnicorn13 [frantically pressing the FIRE button despite the order not being given yet] @MissMoogle85 I'm not criticizing! I'll bet it is pretty interesting. Unexpected though. "surrounded by lobstermen" Band or album?Contemplating getting a Regal Unlimited pass for a month, then seeing how many movies I can see in a single day (pr… @BlaqUnicorn13 Scan complete, captain. No signs of sentience found. @flatulentfuzz @DEvansmusic American Beauty is an all-time great album. 100 Year Hall is my favorite live album. To… @MissMoogle85 Did not expect lobstering. @Annaleen Are you subtweeting my wife? @mhelmes 😄 @sknolle When he falls off and the secret service guys are just standing there looking down, Meg was watching with… @notsarahgordon If you ever want to work together on something big, beautiful, and stupid, shout at me. 😃 Bigger, b… @baetog_ Sneaky topdeck hurts. @jameslsutter @TappyToeClaws Wait, I found it... @jameslsutter @TappyToeClaws Show him the photo! 😃 @EldritchGirl I just finished Huntress by Malinda Lo and it was solid. @NatrallyWicious Yup. @sknolle Now that I've reached the end of the movie, I don't have much positive to say about it. @mattzollerseitz Ugh, yes. @ken_syme @MetalShayne2000 I had a flight booked for the week after, during the full shutdown. Got a refund. @ken_syme Haha that is actually awful, can you imagine? Engines idling, 20,000 gallons of jet fuel... @MetalShayne2000 I don't think I flew more than about 3 times before 9/11. Barely remember what it was like. @JPMajor This is somehow sad and hilarious at the same time. @sknolle Hahaha. The number of women out in public without a bra also seems impossible.Watching a 70s movie and Warren Beatty just walked across the tarmac, got on a plane right before it took off, then… @turksespinnekop This would complete my Godzilla collection!
@stephgambles_ NUT OF THE DEAD (2020)
Retweeted by Ed Grabianowski @kimmikillzombie Scrivener has been a life saver for me, its screenplay template is great and it's not expensive. I… myself and @EdelleMcMahon are now an acoustic two piece. If anybody needs cover for gigs or functions in Norther…
Retweeted by Ed Grabianowski @InfosecGoon Even in 4k, I could see maybe making the puck orange. I think the ahl experimented with blue ice so wa… @featherednewt Ahahaha @schroedikat [me noisily chewing]: they print on what now?You have a good day It's not your fault I know it hurts Remember, I love you, love you Remember, I love you, love y…