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Writer, author of SFF & horror, singer in a band called Spacelord. Yes, I write for SYSK. I love ghosts but I don't believe in them.

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@sknolle @JimmyRGeorge I've honestly become a huge pro wrestling fan during the pandemic. Big characters, simple st… @sknolle @JimmyRGeorge I've had the same problem too. I've had a few weeks here and there where I watched a bunch b… definition for feminist is not "be a woman and exist". It is not "be a woman and simply attain power". It is no…
Retweeted by Ed GrabianowskiFeminism, at its core, is about liberation for all people, universal respect for personal agency + consent, and int…
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@looks_last I was ok until the first clickety. @Crashbox HaThis is why I take it off and set it down somewhere and forget where I put it later when I'm… whenever someone on Twitter is into Stevie Nicks. @bizarrogirl It's amazing. @PerilousMirror That reminds me I want to put together a binder of pregens to have on hand.I *DM* 5e with only a passing acquaintance with the rules. Players gotta know how their character's abilities work…
@CardboardNirvan 😃 @GoodEnoughParty @emilyd333 I never would have guessed it was just foam core! I'm picturing what this would look… @emilyd333 @GoodEnoughParty I love this paint shelf/light setup, damn that's nice. @TerriblyBland @TerriblyBland Does street hockey count? @watcherofskies_ Sure but not from me!There's an *insane* amount of great music under this banner. Go get some. @humanhouseplant Aw hell yeah!
Damn this is so good. Just have a listen. this specifically so my gay and bi women friends can have a better Friday than they were having before this. people who know the name Sophie Scholl know she was a 21 year old German student activist who was executed by…
Retweeted by Ed GrabianowskiMonte Cook Games has positions open right now for a community relations coordinator and a paid intern. We work hard…
Retweeted by Ed Grabianowski @coleharbourdave Ha, wouldn't that be fun.Look at this handsome bastard. story...
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Carrie Gessner's short story, "The Royal Dragon Corps" is about a woman who joins the most famous member of the Roy…
Retweeted by Ed Grabianowski @sugoionna87 Ha, I should look more carefully at the dates on tweets. 😄 @hawkins_wa Aye.Chuck's Bill Clinton made me legit lol sounds amazing. Pre-ordering right now. @JohnJosephAdams I have a whole campaign in mind where we use the old Undermountain maps, and the PCs are kids from…
Retweeted by Ed GrabianowskiWe're sliding into fascism faster and faster every day. @AgingOphelia It's not great.It's not like my sleep schedule isn't screwed up enough as it is, but falling asleep would be a lot easier if this… @LairdBarron Related, I'm currently reading Frontier Death Song in one of the Year's Best anthos, and thought I mig… great use of twitter for journalists: giving readers an inside view of how the reporting process works.
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@lotofsnow @stonefly_ky @mhelmes I don't even know what to say! Other than thanks for being a steadfast friend over… @TwoLemonades My favorite thing about this is that this is literally my life with @mhelmes. She's amazing. @elainepeppard [in ridiculous fake Scottish accent] BOOOOOOOOONES! @Falloran13 I'm literally fighting those in a video game right now.Just makes me smile....
Retweeted by Ed Grabianowski @BillBodden Yes, I mean no, there isn't not never a time, uh,¯\_(ツ)_/¯ decisive. @maximumcoze Hell yes @MissMoogle85 I did too. 😒 @maximumcoze I don't disagree. But they could be both. Also gloomy winter day movies, weekend movies, Wednesday nig… @_SilverScimitar @JoeGrabianowski @Katebits IIRC you can buy the ebooks directly from the author's website (not sure about audio books though). @Katebits Highly recommend Diane Duane's Young Wizards series. Very much not Harry Potter. Have loved them since I… @JoeGrabianowski @_SilverScimitar Hahahaha. It's been so long since I made my character (a woman, in any case) that I forgot about that.
Conan Exiles, a brutal game of survival in an unforgiving world filled with slaughter and death. Me: I can craft t… @Falloran13 Yeah. Kind of figured. Same here. @Falloran13 I was going to give/swap you my black-edge copy if you still want it. @Falloran13 Was it you that was originally bummed bc your preorder copy didn't have black edges? @JoeGrabianowski @cinemassacre Original, Shin, and vs Hedorah all have some scary/unsettling elements, IMO.Are Godzilla movies appropriate Halloween Season movies? @BibliovoreOrc @nykil_exe Oy, that's a nice one! @nykil_exe Combined with my inability to say no to literally any book of RPG monsters...[goes back to work to earn more money] @EldritchGirl I'm definitely done with the series. Actually mad about it.So I finished Harrow the Ninth last night, mostly out of spite. I have literally no clue what happened or what any… @nykil_exe Yes or seeing the suggestions added to the 15 emails a day you get from other projects you backed. 😂 @nerdheroine Yeah in my case the prof was much more forgiving than the Bar is likely to be. @nykil_exe I don't think that one's going to cross the finish line, sadly, because it's perfect and I need it. KS…'m not going to retweet it every time someone says something nice about my fiction, actually never mind, yes I am. @BillBodden @MadameAskew @QoSPress @ginnhale @jolantru Thanks man!It's always awesome to know when a story connects with someone. @nerdheroine I literally missed an exam my first semester of college because I had the date wrong. @nykil_exe's a good thing I'm not a smoker. When I'm writing I chew like 8 sticks of gum an hour. ceremony tonight honoring the memory of Casimir Mazurek, who was killed 101 years during the Great Steel Str…
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2020 alternate history horror novel THE WEIGHT OF CHAINS came out 5 years ago today. That means it's old enough to j…
Retweeted by Ed Grabianowski @JoeSlucher @ElderwoodBoxes Oh nice, might have to buy a couple of those inserts. I have a ton of random foam aroun… @JoeSlucher This is super cool, btw. Have to find a couple boxes to make some now! @JoeSlucher Hm, you could put a slot for a condition card up there (if you have/use those) or little slots to track… people get a bonus pun
Retweeted by Ed Grabianowski @prosateuse Mainly because the look on your face is so perfectly 2020. @prosateuse I love this. @SimoneLasher @EldritchGirl You'd be surprised what you find just lying around. In an abandoned hospital, in someon… @EldritchGirl @SimoneLasher Yessss, this means I'm winning the gall bladder derby 3 to 0 to 0. @MariaHaskins Extremely Wizard/Druid here. @ctrlaltcassie Our collection is almost entirely dollar bin hunting too. 😃 So fun digging for that last issue you n… @ctrlaltcassie I'm jealous, I'm actually missing a couple issues of the original. 😄 I haven't read the other one. I… @ctrlaltcassie I've been reading Bill Mantlo's Vision & Scarlet Witch miniseries, it's so good. I wonder how much o… @ashesandmochi I think that's where I found them too, now that you mention it. They fit perfectly alongside Fairpor… @ashesandmochi Let me hit you with one more then, in a similar vein. 😃. @ashesandmochi Oooh I think I stumbled across Amazing Devil for unrelated reasons recently! @ashesandmochi This is a different kind of vibe, but I've been really into this band lately too. @ashesandmochi I feel that, I've been drawing strength from just listening to Ruby the Hatchet's discography (not m… @ashesandmochi I do love love love the idea of mapping metal sub genres to horror ones, even just as a fun exercise… @parkas4kids @Village_Reviews @doomedparade @merlocklives @AdamH1966 @cdbaby It's slightly complicated, but bottom… @ashesandmochi Wrote this a few years back (lighters up for Jill Janus): @ashesandmochi Pretty much same for me, although I do love a little bit of whatever the equivalent of slasher/gore… should do a big crossover event and market it as "Nothing will be the same", then do a ton of mini series bo…
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@parkas4kids @Village_Reviews @doomedparade @merlocklives @AdamH1966 @cdbaby This has nothing to do with BC. Not su… @Village_Reviews @doomedparade @merlocklives @AdamH1966 @cdbaby Int shipping from US is about $25, to Canada about… Movies Where the Dog Doesn't Die
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